Thursday, August 13, 2009

Training Camp - Day 12

Another big day at Training Camp for the Dolphins. It's a two-practice day (9am/5pm) and it's Friday. I would expect today by the afternoon practice they will start working on the upcoming Jacksonville game. I'd expect to see Chad Henne get more reps with the first team than usual starting then. The Dolphins have one 'walkthrough' practice tomorrow, and have Sunday off.

Got loads of photos for you today. First up, BrianL was back in action yesterday afternoon and sent these shots. Home SuperBowl 2010, meanwhile, is at practice this morning and is sending photos faster than I can post them, so keep checking back for new ones. Great job guys!

Pat White tries on shoes whilst talking to Parcells whilst throwing the football. Now THAT's multi-tasking!

No caption necessary.

Put the sharpie in your sharpie holder...

From left: James Robinson, Ronnie Brown, Chad Pennington, Chris Williams.

Camarillo extends for pass from Henne in front of Karl Dorrel's watchful eye.

Pat White drops back during some work with the 1st team o-line.

  • I'd love to get HSB 2010's take on practice, as Edgar Thompson is reporting that Pat White had a pretty good practice today, including finding Ernest Wilford on a fade for a TD on the final play of practice. What is Wilford doing running a fade route anyway? That's not a typical TE route, and definitely not a typical route for someone as speed-inhibited as Wilford. The Devil's in the details, and I'd like to hear if this was a goal-line play, etc.
  • Brian Hartline has had an impressive camp making lots of reaching grabs and standing out amongst the rookie class, but I can't get over how pissed off Coach Sparano was with Hartline after the 'hold-onto-the-ball' drill the other day. He implied that Hartline wasn't showing he was ready yet. Basically, he didn't seem very confident in Hartline, despite his 'flashing' to spectators.
  • The linebacker competition is out-of-this-world right now. If the season started today, Porter and JT would be the starters, but the backups - Wake, Moses, Anderson, and George have all been showing up to camp. Erik Walden seems to have dropped off the radar lately. But it's still early. The Dolphins aren't going to release any pass-rushers early on in this camp.
  • Per Edgar: "White almost hooked up with Hartline for a 3rd TD. But Jason Allen forced Hartline out of bounds in the end zone after he made a terrific catch in traffic."
  • Quick Update on the contest - the deadline has come and gone and we've had the biggest volume of entries yet! I have already done the preliminary scoring and technically, anyone of the contestants can win, though a handful are out to great starts. Due to the fact that the rest of the questions are speculative, relying on the Jacksonville game, AND the fact that on question 10 you actually LOSE points, it's possibly the person in first place now could end up in the bottom of the pile by the end of this.
  • I see the Jets game is live on NFLN in half an hour. Someone get the chips-n-dip, the comedy movie is about to start.
  • I'm fascinated by the way the media comprehends player-injuries. If a player is hurt on a Monday, they somehow consider it big news that he's still not practicing one day later. This is not a papercut, guys, this is football. As Bengals safety, Roy Williams, so eloquently put it on the first episode of Hard Knocks, "it ain't football if you ain't bleeding". This is brought on by the whole Roth, Allen, Donald Thomas thing. The injuries have been the main focus of the mainstream media, and that's fine but it doesn't need to be day to day does it? Maybe for an illness, like David martin's food poisoning last week, but do we really need to be told every five minutes that DT is still working with the 2nd team and Shawn Murphy is still starting, and Matt Roth is wearing a pink sombrero, etc? ENOUGH - WE GET IT!!
I'll be back later to ridicule the Jets.


  1. Tin If I havent said it before great job on your site. Anyone who never tried keeping a site up to date should try it, it aint no cake walk lol. Nice work Fang and Home 2010 on the reports and pics.


  2. Great picture again. They are really great quality.

    It looks like Long was beat bad in that Pat White picture with the first team O-Line.

    I read the article last night by the SS about Pat White, there are a lot of people that are beating up Pat White about his struggles in camp. I am sick and tired of hearing about how he is a bust and we reached for him in the 2nd round to keep him away from the Pats.

    First off the Pats could have picked White at any point in the second round. They had pick 34, 40 and 41. White went at 44. I wish people would shut up about that.

    I see Pat White as a specialist and he will have a set playbook for him which will be wildcat/spread type of plays. The team will use him in that manner this year and continue to develop him into a better pocket type of passer. Miami is the best place for him because he is the 3rd QB and has a year to learn so that he can be Henne's back up next year. I really think this was the thought process that the Trifecta was using. Looking to the future. Now I know that TS is going to have create/figure ways to get him into the game. Even if it is listing him as the 2 and Henne as the 3. If CP goes down Henne comes in and PW is done for the day. The wildcat is not our complete offense and if we lose PW for a game then the base offense will have to do. Depending on CP (hypothetical) injury, the next week CH is 1, PW is 2. Sorry for the rant, I am just tired of people saying he is already a bust and we were forced into taking PW because we did not want the Pats to get him.

  3. <span><span>Edgar from the West Palm beach Post just tweeted "Best day in training camp for rookie QB Pat White, two nice TD passes ... could have been better if not for some drops by his teammates."</span></span>

  4. "I see Pat White as a specialist..."

    What I really don't get is why everyone is so worried at this point - they assume Pat White will be carrying the offense on opening day.  The truth is, he is a rookie 3rd string QB, and really shouldn't garner this much attention until that changes.  I'd be more worried if Henne was hitting the golf cart.  Sure, we wish every rookie came into camp and lit it up, but it rarely happens that way. 

    It's always been my contention that Pat White would not play in the first week or four EVEN IF he will be used as a specialist of some kind.  I would bet you that if we weren't desperate last year, and were winning games, we wouldn't have unveiled the Wildcat until the playoffs, at which point it would have shocked Baltimore.  But we brought it out in week 3 and it was pointless to hide it after that.   Wouldn't it be great to keep Pat White under lock and key until we got to the playoffs, then spring some surprises on the opponent?

  5. "Rookie Sean Smith had a sack of Pennington a blitz and made a nice play to
    bat a Pennington pass away from Greg Camarillo on a skinny post." -Edgar
    That's not going to make HSB2010 happy...

  6. Home Superbowl 2010August 14, 2009 at 9:14 AM

    Just in from great day at Dolphins camp
    Actually got Simply the Bess to turn around after yelling out to him and he flagged me a "Hang Loose" sign
    U can see as he started to go up with the  hand sign on lower left picture
    Sent U video clip shouting out to Tins Fins and NJ Phin Phan on John Nalbone
    Did U get it?
    Saw Turner drop an easy Td in practice today
    Very Happy for Sean Smith batting a ball and CB blitz
    Please dont mistake me
    Always wanted him even pre draft when I saw the one handed giant reach int in end zone while in college
    But dont hype a player on speculation
    Smith still  needs alot of work as about every receiver has burned him to date
    Need him if the Fins are going to compete AFC CHAMPIONSHIP
    Hartline had another great day
    Although Pat White did some good things
    Still saw bad throw/easy pick and a lot of under/overthrown balls
    No way is Pat White even close to ready yet
    Unless u want to keep giving the ball away

    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****

  7. was there audio on the video? I couldn't hear anything.
    it's funny you left your comment the same time I posted about wondering if
    you were going to share your observations, lol. We're so in sync here at
    Tins Fins.

  8. Pictures 2 and 3 are on the blog are very easy on the eye. Not only do you get the cake when you go to practice, but there's even icing on it too! (Wasn't Fang a baker? *DONT_KNOW* )

    Just a question for whoever took them (Brina L? .... great job with the shiver effect on a previous blog btw) - why is the girl plugged into the mains (see photo 2) ;)

  9. I had the same thoughts - it's not like we need the wildcat with Pat White in it. It's just a luxury for now. Anyone thinking PW was a shoe-in to start right away was setting themselves up for disappointment. He'll take the field when he's ready and when coach is ready and when we need him.

  10. I trend to agree with you on some points.  First it's to early to say PW is a bust, and that bit of the Dolphins picking him to stop the Cheaters from getting him is DUMB.  As you said they had ample chances to pick him up, fact is they had some one else in mind.

    I don't think we are going to see much of PW until the 4th week or so, and not much even then.  I think we'll see him but, RB will be running the WC as we saw last year almost all the time.  For Miami I feel the WC is just another  formation they use on occaaion, mixing in PW as the year moves along.

    That's my take anyway.

    At this time White is having a typical rookie camp from a guy that played a totaly different offense at WV, that is no where close to what he is doing at this time.  The NFL is a differnent beast, and he is lost in the jungle at this time.  He is however a talented football player with plenty of speed, I still see him at QB, but unlike most QBs if it doesn't work out at that position he can play in a number of positions.  He'll work out he has plenty of up side

  11. Home Superbowl 2010August 14, 2009 at 9:57 AM

    Sucks the audio didn`t come out , Let me check
    said "Tins Fins wants to know if your gonna make the team"?
    Then" NJ PHIN PHAN wants to know if your gonna make the team"?

    Both responses were"HopeSo"

  12. Yes but my cakes never looked like those :)   Hey I think I could do a couple of cupcakes like that.

  13. Home Superbowl 2010August 14, 2009 at 10:02 AM

    sorry I missed the deadline on your contest
    Been out all morning

  14. Cream buns came to mind for me ......

  15. hmmm...maybe i need some special codec.....what brand of phone is it?

  16. LOL, I gave you 5 days....

  17. Home Superbowl 2010August 14, 2009 at 10:15 AM

    Sony/ericsson W580i

  18. <span>"It looks like Long was beat bad in that Pat White picture with the first team O-Line." </span>

    <span>That perticular play was a designed screen, Jake was already on the move. </span>

    <span>Uk they keep the ladies plugged into the "main", how else do you think they keep their cupcakes up. lol   

  19. <span><span>"It looks like Long was beat bad in that Pat White picture with the first team O-Line." </span> 
    <span>That perticular play was a designed screen, Jake was already on the move. </span> 
    <span>Uk they keep the ladies plugged into the "main", how else do you think they keep their cupcakes on the rise. lol    

  20. Tin is there a way I can keep up with blogs as they come into your site ?  The way i'm doing it is brainless.  The replies don't come to my inbox, i have to to keep checking in every few minutes to be able stay updated.  There has to be a better way.  I have the comments on my home page but the last comment it had was 7 hours ago !!

  21. Home Superbowl 2010August 14, 2009 at 10:20 AM

    Hard to get form in when your on a five day drunk hanging out in dive bars listening to  old jimmy buffet music and buying beach babes shots of petron and bootlegged brand  coronas pirate beers

  22. do you mean comments?

  23. 2010, Where are the pics of said Petron drinking beach babes? We know you have camera and will travel lol

  24. UK what area of England are you in.� My Wife visited the Devon area many years ago.� We did a Google map on the address she had when she stayed in the midland area for a few days, and she saw the house she stayed at.� That was near the City that has Lady Godiva Statue.� That was fun looking around the City and Country side from our house.� She said that house was real close to where they trained the Queens dogs for Fox hunting, she could here the dogs and horses running past the house.

  25. only the smart people comment on your site tin :)

  26. Home Superbowl 2010August 14, 2009 at 11:14 AM

    Maybe I will fan U some local flavor of babes guzzling mind numbing intoxicants in a few
    South Florida Friday happy hour is calling and it`s only 2:15
    But I know it`s 5 o`clock somewhere

  27. that may be true, but they don't always say something smart.... ;)

  28. Home Superbowl 2010August 14, 2009 at 11:16 AM

    Brian L fantastic pictures
    Never cheerleaders there this year when I go
    They say only on the weekends

    I like to go when it`s less crowded and study the team without being elbow to elbow with bozos

  29. Home Superbowl 2010August 14, 2009 at 11:22 AM

    Speaking of babes
    Miss dances with boobs
    Where have U gone
    U R are prettiest Dolfan here
    Dont make us look at Knights picture any more( not that there is anything wrong with that)
    U and all your friends are more than a welcome addition to the site

  30. Yes I'm talking about the comment section of Tins Fins site.� I only get a few of the replies.� Take today for example.� This is a reply that came through my in box, and I also replied to one sent by UKfan that came through my in box.� But 13kv and Knight for example never come to my in box.� I have to go through your site to see them and sometimes that can be hours before I go back and check them.�
    It would be nice to follow the blogs in real time, but I never seem to know a conversation is going on until it's way to late.� How do I track what's going on faster than what I am doing at this time ?
    As I said I have 2 RSS feeds on my home page, one is for tins fins site and the other is for the blogs.� The blogs that show up on my home page are from 8 hours ago and says does anyone know...� That may have been from yesterday.

  31. i think only direct responses to a thread you're involved with come to your
    inbox. The only thing I know that is real-time is twitter and Facebook is
    pretty fast too. I don't really understand the whole rss thing. I know I
    get every comment in my inbox because I'm the administrator, but not sure
    how it works for everyone else.

  32. I poked around a little on your site below where one enter a response are 2 areas one says follow comments, I think, I'm doing this from my memory as I write this.� If you click on that it shows the tasks that can be made.� This where we can add an avitar, or RSS feed (that adds your site to a home page), and where we can add the reply to the in box.� I have them checked, but as you said it only applies to the person that replies back or from you, if you reply.

  33. Fang, I'll try to work on this over the weekend. Believe it or not, I can't
    even access my own site at work. That's right, I have to do all my updates
    by magic!

  34. Hey I resemble that Bozo remark :) . 

  35. i wanna be sharpie, i wanna be a sharpie. 

    not sure why you have to keep ruining your site with those dumb pictures of football players but keep up the work tin.  the more cheerleaders the better

  36. Tin, it could be computer stupidity on my part, and probably is.� My whole Family knows better than to ask me anything about file management or attaching photos as you already know.� I have no idea what in the world I'm doing most of the time.� As I said I poke around until something pops up ?� Kinda what happens when the cheerleader photos get posted to your site.

  37. 2010, The cheerleaders were tucked back in the corner once you enter the gate. Instead of heading up the ramp to the stands cruise straight ahead. ;) I was within spitting distance of camp today AND had my camera. Unfortunitly I also had my tool caddy (large toolbox on wheels) so i couldnt stop. Bummed

  38. IF I'm interested in some-one inparticular's thought's,
    I click their avitar,and go through their recent history,or to the thread name I'm wondering about..

  39. I have been meaning to ask, What is the deal with Justin Smiley?  It's like he fell off the planet.  Is he still out?  When was he supposed to be back?  I don't read all the stuff you guys do, just here and the SS, but I don't recall hearing his name once, even if to talk about rehab.

  40. ALSO,IF your looking for the 20 or so most recent post??
    Go to comment's,and then go to""ALL COMMENTS""..

    Then you see the most recent,w'an arrow next to each post
    that'll take you directly to that post,no matter what thread it's in...

    That's what I do here..
    When I open TIN's site,it goes straight to""ALL COMMENTS"",
    and just by viewing the comment's I'm able to tell if theres a new story/thread,
    or a required reply..

    Unless a new story's been released since your previous visit,
    you can usually keep-up w'what's been said since you last visited 20 @ a time... 

  41. I'm close to Manchester in the North of England, about 30 miles East of Liverpool on the West coast. We got all the weather you've finished with in the US and a lot of the Atlantic dumped on us! But it's home you know?
    Devon is a lovely unspoilt county. Lady Godiva is Coventry I think, which is the West Midlands. A lot of the hunting is East Midlands, centred around Leicestershire. I had an old gf who hunted with the Quorn, one of the most famous hunts in the UK. I never hunted, but I rode her horses. They were big and built for stamina and speed (kinda like the new Fins) and that was a lot of fun.

  42. Brian L - they need taking out of the oven now before they burn. They're done now and have risen perfectly!

  43. Herd, In Sparano-speak he's "running with the ones" (see O's most recent depth chart  below and Tin's to the right). All the focus has been at RG with Murph there now and Thomas progressing and getting closer to taking his place as a starter, but as O said, if no one is talking about these guys they are doing ok! I think that's why Smiley's name hasn't been mentioned much? He appears to be back to full health and with Thomas likely to return by game 1 and Grove, Big Vern and Jake in the line-up, this season could be special if we can avoid injuries.

  44. Herd, Check this link out. Smiley's interview was 4th August (on page 6 at time of posting). Chad P is on page 3 from the 8th. Enjoy.

  45. UK nailed it, not much to talk about if your doing your job. I can't wait to see these guys gel as a unit once DT gets back in there full time. 

  46. he's been back since 1st day of OTAs.

  47. I just don't remember a single thing being said about him.  Nada.  Zip.

    Like I said, I don't read all the stuff you guys do, and I do take breaks from time to time, but I just don't recall him mentioned at all lately.  Nevermind.

  48. Thank you uk!  Well that explains part of it.  I was away on a 'girls getaway weekend' from August 1-5th.  I guess that is technically longer than a weekend, but you get the idea.  Dial up internet access only at this lake cabin we had, so we were mainly just checking email.  And if I did read anything else, I can't remember it!!

  49. Goodness, that cheerleader is so incredibly beautiful.