Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Training Camp - Day 4

Photos provided by Home SuperBowl 2010. Thanks for sharing your summer vacation slideshow with us! ;) (click to enlarge)

[a portion of this blog has been removed]

UPDATE: It's now been reported that Roth DOES have a groin injury but Coach Sparano said it's not serious. Maybe he doesn't think as highly of his groin than I do of mine. Any groin injury is serious. more than anything, it's a nagging injury - obviously it's been nagging Matt Roth for a few years now.
  • Joe Berger is lined up at starting RG, Shawn Murphy has moved to the second team.
  • Andy Alleman has moved to 2nd team Center to replace Berger.
  • Cobbs appears to be fine after minor 'tweak' yesterday.
  • Bess is starting, Camarillo to 2nd team.
  • Drew Rosenhaus is at training camp, oh boy!
  • Wildcat shows up, per Mike Berardino: "Now ronnie hands to ricky, flips to henne, hits cobbs deep. Decent crowd cheers."
  • And here we go - per Mike B: "Dthomas working at rg on inside run drill" !!!! (3rd team, but contact!)
  • Mike B: "Thomas puts louis ellis on the ground. Ellis pounds turf with left hand" (wow, a louis ellis mention!)
  • Omar Kelly chimes in: "Patrick Turner just caught a 40-yard TD pass over Vontae Davis during tandem drills. OK, I'm starting to buy the hype finally."
  • Sean Smith's Agent just twittered: "Might have a new nickname for 31 Sean Smith after watching this practice. "Lockdown""
  • The latest beat-write contradiction seems to be Cameron Wake. Omar Kelly has been 'feeling' him the last few days whereas Edgar Thompson called him out as a chump undeserving of a roster spot. I would tell you what Armando thinks, but he is apparently taking the practices off and not really reporting live.
  • According to Omar, Donald Thomas only went through one set of tandem drills today. Still, it's a start. If he can handle two sets tomorrow, then 3 the next day, etc.
  • Reports from Edgar and Omar saying Pennington stank it up today.
  • Armando finally chimes in with: "Matt Roth talks to the media but says nothing. "I'm not allowed to talk about medical issues.""
  • here's a phone vid from Home SuperBowl 2010, showing the size of DThomas' arms.
  • Practice Video for Day 4:

  • Sean Smith's agent was in attendance at practice today and said: "The stamina and fitness of Miami Dolphins players will never be tested. No one in the NFL works harder in more painful and brutal climates."


  1. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 8:27 AM

    Tin, good points on Roth but I have a hard time believing he is out of shape. He's not known for being a slacker. These guys know what the conditioning test requires in advance so they prepare for it. Pennington and Henne worked on it together days before the test. I think a tropical possum monkey palmetto flu is more likely. Hopefully they don't diagnose something more serious.

  2. It's a 300 yard shuttle.

    Sir Blogs.

    Tell a brotha how to embed Dolphins video.

  3. I think something more serious would've shown up in the blood test. The
    swine flu might not have, which is why I brought it up a few days ago. They
    have to run special tests for that. I have to be honest, I had a groin pull
    once and I could barely walk, so I can't imagine him even attempting to do
    the drill. I also can't imagine Pennington running it either. I bet the
    QBs don't have to do it in less than 2 minutes!

  4. O,
    I don't embed it as in use a share function per se, I download it using
    Media Catcher, then upload it to the blog. It's a bit of a painstaking
    process. Depending on the size of the video file it can take anywhere from
    10 minutes to 2 hours to load up.
    Is the practice today open to the public?

  5. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 8:41 AM

    Pennington and Henne did run it but like you said there are different results for different positions.

    Don Shula used to have the 12 minute run that had to be done at a certain pace. The Blackwood brothers were usually the leaders in that.

  6. Can you imagine the pot-smoking Ricky having to do a 12-minute run? Unless
    he was allowed to carry a bag of potato chips with him, I don't see him
    making it...

  7. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 8:52 AM


    Supposedly Ricky is in phenomenal shape or at least Sparano thinks he is. In fact he thinks the team as a whole is in much better shape than they were last year.

  8. Home super bowl 2010August 5, 2009 at 9:00 AM

    Tell me U got pictures

  9. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 9:00 AM

    Well now we know why he was a bust.

    James Jahnke, of the Detroit Free Press, reports former NFL WR Charles Rogers admitted during an interview on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" that he used to smoke marijuana "every day."

  10. Do you think they called him "chuck" for short? Chuck Rogers.
    Get it? No? ah, forget it!

  11. I guess that makes me a bust as well.  The things you learn.....

  12. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 10:26 AM

    Charlie, you trying to be an NFL WR?

    If not toke on brother!  8-)

  13. I know Drs and Lawyers and Businessman who smoke everyday.

    "Hard work good and hard work fine....but first take care of HEAD!"

    100 Bucks says there are many others CURRENTLY in the NFL that smoke daily...though I've no way to prove it...

  14. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 11:20 AM

    <span style="">"I know Drs and Lawyers and Businessman who smoke everyday."</span>

    <span style="">So do I but it doesn't mix with sports at the highest level in my opinion. </span>

    Players who smoke everyday are taking a big risk.

  15. not during the season there aren't. These guys get tested a handful of
    times during the season.

  16. Home, I got a photo - Pat White...very good quality.  however you sent that one worked.

  17. IMbiasedO, No moreso than everyday drinkers.  In fact I would say they are at less of a risk.  Mr. Stalworth.....ahem...Leonard Little...etc.  I don't partake while doing anything important such as work.  After hours its open season.

  18. Home super bowl 2010August 5, 2009 at 12:25 PM

    Got my pictures yet?

  19. yep, there's loads of them coming through one at a time

  20. Home super bowl 2010August 5, 2009 at 12:56 PM

    Blow em up big
    Glad you finally got em
    all my photos go exclusivley to YOU

  21. I had to them thumbnail to get them onto the page!  click on each photo to enlarge.  Thanks a bunch, Home.
    btw, the cheerleader looks like a dwarf, but I think your phonecam caused a bit of 'warp' or fisheye effect.

  22. I had to them thumbnail to get them onto the page!  click on each photo to enlarge.  Thanks a bunch, Home.
    btw, the cheerleader looks like a dwarf, but I think your phonecam caused a bit of 'warp' or fisheye effect.

  23. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 1:28 PM

    Okay Hartline looks like a horse in that picture or he's saying "eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh". Home, is he saying "eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh"?

    Good job, we all know you had a good time because you post your second thoughts before you're finished with your first thoughts. LOL

    I agree with Tin, the cheerleader looks like she's from the lollipop guild, but her 'hey nanny nah nahs' look like normal grapefruits.

  24. I thought last year everyone thought Ricky was in AMAZING/SUPERMAN-like shape?  What is he in now - greek god shape?

  25. I was going to make a Goonies reference for that Hartline photo but I couldn't remember it at the time.  So here goes:  "CHuuuuuuuunnnnnkkkk!!!"

  26. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 1:46 PM

    Donald Thomas back at practice is very good news. I still think if he stays healthy he'll be the starting RG. It's been a long time since you could predict who the starting 5 on the Dolphins OL was going to be in training camp. We finally made it.  :-D

  27. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    Ricky's in !@#$ing Predator !@#$ing shape!

  28. oh, that reminds me, Home sent a phone video of Donald Thomas signing
    autographs, and boy are his arms HUGE. I couldn't post it because it's in
    some weird ATT format.

  29. Home super bowl 2010August 5, 2009 at 2:09 PM


    I`ll send more later in the week

    Got loads

  30. Thanks, Home. I'll take all the dwarven cheerleader pics u got.

  31. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 2:13 PM

    Yeah Thomas does have huge arms. He's a naturally big, strong dude. I wish we could find a NT prospect like him. Maybe Soliai puts it together this year and gets better for the future.

  32. the video worked, check above.

  33. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 3:21 PM

    I watched it. His arms might be as big as my waist. No wonder the Dlinemen call him "heavy", the guy is a tree.

  34. waist huh...when i watched it I thought as big as my head...but yeah...waist
    sounds better...

  35. I don't think Matt is out of condition.Hope it's just a bug, and not the idea posted yesterday that his agent is starting to paly games.

  36. Tinshaker:
    Is Harvey doing your font selection for you these days?  I can barely read that.  Please provide a BRIEF synopsis of the past few days for me! lol   In a larger font! 

  37. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 4:10 PM

    I'm not worried about Pennington in early training camp. This is where you take chances, make mistakes and learn from it. It's like being in a band during rehearsal, it's okay to screw up when you go for a solo or a tough part and it doesn't work out so well. That's what rehearsal is for.

    Back in the day you wouldn't get this information so you wouldn't even be aware of who's doing what. Sometimes we make too much out of it.

    By the way Edgar took back an earlier comment and said Pennington only threw one INT today not two and he has 3 so far. But this isn't real football yet either. Not a big deal in my mind. The preseason games is where a lot of guys win and lose jobs. Coaches like to see how players react in the spotlight. Practice is just that, practice. But it's important to get you to where you want to be for the games that count.

    Okay I'm done repeating myself.  *DONT_KNOW*

  38. Um, brief synopsis, ok, um, one guy didn't show up for camp, another guy was
    a psycho boozer racist pig. They both got released to bring us to 80
    players after all of our remaining rookies signed on Saturday. Then one guy
    reported to camp with an injury. it was in his groin but he said it was a
    head-cold. Then everyone went crazy and got all obsessed with this guy's
    groin. Meanwhile, Chad Henne is once again beating out the other QBs in
    camp, and they've benched Pennington in favor of the sophomore kid!

  39. Herdfan same problem here but I'm freaken blind, so I gave up trying to read it.  Shoot I can't read the big E on the eyechart without my glasses :) . 

    I had no trouble seeing Tin's girl friend though.  Funny how we look at different "things" Tin thinks he seea handles and thought I saw a zipper on her flopper.  I really do need new glasses...

    Shula used to have the team run a 12 minute run where the player had to complete 3 laps around the football field.  That was the first thing they did every day until they were able to finish the 3 laps in under 12 minutes.  Larry Little's strugles were legendary in that run, and yes everyone ran it including QBs.  I would imagine the only exempt from it may have Marino in his later years.

  40. Who didn't show up?

    I saw a mention about the injury.

    As for the rest of it, I don't believe it! 

    Tried out all the recipes!  8-)
    Maybe that's why I can't read anymore!

  41. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 4:48 PM

    Tin, is the psycho boozer racist pig J.D. Quinn? I knew about the psycho boozer part, what do you know about him being racist?

    Also do you know why Bronson didn't show up?

  42. Thank you for the info knight.  I think I'm in trouble now.  Tinshaker didn't answer me.  I went back to read the blog with my magnifying glass, and it says it has been removed.  Apparently someone is sensitive about the size of their font! ;)

  43. Apparently I can't get all my thoughts in one post.  What is the pyscho boozer thing about?

  44. do you know why Bronson didn't show up?
    he showed up to the lingerie league training camp by accident.

  45. I must apologize to JD Quinn if he's not a racist. He's such a gentleman,
    he deserves better treatment....

  46. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 5:13 PM

    LOL @ herd

  47. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 5:14 PM

    herd, I believe Quinn has had a few DUIs and has been know as sort of a reckless drinker. Tin might know more. 

  48. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 5:15 PM



  50. Did someone mention drinking?  Reminds me, I tried your recipes Tinshaker.  Except for the one that required lighting.  Did the sazaurac(sp?) and the vampire way.  AND since you said I should have something on my stomach for that, I had a brownie! 8-)

  51. What's w'the new sleepy-time music for the highlight's,the rock-guitar riffs made it wayyy more exciting!!
    Some-one PLEASE tell AQUA-VISION this is football,NOT the ballet,(the new music ruins it for me)!!

    MANNN that cheerleader(UMMMMM clevage),and she doesn't even wear a beer carton over her head(UMMMMM)!!
    MY thighs are just as big,if not slightly bigger than DT's biceps LOL!!  WOWWWWWW!!

    DOUBT BP will pay the $$ that Rosenhaus(hate'em) will request for ROTH,no matter what happens this yr!!
    C-ya MATT(habitual sack fondler),guess will have to find a new barroom brawl bk-up.. JMO!!
    DAMN,I like the guy tooo,alway's have!!

    Hey do you gyz realize that Armando Alziguire(560 WQAM) has been doing his live radio show from TC,and that you can listen via the internet.. GOODSTUFF,a caller will be talkin to him,and he'll yell-out,(NICE MOVE, GREAT CATCH),and then say SORRY caller,what were you sayin about the Marlins ;) !!
    Marlins fans are pissed that day one TC attendance outnumber the play-off hunting(games that count)Fish!!

    I don't particulurly like him,but I enjoy the live coverage from camp!!
    He say's PT,AND BL are tearing it up,and should be locks,(I hope he's right)..Say's BH is a lock too,EW's history! 
    His show starts @ 1pm,so the 2pm practice times work-out nicely for his 4 hr show!!

  52. The Knight who says Ni!August 5, 2009 at 6:08 PM

    herd, you drank a recommended drink from Tin the vampire way with something on your stomach? Hmm...

  53. ORLANDO!!! Alzugarey(Big O)..

  54. Was there a full moon this week?

  55. oh yeah, and it was gooood!

  56. full moon tomorrow i believe...

  57. SORRY,didn't see the above story @SS,but it can't hurt to be here!!

  58. Home SuerBowl 2010August 5, 2009 at 8:00 PM

    Lets bust open a dolphins web sight without forever down on the Fins Omar

    All I said was Turner is an absolute STUD
    and  Sean Smith has proven nothing

    Please list all the great plays of your favorite poser  Sean Smith

    Omar and he Biethched out

    Any Questions?

  59. Home SuerBowl 2010August 5, 2009 at 8:30 PM

    MIAMI 12-4
    First Home SuperBowl in NFL History

    Ronnie Brown
    15 TDs
    1400 YDS
    ProBowl  again

    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****
    Any questions?

  60. Home Superbowl 2010August 5, 2009 at 8:33 PM

    Lets go with Home SuperBowl 2010

  61. I would have gone with.....Rocky!!

  62. Dude, you need to give this "I asked you a quesiton and I want my answer" crap a rest.  It makes you sound like a little kid.  Who cares if anyone's opinion is different than your's?  Its THEIR opinion.  Otherwise thx for the pics.

  63. TOOOO SMALLL for these eyes !!!  And what's w'the "echo"@ the top of all the post??
    Thought the old blogging format was GREAT,but now it's a strain to read/comprehend other's thoughts...
    Have I mentioned I'm going blind??
    I can barily read the contributors name,let alone their opinions!!

  64. SHOOOOT,I can barily see the avitars,and I still end-up on page two!!

  65. 13kvfins, the commenting software company has upgraded their system to this
    Echo system. The font is the exact same size, so you are imagining that.
    The only difference is that the avatars have moved to the front (which makes
    more sense) and each comment doesn't have a bog box around it so it takes up
    less space which also makes sense. Other new features are that you can know
    link comment to Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, other websites, etc, and
    the responses don't keep terracing so that the 10th response is squashed to
    all hell. I remember we had one conversation about a month ago that the
    last comment was about 3 millimeters wide and ten inches long.
    The news system will take a little getting used to. At the moment I'm
    trying to figure out how to get the pagination back to 50. When they
    upgraded the system they reset it to 15, so if you go back now we have
    several blogs with 5 or 6 pages of comments.

  66. IF you say so!! Thanks for the reply!!
    I can still read from the"ALL COMMENTS" section,so I'll do that until you work-out the gliches...

    The font's appear wayyyyy smaller than b/4(to these old eyes)!!!  
    OFF TO WORK,WAAAAAAA... Tried the happy faces w'tears,but the emotiocons didn't work!!

  67. BLOWN POOPERHOLE ???  JUSKDN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey that video of DT's biceps is really dark and blurry..
    Who's weenie arms are being dwarfed by DT's??

    Actually when I saw the first arm,I said DAMN HSB wasn't kiddin about DT's arms,
    then you panned-over to #66,and I realized HOLY-SHIT those arms are freaking crazy BIGGG!!

    GREAT JOB w'the relative comparison!!

    GOOOOOD LUUUCCCKKK Wilfork,and Jenkins,
    I think those are the arm's that KINGKONG swatted down airplanes with!!