Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RE-CAP: Jax vs Mia

8/17/2009 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT F
DOLPHINS 3 3 6 0 0 12
JAGUARS 0 6 3 0 0 9

Well I had a lot of observations in this battle of the FG kickers in Miami's 12 to 9 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Coach Sparano managed to test a lot of things out, but keep in mind several things will be different in the next game. For one, Jacksonville has very little pass rush, and that will change versus Carolina. Jacksonville does have a stout line against the run however, and that showed when the 1st teamers were up. But once Donald Thomas came in to the game, behind starter Shawn Murphy, that all changed. Let's face it, anyone who saw the game and watched the line play KNOWS now that Donald Thomas will be starting on day one of the regular season. Shawn Murphy was not good at run-blocking and got called for a penalty at one point, which was one of three penalties committed by the offense. Jacksonville on the other hand had two drives in the 2nd half where they were going backwards due to back to back to back penalties.

I'm not going to do a weekly stock report like Omar Kelly, but I will say what went right and what needs work.

  • Cam Wake was as expected - he applied the most pressure of the game.
  • Joey Porter did not get in the backfield in limited reps but looked stronger against the run and in coverage.
  • Jason Taylor looked both strong and energetic. He got some good push into the pocket.
  • Henne showed he still has the arm, and the ability to recover. He looked better after throwing the INT. He also seemed less bother by the defensive pressure than the other two QBs (maybe it's all the sacks he's taking in practice?).
  • Ted Ginn. Had he had a full game he might've gotten the game ball. Besides Lex Hilliard, I can't think of anyone who moved the ball as much as Ginn.
  • Lex Hilliard looked like Justin Fargas' twin in this game. He's heavy but is very tightly compacted so he can both drive into a tackle as well as slip through them.
  • Donald Thomas got a major amount of reps all-things considered, and looked much better than I thought he would. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he's back at starter in practices this week.
  • I don't know how this happened but little Chris Williams has suddenly made a big statement for himself. I would be willing to bet he set a pre-season record for most return yards in a game, not that they keep such records. He had issues fielding the ball but once he had it he was dangerous (remind you of anyone?).
  • I know it's early, but between the scrimmage, this game and a handful of recent practices, Pennington looks out of sorts a bit. I know it's Pennington's job to lose but if he doesn't get back on target, and Henne shows even a bit more of improvement, there WILL be a QB controversy in Miami again.
  • The play-calling/Dan Henning. I know it's the pre-season but you don't run on 3rd and 5 against Jacksonville's tough run defense, and there was NO reason to show some of the things that pat White did, mainly the designed QB draws. While every opponent may know it's coming, they don't need it on tape this early on. What happened to 'we brought Pat here to be a QB"? The guy ran the ball more than he passed, and that wild-cat-ish play was completely unnecessary.
  • Greg Camarillo did not play in the game. I don't know why, but with this stiff WR competition going on, what he did last year doesn't count anymore. He needs to get in the game.
  • Vontae Davis got outshined by Sean Smith in their first NFL game, with Smith shutting down his man most of the time (I think he only gave up ONE catch all game) and getting the big INT plus collecting 3 or 4 tackles. Davis meanwhile got called for two penalties, took an earful from Gibril Wilson, Reggie Torbor, and Coach Sparano, and looked like he wanted to cry when he was on the bench at the end of the game. In fact, most people won't notice this, but Davis GOT benched and Sean Smith got to go back in for some more reps before garbage time came around.
  • Eric Green. Green just was not there. He honestly looked like a high school player out there. If you had to choose between Green and Davis being out on an island with a receiver, I'd pick Davis because even if he gives up a catch you know he'll make the tackle due to his size and strength. Sean Smith is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of those two for the starting job.
Here's how the game went:

1st quarter:
  • 1st pass rush is collapsing pocket, mostly due to JT. Ferguson also getting great push up the middle. Jax is countering with short drops, shovel passes, screens, etc. but for the most part the front 7 is disrupting David Garrard.
  • When Dolphins have the ball, Pennington looks very nervous and slow making the decisions he needs to make. He will need a lot more pre-season reps than last year.
  • 3rd down MIA: Donald Thomas absolutely stands up Ellison, Jake Long takes his guy out of the play. Pennington has about an hour to find Ginn underneath and he turns up field (and out of bounds) for the 1st down. It is the first 1st down of the game but on the fourth drive.
  • Ronnie started the game but came out almost immediately. Ricky getting all the carries at this point, showing speed on an end-around. The middle of the defense is stout but the blockers are holding them off enough to get Ricky to the outside. Next play Ricky gets called for holding. on the very NEXT play Ricky collides with Pennington causing near fumble and on the next play Ricky loses two yards trying to go up the middle. Miami ends up with 3rd and 26 and ends up punting on next play. Offense is not moving well with Pennington at the helm.
  • Tony McDaniel is looking active, surprisingly spry for a 300+ lb guy.
  • Nate Jones on outside blitz gets to the QB just beating JT there. sack causes the ball to pop right into Randy Starks' hands but he drops it and Jax recovers.
  • Chris Williams will get almost every punt and kickoff return in the game. On this one he makes a huge blunder, fielding the punt at the 5 yd line then running across the field and backwards, gets tackled inside his own 1 yd line pinning Miami deep.
  • Pennington tries to get out of there by going deep to Ginn. Ball just doesn't get there but Ginn makes GREAT adjustment on the ball, ends up drawing a defensive pass interference call, good for 35 yards and a first down.
  • Ginn runs out of bounds after a 14 yard gain on a reverse. Another 1st down.
  • Ronnie gets his first carry of the game, 3.5 yards up the middle.
2nd Quarter:
  • Sparano doesn't allow Pennington to continue drive. As soon as quarter begins he puts in Henne.
  • 1st play a quick pitch to Brown who bobbles the pitch but hangs on and gets 5 yards. On 3rd and 5 Ronnie runs up the middle for 4 yards.
  • Punt - Vontae Davis playfully (and stupidly) runs into returner who calls for fair catch - 15 yard penalty. Davis gets coached on field by Gibril Wilson. It was sort of a judgement call by the refs as the whistle had been blown a good two seconds before the little hug Davis gave the returner.
  • On the next play Davis makes a good adjustment and reacts quickly to make a good strong tackle on the running back.
  • Nate Jones gets screened off his man, Dillard, who gets wide open across the middle for a big gain.
  • Eric Green stumbles, gives up easy 1st down catch.
  • Green not paying attention to the snap gives up another easy catch.
  • On ensuing kick after a Jax FG, Chris Williams shows his straight line speed with a 35yd return but he allowed the kicker to push him out of bounds...had he turned inside, he would've had an easy 101 yard TD return.
  • With Henne in game they've run the ball 4 times in a row. D Thomas is making holes.
  • Henne's 1st throw underthrown into double coverage. Considine spears the ball with one hand but drops the should've-been INT.
  • Out of the shotgun on 3rd down, Henne finds Hartline open underneath for 19 yards. Good run after the catch.
  • Patrick Turner open for 10 yards. He makes sure he has the ball secure before turning up field.
  • On 3rd and 1, Ricky gets stopped 2 yards behind the LOS but bounces off tackles to get the 1st down.
  • Quick pass to Polite for 3 yards.
  • On 3rd and goal there is a delay of game penalty. Inexcusable considering the giant play clock in front of Henne, but it appeared to be Grove's fault or at least mis-communication between the two.
  • 3rd and goal again, Henne throws PERFECT fade pass to Ricky, hits him in the hands, and Ricky drops the easy TD. Miami settles for a FG.
  • Eric Green gives up another easy catch. This guy is not looking anywhere near starting caliber NFL cornerback. He looks like he's thinking about something else.
  • Cam Wake gets LEVELLED on his 1st pass rush. He gets stood up by the RT and then the tight end comes up and smacks him in the mouth, sending him into the air and on his back. HUGE block. On same play Bouman completes pass to Williamson in front of Davis' coverage which wasn't bad, and he makes solid tackle, but needs to not let receiver get inside of him like that.
  • Next play Wake comes back and ALMOST gets to Bouman, forcing a rushed (and bad) throw.
  • Next play Wake gets blatantly held - no call - and the Jags get a lucky ricochet catch for a 1st down at Miami's 13 yd line with 37 seconds left in the half.
  • McDaniel saves a TD on a WR screen after he chases down a speedy receiver.
  • 2nd and 5 and Culver deflects pass, Eric Green is just out of reach of an INT.
  • 3rd and 5: Jax false start.
  • 3rd and 10: Jax false start.
  • 3rd and 15: WAKE!!! Cam gets to Bouman despite the RT grabbing his facemask. Bouman got the pass out but it goes nowhere due to the impact.
  • Jax settles for a FG.
  • Chris Williams picks up a squibbed KO and again nearly takes it to the house.
3rd quarter:
  • Jax squibs kick again and again Williams with big return out to the 40.
  • Henne quick hitter complete to Brandon London for 5 yards. London looks strong after the catch but can't get open for rest of the game.
  • Henne sacked, Brandon Frye gets caught on an island. Terrible job of lining up. The DE just waltzes into Henne.
  • Fields with a HUGE 63 yard punt....into the end zone for a touchback.
  • Langford beats his man on a stunt and LEVELS Bouman as he gets rid of ball.
  • Williams back to receive punt, electrifying 24 yard return, bouncing off tackles. He bobbles the catch almost everytime, but his speed is dizzying. Think he makes BOTH teams nervous. The return is called back, but the replay shows that JAX should've been called on the play for dangerous block in the back.
  • Henne throws a bullet to Turner. 16 yards and 1st down.
  • Another good throw from Henne to Turner but Turner can't hold on.
  • 3rd and 9 under heavy pressure Henne makes bad decision, and bad throw to John Nalbone and JAX comes up with the INT. And right on cue, the sky opens up and the rain is flash-flood worthy. The infield immediately turns into a slimy sponge.
  • Vontae Davis gets called for pass interference over the back. Tough call, he was trying to be physical, but too physical (we all knew that was going to happen since draft day).
  • 3rd and 6: Wake gets by the RT again - he's gotten close a few times.
  • 3rd and 11: after JAX penalty, a screen pass for TD is called back due to ANOTHER penalty.
  • 3rd and 16: false start JAX.
  • JAX settles for a FG on 4th and 13. JAX up 9 to 6.
  • Chris Williams ANOTHER big return to the 39, then the Jax kicker gets called for a personal foul, giving up another 10 yards (do kickers only get 10 yds instead of 15?)
  • Hilliard in, gets 9 yd run behind left side of line. D Thomas with good pull.
  • Hilliard 3yds up middle, 1st down.
  • Wilford left ALL ALONE, Henne hits him for 33 yard TOUCHDOWN! The safety makes terrible effort to tackle Wilford who just steps over the sliding defender. The extra point is blocked after Carpenter slides on the slick infield.
  • Jax ball, 1st and 1o: false start.
  • 1st and 15: false start.
  • 3rd and 8: Wake applies pressure, but Bouman gets the ball out for 1st down. Clemons gets his first tackle.
  • Courtney Bryan called for late hit penalty after Sean Smith makes solid tackle.
  • On 1st and 10, Bouman throws a beautiful touchdown pass to....SEAN SMITH!! Smith jumps the route and looked like the WR on the play (for what its worth, Smith had beaten the defender/wide receiver with his speed) and makes the HUGE INTERCEPTION in the end zone. Smith celebrates with the fans in the..wait for it...shark pool. Nope, couldn't say that with a straight face.
  • Pat White comes in with 3 minutes left in the 3rd. White rolls out and throws UGLY out pass to Turner who turns into Mr. Fantastic and stretches for the catch. Next play they run the exact same play but Turner shows hands of lead. Better throw from White.
  • Hilliard 10 yd run up the middle.
  • White runs for 8 yards.
  • Hilliard up the middle again for 7 yards.
  • White rolls out to the right, has to throw across his body, not a good idea, TERRIBLE pass, incomplete.
  • Murphy gets called for false start, but Ndukwe (RT) jumped as well.
  • White pass to Anthony Kimble bounces off of Kimble's chest and is picked off by Jax.
4th Quarter
  • Jax goes for it on 4th down but good coverage from Jason Allen and low pass turn the ball over.
  • 2nd down MIA: White slips a bit on the infield but manages a good pass out to Anthony Armstrong but the ball hits Armstrong in the hands (and I'm not exaggerating here) bounces back a good 5 yards. it was as if A.A.'s hands were a concrete sidewalk and the football was a super bouncy ball like you get out of a vending machine.
  • 3rd down: terrible throw into the turf.
  • 4th down: Cam Wake makes the solo tackle on punt coverage.
  • Jax ball - 1st down Joey Thomas makes good open field tackle, 2nd down Wladen makes a big tackle to bring up 3rd and 5.
  • 3rd down: JD Folsom gets a free welcome to the NFL interception. Ball is thrown right to him.
  • Wilford whiffs BADLY on not one but TWO defenders and Hilliard loses yardage as a result.
  • First "SPREAD" 5 receiver set - Armstrong, London, Hilliard, Haynos and James Robinson are the receivers. Good throw out to Robinson for 7 yards.
  • Next play White has 5 receivers (including 2 or 3 wide open ones) but chooses to run across the field for a one yard gain on 3rd and 3. Miami has to punt.
  • Okay, it's officially garbage time, the final eighth of the game: Jason Allen makes a big tackle on a WR screen to prevent a big gain.
  • Rod Wright saves a TD in the mud, after over-running the play, he gets back in time to make the tackle after the running back bounced outside and had clear lane.
  • HUGE pass break up by Jason Allen on the goal-line to prevent the touchdown.
  • 4th and 4: Beautiful PBU by Courtney Bryan on a sure TD in back of the end zone.
  • White runs a bizarre 'baby-wildcat- looking play, looked ugly but he runs forward for 10 yards.
  • Hilliard hits the hole for 6 yards.
  • White on an ugly looking but effective QB draw, gets the 1st down so Miami can run out the clock.


  1. Ginn did this, Ginn did that, ohhh Ginn deserves a game ball, blah blah blah.  Geeze tin, why not just curl up with your Ginn fat head......LAMO

    Just kidding there, I dont want to get to excited, but i agree with you, I think Ginn had a good, very good game.  Showed more then just the ability to get open downfld.  Hopefully, there is more to come.

    One bad thing for Ginn, he lost his returning job (i really dont think Ginn cares).  I know Williams made some mistakes, but I havent seen that flash on returns in a long long time around miami.

  2. Nice play by play Tin, looks like we were watching the same game. Chris Williams was the biggest surprise to me. After a couple kicks I kept wondering who Sparano was going to give a chance to next, that answer was Chris Williams again and again lol. Hilliard did very well against their backups, I'm guessing we may see him against the "ones" pretty soon. Im still scratching my head on what/where Frye was thinking on the sack of Henne he gave up.  

  3. tin,
    nice play by pla. Do you know if j allen got to play with the second team or only 3rd?

  4. the question is how do you make space for Chris Williams on the roster. I
    say only carry two QBs. lol

  5. Frye had two rushers and he chose the outside one, who I believe dropped
    back in coverage, allowing some big fat white dude to barrel in on Henne. I
    dind't even get the license plate number, it all happened so quickly. Rule
    number one for a tackle is not to line up too wide.

  6. J Allen played a little bit in the 3rd Q in the nickel, but mostly in the
    4th. The biggest surprise to me was after Vontae got benched, they put Sean
    Smith back in instead of using J Allen or someone else.
    From what I could remember, the DB strings were as follows:
    1st: Will Allen, Sean Smith, Bell and Wilson
    2nd: Eric Green, Vontae Davis, Culver and Clemons.
    3rd: Joey Thomas, Will Billingsley, Courtney Bryan and Culver.
    The nickel defenders were Jason Allen and Nate Jones.
    I saw one dime package that had Thomas, Billingsley, J. Allen, Clemons,
    Bryan and Culver.
    And remember the 'prevent' formation we talked about last week...they still
    ran it in this game in the 1st half but the MLB was in position to make the
    tackle on a check-off to the RB. Had he not been there it would've been
    another huge gain underneath. I really don't like that formation.

  7. 66 If memory serves me

  8. ok, but you are going to piss herdfan off by calling for pennington to be cut.

    seriously though, i dont know how to make space for him.  but i havent seen that speed straight up field in a long time on KO returns.  i want to see more in the preseason, but he came close to breaking 2 or 3 retruns, so, cant wait to see more of him in the preseason

    omg, wqam just reported farve signed with the vikes, what will it take for this guy just to go away forever

  9. I wonder if C.W. could block a DE??

  10. Historically the Vikings have always been known to use primitive weapons...

  11. 66 is Derek Landri, a DT 6'2" , 290lbs.  Frye could've put that beachball on the ground had he been in position

  12. LOL To bad they weren't to sharp. Im sure the Vikes O'line are super excited knowing twice there going to be playing GB with 8 in the box coming after that old man.

  13. "Despite the game being less than 96 hours away, Minnesota Vikings
    quarterback Brett Favre will
    start<http://blogs.startribune.com/vikingsblog/?p=3183>against the
    Kansas City Chiefs on Friday night, Chip Scoggins of the Star
    Tribune reports."

  14. I guarantee you Favre un-retired because of Michael Vick. What a colossal

  15. i never want or pull for a player to get hurt.....oh who am i kidding, i am always pulling for some to break brady's leg, but, i sure would like to see farve go down in the preseason with a season ending injury

  16. I never understood why everyone says 'season-ending' injury if it occurs
    before the season even begins. Surely it's more of a season-skipping injury

  17. Any results on that doozie of a contest?

  18. working on it. I think you did quite well. lots of entries, will have
    results soon.

  19. Can anyone tell me what V. Davis is doing here ?  I know it's early, but c'mon.  Is he another one of those predraft combine wonders that can't play ?  Or what.  Yea yea I know give him a chance he's a rookie, well so is Sean Smith and the coaches didn't bench him did they.  Looks like Davis better make some plays on special teams, that's the only way he sees the field this year.  If he were a FA he would be gone with the first cuts made.  The good thing is it's only the first game of the preseson and he has plenty of time to learn from this, I hope he does.  We shall see.

    One thing I'd like to see in the combines is that players do those workouts in full gear.  Isn't that what they play in ?

    OK Knight I feel it coming.  I know I'm about to take a beating for my remarks I'm ready. :)

  20. The Knight who says Ni!August 18, 2009 at 12:53 PM

    Tin, nice round up. For a first preseason game and so many young guys and rookies playing I thought we played okay. I saw some good signs and the bad stuff I think can be corrected. Some players distanced themselves for now. Can they be consistent week in and week out? That's what Sparano is looking for.

  21. Well the biggest issue with Davis isn't that he made a couple of mistakes in
    the game, it's that he's got a 2nd rounder showing him up.
    If Sean Smith wasn't performing so well, we'd be taking it a lot easier on
    Davis. Rookie CBs rarely make an impact. For what it's worth, I thought
    the first penalty should've been let go by the refs, they even conferred on
    it but still called it. I didn't think his coverage was bad or anything.
    he just likes to hit people and he needs to reign in that aggression a bit.
    He has way more upside than someone like Billingsley or Thomas.
    Yeah I know it's a cliche but we have to give him time to grow. For all we
    know he could totally turn it around on Saturday.

  22. The Knight who says Ni!August 18, 2009 at 12:58 PM

    Fang, this isn't the first time a rookie has been over-aggressive and made mistakes in his first few preseason games.

    Chris Williams screwed up right off the bat catching the ball inside his 10 on a punt return and then running laterally along the goal line. He was considered to have a good night and he had some electrifying moments. But he made that mistake right off the bat and that's football 101.

    Hopefully Davis won't do it in a few games and he'll learn from this one, but you don't throw a highly talented 1st round pick out after one preseason game. LOL

    Besides his 3 penalties, he did look solid overall in coverage. People tend to look at the bad and forget everything else.

    It's early preseason, man. That stuff can be corrected.

  23. Right on Knight, I went back today and watched the game agian,  I disagree with Tin on his thoughts on White.
    I thought he played alright, he had more drops than he should have had with balls hitiing guys in the hands, and one that should have been caught by Turner who didn't look great out there. 

    Over all I thought that the Jags were over matched out there and it's been a long time since I have said that about anyone Miami has played in a long long time.  It just feels sooo good to say that. :)

  24. The Knight who says Ni!August 18, 2009 at 1:21 PM

    Fang, Pat White played much better than I thought he would. He looked confident and he had 3 or 4 drops. Again, he's playing with guys at that point in the 4th quarter that hasn't really played together for more than a few practices. This is what the preseason is for, to learn and make adjustments.

  25. Well the biggest issue with Davis isn't that he made a couple of mistakes in
    the game, it's that he's got a 2nd rounder showing him up.
    If Sean Smith wasn't performing so well, we'd be taking it a lot easier on
    Davis. Rookie CBs rarely make an impact. For what it's worth, I thought
    the first penalty should've been let go by the refs, they even conferred on
    it but still called it. I didn't think his coverage was bad or anything.
    he just likes to hit people and he needs to reign in that aggression a bit.
    He has way more upside than someone like Billingsley or Thomas.
    Yeah I know it's a cliche but we have to give him time to grow. For all we
    know he could totally turn it around on Saturday.

  26. I didn't see the 3rd penalty....it happened on special teams?
    Maybe Nat Moore was talking about his Kooch at the time...

  27. I was at the game, it was my Christmas morning, yes even Preseason does it for me.  Gotta say though, I was a quick handful.. or two handfuls of beer in the hole right after work and for the remainder of the evening :-E   My review of the game could never be up to snuff of that of the Tinman, I'd have to sit down and replay my DVR which I will do in time.  My brightspot, Teddy Ginn's look up, hands up, and reeled in the dart across the middle in traffic.  I saw some fearlessness and pure talent which I'm full well ready to see every Sunday this season.  Sean Smith of course, he's a player.  Pat White was fine too, Patty Turner wasn't helping him with his drops.  Other than that, I gotta refer back to the tape.  I'll do that sometime next week, after the Carolina game I play back, for I'm off to Michigan for a wedding tomorrow. 

  28. I didn't say he played badly, I said some of the things he did 'looked
    ugly'. You can't honestly sit there and say that roll out to the right was
    good or even OK. That said, even he looked better than Pennington, who
    honestly needs to stop taking practices off. he's obviously gotten rusty
    from a week off.

  29. Patrick Turner only had one drop from White. The other was from a Henne
    pass. Turner made a GREAT catch on White's first throw which was UGLY.
    Watch the replay and you'll see what I mean. The other drop from White was
    Anthony Armstrong.

  30. In some ways, it reminded me a little of last season. We did just enough to win. It was sloppy in parts, but lots of potential was on display. Wake showed what he might become. I was curious to see Williams after some of the comments I'd heard and he looked to have the sort of upside I had hoped. Sean Smith had a very solid first start. How great was it to see JT out there along with the draft picks we stole from Washington when we traded him away!!! We have a lot more weapons/options in the pasing game and White is going to add an extra dimension. The pass rush/pressure from the starters was also much better. OK, there was a lot needs improving as coach/Tin/Omar and just about everyone else has said, but there's the best part of another month before the first game and most teams have a lot of rust to shake off right now. It's only the first game of pre-season. I enjoyed it thoroughly (first one I've seen since the Fins played the niners in the UK), but at 3:40 am when I turned the light off, it was nice that it was over too. I'll be watching the next games on NFL network at 6pm local time - much more civilised.

  31. UK, I watched till about 1:40am which is what...breakfast time in the UK!
    To make things worse, while I was waiting for the game to record, I actually
    watched a replay of the USF vs Kansas game from last year! So I was a bit
    football-full by the 4th Q of the Miami game.

  32. Do you know anywhere that does aversion therapy? lol I was having tea and toast after about 5 hours sleep just as you were watching the end of the game.

  33. The Knight who says Ni!August 18, 2009 at 2:49 PM

    Tin, I wasn't saying you said that about White. I was replying to Fang on what I thought about White. He had one pass he had no business throwing. I'm going to log White's plays when he comes in. I'm watching the game again now.

  34. The Knight who says Ni!August 18, 2009 at 2:50 PM

    uk, we reamed the Redskins with JT. LOL

  35. okay, but I was really responding to Fang's comment about him disagreeing
    with me calling White bad.

  36. Nice to be on the plus side for a change. Bit like the Dallas trade last year. Very unlike previous regimes trades where we gave about 200 second round picks away for cr*p QBs.

  37. The Knight who says Ni!August 18, 2009 at 4:51 PM

    uk, we're in good hands.  :-D

  38. Ginn(WISELY)runs outta bounds,as well as the stop drop and roll in the middle of the field(WISELY)!!
    You know that TIN,you were a DB(so was I/slot rec)..

    PW was wayyy better than what I expected(camp notes),shoulda been 6-7 w'ZERO int's(wasn't his fault),
    IF I remember correctly..
    Figured DT was a given IF healthy!!

    I WAS IMPREESED w'KR William's GAME,but he didn't seem all that fast to me(for a kick returner),
    he just seemed to pick the right lane's,and(didn't have the moves to juke the kicker)..
    But I liked the fact that he hit the hole,and the toughness/balance he showed when he was abruptly stopped/smothered managing to scamper for an additional near 20 yrds..

    I've hoped all along that CH MIGHT give CP a challenge..
    I hope he beats him-out,(NOTHING AGAINST CP)LUV'EM,
    and I doubt that CH is anywhere near ready to accomplish that feat..
    I just think it'd be best for the long-term future,
    and think a vet coming off the bench,is a good thing,
    (better than an unproven 2nd yr guy)..
    But IF that 2nd yr guy can somehow STEAL the job outright,
    (then he's already pretty-much proven)@least in TS' PRE-SEASON eye's!! 
    I KNOW it ain't gonna happen(JUST YET),but it is fantasy season!!
    What are we supposed to say after reading the play-by-play ;) 8-)

     GO DOLPHINS!!!  4 more days!!!

  39. Was AA a volleyball plyr,that looked like an attempted spike..

  40. It was really nice to see how Miami could pressure from the strong side. Wake was basically in the back field all night. (The TE really put a hit on him though) That was the first play that I got to see and I was like oh no.

  41. Yeah great report Tin!!! How in the hell do you think you can compete with the likes of Harvey,Ethan,Omar and Armando with this BS????There is only one thing i or anyone should want to know about this Game and that is was ROTH on the sidelines WEARING a GODDAM hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. LOL I thought he had a tennis racket in his hand and was returning serve

  43. Yeah but according to Omar, Wake sucked ass. It's amazing how different the
    game looks from the nose-bleed section of the press boxes...
    That first play was a cheap shot by the TE, Wake was engaged in a block
    already, but he didn't get taken down for the rest of the game, in fact on
    the very next play he was in the backfield, and there for the rest of the

  44. For the record, Roth was not on the sidelines wearing a baseball cap. He
    was in the 'Sideline' Bar wearing a sombrero and drinking a margarita. At
    one point he scratched his nose. Word is, he reported to practice this
    morning wearing shoes and clothes.