Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There were a total of 58 points available in the Grind contest, and while I was worried that this quiz was too easy, it turned out that about half of the entries I received scored 50% or less. However, the high scores were higher than usual. There were some rather interesting answers as well, including Ralph's guess that Pat White would run for 185 yards, or my personal favorite from herdfan who guessed that Josh McCown scored the first-ever reg. season TD pass outside the U.S.. Actually, she just put 'McCown' so she might have meant Luke...j/k herdfan, all in good fun. And to ukfinfan, who got that question right but claimed he should get an extra point for actually being there, I'll give you the extra point. You still did terribly. ;)

Here are the answers, followed by the winners.

1. Where did the Dolphins play their home games prior to the 1986 season? THE ORANGE BOWL.

2. Which Miami Dolphins Quarterback scored the first-ever regular season touchdown pass thrown outside of the United States? CLEO LEMON threw the pass in London in 2007. It was also Ted Ginn's first TD of his NFL career.

3. Name the two Dolphins draft picks from 2008 that played a) the MOST and b) the LEAST amount of regular season snaps in the NFL in 2008. Despite all the confusion, most of you figured it out. Jake Long had the most snaps. He only missed about 3 snaps total. Shawn Murphy had the least. Despite being on the 53 man roster, he was inactive for every game. I did give a half point if you said Lex Hilliard. For the record, Jalen Parmele played quite a bit for the Baltimore Ravens.

4. First photo-question. Name this ladies-man. This is former Dolphins possession receiver, Mr. Hands aka O.J. McDuffie.

5. Second Photo Question. There's a future Miami Dolphins 1st round draft pick on this basketball team. Find him, name him, and score points. I was surprised by how many people swore that Vernon Carey was the answer. But the real answer is Ted Ginn, Jr. front row, 2nd from left.

6. Name the team that Miami has never beaten. Houston Texans. Current record is 0-4.

7. Who will start at cornerback in the Dolphins vs, Jaguars pre-season game on the 17th? I'm looking for TWO names here. Will Allen and Sean Smith.

8. Which wide receiver will make the most catches in the Jaguars game? only about 6 people guessed correctly. It was Patrick Turner with 3 catches. Bess and Ginn both had 2. Turner also dropped two passes.

Which Quarterback will COMPLETE the most passes in the Jacksonville game on Monday Night? (Chad Henne completed 7 passes to become the correct answer here. Pennington had 4 completions, and White had 2.

Guess the combined score of the pre-season game vs Jacksonville. The catch is that for every point your guess is off, in either direction, you lose one of your seven points. Look on the bright side, you can't possibly lose more than 7 points! ;) 21 points was the total. No one guessed such a low total but some of you came close enough to rescue some of your 7 free points here.


Tie-Breaker: How many rushing yards will Pat White be credited for in the Jacksonville game?

We didn't have any ties at the top, but by my record keeping, White ran 4 times for 25 yards. A few of you came close but surprisingly most of you guessed much larger numbers.


And finally, the winners!

In First Place with a whopping 54 points is SeaPhinFan!

In Second Place with an impressive 51 points is Craig G.!

In Third Place with a solid 49 points is Thoro!

And in our Honorable Mention spot, with a just missed it 48 points, is Gatorplaya50!

It's a good thing gatorplaya didn't tie with Thoro, since he failed to answer the tie-breaker question!!

Still, a good race between these four and Daniel was tied with them heading into the game but he ended up with a respectable 42 points.

The rest of you need to hone your Nostradamus skills.

To all the winners, you will receive your prizes via e-mail from NFLshop.com by Wednesday morning (tomorrow).


  1. Thanks for running the contest Tin, looks like I have to reschedule my shopping spree at NFL.com! lol

  2. Hey you did pretty good on the game questions. In fact, I think you guessed
    the closest to Pat White's rushing total.

  3. Damnnnit...!! No, only kidding, thought I had it on lock even blowing the final total point question, didn't think many would make up much ground with the very low total.  For the record ESPN & NFL.com reported 20 yds rushing for Pat White, I said 20, thought that was pretty cheeky.  Big congrats to SeaPhinFan and Craig G.

  4. Thanks for the extra point Tin. I thought the least snaps Q was a trick and I saw Parmele had 2 carries for the Ravens in the last game of the season, so I guessed him. I couldn't find any reference for number of snaps anywhere - where do you find that? I even e-mailed a couple of guys in the US I know and they came up blank!
    I missed on TGJ - the other guy who "looked familiar" was the guy on the back row far lhs. That was a tough one. I was kicking myself for second guessing Chad Sr on number of completions but after SeaPhinFan scored 54, it didn't matter.  Wow. Congratulations SPF. SPF54 .... you shouldn't get burned in the sun!

  5. Yeah you also guessed that Eric Green would start so that knocked you out of
    2nd place.
    I'm not calling ESPN inaccurate but they get their stats from the team who
    probably weren't that attentive. I actually watched the game play by play
    and had White having rushes of 8, 1, 10 and 6 yards in that order. That's 25
    yards. After the 6 yard pickup he took a knee to end the game.

  6. NFL is showing 6 for 20yds. 4 for 22 was what I had at the end of the game for White, I guess the kneel down(s) h registered for a loss of a yard and counted for two more carries? Its irrevelent in my case, but good on you guys who scored at the top. Tin we have to make a contest just for you, so not to be left out next time. 8-)

  7. There probably isn't an easy way to find out the snap numbers unless you
    have Sparano's phone number, but that's what made the question kind of easy
    (at least I thought so, until Knight came up with a million permutations).
    We know Murphy was on the roster all year long and never dressed for a game,
    so his snap count is obviously ZERO. We also know that without a doubt, the
    only rookies who played significant number of snaps were Long, Langford and
    Merling. Narrow it down to the starters, Long and Langford, and then the
    trick is to realize that the defensive linemen don't play a huge amount of
    consecutive snaps. An offensive lineman on the other hand, plays on EVERY
    offensive play. Jake Long also played on the FG unit for much of the year.
    At one point he got injured, took 3/4 of a series off and came back in on
    the same series. His play count probably doubled that of Langford. No

  8. LOL, good luck trying to stump me! (famous last words).
    I wonder where they got the extra run from, I guess the kneel would count,
    but I don't think he got sacked, did he?

  9. Long was easy, but I saw your discussions with Knight and I thought I'd sussed what you were getting at for the least, but I obviously went off on the wrong tangent.

  10. I was trying to hint that Parmele was an option because he played in a game,
    even if he wasn't on the Dolphins, because if I had just answered Knight
    straight up, everyone would have known immediately what the answer was. But
    he always asks 20 questions, but never does very well on the contests ;)

  11. OK Tin, without using any search engine name all the names of the stadium the Fins currently play. No cheating!

    Once the game was in hand I started multitasking the last few minutes so Im sure I missed a couple of downs, don't know where the extra play came from. I assumed he had two kneel downs at the end?

  12. Had I been within one, I woulda been upset. As it was .... c'est la vie. I thought Knight might've been on the podium in one of the contests ..... maybe he's waiting to make a big splash in the next one? ;)

  13. The Knight who says Ni!August 18, 2009 at 2:32 PM

    Dammit, my first guess was O.J. McDuffie and then I went with Ricky Williams because I thought he was capable of that sort of thing.

    As for the most/least snaps I had the answer correct but I didn't know if Hiliard counted being on the practice squad.

    Doesn't #20 on the basketball team look like a young Tim Bowens? He happened to be an excellent basketball player in Missouri who used the name Tigers for teams at different levels.

    White had 6 rushes for 20 yards and I had 30 yards. I was close. He also took two knees.

    Tin, what did I total up to because I had a few right. LOL

  14. that's easy, Dolphin Stadium, Dolphin*S* stadium, Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro
    Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Landshark Stadium, and next year it will be
    called 'Passion by J-Lo' Stadium.
    He just had one kneel at the end.

  15. The question was who "played" the most/least snaps. If your play count is zero technically you havent "played" any snaps. Just saying...kinda tricky

  16. Knight, you probably don't want to know...but I think you got a 22
    Now where are you getting your stats with the 6 rushes?

  17. From the game summary....

    Two-Minute Warning
    1-10-MIA 17 (2:00) L.Hilliard right guard to MIA 24 for 7 yards (L.Myles).
    Timeout #2 by JAX at 01:51.
    2-3-MIA 24 (1:51) L.Hilliard up the middle to MIA 26 for 2 yards (L.Myles, T.Knighton).
    Timeout #3 by JAX at 01:40.
    3-1-MIA 26 (1:40) P.White right end to MIA 28 for 2 yards (L.Myles). R17
    1-10-MIA 28 (:51) P.White kneels to MIA 27 for -1 yards.
    2-11-MIA 27 (:06) P.White kneels to MIA 26 for -1 yards.

    Tin, Theres the missing play and yardage, two kneel downs. Now I can sleep tonight LOL

  18. yeah me too, right after I get home and watch the final 40 seconds of the
    game over again!!!

  19. The Knight who says Ni!August 18, 2009 at 3:01 PM

    Tin, I don't care that much, it's all good fun. I'm not psychic. LOL

    ESPN and NFL.com box scores is where I got the rushes. White took off 4 times and took 2 knees for 20 yards.

  20. I'll admit I didn't add the kneels, as I might have been face down on the
    floor at that point...

  21. The Knight who says Ni!August 18, 2009 at 4:46 PM


    So White probably had 4-25 actually rushing. I said 30.  8-)

  22. The Knight who says Ni!August 18, 2009 at 4:48 PM

    So White really had 4-22. I said 30. Not too far off.  8-)

    White looked okay to me. I'm excited to see the next game.

  23. I've never read any of those winner's,wadardey bawgin shoppa's??

  24. Excuse me,I HAVE NOW read THORO!! Guess he is a contributor...???
    I didn't play,so no I'm not jealous,(JUSPLYN w'ya all)!!

  25. Google has let me down AGAIN!!!  Happy to know that I got one of the photo questions right, or at least I think I did. 

    I based my answer to question 2 on this:
    I'm still not sure why it doesn't count.

  26. You missed one.  When Pro Player first started putting a name on JR stadium they used the name Fruit of the Loom, that didn't go over very well.  So they changed it to Pro Player Stadium.

  27. I did not place and still made the article!!!! Awesome..... For some reason I thought it was total yards not just rushing yards. Either way I was no where close. The hardest one was the ladies man picture.

    Congrads to all of those who placed in the money.

  28. Also, this from the nfl:


    It seems to me that Josh McCown had the first regular season touchdown pass outside the US.   San Francisco's 2 TD's were defensive.  Cleo Lemon had the first outside North America.  The last time I checked, Mexico is not part of the US.  I thought this was one of your diabolical 'trick questions'.

    Now I know this doesn't change the results for me, and for your sake, I hope it doesn't for any others.  Apparently it wouldn't, because I had to have been the only person with this answer, since it was your 'personal favorite'.  If I'm correct about this, it is worth more than any prize.  PRICELESS!!!!!

  29. Damn that OJ Mcduffie picture!!! I thought it was a current doplhin for some reason! Hey at least I got the Ted Ginn pic thou.

  30. Yeah, while I did think some of his throws were ugly, the reality is he
    didn't throw enough to really judge. And he didn't hit anyone on the
    sidelines. His accuracy was good on the two drops by Turner/Armstrong. It
    was just the strength of the throws and the spiral that were lacking. If he
    makes a 10% improvement in each pre-season game, I will be much more
    comfortable with him heading into the reg. season.

  31. is that welsh or something?

  32. 13kv, like' I've said before only about 5% of the readers actually leave

  33. Because Miami are the Dolphins, not the Cardinals...I see your point though,
    maybe the Cleo Lemon record is for outside North America, though it's
    recorded as outside the U.S. in the history books.

  34. LOL
    They could've called it the 'Fruit Basket'

  35. LOL, ok I'll give it to you, but the problem is that the questions clearly
    states what MIAMI DOLPHINS QB scored the TD. not what NFL QB. But since it
    doesn't affect the outcome, you can have the points on the technicality.

  36. <span style=" line-height: 115%;"><span style="">Herd</span></span>
    <span style=" line-height: 115%;"></span>
    <span style=" line-height: 115%;"><span style="">"Which Miami Dolphins Quarterback" ......</span></span>
    <span style=" line-height: 115%;"></span>
    <span style=" line-height: 115%;"><span style="">At the time, McCown was a Cardinal. He did become a Dolphin but is now a Panther as we traded him. You legal people would have to challenge Tin's legal people in front of a Grand Jury to see if the definition of "once a Miami DOlphisn quarterback" would stand up in this case. Good luck!  </span></span>

  37. Josh McCown was a dolphin QB.  Your question was not who was the first QB to throw a touchdown outside the US while a dolphin, it was the first-ever.  I'm right, admit it.  :-D

  38. lol, to be fair, Josh McCown NEVER played a reg season down for the
    Dolphins, so he doesn't count.

  39. No, I definitely said Miami Dolphin QB. McCown never made the Dolphins
    roster. He was replaced by your beloved Pennington. You of all people
    should know this. If you don't make the roster, you can't be classified as
    a member of the team.

  40. The issue is not the roster status, it is FIRST EVER OUTSIDE THE US.  There can only be one answer to this question and it isn't Cleo Lemon.   If it had been any other QB that hadn't been a Dolphin QB, then I would have asked for a clarification.  It is really of no consequence to me, other than the enjoyment factor.
    Not trying to anger you tinshaker, you would do the same thing. ;)

  41. You also definitely said 'first ever'. If you aren't the first ever, you can't be classified as that either!  ROFLMAO.  I somehow think this answer is no longer your 'personal favorite'.

    I'll have to check back later.  The beach is calling!


  42. "Dolphins quarterback Cleo Lemon threw the first touchdown pass ever scored
    in a regular season game played outside of the United States in the Dolphins
    13-10 loss to the New York Giants in London, England in 2007."
    I got this from the web, last time I trust the internet!! honestly though,
    I admit, you were right, McCown did it two years earlier, but it's odd how
    you're the only person who got that and 90% of the answers were Cleo Lemon.
    Maybe South Floridians make their own version of history...

  43. Dam, lol i had done pretty darn good i got  all the questions right. just that the game messed me up lol, i thought green was gonna start and that bess was gonna have the most catches. also i thought the pont total was gonna be 41, ouch so i lost like 20 precious points there. it was still fun though

  44. You east-coasters may say that Mexico is not a part of the US but we
    west-coasters consider that it is ;)

  45. Yeah you had a good start but faded in the second half! ;)

  46. yea , i kept rooting for the jags to score a touchdown but when they were in the redzone but sean smith got the interception lol

  47. Holy Smokes!!  Thanks Tinshaker, and congrats to all who played!  This is the single handed greatest moment of my life!  (Don't tell my wife!) :-$

  48. um...I would've said for Ricky to catch the TD pass, for that extra point
    not to be blocked....and for Chris Williams to have broken one of the two
    returns where he had one guy to beat...oh that still would only have made it
    a 33 point game....ok, Williams would have had to break both returns. A lot
    had to go right in your favor, Daniel!

  49. yea alot had to go my way, oh well it was fun lol

  50. Thank you! That's all I needed. ;)

  51. tin, venus and serena williams are going to be the next  minority owners. lol