Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Half-Way House is Seven Eighths Full - Part 2, The Defense

Yesterday, we looked at some of the offensive progression through training camp and two pre-season games. For the most part, the unanswered questions on that side of the ball remain unanswered. We know who the starting right guard will be, but we won't know until game 3 who the starting receivers are, and probably won't know until game 4 who the reserve offensive linemen will be. But despite that uncertainty, the future looks brighter than it did in 2008.

Today we venture into my favorite side of the line of scrimmage - the one where you get to hit someone. The defense of the 2009 Miami Dolphins looks good on paper, and minus a couple of big plays here and there during the pre-season, has looked good on the field has well. The most noticeable strength is the front 7. The jury is still out on the secondary, but I'm confident, if nothing else, it will be stronger than it was last year.

Let's look back to our pre-season previews and compare where we are now:


Jason Ferguson - We were probably all worried that he had lost a step after a down year production-wise, but Fergie looks quick, strong, and as commanding of a nose-tackle as he ever did. Sure, it's just pre-season, and he will wear down as the snap count rises, but for now we don't have anything to worry about, especially because....
Louis Ellis - I said back in June that Ellis had shown some potential but at a weak level of competition and wondered about his work ethic. After seeing him play in the last two games, I know he's a keeper, at least on the practice squad. Did you see him blow past the o-line to get to the QB vs Carolina? I can't remember ever seeing a nose-tackle move that fast. And this guy is built like a wall. I suspect the Dolphins see something in him or he wouldn't have survived this long as a the 4th string NT. With Joe Cohen recently released, Ellis is in better shape now to showcase his talent.
Philip Merling - Merling was projected to be a starter before any OTAs started, but I suspect his inability to get off the line is the main reason for his slip from that status. Last year, Kendall Langford was the one applying QB pressure and Merling was better as a run-stopper. Nothing seems to have changed there. Merling isn't a BAD lineman, he's just not showing an ability to apply pressure. He still makes tackles and has been pretty strong versus the run game. Randy Starks, on the other hand, is better at getting into the backfield, and since this regime seems obsessed with rushing the passer, I suspect they'd prefer to have their linemen do that first and let the LBs handle most of the run-stopping.
Tony McDaniel - I said back in June that McDaniel could have an upper hand in the reserve battle as he could move around the line, much like Starks did in 2008. If Starks is to be the starting RDE, then someone would have to take over his role from the previous year. McDaniel flashed some real athleticism in Game 1, but to be honest, did not have a strong Game 2. The jury is still out on where he falls on the roster.
Lionel Dotson -
Dotson has really shown up this year after coming in undersized and under-prepared in 2008. He has been applying a lot of pressure on the QBs in the first 2 games and we've heard a lot of buzz around him coming out of practices. Last year they kept him on the 53 to save him from being picked off of waivers. He did eventually get to play in a couple of games after Ferguson got injured. I think this year he will solidify himself to the point heading into 2010 he'll be considered a 'lock'.


Channing Crowder -
I know, Crowder gets enough press, but he deserves some mention as he has looked like a different beast in the pre-season. He is actually getting to the quarterback on blitzes. Obviously the Dolphins plan on throwing the kitchen sink at opposing quarterbacks this year, and Crowder could be considered the soap dispenser - not the heavyweight of the basin, or the stainless steel of the faucet, but he just might poke you in the eye, and soap burns once it gets in the eye. Of course, all this blitzing eventually results in turnovers, and isn't that what we all wanted Crowder to contribute?
Reggie Torbor -
The most overpaid backup in the NFL has a target on his back. If he doesn't prove that he is worth even half that money, he may be on the chopping block next year. Probably our best bet is if he shows up and we can manage to trade him, because he's not about to take a paycut. Still, he has the energy and the physical skills, but his fundamentals were shaky in 2008 as he adjusted to the 3-4. Perhaps now is his time.
JD Folsom -
Wow. Where do I start? I pretty much came out and said this was a horrible draft pick and there was no point even putting a Dolphins logo on his helmet. But he has 'flashed' at times in practice, laying bigger than anticipated hits on people, and has an INT and a tackle for a loss in limited play in the pre-season. He still looks like a big safety, and could be used as a situational player, but he'll probably end up on the practice squad. I still can't believe the Dolphins chose him over Nick Reed. You know how some fans won't let go that we didn't draft Brady Quinn? I think that will be me in 4 years - "We could've had Nick Reed!!" (for the record, in two preseason games, Reed has blocked two punts, forced a fumble, made an amazing interception, and has 3.5 sacks!)
Charlie Anderson - Anderson is a sort of mild-mannered outside linebacker. You can't even put those words together and make it sound right. This guy looks depressed on the sidelines and though he has looked pretty sharp on special teams lately, he's on the losing end of a battle. I said back on June 28th that the Dolphins would likely keep 8 linebackers, with at least 3 of those being inside guys, leaving a maximum of 5 OLBs. I'd be willing to change that number to 9 total, if at least one of them could play both inside and outside. But I don't think I'll need to. Anderson could still have a good shot at making the team.
Matt Roth -
I didn't think I'd be needing to mention Roth's name at all in this article. In June I said he wasn't a lock to start, but was probable. At this point, I honestly don't see him being on the 53-man roster. We're about to head into game 3 on Thursday night. The team will have Friday off and return to practice on Saturday. If Roth is not on the field and moving at a high rate heading into the final week of the pre-season, how could the coaches possibly justify putting him on the field ahead of someone like Quentin Moses who has shown tremendous growth? If I were the GM, he'd be on the PUP list as of next week.
Cameron Wake -
In June I wrote, "
This could be the biggest impact player of training camp. His inability to stand out in the pajama parties could make him even that much more noticeable once they start going full speed." Well, in hindsight I should've said in pre-season instead of in training camp. Any guy that can get to the QB while being held by the facemask is A-OK in my book. Having Porter, Taylor and Wake on the team have really eased the frustration of Roth being sidelined. You would think Roth would want to get out there to prove his relevance. SO how many sacks are we predicting for Wake this year? 20? 25? ;)


Vontae Davis -
Well, despite everyone wanting to throw Davis under the bus after Game 1 vs Jacksonville, I've been very impressed by this rookie's ability to glue himself into the backs of the receivers he's been covering. His fundamentals are better than I thought they were and his tackling has been superb (maybe he can teach some of the vets a thing or two). Two or three times now he's shown that he cannot be juked in the open field. That's something that overly-aggressive players usually get burned on, but he's shown he's not a complete animal but has some ability to be patient.
Jason Allen and Sean Smith -
I have to reserve judgment because of their absences last week. Both showed good skills in game 1, but despite Smith's rise to the starting line-up, I'm confident that if Davis continues his strong play, he could wrestle that spot away from Smith. Allen should be secure to make the roster but he'll probably always be the 'most-requested' trade from Dolfans.
Yeremiah Bell and Gibril Wilson -
It's not easy being a highly paid starting safety in the NFL. You have one bad game and people start questioning whether or not you belong in the league. These guys are going to be tested this week versus Tampa Bay as they face off a stable of powerful running backs, and a couple of very capable tight-ends. The Bucs' starting WRs are pretty good too and our CBs may need more help this week than in the two previous ones.
Tyrone Culver and Chris Clemons -
Another hard one to judge - Culver was fantastic in game 1 and terrible in game 2. Clemons was not so good in game 1 but great in game 2. In any event, both have shown enough to make the team.

There are still a lot of questions to be answered on Defense, but they're not the same questions as in previous years (i.e. which of these shi**y players is not as bad as the others?). Now we get to really put a good group on the field and have solid backups. Which defensive player, vet or rookie, do you see making the biggest impact this year?

Note: Tomorrow morning I will post the PREVIEW of the Tampa Bay game, and on Friday we'll do a RE-CAP. But come Monday morning, I expect everyone to have their projected 53-man rosters ready for comparison before Tuesdays cuts (the Dolphins don't actually have to cut anyone since they're already under the limit).


  1. I think no player has as much to prove to himself, the coaches and the fans than JT. He nearly trashed his Dolphin-legacy with that disasterous move to the Skins, but my gut feeling is that he can now smell redemption and, dare I say it, a possible spot in the HoF if he puts together a stellar season. If he stays healthy and his legs don't wear out, I think we could see Jason having some fun this year.

    I agree with you on the front seven and I hope it's not just homerism, but I think our secondary is going to be really good by the second half of the season too.

    The two players we really need to produce this year though are Ronnie and Chad Sr. If they both have good years or better, this squad should make the play-offs again. Of course the line will play a big part in this, but they've had 2 years in the conditioning program now and they both look really ready to play.

  2. I think both Ronnie and Chad Sr's years will be dependent largely on the
    production of the WRs and TEs. The line lokos good and Ronnie looks good,
    but can the WRs prove enough of a threat to take some of the pressure off of

  3. Who stays, who goes, does it really matter ?  The main thing here is they play better and have more talent then the year before.  There appears to be much better talent.  If they can relate that talent to the field is what matters, and that doesn't always happen. We have seen that in the past.

    For me it's all about building the team for the future, and we are still in the building mode.  I imagine a few cuts may surprise us this year.  Like what will happen with Roth and Ronnie Brown.  Both of which will want more money next year, add to that the uncertin future of labor talks.  What course will the Dolphins take with those guys.  We may see with Roth very shortly, it wouldn't surprise me if they ship him out.
    Man that would make me mad, I like him, but no team can keep a guy on the 53 that has not suited up for what ever the reason is.  Even Willford was out there trying to play.

    Nothing would surprixe me from the trifecta, they will cut their losses if need be.  that's the difference between them and what used to happen.  As for who will make the team ?  Hell I don't know, but if I were Roth and wanting to play here !! I would crawl in a hole and hide.

  4. If a new CBA agreement isn't reached, Ronnie will not be a free agent next
    year. So it would be unwise to trade him now without knowing the future of
    the CBA. We may be able to keep him for 2009 and still trade him next year.

  5. <span style=" color: #ff6600;">SO how many sacks are we predicting for Wake this year? 20? 25?</span>

    <span style=" color: #ff6600;">None, if they keep allowing the qbs to ground the ball when he gets to them.</span>

  6. <span style="">Vontae Davis - <span><span style=" color: #003333;"><span style="font-family: verdana;"><span style="color: #000000;"><span style="color: #336666;">Well, despite everyone wanting to throw Davis under the bus after Game 1 vs Jacksonville, I've been very impressed by this rookie's ability to glue himself into the backs of the receivers he's been covering. </span></span></span></span></span></span>
    <span style=""><span><span style=" color: #003333;"><span style="font-family: verdana;"><span style="color: #000000;"></span></span></span></span></span>
    <span style=""><span><span style=" color: #003333;"><span style="font-family: verdana;"><span style="color: #000000;"><span style="color: #336666;">Everyone but me was throwing him under the bus, I said his over-aggressiveness caused the penalties in game #1, but he was very good in coverage.  His over-aggressiveness can be fixed, but if he can't stick to a receiver he won't make it.</span></span></span></span></span></span>

  7. I think Channing Crowder will make the biggest impact on D, he was all over the Panthers backfield on Saturday.  With the double teams that Porter and/or Taylor will get, I think Wake may be a candidate for 10+ sacks with many of them coming from the scheme. 

  8. true, but even the refs need a pre-season to practice/work things out.

  9. ...only a footnote re Moses, nothing re Walden who almost single handedly turned the ST around last year? ...I think they both still have a reasonable shot at the 53 and will be needed to pace JP/JT down the road when their age and the double-teaming begin to wear on them ...ILB is our waeakest link but I wasn't thrilled by the Panther's ability to pass on us early.

  10. I know this will sound like one of O's mancrushes, but I think JT may be the one that has the biggest impact on D.  Not only cause of what he does, but with Roth and his mysterious groin injury, just imagine what our D would look like without JT stepping up

  11. I don't think it would be abysmal, but it would make a significant dent in
    the Dolphins' armor.

  12. Home SuperBowl 2010August 26, 2009 at 12:12 PM

    May the best man win
    Vontae  Davis imo is head and shoulders above poser boy sean
    Soon Dolfans will see for themselves

    Hope Turner starts and Y`all will see what I have been talking about
    While getting heckled by SS media overhyped delusional fans

    Consider the source
    Omar kool aid kelly as the self anointed eyes and ears of the Dolphins(a Man that does not think Dolphins are even close to going to the playoffs for second year in a row) has been pounding the table and slanting reports to pump up" his vision of what he saw" from OTAs and thru out preseaon

    what he reported was:
    Ernest Wilford is the best turnaround veteran in camp and will make the 53 as the most physical TE

    *Wilford was fired and cost the Dolphins millions

    sean smith because he was lined up to start a preason game was anointed as Dolphins starter opposite Will Allen and if Vontae Davis made one more penalty he was given an "OR ELSE" by omar
    As if he was such a bust Omar was benching him for the season

    sean smith imo is a poser and a goofball, thats my opinion from what I have seen in person
    sean smith imo  is a Dolphin liabilty

    Cam Wake is the real deal
    Omar "has not seen enough" and was worrieD about his abilities
    Omar is probably saving face and changing his opinion again

    Pat Turner people, if He gets the opp to start in Bucs game will have a chance to show his abilities
    Think Turner is just what the Dolphins needed in a tough 6.5 receiver and will  help us WIN games
    What bothers me most is Omar went thru a special process to eliminate catches, RAC and TDs  of Patrick Turner thru out camp from his reports to the Dolphin Fan Base
    I had to go to the Palm Beach Post, copy and paste what I saw and what was omitted daily from Omars SS slanted report

    Omar also has reported in print  that Ronnie Brown will score no more than 7 TDs the entire 2009 season

    Could not believe I (one fan) could have such an influence on the most popular Dolphin reporter that claims to be neutral to the point of him purposely omitting Turners good plays and having Omar pump up and start every blog about his poser boy sean smith with a sickening man crush just justify his pick

    This man is no talent scout and in my mind gets a "D" at best for terrible insight and slanted or completely wrong coverage of our team this preseason

    My predictions

    MIAMI 12-4
    First Home SuperBowl in NFL History

    Ronnie Brown
    15 TDs
    1400 YDs
    Pro Bowl again

    Pat Turner
    At least  8 TDs rookie season

    Thats my story
    and I`m always sticking to it

    Noe Lets Go Kick The Bucs @ASS!

    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****

  13. We had receivers last year that mostly held onto the ball and in theory, we should have more variety this year. Will that be accompanied by consistency though? Let's see what happens in the first half in Tampa.

  14. HSB, you're welcome to your opinion, but just so you're aware, I have been a
    fan of Sean Smith long before we drafted him. See
    on the fourth of February. I've also seen several Utah games since I
    wrote that article and he was impressive in most.
    Maybe from your perspective he hasn't practiced well at the practices you
    attended, but the fact that he switched from receiver to cornerback in
    college and quickly became a starter, posted the kinds of stats he posted,
    was drafted as high as he was and has been given the opportunity to start
    for an NFL team sort of suggests he's the opposite of what you claim, which
    is a poser/liability.
    In any event, you are welcome to your opinion, but it's pretty clear you
    stand alone with this perception, and I don't think you need to keep
    repeating it over and over for several weeks. We get it, you don't like
    Smith or Omar. I'm not going to defend Omar's views on Wilford, because the
    video doesn't lie and Wilford just doesn't have what it takes.

  15. It did appear that I was trying to trade Ronnie away didn't it ?  I don't want to come across that way. 

    Ever since free agency I do my best not to fall in love with a player, because they will not be here for long.  Look what happened to JT and ZT.  Of course JT cut his own head off, I have no use for him.  I do however think he will have a really good year because of his selfishness.  ( he wants into to HOF in a bad way ) and the only way he gets there is to finish with a fury, at least that's what he thinks.  I think he should be there even if he retired he is really a good player.  Funny how no one puts Zack into JTs mold, because he was actually a better player in my eyes.

    Yet Zack is perfect example of what I'm talking about, out of sight out of mind.  So for me I don't care who the players are.  I've supported the Dolphins for many years with my money, and I'm sick and tired of pulling for players that do nothing but lose.  So if we can get some value in draft choices for whom ever the player is.  Then it's OK by me to move forword for the future of this team.

    I want to see this team in the hunt for SBs not playoffs, and we are not there yet,  So for me I would be apt to keep someone like Folson over Anderson or Moses.  Ot Nailbone over Martin and keep Hillard and the young guns at WR.  If those guys won't or can't play STs they better learn.  ST is nothing more than blocking and tackling if a player can't do that then what in the hell is he doing here in Miami ?

    I like Sparano though, and trust in him.  If he thinks a player should stay, I may not know why but he said it and that's good with me.
    What number does Sparano wear ?  That's a jersey I would purchase. :)

    Good thing I don't own the team no one would play for me, and I'd have to sell the team to J Blow or who ever.  :-E

  16. Home SuperBowl 2010August 26, 2009 at 1:22 PM

    As U are welcome to your opinion Tin
    Do U think every one is going to agee with every opinion u have?
    Of course not
    U are just one man with one opinon
    Just like everyone else

    Your opinion means no more than the man on the street
    As does mine

    Like it better when I stand on oppossing view
    Not interested in joining sheep
    Interested in what I see annd feel

    No everyone with good college stats is an absolute stellar success story in the NFL
    With some it means absolutely nothing

    For instance look at Chris Williams stats in college
    Much better than Sean Smiths
    What does that mean?

    Please do not put words in my mouth
    Like Omar as a reporter when he is not all sucked up over a player to the point of nauseation and disoregrds our first pick as almost a bus

    Think Omar playing talentscout,GM and coach is way overstepping his talents

    Again Tin u are entitled to your opinions and (even if u stand alone on some)
    Some of which are agreed with
    Some of which are not agreed with
    Some which are down right humorous

    Again my opinion/prediction last year as posted  over 300 times was:

    MIAMI 10-6

    posted just like that since preseason and all year 2008

    Your prediction was MIAMI 6-10 LOSERS


    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****

  17. The Knight who says Ni!August 26, 2009 at 1:36 PM

    Home, what name did you post under when you made the 2008 10-6 prediction because you weren't on the SS under the "Home" name then? I think we all would have noticed. LOL

  18. Home what I am wondering is are you possing as yourself all the time, or is thare an imposter out there using your name.  As for me I understand what your are trying to say.  We all have our views on who should be on the team, and it may not be the same as mine, or anyone elses.  That doesn't make anyone wrong, it makes us different that's all.

    That's what make these blogs fun.  What is not fun is when someone goes down the road of being obnoxious, and calling people out.  That is not cool, nor is it needed.

  19. "Think Omar playing talentscout,GM and coach is way overstepping his talents "

    yet when you do it, it is just one mans opinion.  funny how it is so hard for you to look at yourself and see you do exactly what you complain about others doing

  20. Home SuperBowl 2010August 26, 2009 at 2:26 PM

    Sorry i have to justify myself to U knight but

    the name was HARDCORE
    pretty hard to miss

    ffr I`m not a writer that claims to be biased
    Iam a fan with opinions no matter how indifferent they may seem

  21. HSB2010:
    You are entitled to your opinion, everyone is.  Benefit of the doubt, maybe I read a 'tone' in your posts that you don't intend, but it seems you are insistent that everyone who has a different view or opinion has to be called out and ridiculed.  Debate is great, but what I've been reading isn't a debate.   Does it matter who was 'first'?  Who first thought a particular player was going to be a starter or a bust?

    I get the impression that most of the folks on these blogs are educated professionals, so we get it when you post something the first time.  Posting something 300 times doesn't make it any more accurate than posting it once.  Even if correct, the annoyance meter is off the chart at about repetition 5, at least for me, and makes you a target.  Just my opinion.

  22. Home SuperBowl 2010August 26, 2009 at 2:29 PM

    Did not asked to be attacked because I do not think one particular rookie is not that good

    U dont like my writing style or my bold predictions
    So what

    I do not want to be like U
    I want to be like me

    thats ok is it not?

  23. I witnessed some of the same practices you did 2010, Sean and Vonte both had good plays and bad ones. They both performed well enough to make this team and I predict they both will excell in the NFL, hopefully for the Fins.

    On another note one thing i find curious is Sparano has mentioned Robinson by name two days in a row during his press conferences. He must be doing something right to get noticed, might be a P.S. candidate.

  24. Yes, but I posted that prediction ONCE, and moved on. my opinion changed
    throughout the season, obviously.

  25. Home SuperBowl 2010August 26, 2009 at 2:44 PM

    Brian L
    The one practice in paticular for comparison is the one when I sent Tin a panoramis photo of Vontae and Smith together with three rapid fire shots

    Vontae had a very good practice
    smith did not and stated he had a bad day 3 feet from my face while fans were asking him questions
    U can see his dejected demeanor with towel on head

    That was one of the days I witnessed him laying on the ground after being burned again and slapping the ground

    Never saw a int, tackle or any special teams plays in camp with snith because there were none
    I guess I could make shit up about all the great plays I saw but he never made any
    Trust me I had the guy on my draft board hopes too
    Was real glad when they picked him

    but never could understand the high praise when almost every single WR  beat him
    Dont know why i have to get beat up for not drinking the kool aid on one player

    He did have 2 PDs on practices I missed or was in bubble
    thats what I read

    Next year I1ll just make up a bunch of real good shit
    people would rather hear fairy tales

  26. The Knight who says Ni!August 26, 2009 at 2:45 PM

    Home, calm down it was just a question. I think I remember HARDCORE. No big deal, I was just wondering.

  27. Home SuperBowl 2010August 26, 2009 at 2:59 PM

    Thanks for your opinion Herdfan
    I do speak in bold confident tone

    Reason for repeated postings usually going back and forth with another opinion repeated posting oppsite point of view
    Or just being loudmouth crazed fan

    And yes i do believe in who is seeing the insight first or in the incipient stage of development esp when most are running with the herd(pun intended) because of ignorance or fear of "STANDING ALONE" as Tin put it

    Feel U as quiet, nice,weel educated woman with good morals
    Hope I did not offend U
    sorry if I am too loud or boisterous for most
    Just being me

    Planning on future "walk about" , short term living in New Zealand and Australia and have no time to wait for Dolphins to get to future SuperBowl
    It has been 35 years
    There is no tomorrow

    Peace herdfan
    Blessings to U and your family

  28. "Planning on future "walk about" , short term living in New Zealand and
    Australia and have no time to wait for Dolphins to get to future SuperBowl"
    you'll fit in perfectly. (right, ukfinfan?)

  29. Home SuperBowl 2010August 26, 2009 at 3:16 PM

    Spent 2 months with Australians in 1983 Americas Cup Race in Newport Rhode Island
    Private Yacht I worked and lived on was official flagship of Australia 2 which defeated The American Syndicate
    1st loss for America in 132 years of cup history

    Made friends with Australian guests and have since been to Perth, Western Australia

    Would like to see eastern Austalia and dive the Great Barrier Reef
    New Zealand is said to be one of the prettiest most unpopulated places on Earth
    All the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed there and U know how beautiful the scenery and backgrounds are in these movies

    Nature Lovers would be astounded at the sights in  New Zealand

    That was my mellow , Zen none football side
    Is it more soothing?
    U guys like it better?

  30. Think home might need to switch the volume down 50% in NZ (unless he's planning on spending a lot of time with the sheep?), but he'll be right at home with the rest of the great whites in the barrier reef. You nailed it Tin.

  31. The Knight who says Ni!August 26, 2009 at 3:34 PM

    Beware of the Great White sharks when diving the Great Barrier Reef. They love it there too. LOL

  32. okay can we stop talking about Australia, I'm getting itchy all over...

  33. ...point in case HSB2010, I think you need professional help ...having followed your postings on both SS and here, I think you're in the manic high state of a bipolar cycle ...and your manic cycle being so high, your coming depressive cycle will be deep and dangerous to you ...easily suicidal ...I really hope you have competent help.

    ...I'm serious HSB ...I've see this before up close and very personal ...I wish you all the best but you do need to get help and soon.

  34. lemmus, he's been infected by the antipodean virus known as kookaburra
    disease. It's not fatal, and to be honest, it's not very infectious fact, quite the opposite....

  35. Home SuperBowl 2010August 26, 2009 at 4:48 PM

    lemmus Uare reading into imposter postings that have started 10 months ago
    got so bad when I checked on new SS topix blog where I never was there was literally 15 -18 posts on every topic with my exact same name

    SS was aware of it and did nothing
    Needless to say many were rated strong "R"

    So do not condem me.please

    I never called U Albino Santa Claus! lol

    look at imposters on   SS now
    Everyone is getting hit including Knight,NJ PHIN PHAN. imposter tin something shaker,steve, and on and on

    Dont be so gullible, PLEASE!

  36. Hey my post didn't get posted :(   oh well that's the way it goes.  Anyway I askedf home boy if he was having an imposter problem.  But from his replies to all of you it would appear as if there is no imposter.  He is what we think he is 8-) as lemus put it bipolor.  You know that's kind of scarry if you think about it.

  37. LUV ZEN-like PASSIONATE fans !!! 
    LUV the crazies tooo,but NOT the one's that blow a horn in your face during the entire event,(GULP)!!

    As far as "BIGGEST impact" to the team(in comparison to 08), for me it's JT..
    (Can't shut-down JP AND JT) the final mnth of the season..
    AND of course the rookie DB's are going to have a HUGE IMPACT!!

    AGREE w'Lemus' thought's on Moses,and WALDEN, and hope they both make the 53..
    AGREE w'TIN on ROTH,which leads to my thought's on Moses(who's finally gettin noticed,
    (I've alway's had WALDEN as one of MY locks),w'CULVER,and HAYNOS,(besides the obvious)..

    LUV SS,AND VONTAE,(had either one of them as "OUR" 1st rnd pk @25),
    so I'm ECSTATIC to know they'll BOTH be "OUR" starters for yrs to come,(once WA is done)!!

    LIKE WAKE ALOT,now that I've seen his desire to get to the QB in NFL PS game action...

    AS far as "BIGGEST impact" in 09 to his career,(in comparison to their current status)!!!
    IMHO, CClemons WILL rise to the top,and start by o10,(IF not sooner)...
    I've had him on the radar for yrs,(though I sought Hamlin),cuz he made himself accesable
    to the media,where CC isn't so comfortable,(but on the field he's a confident hard-hittin playmaker),
    and even HAMLIN say's CC's MUCH faster that himself,and every-bit the player..

    SO,MY D GYZ in no particular order are JT,VONTAE,SS,WALDEN,CULVER,and CLEMONS!!
    STARTING to feel WAKE,and Moses,NOT to mention the other 45 whom are ALL"OUR"GYZ!!

  38. HSB ...I looked back at the SS posts and what you posted here today ...I don't buy the imposter line ...the themes and the phrasing are too similar're either really high on something or you're in a classic bipolar manic high state ...I'm extremely familiar with the symptoms and all too aware of the seriousness of the problem ...most of all, I'm not trying to make fun of you ...what you are doing is not normal by any measure ...get some help before you hurt yourself.

  39. ...I really wish I could laugh tin but I don't think what is going on with HSB is at all funny ...unless you've lived with a bipolar child for years, watched the cycles deepen, watched as she rejected the meds, lived the roller coaster that tears any family apart. sat the suicide watches ...and missed the one that counted, you just can't know ...but I've said my piece ...I'll not raise the matter again.

  40. I hear what you're saying lemmus, not trying to make light of the disease, I
    just don't think HSB has shown anything bipolar.
    He is just boisterous IMO.

  41. Home SuperBowl 2010August 26, 2009 at 7:58 PM

    Lemmus your out of your skull and very insulting
    Never been even remotely close to bipolar or suicidal
    It is well known I have had imposter postings for Quite some time and have appealed to SS  IT DEPT not getting any response for months
    Finally Chris Tiege from SS responded and and confirmed this addressing me as the original Home SuperBowl 2010 and stated SS was going to be installing security software but in the meantime anyone can use anyone elses screen name

    Never talked to U before Lemmus and sorry about your dysfunctional family but would appreciate U not venting on me

    If U must know I am a full custody single parent who self created and owns his own business with employees
    Am a preferred vendor for St. Farm Insurance and deal with customers and business owners daily with much success
    I have raised my son completely by my self since he was 3 yrs old.
    Now he is almost 16
    He is in the top 5% in the nation in math
    He is very polite and well groomed
    I received highest GPA in physics while in school
    Also helped coach football for youths here in S Florida
    Son was running QB that took his team to Superbowl in very competitive crowded county football program
    Also led the team in tackles on defense

    He has been stricken with severe spinal injury and has had 2 spinal operations at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston FL
    A third major operation is coming soon which will require 3 months bed rest

    I home school him myself and care for him around the clock myself

    Most of the time I am in the same room with him
    That is why I am new to sports blog posting as of last preseason
    Usually on the road servicing clients, running production of service business

    Sons spirits are very high due to attention paid to him and soon to be light at the end of the tunnnel
    I am happy go lucky personality and am well known for finding a solution to any crisis situation
    My business is in  24 hr emergency disaster restoration
    Not much stress at all

    I have low blood pressure and according tomy doctor very low chl level
    I work out and run 3miles aprox 5-6 times a week
    Started with nothing and paid cash for my house

    Maybe that will help U Lemmus when u realize how wrong and rude U are judging someone U no nothing about

    I joke around a lot, but have Christian values... Although my God is really cool

    Therefor I forgive U Lemmus and God Bless your family