Saturday, August 8, 2009

Training Camp - Day 7 (updated frequently)

Love the kool-aid, Home SuperBowl 2010! ;)
Thanks again for sharing your photos with us.

Well, excitement today as the Dolphins prepare for their 'stand-up' scrimmage. Does that mean the scrimmage is a good person? Is it just me or isn't a stand-up scrimmage the same thing as regular practice?

Some highlights of the morning practice:
  • Ok, let's not kid ourselves, there were no highlights, other than Gibril Wilson finally getting his name in the papers. It sounds like the Dolphins struggled mightily today with everyone dropping passes and that Pat White regressed back to inaccuracy.
  • According to Edgar Thompson, PBP: "While working on punt block, CB Will Allen came close to joining Roth with an injured groin. Allen took a punt below the belt and ended up doubled over on the ground. Took him awhile to shake it off."
  • I disagree with Omar's contention that Randy Starks isn't being given an opportunity in Training Camp. Coach Sparano said that Starks was competing for a starting job. How more blatant can a statement be? The fact is, they know what Starks can do. They don't know what McDaniel can do, so he's getting the majority of reps right now, with Merling, someone who got fewer reps than Starks in 2008, in 2nd position. That will all change next week. In fact, a lot of positions will change next week. I fully expect the receivers line-up to continue to be shuffled, with Turner, Hartline, London, etc getting an opportunity with the ones. That's the way it works. They are far more likely to give a defensive player time with the ones up front because the offense takes a bit longer to get comfortable with.
Scrimmage getting ready to start. Local Beat Superfan, HSB 2010, is there and snapping photos.

  • That T-Pain version of the Dolphins fight song is complete and utter crap. No wonder his initials are T.P.!
Live Action
  • Reportedly more than 3,000 fans again. Word is, HSB was there at 8am sipping on his koolaid mug.
  • The media was not allowed to use cameras/phones/laptops, so no updates live from them.
  • Why is everyone so surprised that Jason Taylor has 'impressed' in camp. This isn't some scrub, this is Jason Taylor.
  • See photo above - they have bouncy castles set up. A fiver says Pat White gets one through the window...
  • Ok, scrimmage details:
  • Jason Taylor had 2 sacks and a hurry. (Jeff Darlington)
  • Cameron Wake had one sack and was in the backfield a lot.
  • Patrick Cobbs had a 45 yd TD off a screen pass.
  • Henne threw two TDs including a 35yd one to Brian Hartline, who beat Vontae Davis on the play.
  • Well, I say 35 yards, but that's Edgar's numbers. Berardino said it was 40. Armando said it was 65!! What?!?
  • Sean Smith fared better, not getting fooled on a trick play, an option pass from Ted Ginn to Ronnie Brown. Smith used his size and leaping ability to intercept the pass.
  • They apparently dropped Paul Soliai back in coverage on the same play (according to Mike Berardino). Maybe they are trying to get him to lose another ten pounds. ;)
  • Pennington was 1 for 6 for 13 yds according to Berardino -update- Berardino now says Pennington was 5 for 14. Armando said he was 10 for 20.
  • Armando also said "Ted Ginn Jr. failed to complete his only pass on the flea flicker from the 34 yard line. Henne tossed to Ginn coming around, who scrambled and threw to Ronnie Brown down the right sideline in the end zone." That's not a flea-flicker, Armando!
  • Erik Walden had a sack and an eye-popping hit in open space as well. I was watching the second game vs the Pats last year the other day. It was Walden's first game after being signed three days earlier. He made 3.5 special teams tackles that game. This guy is a keeper, IMO.


  1. Thanks man, only place with live coverage

  2. Tin, don't be so arrogant.  Omar's opinion was based on being at most of the practices.

    <span style="">Coach Sparano said that Starks was competing for a starting job. How more blatant can a statement be?  Since when do you believe everything a coach says?  </span>

    <span style="">It seems like they're sending him a message about his arrest on South Beach.</span> 

    <span style="">The fact is, they know what Starks can do.  WTF!  They know what Pennington, Porter, Ferguson, W. Allen, and Long can do too, but what unit are they running with?</span>

  3. The Knight who says Ni!August 8, 2009 at 11:26 AM

    Steve, Tin offered his opinion and I agree with it. Sparano wants to see if Merling, Dotson or McDaniel step up. If they don't Starks will be given a shot. Why are you arguing with reality and considering it arrogant? LOL

    I don't think Stark's South Beach incident has anything to do with it.

    I also don't find Sparano to be a liar. He likes to move guys around and see how they do playing with different people. Starks also plays many roles, backup LDE, nickel NT and dime DT.

  4. Steve, first of all there is no competition at the QB, WLB, NT, LCB and LT.
    I respectfully disagree - I was not being arrogant, I was disagreeing with
    someone else's opinion. If you get offended by that kind of thing, you're
    not going to enjoy this journey at all. And while I don't believe
    everything a Coach says (especially about injuries), I see no reason why
    Sparano would say that if it wasn't true. Starks' arrest was durign OTAs.
    I'm sure they've gotten past it by now. Let's not forget the charges were

  5. crap, tell us what's going on at the scrimmage, not what omar wrote in his blog

  6. The Knight who says Ni!August 8, 2009 at 11:39 AM

    Guest, are you offering anything about the scrimmage? I don't think so. Pipe down!

  7. I'm getting you photos as live as possible. I have to use my telephoto lens
    from Sacramento....
    The beat writers haven't posted ANYTHING, so take it or leave it.

  8. The Knight who says Ni!August 8, 2009 at 11:44 AM

    It's apparently not quick enough. LOL

  9. ok, here's a report, last photo up is a FG. The kick was good.
    Happy? ;)

  10. On the QB John Beck touchdown pass to WR Justin Harper in practice: “The John Beck pass to Harper, yeah, it was a great throw. John had a bunch of nice throws. He has a few nice throws that weren’t caught as well, so it was a good day for him. And [Harper] did a nice job at that.”

    no bad students, just bad teachers.

  11. The Knight who says Ni!August 8, 2009 at 12:10 PM

    EZ, please stop acting like you're retarded. Nobody cares. Go find something better to do.

  12. My whole point was you're drinking Sparano's Koolaide, and maybe I'm drinking Omars.  All Omar was doing was reporting something that he felt was unfair.   It's ok for you to disagree with what he said, but when you state something the coach said, then say <span style="">How more blatant can a statement be, you're acting like it isn't your opinion anymore, but the way it is, and Knight has backed this up.</span>

    <span style="">Knight, I don't find Sparano to be a liar either, but he can't come out and say everything truthfully based on him being a head coach (they all do it).  He's got his reasons for not always telling the truth, like the Roth situation.  I think the he didn't tell everything he knew on it, but I wouldn't call him a liar for it.</span>

    <span style="">We don't need to know every reason why a coach does something, but when something doesn't look right and someone states that, it shouldn't be pushed under the carpet.</span>

    <span style="">I wasn't offended by what you wrote, I just don't agree with it.</span>

    <span style="">As far as those players I stated above, you're correct there's no competition at those positions, I used a bad example.  We do have competition for RG and everyone with a chance to start has been given a shot with the 1st team.   Devone Bess is getting a chance at WR with the first team.   Rookies I won't use here, because Starks is a vet.  The point is at RDE it sure seems like everyone, but Starks is getting a chance, and there may be a good reason.  I think that reason may be Sparano feels Starks helps the team more in the role he played last yr.  </span>

    <span style="">If I came out and said there's no debating the fact that Starks is being dissed by Sparano, by not getting a chance to run with the first unit, that would be pretty arrogant, and I believe this is what you have done Tin, to Omar.</span>

    <span style="">I wasn't offended by what you wrote, I just don't agree with it.  I like what you bring to the board, and of course we're never going to see eye to eye on every point.</span>

  13. The 1st two photo's are tooo BIGG when I click..

    Is that PainKiller Jeff's Tattoo??

    THANX HSB !!!

  14. I aree Knight, but wait I think there's one board he hasn't posted about Beck on.  He's really jet fan, and his thinking is Beck doing good somehow is going to upset us.

  15. I DON'T AGREE w'steve or guest,(take a puff,enjoy the pretty colors)!! WHY be CONSTANTLY PISSED-OFF??
    I AGREE w'the others,ESPECIALLY TIN on his STARKS observation's,and KNIGHT for the bkup!!

  16. Steve, maybe I put the sentences in the wrong order. I wasn't dissing Omar
    by using the word 'blatant'. I was moving on to what Sparano said was
    Starks' situation. He said this BEFORE Omar wrote his Starks piece. I was
    trying to say that Sparano put it out there very clearly. Blatant is not a
    bad word. But I do have many criticisms of the mainstream media, as
    BLATANTLY obvious to any long-time reader of this blog. They do like to
    jump on things before seeing how they play out. Today, the reports all over
    the web are that Matt Roth is out of contention for starting SOLB. Last
    time I checked there were 4 1/2 weeks to go before the season starts. Why
    would you state this assumption in the newspaper article?
    But despite my criticisms of the MS-Media, I do follow Omar, we are
    in-communicado, he reads my blog, I read his, etc. and I respect him more
    than any other Dolphins writer out there. Plus everytime I disagree with
    him here, someone clicks on his story to see his side, which actually
    benefits him.

  17. Sometimes I feel like I'm an IT trainer in here ;)
    when you open any photo that's really big, press control and - to zoom out
    or control + to zoom in.
    you can zoom repeatedly.

  18. does that mean Jahndoh is a Jets fan, because he still hasn't let Beck go

  19. THANX,IT trainer!!  Us 50 yr olds(ME), are only accustomed to writing on cave walls... :-P

  20. I did make the comment font a little bigger, can u even tell the difference?

  21. The Knight who says Ni!August 8, 2009 at 12:59 PM

    Steve I wasn't trying to offend you.

    I find Sparano to pretty open and honest in his press conferences. He even tells the media when he's not going to get into something in detail.

    What did he lie about with Roth? He was more open about that than I thought he would be because coaches don't usually say too much about stuff like that.

    I don't think Sparano serves Koolaide.

    Starks didn't play RDE last year. If he did it was very sparingly. He plays a lot of roles and will probably continue to do so. Who cares about starts. He played about 35 plays per game last year. He's in the mix and very valuable. Why not work some of the young guys there early and see how they do.


    AND NOW I have a TEAL background!! (Is that supposed to be)??
    Thought I hit the wrong button last nght,when suddenly the fonts got real BIG,
    w'a TEAL bkgrnd outside of the actual post rectangle,(comment section perimeter,and b/t post)...   

    Now the cancel and post button's are TOOO BIG,(fat as a cigarette,long as the filter),LOL!!!
    Are they that fat @ your end,or did I indeed hit a wrong button??

  23. your background isn't teal on my end, but the backdrop to the comment boxes are.  Also, the buttons are normal size on my end.

  24. Home SuperBowl 2010August 8, 2009 at 2:11 PM

    The pictures be at Tins

    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****

  25. I agree with Tins they know what they have with Starks. They need to check out the rest of ther people. Starks is set at that position.

  26. LMAO!! Not all buttons are the same normal size =-O ..

  27. Brian Hartline and John Nalbone made some good plays out there today for the offense.

  28. The Knight who says Ni!August 8, 2009 at 4:56 PM

    Tin, I agree about Walden. He's fast, he's good on special teams and he has some pass rush ability. He'll make the team on that alone. I've also seen some interviews with him and he seems to be passionate about the game. That's important to the trifecta.

    Hartline is another guy who I think is locking up a spot if can keep it up. He can play special teams; coverage units and returns, and if keeps impressing as a WR he's a lock.

    Armando is a pisser isn't he. He brags about covering this team longer than anyone in the South Florida area yet he still seems to be learning the game. LOL

  29. I have the 2nd pick in my fantasy draft tomorrow, who should I pick, assuming Peterson is gone?  Picking 2nd sucks big time.  There's no clear cut favorite, and I have to wait until pick 23 to pick again.

  30. Drew Brees. If you're going to go with the standard RB, I'd go with Steven
    Second round gotta get Matt Forte.

  31. Tin, I'm thinking Brady, but not sure about his injury.

  32. Home SuperBowl 2010August 8, 2009 at 5:36 PM

    have to post to get access to 2 page or better on site

    If u try to go to second page or better without posting screen goes blank

  33. Picking Brady means you'll be rooting for him against the Dolphins....I
    guess we play Brees too so that's no good either.

  34. Home, it doesn't go blank, you just need to scroll back to the top (it
    doesn't reload the whole page, just the comment boxes.

  35. Hey Tin, my first time checking out your blog, so far so good. I agree with you 100% about Stark getting a far shot. If there is one thing this FO has shown us its the best players will be on the field. Just because a guy isn't running with the first team doesn't mean he's not getting a fair shot. OK gotta go want to surf the rest of the site. Thanks

  36. The Knight who says Ni!August 8, 2009 at 6:31 PM

    Forte might be a sleeper. He's got good skills and could end up with 15 TDs with Cutler there now. The Bears will move the ball. They could be the sleeper team in the NFC.

    I wouldn't ignore Tomlinson either. He's ready to prove the critics wrong that he's not on the downside. He might have one more big year in him.

    Peyton Manning is always a safe pick. Big numbers every year.

    Michael Turner, can he do it again?

  37. Bout time you gyz came around,I've been screaming praise for Eric(The DECAPITATOR)Walden 4ever
    (well @LEAST since the game TIN mentioned,ne)...
    He and Tyrone(The CREAMATOR)Culver have been(MY DIAMONDS),and LOCKS since their initial appearences!!

    I never get no props :'( ,LOL!!!

  38. I pk'd 2nd last nght in a 12 team league!!
    Brees was the 1st pk,I got AP,RMoss in the 2nd,and PRivers w'my 3rd..
    Then there was a QB,and RB extravanganza,which had me reaching for my 2nd QB(cuz the QB/RB pkins were already thin),my only reach,but did well otherwise..

    Complete story @ day 6 TC thread(EARLY,EARLY SAT AM)!!


  39. I'd of taken Jones Drew had AP already been taken...

  40. Thanks guys!

    I did a mock draft on Thurs. and took Brees with the 6th pick.

  41. The Knight who says Ni!August 8, 2009 at 7:00 PM

    Steve, I thought you had the 2nd pick?

  42. he's setting his aim low so he'll be extra happy afterwards ;p

  43. DON'T FORGET!!!


  44. Home Superbowl 2010August 9, 2009 at 7:42 AM

    did not want u to feel alone
    so I added my own air head question  lol

    Missing dances with boobs
    Perhaps she is polishing off another 12 pack

  45. Home Superbowl 2010August 9, 2009 at 7:48 AM

    Dont play fantasy so i dont know
    is patrick cobbs availabe as back up or alternate
    or do u only pick superhero players like peterson or ronnie brown?
    would cobbs come cheap or is he to far down the totem pole?

  46. Home Superbowl 2010August 9, 2009 at 7:49 AM

    Do u California Coolies have access to watching preseason game?

    Dolphins vs. Jags

  47. Home Superbowl 2010August 9, 2009 at 7:57 AM

    Wish one of the many new musicians that are minority owners would write  a better theme song for the Dolphins

    Same song with different melody is lame

    Jimmy Buffet said he wrote his new "Fins" version of theme song on plane ride over. sounds like it jimmy ,maybe u were a little drunk too. jack@ss.

    How bout a little more effort in song writing people

    Know we have to keep the old song
    but lets crank it up a notch

    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****

  48. ALL pre-season games are being shown on NFL Network, the Jags game is on a 3
    hour delay, where the other 3 games are being shown a day after the game
    I don't know if Sunday Ticket includes pre-season games, if they do I'd
    assume you could watch them live.

  49. If no one else is going to step up to the plate, I guess I will have to do
    it...give me a few decades to hone my craft in dive bars across the country.

  50. I do have the 2nd pick Knight, but they didn't post the draft order until yesterday, so I just went with the 6th spot.  One thing that worked well in the mock draft was taking positions earlier than normal, for instance I took Gates as the first TE off the board in the 5th and Pitt D in the 6th as the first D taken.  The thinking was take the best TE and D instead of a 2nd wr.  After I picked both there was a mad rush for those positions.

  51. HSB2010:
    Thanks for the camraderie, but I am rarely alone no matter where I am or how hard I try! I'm thinking I should have put in a request for a Pennington photo, or one with both CP and PW.  You know how it is, girls love the QB's, and there are lots of new Dolphin fans where I live because of those two.

  52. Home Superbowl 2010August 9, 2009 at 10:28 AM

    In South florida on ESPN 2  in 5 minutes at 1:30

    "New" NFL special on 2008 Miami Dolphins in HD

    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****
    "Dolphin Dynasty in the Making year # 1"

  53. WOWWWWW,what a GREAT pass,and TD CATCH by TG vs duuble coverage against Seattle!!!! 

  54. Home Superbowl 2010August 9, 2009 at 11:10 AM

    Last year Dolphins won 11 games

    This year we have added:

    The New York Giants offensive line coach and

    Jason Taylor
    Jake Grove
    Gibril Wilson
    Pat White
    Vonte Davis
    Sean Smith
    Patrick Turner
    Brian Hartline
    Chris Clemons

    ...So Far


    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****

  55. Home SuperBowl 2010August 9, 2009 at 1:42 PM


    Omar is now describing Sean Smith as if he is having sex with him

    Needed to stop
    For a Puke Break!

  56. WHO's READY for some FOOTBALL ???   Williams vs the titan's,RIGHT NOWW,let the games begin!!!


  57. Al Michaels say's that buffalo plans on ply'n the no-huddle every play this yr,
    hoping to discourage the D's from being able to rotate player's...
    Hmmmmm,so JT WILL start,@least vs the williams..

  58. herdfan

    Meant alone in questions U think are silly
    Not lonely   lol
    Try to get u a Chad Penny photo

    Looks much bigger in person and very healthy looking athlete
    Saw him 2nd day of camp after practice
    Now weights 230 and off season conditioning since Feb 5 2009 really shows

    Chad wants the ring now, this year

  59. I watched that. Gotta be honest, they did one for every team, and they made
    it seem like every team had won the Super Bowl! Total propaganda type
    material. Still, it was a fun watch.
    I watched a New Orleans local special on the Saints 2009 season - it was
    called 'Mission Miami' - and the concept was supposed to be if the Saints
    were ready to make a run at the title, but the entire special was made up of
    every Saints 'expert' totally dissing every aspect of the team and Sean
    Payton. I've never seen such a negative piece on the hometown team in my
    life. And all the 'experts' looked terminally depressed/suicidal.
    You know, I sit in an office all day and 'work with my brain' and
    occasionally blog, yet I like to think I have a bit of a tan and have good
    skin and look younger than I am, etc. But some of these Sports writers look
    like withered vampires, and they're out in the sun at practices....or ARE

  60. Agreed.  Cam Cameron was a horrible teacher.  Get back to me when faces a live pass rush you asshat.

  61. Yea Mannn,it is FUNNN to watch!! Howbout that TG TD catch vs Sea's double coverage,

    I think that for the rest of my life,I'll get chill's and tears of joy EVERYTIME I watch the end of the regular season finale vs the HATED gyz that wear grn!!� �