Monday, August 31, 2009

THE FINAL FIFTY (the Kicker, Punter, and Long-snapper don't really count, do they?)

"Welcome back to Miami, Olindo Mare!  You're very well dressed for a kicker!"
Looks like a lot of you chimed in before I even got to the computer this morning. Well done!

Well, for the sake of brevity, I'll just jump into my final projection of the 2009 Dolphins roster, arranged by position, with notes on each player, and the projected Depth Chart at the bottom.


Chad Pennington - incumbent starter has struggled recently but his come back after the lightning delay in Tampa was the rust coming off and a good way to end the pre-season on a high.
Chad Henne - he had one ugly game, one average game, and the rest he has looked pretty strong.
Pat White - no surprises here. He will get a lot of snaps in the 4th game, but I don't expect to see him play early on in the season.

Ronnie Brown - our best 'skill' player by far. Expect another pro-bowl year.
Ricky Williams - a good change of pace back, but expect his carries to dwindle this year as both Brown and Cobbs get more snaps. Still, he is the best option back for the wildcat due to his speed in getting outside the tackles.
Patrick Cobbs - great special teams contributor, bot returning and covering, and is a good blocker out of backfield.
Lousaka Polite - mr. automatic. In the TB game he put a block on a linebacker that sent the defensive player flying backwards for five yards. He has the upper body strength, just needs work on his footwork.

Ted Ginn Jr - I actually met a dolfan over the weekend who said we don't have any deep threat on the team. We have a threat...just not a code red.
Brian Hartline - in the pre-season Hartline has shown one thing to me that makes him standout as a WR, the ability to make a catch in traffic. Isn't that what a number 1 WR does?
Davone Bess - hopefully Davone's pre-season woes was just a poor-streak that he can put behind him now.
Greg Camarillo - Camarillo may not be a prime special teams contributor right now, but he does have the ability to play every wide receiver position, thus making him fit in perfectly at the 4th WR position.
Patrick Turner - he'll make the 53 but will likely be inactive until he has a standout practice week and shows consistency.
Brandon London - BL makes the team thanks in part to two things: Turner's weak pre-season, and Matt Roth's injury. With Roth on the PUP, BL will get 6 weeks to out play Turner. When/if Roth returns, one of those two will likely be the casualty.

Anthony Fasano - In every pre-season game I've noticed Fasano. Not so much as a player on the field, but as a veteran player-coach on the sidelines. He's confident, but backs it up with hard work.
David Martin - while he may not have the 'IT' factor of Fasano, I still expect Martin to be the best receiving TE on the team.
Joey Haynos - an extra big body for the wildcat/goal-line situations, and special teams contributor. He's got good hands too.

Vernon Carey - last year he looked bad and we blamed it on the weak link at RG.  This year he looks bad, but RG has been a strength.  If Carey doesn't have a big year, I'll have him up oin the trading block.
Donald Thomas - pray he doesn't get injured because he's got pro-bowl talent but remember he's a rookie all over again.
Jake Grove - at times has opened up big holes, and at times has been non-existent.  Looking for consistency.
Justin Smiley - not at last year's level yet, just needs that energy of the regular season.  
Jake Long - no pressure Jake, but it's all on you.
Nate Garner - our most experienced reserve tackle.
Shawn Murphy - Murphy needs to gain experience and feel the speed of the game.
Joe Berger - safest bet at reserve center, can play guard in a pinch.
Brandon Frye - Frye will play guard and tackle.


Kendall Langford - best all-around lineman vs pass and rush.
Jason Ferguson - Fergie's had a good pre-season, looking to improve over last year's performance.
Randy Starks - he'll get to start but will get lots of pressure from Merling and McDaniel.  That pressure should translate into a career season.
Paul Soliai - with Cohen and Ellis gone, Soliai may as well be a 1st round pick, that's how much of a lock he is.
Lionel Dotson - most improved player?  He'll play behind Langford due to his pass-rush ability.
Philip Merling - He'll come in behind Starks and play the interior in the 4-front nickel/dime packages.
Tony McDaniel - with Starks starting, McDaniel could play a similar role to Starks' 2008 positional flexibility.  And yes, I do expect the Dolphins to dress all of their defensive linemen for the games.

Akin Ayodele - why does he have dreads on Madden?  he's been bald for years...
Channing Crowder - increased blitzing will increase both his and Ayodele's stats - sacks for Crowder, INTs for Ayodele.
Reggie Torbor - he makes the team because he costs too much to cut, though he may have trade value.
William Kershaw - has outplayed and outhustled Torbor and is better on S/T.

Jason Taylor - Taylor's arrival changed our defensive gameplan.  With so many pass-rushers on the roster and Matt Roth's absence, the coaches decided let's send BOTH outside linebackers at the QB.
Joey Porter - don't expect 17.5 sacks, but another double digit year would be impressive.
Cameron Wake - listed as 'D' Wake on the team stats page, could make for some confused tv announcers.  I'd like to see 7 or 8 sacks from this old rookie.
Erik Walden - has been real hit and miss in the pre-season but is the strongest LB on special teams.
Quentin Moses - won a roster spot in the pre-season,  but due to numbers will likely be inactive unless there's an injury to someone else.

Gibril Wilson - he's been lackluster so far, but he's a bad-ass on Madden ;).  All I want from him is no big plays allowed and a few well-timed turnovers forced.
Yeremiah Bell - pro-bowl, this year, mark it down.
Tyrone Culver - could be starting on most teams in the league.  Had a terrible game last week.  he should blow it up versus the roster scrums he'll play against this week.
Chris Clemons - started slow but was one of few standouts in the secondary.  He makes a lot of tackles.  Should be big on special teams.

Will Allen - good field awareness, but doesn't match up well against big receivers.
Vontae Davis - I'm picking him to start week one.  Very physical, nasty player.
Sean Smith - he'll get plenty of work helping out vs bigger receivers and will continue to compete with Davis.
Jason Allen - special teams and experience will save him.  The trifecta are not dumb enough to turn the team over to two rookies just yet.
Nate Jones - same comment as above.


  1. The Knight who says Ni!August 31, 2009 at 8:30 AM

    My only two differences are I'd rather have Hilliard than London who's upside as a WR seems limited and Hilliard might be a decent RB. The other is Gardener who has superior feet and more upside than Garner. Garner may be the most experienced tackle by one year but he has no regular season experience so who cares.

  2. of course he does, he played last year

  3. The Knight who says Ni!August 31, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    Oh and I'm not sold that J. Allen makes the team. I wouldn't be shocked either way.

  4. Yeah I wouldn't be shocked by anything at this point...ok I'd be shocked if they traded Jake Long for a crate of Oreos.

  5. ...and I'd rather have Garner AND Gardener over London or Hilliard
    ...and assuming Roth to PUP, it will be another LB that replaces him on the roster, not a WR
    ...out on a limb but I think Nalbone over Haynos, much better receiver in preseason play and has more upside
    ...and Long won't go for any less than a freighter load of oreos ...large freighter, eh

  6. PW not playing ...I think he'll be on the field in every game will Penne.

  7. Since we all agree with Matt Roth on the PUP to start the season, I see the defense shaking out exactly as you do Tin.  Including our beleagured J. Allen sneaking in.  On offense I agree with Knight that Gardener will make the team over Garner.  That final roster spot on offense is a toss-up between London, Hilliard, and Garner in my eyes.  I think that the Trifecta would want to keep Hilliard, but figure they can sneak him on the practice squad another year without him being poached.  As for London, lucky he plays special teams, because he is not making it on receiving skills.  Still, I would not be surprised since offensive linemen are at a premium that they cut both London, Hilliard, and keep Garner.  Especially since in our 53 they keep Kershaw specifically for special teams.  In my opinion, he is much better on special teams than London.

  8. The Knight who says Ni!August 31, 2009 at 12:33 PM

    As long as that crate of Oreos can block.

    Garner hasn't done anything I've seen that would make me believe he's worth keeping. He will be inactive on game day and Hilliard and London can play special teams. So I don't understand the need to keep 10 OL when 2 or 3 of them won't dress for the games.

  9. Did anyone else watch Goodman play lights out last night and think we kept the wrong old CB?  I mean I thought keeping Will Allen over Goodman was the right idea myself, but after the last preseason game, I am not so sure.  I am also scared to death with two rookies, and a lost a step Allen getting just torched this year.  If that pass rush is not all its cracked up to be, we are in deep.  Last year our secondary was picked apart when we only faced one top five QB, and four QB's in the top 12.  This year we face the top five QB's in football, Peyton, Brady, Bree's, Rivers, and Rothlesiburger.   Plus we also face Ryan and Schaub who I put in the top 12 in football.  I just have a feeling we are going to get thrown all over.  Especially since our safeties are more hitters and players against the run than they are cover safeties.  Oh well, should be a good learning experience for Davis, and Smith if they are not too shell shocked by the whole experience.

  10. The Knight who says Ni!August 31, 2009 at 12:58 PM

    So Goodman had a good preseason game, so what? We all know what he is. He's a smallish corner who gets abused by bigger WRs and he can't tackle. Not worth $5 million a year.

  11. knight, don't know if you saw it on the previous post, so I'll ask again.  Got any advice for a gambling challenged WV chick?  I see the link Tinshaker has, still don't know wtf to do!  I have asked my friend in DE to place it for me, but haven't heard back from him yet.
    Or, maybe you are ignoring me. :'(

    Oh, and watch for HSB2010 to explode at the SS!! I see some guy named rick keeps asking him about Patrick Turner.  It could be ugly!  lol

  12. The Knight who says Ni!August 31, 2009 at 3:53 PM

    herd, I replied about the betting on the other blog. I have not done it yet and I'm not in the know. I'll look into the same site Fang recommended.

  13. Tin, Idon't think Barndon London will be there, I am cuting Kershaw

  14. Sorry, didn't go back to look.  After a new week starts, I figure no one looks.  Just found out I can't do it via my DE friend as they have postponed single bets or something, I don't exactly recall what he said, but no answer there. 

    Nothing going right today, What is wrong with the world?  A kindergarten child should not have 3 pages of homework, even if it is coloring.  He doesn't like coloring!!!!!  It is going to be a very loooooonnng year.

  15. Are you going into the season with 52 players?

  16. herd I sent you a sites url the other day,  I think their name was online gambling, but no matter where you go they are going to want you open an account before they give out much info.  Just be careful with your personel info.  The odds are 80 - 1 maini wins the SB and 8 - 1to win their division.

    As for the homework it's a little stupid for home work for kindergarten kids, but my Wife works as a media clerk in a elementary school in our County and they also assign home work.  It is usually a work sheet with letters that they trace over.  Fl. mandates home work for all kids in school.  Some how they think home work is more important than higher expectation and grades.  She says she has never seen so many people working at one place with College degrees that can be so dumb.

  17. I don't think there is room on the team for any player that only stands out for ST play.  They must bring more to the table then that.  London although a big body dude hasn't really shown that much at the WR spot.  He's had his chance, now it's time for the new guys to show what they can do.  Miami won't miss London and neither will we the fans.

  18. Home SuperBowl 2010August 31, 2009 at 8:37 PM


  19. ...sub JA for London ...reiterate :)

  20. Tin, Ihave Lex Hilliard, Brain Hartline and Charile anderson. SO I'm one over, more work to do.

  21. I'm carrying 6 WRs many OL do u have?

  22. Woo hoo!! I did it!!!  I did one for SB, AFC EAST, and AFC.  How much fun!!

    And if anyone else is thinking of using that site, let me know.  I have a referral number which will get me some extra $$. 

  23. Tin, I'm one over.I have Lex Hilliard and I put Charile anderson when I cut Kershaw. I have 10 on OL

  24. Who did you sign up with ?  Did you like your odds ?  LOL now you want the odds to go way up. 

    Lots of things going on in Fl. as for gambling issues.  Our Governor signed a contract with the seminole tribe to allow card games at 7 tribal reservations across the State.  Most of them are in the south end of the state, and one is in Tampa.  It still has to be radified by the house and senate but I think 150 million a year for the state coffers will buy a few votes.  Money talk and bull shit walks as they say.  :)

    Funny we you have brought all this up at the same Fl. agrred to terms with the Redskins just yesterday.  I'm heading to the tribal affiars office in our County wearing my Indian feathers.  Hey for $5000.00 a month it's worth a try !!  I can be an Indian as long as they don't ask me to cross my legs when I sit down.  I'll need a crane to get back up.  :)

  25. lol @ fang!  I used the one you mentioned, the odds are 40 to 1 SB, 20 to 1 AFC, and AFC East 8 to 1.  I hope I did it right.  Knowing me, I bet against them!!

  26. The Knight who says Ni!September 1, 2009 at 12:35 PM

    herd, did you feel that site was safe and worked well? What were the odds?

  27. The Knight who says Ni!September 1, 2009 at 12:35 PM

    herd, did you feel that site was safe and worked well? What were the odds?

  28. The Knight who says Ni!September 1, 2009 at 12:36 PM

    Never mind about the odds I see you posted them.

  29. knight:
    As safe as anything else I would do on line that isn't exactly legal where I live!  I used my AmEx card, which I only use for on-line purchases, it has been compromised before, a hassle to straighten out, but it has never cost me anything.  And, as far as ease of use, I figured it out, so how hard can it be?  lol

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