Friday, April 3, 2009

Bombshells and Boobies!

With all the speculation going on around the's reporting of failed drug tests, and no update coming from that side, I decided to find out for myself so I contacted Rick Serritella, the CEO of said website, and asked him specifically about the USC linebackers, Clay Matthews III and Brian Cushing.

Matthews representative sent Serritella a mildly threatening letter that did not contain the phrase "cease and desist" but instead said "govern yourself accordingly" which to me sounds like a lawyer using specific language so as not to be railroaded later on.

Meanwhile, USC Head Coach, Pete Carroll wrote on the official USC blog that the rumours were untrue and that if they were, the players would have been informed by the NFL 3 weeks ago. Well this sounds good enough, but honestly if you were Cushing and you failed a drug test and got a letter from the NFL 3 weeks ago, how long would it take you to go show the letter to your former college coach? For me it would take at least twelve lifetimes, or shortly after I went to my Mom to tell her about "that one time" (you know what I mean).

So Mr Serritella very kindly answered my e-mail and told me they are 100% behind the report, sticking with the story, not removing it, yadda yadda yadda.

Bottom line, this has barely been handled by the players who have made no statements, and Brian 'DD' Cushing's reps have not issued a statement or a letter. So this is going to carry through the weekend and possibly longer.

And that is going to do these players a great dis-service and completely change the first round of the draft. So basically anyone picking in the 2nd half of that first round will now have to re-think things.

So who do you believe, Pete Carroll or nfldraftbible?

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