Thursday, April 2, 2009

Draft Prospect - Vaughn Martin, DT

Well, it's official, the Miami Dolphins are in love with Canada.

Their latest interest is in Vaughn Martin, a 6'3", 331 lb monster from Western Ontario. He was originally given a scholarship to Michigan State but apparently there were transcript issues and he could not enroll so he went back to play in Canada.

From what I have read up on him, he is not a spectacular player, but very comfortable and effective at any position in a 3-4 line, and he is supposedly very strong.

I saw some tape on the guy and he looks a bit sloppy, but very athletic for his size. Here he is running the flag out before a Western game. I'd like to see Jason Ferguson hoof it like that!

The fact that this guy played every position on the line as well as playing fullback must be appealing to the Dolphins. Appealing enough to get a private workout with them. If nothing else, he can take care of the kicker (see below, 14 seconds in).

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