Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Special Saturday Night Live Tins Bits - Updated

  • Former Dolphin linebacker that I just can't let go, Zach Thomas, has signed with the Kansas City Chiefs. One report says it was a one year deal for the veteran minimum. I find that hard to believe if he was signed to be a starter in the Chiefs new 3-4. Confirmed reports was one year $2 million. I have a feeling Zach will regret this move once the weather turns in Kansas City. Also, it will be weird seeing him line up next to Mike Vrabel. This move is as close as going to play for the Patriots as you can get without actually going to play for the Patriots.
  • Current Dolphin receiver, Ted Ginn Jr, celebrated his 24th birthday (actually on Sunday) on Friday night at a club in Cleveland. Invited guests included Buffalo Bills safety, Donte Whitner, who attended both high school and college with Ginn. At 3a.m. the dispersing crowd got heated and a melee ensued. Whitner, worried about his cousin, who was in the midst of the violence, got tasered by Cleveland police after being warned to stay out of the cordoned off area, and disregarding the warning. No word on if Ginn was outside when all this occurred. But now you know why the bars close at 2am and promptly kick you out. One more hour and this stuff happens!
  • It has been brought to my attention that I put down Max Unger twice on my mock draft. I told you he had position flexibility, but obviously I didn't intend him to be THAT flexible. I will not be able to fix it until Monday, since the files/programs used are at work. I also missed Jeremy Maclin, despite paying particular attention to where he would go. Big oopsie there!
  • Brian Orakpo has been invited to the NFL Draft on April 25th. Usually they only invite 6 top prospects, but this year they have invited 9. This implies the NFL has done its homework and considers Orakpo will go in the top nine. I chose him to go at #9 to Green Bay. The other invitees (with my mock numbers in parentheses) are Matthew Stafford (1), Jason Smith (2), Eugene Monroe (3), Aaron Curry (4), Michael Crabtree (5), Michael Oher (6), Brian Cushing (10), and Josh Freeman (17). Feel bad for Freeman - he could be this year's Aaron Rodgers. It's been pointed out that the NFL's invitation to Cushing suggests he did not fail his drug test, and perhaps Raji's omission suggests BJ failed his. In any event. it's strange they invited Freeman and not 6 or 7 other guys ahead of him.
  • Jason Taylor rumours have died down. It's too quiet. Something's going to happen very soon.
  • There's a new video interview with Gibril Wilson thanks to Kim Bokamper at

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