Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Final Countdown

At the moment I'm typing this, there are 101 hours left to go before the 2009 NFL Draft. Just over 4 days to go. And here's how I plan to spend those 4 days here on Tin's Fins.

Tuesday - There have been some free agent moves that will definitely affect the mock draft I swore I wouldn't alter. So I'll be altering it today. I'd expect more moves this week, but probably none that affect the draft as much as the Jason Peters and Torry Holt signings. This may be wishful thinking on my part, but I do have to address these changes heading into the draft. Also I will be taking a look at the defensive backfield one last time. - Updated - Mock Draft - Updated

Wednesday - By tomorrow I expect there to be some leakage on the drug test front. If there isn't, that probably means the positive tests were for off-the-radar players. Everyone's assuming Percy Harvin tested positive, but surely if he had it would've been leaked by now? If it isn't by Wednesday I'll assume it's a false report. We will discuss any last second surges/drops by first and second round graded players heading in. I also will post a fun little profile on our 2009 coaching staff.

Thursday - On Thursday we will have a fun little competition. Every reader who wants to participate can. I need a couple of days to prepare for it. Prizes (no, not a new car) will be handed out for 1st and 2nd place. 3rd place is a loser. Also on Thursday, I'll take a final look at the "true" defensive linemen in the first round - a strong possibility for the #25 pick.

Friday - Friday will be a casual day (shorts are acceptable). In honor of the warm (okay, super hot) California weather, I'll be firing a super-gigantic load of one-liners from around the league, around the draft, references to last years draft, last minute draft speculations, and catching up on some stories I never got to during this pre-draft process. There might even be a William Moore blurb (hey, I've behaved myself this long).

This will carry us into Saturday, where I will not be doing any updates or live blogs (I just can't have the laptop and my toddler in the same room). Also, my birthday is on Monday the 27th, and my wife and I will be getting sloppy drunk on Saturday night. This might mean no early updates on Sunday either. This is why I'm cramming the blog this week to provide lots of reading material to carry us into next week. But while I will be buried by other blogs on the actual days, I guarantee I will come back with a vengeance and full reports on the new members of the Dolphins. As usual I will do what I can to provide a different slant on the stories.

Finally, I want to thank all the readers, commenters, lurkers, and writers who visit, contribute and support this blog. When I started doing this, I had no idea it would actually turn into anything, and it would probably surprise most of you how many actual hits this blog gets. Let's just put it this way, only about 1% of the visitors actually leave comments. You do the math. In any event, it's provided me not only with an outlet to stroke my own ego and polish my 'Elite Blogger' badge, but also provided a venue for some more community-like interaction with other fans from all over the world (I have regular visitors from Argentina and Japan, believe it or not).

So thank-you's to all of you out there. And now...the FINAL COUNTDOWN begins in one hour...(10am Pacific)

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