Monday, April 6, 2009

This Just In - No New News! So Let's Speculate! UPDATED 1:51PM

Ok this failed drug test thing did continue over the weekend and still is not cleared up halfway through Monday.

NFLDraftBible originally told me that they had good sources, were sticking by their report and refused to remove it or print a retraction despite getting a stern wag of the finger from Clay Matthews' agency. It took a day and a half for anyone else to write a letter to NFLDraftbible or the media to refute these claims (probably because the agencies couldn't contact their clients who were in drug-induced comas at the time).

On Saturday afternoon the NFL and Player-Agents responded by saying the claims were irresponsible and run-of-the-mill because they always happen at this time of the year (that's because there are always drug users in the draft).

Well since Mr. Serritella is sticking to the story, and the actual player's involved have not said a word about the story, and neither has BJ Raji or Percy Harvin's reps, the following speculations have been made by yours truly.
  1. The kicker named in one of the reports by NFLDraftBible, DID test positive, as confirmed by the school. The only way the school would know is if the player told them. Which means he received his test results.
  2. BJ Raji stands to be a possible top 5 pick but probably a top 10 pick. Anything that would prevent him from climbing into the top 5 would cost him a ga-zillion dollars. Yet no statements. Since he is obviously a media-hungry player and he practically is a NFL Network pet, he is almost definitely guilty.
  3. Brian Cushing has a contract with the NFL Network for his PTD segments. He has been constantly accused of using steroids and has been proven to be obsessed with muslce-building supplements. He had moved past Maualuga on the draft boards prior to this and if found guilty he would vanish from the first day. His only saving grace would be to come clean and hope that the NFL GMs believe his willingness to stay clean. But he hasn't done this. So maybe he's clean. Maybe he's just dumb. After following him quite closely here on Tin's Fins, I'd already come to the conclusion that he was dumb. GUILTY!
  4. Clay Matthews III. This one's easy. Huge overachiever. Family and peer pressures. Huge weight gain. Incredible hair growth. From past behaviour we know he doesn't have that part of the brain that tells you when something is abad idea. To me he is the most cut and dry case of GUILTY (per speculation).
  5. Vontae Davis. He denied it. His agent denied it and challenged the website. He is CLEAN, but possibly another big name CB in the draft isn't. I always thought Darius Butler was way too relaxed when he spoke if you catch my drift ;).
  6. Percy Harvin. I used to think he was too smart to fall into this trap but watched recent video of the guy an now realize he can barely speak English. However, he is very athletic, built, hard worker and fast. All signs that dispute the use of marijuana. This one is a TOSS-UP.
Ok, all of the above is pure speculation on my part, but the thing that interests me the most/guides my speculation is the way these allegations have been responded to. I know there's a PR-response which is to not respond and hope it all goes away. But in a couple of weeks time, the drug test results will be made available to the NFL teams and if these players' names are on there (it has been reported by ProFootballTalk that there will be a lot more names on there, as many as 25), and thy had no response this weekend, they will look even worse because it would mean they continually tried to hide their indiscretions.

In the end, the weed allegations are not a huge deal. These players can still be drafted in the first round, and some of them could've tested positive because of all the parties and all-star events leading up to the combine. A kid could've smoked a joint or two at the Playboy Mansion and still tested positive a few weeks later.

The steroids, however, are something different. That is systematic and continual cheating, lying and sneaking around and if I were a GM I'd automatically erase those players from my board.

UPDATE: has removed the report about Harvin, Davis and Raji. The UTEP kicker and USC linebacker reports are still on the page. Also, Raji's agent (the same agent as Matthews) has now said that he doesn't believe Raji received a letter containing the positive drug test result. Still a long way from a denial.

UPDATE: NFLDraftBible has re-upped the report about Harvin/Davis/Raji.

Your take?

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