Friday, April 10, 2009

ROUND ONE AND TWO - Don't you mock me! UPDATED!

Below is my first AND second round mock draft. I guarantee I will not be updating it before the draft, so take it as it is. It is a pdf file, so you'll need adobe reader to view it (free download here). The easiest way to read it would be to click on the fullscreen button on the top right corner of the box. And yes, I made it in color just to mess with your eyes!

2009 Mock Draft Round 1 Updated 4.21.09

Feel free to bash my decision-making, or basically just rip apart my logic. It's Friday, so we can all be casual about it.

For the record, I did 31 teams with an average of 1 minute per team, but struggled with Miami's pick. I even skipped them TWICE on previous drafts. Have you had similar issues when doing your own mocks? And if you're not into mock drafts, pretend this is a caption contest instead.

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