Monday, April 20, 2009

It's 4/20!

So, I find it extremely ironic that today is 4/20, and today is also the day the NFL releases the Combine drug test report. The report allegedly only has nine players on the list, in strong contradiction to the leaked 26-player report. I think it's most likely that those that tested positive are likely performance enhancers and/or smaller school players who may not have even anticipated invites to the combine and had highly-paid agents heading in. But I digress.

BJ Raji was not on this report. That means he did not even sleep in the same room as a bag o' weed leading up to the combine.

Also reportedly, Vontae Davis, Brian Cushing, and Clay Matthews were not on the list.

Meanwhile, trade rumours surfaced about Ronnie Brown. It is my opinion that these rumours only come out if they are true. And while I suspect that the Trifecta has probably been open-minded about trading ANYONE on the roster, the Brown rumours could be a device leaked by the team in order to attempt to re-work Ronnie's contract which, while not huge, will be a burden, especially teamed up with Ricky Williams'. The real factor in this 'trade' would be whether or not the team plans to draft a player to center the wildcat around. At the moment, Ronnie is probably the only player on the team that can carry the formation.

At the same time, the writer who brought up the whole trade thing, Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post, seems to have an agenda, and perhaps a personal vendetta against Brown, saying that Ronnie's pro-bowl selection was 'un-deserved' and that he 's a 'poor fit' for Dan Henning's offense. Poor Lombardi doesn't seem to understand how the pro-bowl works, or be aware that Henning may not even be here come opening day.

I don't think anyone here would want to trade Ronnie, so I'll ask this, is there someone else on the roster you could see having trade value this week before the draft begins? For Ronnie we could probably get two draft picks, but maybe there's someone else we could get some value for (think a reverse from last years Ayodele/Fasano trade). Any thoughts?

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