Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Just Happened?

I'm in near-complete shock. Here's my initial reaction to the 2009 NFL draft: WTF! While I don't think it was a complete bust, as I like Vontae Davis and Sean Smith, I question spending 2 first day picks on CB. While I think Pat White was a very good player at West Virginia, I'm not Mike Mayock and don't believe he has what it takes to continue on that level in the NFL. And even if he does, why do we keep using second round draft picks on QBs (five years in a row)? Patrick Turner could turn into something, but I would've rather had Britt-Nicks in the first and then get a CB in the 3rd. Brian Hartline...give me a break. Then the four guys no one's ever heard of. And they got half of them with Lawrence Sidbury still on the board. They did not take a single pass-rusher, a single defensive lineman (um, Ziggy Hood anyone?) and they chose Chris Clemons right before Michael Hamlin got picked. I loved Clemons at Clemson, but didn't think he was big enough. Basically they didn't beef up ANY of the front seven, unless you count undersized linebacker/over-sized safety, JD Folsom (who?) from Weber State. Do you know what the Weber State mascot is? The Wildcat.

Please tell me we are not drafting Wildcats for the sake of it. Reports on Folsom show he has what it takes to be a good special teams player, if he can even make the roster.

We'll be going over the picks here with exclusively appropriated video as usual, throughout the week.

IN CONTEST NEWS: Only 4 contestants actually guessed any of the Miami draftees and they only got one a piece. I can tell you without further ado that a Canadian beat the rest of you. You should all be ashamed. Anyway, he did this three ways - first, he was the only person who thought Miami would pick a CB at #25. Second, he guessed the actual player, Vontae Davis, the only Miami draftee he got right. Third, he outscored everyone by one point each on questions #1 and #2. And he managed to do all this even by being the very first person to complete the questions and e-mail his form in. So congratulations to CANAMDOLPHIN or whatever he's calling himself these days. He got 38 points out of a possible 87. Good thing we're grading on a curve!

Then it gets tricky. We had a four-way tie for second place (24 points). That means I actually have to find out how many TDs Brian Hartline had. The tie-break should be easy since none of the four are even remotely close to each other, lol.

OK, drumroll please......the magic number is 145!

So second place goes to....PHINATIC.

And third place goes to...THE KNIGHT WHO SAYS NI!

Honorable mention to HERDFAN, who was one of the tied players, chose Pat White as a draftee, then second guessed herself and subtracted 56 TDs from her bonus question (for the record, herdfan, White actually scored over 100 TDs, you forgot the rushing TDs). You would've come in second, but now you're in fourth. You'll have to redeem yourself next time.

The biggest surprise to me was how many people got #4 completely right, including myself. Other than Stafford on Saturday morning, seems Jenkins to the Saints was the safest pick.

Prizes will be dispersed at some point today. Thanks for playing everybody!

Below are the answers.

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