Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gossip, Rumours, and Bears, Oh My!

Gossip: So like, Channing Crowder went fishing with Jason Taylor, right, a couple of weeks ago, okay, and Taylor told Crowder that Taylor wanted to, like, play for the Dolphins again, and then, Joey Porter like totally said he wanted Taylor to come back so they could be BFFs, which was like totally weird because you'd think they wouldn't want to share the spotlight with each other because first Taylor was like the most popular person and everyone hated Joey, then Taylor left and everyone loved Joey. So you wouldn't think Joey would want Taylor to come back but Crowder said so, and he's like sooo honest all the time because he can't, like, stop himself from talking. You know what I mean?

Rumours: There have recently been reports from John Clayton of ESPN (the weird looking one [no, the other one]) that the Dolphins are ready to cut ties with John Beck and are offering him up for cheap sale. We had a poll on here about a month ago about what the trade value was for Beck, and most of you were absolutely crazy with your over-pricing. I thought we'd barely be able to get a 7th round pick for him and I was right. The Dolphins are rumoured to be making him available for a pure player/cash exchange with no draft picks involved. It's very probable that such a deal would happen in the next 3 weeks leading up to the draft.

Bears: Vontae Davis leapfrogged Malcolm Jenkins in the draft rankings after he put together an excellent Combine performance. But since then, he's been dropping like stone. Hurt by rumours of poor work ethic and possible issues with learning schemes, he's down in the twenties now and still falling. So we may have the choice of CB in the draft. Would you take Davis, Alphonso Smith or Sean Smith if they were all available at the same draft pick?

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