Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft Day 2009

The day is finally here. In about an hour, I'll be unlocatable (yes that's actually a real word!) to the rest of the world as I join the rest of the NFL's truly obsessed fans by parking my butt in front of the TV and watching the NFL Draft happen live.

For those of you who are going to miss it, don't worry, maybe I'll post the entire 17 hour NFL Network coverage of it. Yeah Right! You'll have to DVR it or read about it in the paper. I made a deal I would take the old lady (she's not that old) out to a fine restaurant AFTER the draft. That's how I finagled several interruption free hours. Truth is, the dinner will actually be my birthday celebration night out anyway. My birthday is on Monday this year, so getting to watch the draft is sort of an early present for me.

Thanks to everyone who entered the draft weekend contest. I just went over the entries and we had 19 entries. This is lower than I hoped for, but I guess the difficulty factor scared some people off. An extra hand-clap to herdfan who was the final entrant, getting her entry in just in the nick of time!

17 out of 19 entrants got the VERY FIRST part of question number one right, as it was announced last night that Matthew Stafford had signed with the Detroit Lions. In a shocking move, it's been reported that the Jets are trying to trade up to the #2 position. That has to mean they want Either Mark Sanchez, Crabtree, or Aaron Curry. Probably Sanchez, whose stock has gone through the roof suddenly in the last day or two. Reportedly 4 or 5 teams want him now! This could throw the spanner in the works for all of the contestants. We'll see how it plays out, and remember, at the very least you've already scored 2 points. Well, except for the 2 entrants, who both chose Aaron Curry to be the Lions pick.

I wish you all luck throughout the draft and I'll be checking off my mock draft for accuracy. If I score higher than 50%, I'm getting my own dessert tonight!!

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