Friday, April 3, 2009

T.G.I.F.B. [Updated 1:30pm PST]

  • After watching the video of Jeff Ireland's press conference and sit down with Bokamper over at I've been able to grab a couple of nuggets of information:
  1. Ireland stated that the Dolphins would try to trade up if possible to get ahead of other 3-4 teams when it comes to drafting a Nose Tackle. He didn't say which round or name players, but I would expect for every round that has an NT prospect in it, they would be open if not aggressive in those efforts.
  2. Ireland implied that they are not done collecting draft picks and want to go into the draft with more than the nine picks they currently have. This could mean another trade is in the works.
  3. The Dolphin fans come up with much better questions than the South Florida reporters.[not Omar Kelly, his questions are usually great, except that one time last year when he pissed off Sparano - one of my favorite moments of last season]
  4. Ireland attributed the entire "culture" of the team to Coach Sparano. More reason why Tony should've been Coach of the Year in 2008.
  5. Best Player Available vs. Drafting for Need: Ireland said usually there isn't that much difference, because you can always upgrade a position and depth, but if a #1 pick falls to #25 then you have some thinking to do.
  • Mr Bungle, er, I mean, The Knight who reads several blogs led me to yesterday when they posted unconfirmed reports that several players had failed drug tests at the Combine (and they named names, BIG names). It took about 10 hours before Profootballtalk reported the reporting on It still remains unconfirmed and likely a false report. They also reported that Clay Matthews ran a 4.44 at the USC pro day which was completely false. So they're not having a good week as they will undoubtedly be sued for using the NFL name in their website title. While they are under no obligation to report the truth, they are under obligation, like everyone else, to obey the law, and copyright infringement involving the NFL lawyers is worse than actually killing someone.
  • So now that Jay Cutler has been traded to Chicago, I found this photo of new Denver Broncos Head Coach, Josh McDaniel, holding up a Cutler jersey in some kind of ingenuous attempt to quell the rift between former coach and former franchise QB. Since they could never get into a room (or even the same state) with each other, this is what the Broncos resorted to.
Update: per several readers, this photo was apparently taken at the Owner's meetings with coaches being asked to pose with throwback jerseys. Still out of line if you ask me since Cutler was likely already trade bait at that point.
  • Greg Camarillo and Ted Ginn are the starting Dolphins' wideouts according to GM Jeff Ireland when asked at the press conference held today. File this one under "DUH!"
  • I've noticed lately that we've focused so much on the Wide Receivers and Cornerbacks in the draft lately, that even with a sprinkling of line backer and tackle here and there, I've sort of overlooked the defensive end position on this blog. So here are probably the two best options for us on the first day, Robert Ayers and Tyson Jackson. Jackson probably will be gone before we pick at #25, but he might still be there.

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