Thursday, April 23, 2009


Welcome to the first-ever Tin's Fins NFL Draft Competition.

First Prize is a $75 gift certificate to

Second Prize is a $25 gift certificate to

Third Prize is a $15 gift certificate to

OK, here's how this will work.

All entries MUST be e-mailed to '' with the subject "CONTEST".

All entries must be in my inbox by midnight Eastern time on Friday night.

Ok, now the actual contest.

Every site has got a mock draft contest so I thought I'd do something a little different.

Below are ten questions/challenges. In parenthesis are the point values for each question. The fan with the most points wins, with the second most points comes in second and so on. In the case of a tie for first place, the tie breaker question #11 will be used to break the tie, and the loser of the tie-breaker then becomes the second place finisher. This would push the second placer down to third, etc. The same tie-break formula would be used for a 2nd or 3rd place tie-breaker. If there is a three-way tie (or more) and the first tie-break results in two or more people still being tied, then the order in which I received the e-mail entry will be used to number the entrants, and I will then use a random number generator to choose a winner. Only other rule is that Tinshaker can't play.

Here are the questions:

Predict the first five picks in correct order. It doesn't matter if a team trades the pick, the number of the pick is what's important. (1 point for each name, 1 point for being the correct number/name combo, and bonus 3 points for getting all five picks perfect).note: you may get a couple of free points here.

2. Predict the teams that will draft a QB in the first round. (1 point for each correct team)

3. Predict how many WRs will be drafted in the first round w/ bonus if you can name them. (1 point for getting the number right, 1 point for each name you list, however, you will lose a point if you list someone who is not chosen in the first round, ie if you get 5 right and 1 wrong, you will end up with 4 (correct names minus wrong name) + 5 (being the number chosen).

4. Predict the first cornerback chosen. (1 point for name, 1 bonus point if you name the team)

5. Predict the first safety taken in the draft. (1 point for name, 1 bonus point for team).

6. Predict the longest clock time between picks 15-20. Which team in that range (including 15 and 20) will take the longest time to announce their choice? (4 points for naming the team. If there are trades in that range, then we will stick to the number rather than the team).

7. Predict all 9 Miami Dolphin draftees. (since there maybe trades, I have to grade this by each pick. 2 points for each player correctly identified in any order. No matter how many picks we end up with, a bonus of 10 points will be given to each entrant who correctly predicts at least 50% of the players).

8. Predict the top 8 offensive linemen drafted. (1 point for each name, 8 bonus points if you get them in the right order).

9. Will the Dolphins trade up, down, or stick with the #25 pick? (3 points)

10. Predict the position of the first Miami pick, ie DT, WR, CB, etc. All pass-rushers under 265lbs will be considered an OLB for this question. (10 points)


11. Guess how many combined-college-career touchdowns were scored by all of the 2009 Miami draftees. (The closest wins, and TD passes count, whether it be a QB or a halfback option, as do special team TDs, and defensive TDs). Yes I know this is hard but that's why I said 'GUESS'. The best way to do this would be to take your answers from question # 7 and add up the TDs for those players.


As you can see, it's very unlikely there will be any ties, but #11 is the tie-breaker so think about it for 5 seconds and make a guess. If two entrants are tied, and one fails to answer #11, but the other does answer it, the latter would automatically win. Even if he/she put 3000.

Any questions should be addressed in the comments section so everyone can see the question/answer.

Once again, entrants must e-mail their entries to me by midnight Friday. Good luck!

Below is a printable version in pdf format:

Contest PDF

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