Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two Peas in a Pot

The only high-profile players to fail the drug test at the Combine were both wide receivers.

According to, Percy Harvin and Brandon Tate both tested positive for marijuana. In total less than 12 players tested positive for recreational drugs - none for steroids.

Speculation: Harvin will take the biggest hit, which I already showed in my mock draft. Tate is interesting because I actually had him on my board at one point if he was available in the 4th. I thought it was a stretch then but now I think he will be available in the 4th, because it's one thing to have a defensive tackle test positive, but when a WR tests positive, it's much higher profile. This is a guy who could possibly come in as a starter or heavy-rotation reserve. WRs by nature are more prone to being problematic with the media and fans. They cannot hide from the spotlight. So while a team may not care that much about a pot test, the fact it was at the combine, combined with the fact he could be in the media spotlight, really could cause a GM to hesitate about choosing that player.

But that said, whoever does bite the bullet on Tate is probably going to get a good bargain talent-wise. Still, Harvin and Tate can't be very bright in the long-run, to test positive for pot at the Combine. If my old stoner room-mate who could barely get out of bed before 3pm could pass a drug test to get a minimum wage job, then what does it say about these guys with millions of dollars and an NFL membership card on the table, that they can't handle their business?

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