Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coaches, make your pick!

To add to the ever-growing migraine of speculation, here's an unscientific, but totally unbiased look at who some of the Miami Dolphin assistant coaches could be lobbying for in the draft. The picks are not round by round or based on need or BPA rating, but based on the following formula: Where the Coach coached/played in college + which position he coaches = The player from that school at that position available in the draft. I promised you I'd do something NO ONE else would be doing, so even if this sounds ridiculous, prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

Jim Reid - Outside Linebackers Coach. Reid actually coached at Syracuse before entering the NFL, but Syracuse is barely a legitimate College program these days so let's rewind back one year to when he was the head coach at Richmond. There's only 1 player available from Richmond this year and he'll most likely be an outside linebacker in a 3-4 system. Coach Reid chooses Lawrence Sidbury, Jr.

John Bonamego - Special Team Coordinator. Long time readers of my comments may know I think this guy is an idiot. While the players call him 'Bono' I call him 'Bonehead'. Looking for fresh meat in the wedge-busting game, Bonamego heads back to Maine where he coached back in the day. Coach Bonamego chooses Jovan Belcher.

George DeLeone - Tight Ends Coach. This guy has been coaching since before I was born, and he's coached EVERY position on the field minus the kicking game. As the tight ends coach, he's also the assistant to the O-line coach so he chooses and offensive lineman (also a cheat for me since there are no tight ends coming out from any of his past schools). Coach DeLeone chooses William Beatty (UConn).

Todd Bowles - Asst. Head Coach/Secondary Coach.
He tried to bolt during the offseason to the Lions and the Chiefs, but now he's back with his head in the war room looking to improve the secondary. But as the assistant to Sparano, he gets a wildcard pick and will pick for need. We need a nose tackle. He attended/played at Temple university. Coach Bowles chooses Terrance Knighton (DT).

David Lee - Quarterbacks Coach. Remains to be seen if the Dolphins draft a QB, but they will likely add one via draft or as a free agent. Lee coached at Arkansas and about ten other schools, but coached AND played at Vanderbilt. In a coup, he goes for a guy who can play multiple positions, including QB in the Wildcat. Coach Lee chooses DJ Moore.

Paul Pasqualoni - Defensive Coordinator. This one's easy. Pasqualoni attended Penn State. The Dolphins prime-objective on defense in this off-season is to improve the pass rush. Coach Pasqualoni chooses Aaron Maybin.

I could go on and on but you get the picture. Each one of these coaches could have thrown in their 'homer' picks into the hat. But who will Coach Sparano end up choosing? One of his assistant's suggestions, or someone he has developed a man-crush on by his own film-watching? And while ultimately I believe Sparano will take whomever Ireland can get him, the coaches must have their eyes on some players and must be making their cases to Ireland and Parcells. On a side note, did you know that Bill Parcells was a coach at Vanderbilt while David Lee was still playing there? How OLD is Parcells?

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