Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2010 Draft Prospect - CJ Spiller, RB

I saw no reason to put any words above the video for this blog entry.  There's a LOT of good players in the 2010 draft.  Suh, Berry, McCoy, Okung, Bulaga, etc, I could name twenty or more who fit the top 10 mold.  But as far as an offensive threat goes, Spiller trumps all of them.  He could be the only running back taken in the 1st round this year.  He could be the only skill player chosen in the top 15.  Truth is, he could go anywhere in that Top 15, including Miami.

I know what most Dolfans think when they think of Spiller at #12.  We don't need a running back.  We have Ronnie Brown.  We have Ricky Williams.  We have Lex Hilliard.  We have Patrick Cobbs.  Well it's at about this point I'd slap these fans in the face and shout, "Wake up!  You're living in a fantasy world!"

Truth is, Ronnie is coming off a major injury, again.  Ricky is aging and never quite stable enough in his commitment to football.  Lex Hilliard?  riiight.  Cobbs?  riiight.  The reality is we're currently an injury, a CBA, a retirement, a suspension, a roster cut away from being very thin at running back, an arguably most-important position to focus on considering we'd like to run the ball more than pass.

But it's not just about bodies.  If Spiller were available at #12, he'd be the best player available, most likely.  He would immediately contribute - think Percy Harvin in 2009 - and probably take over a role in the Wildcat as well as show our slew of slot receivers how to get YAC.

But there's always going to be some fans who say, we simply have too many holes to fill to draft a running back.  To which I say this, "Isn't an offensive play-maker the biggest hole we have?"  Sure we didn't have too many issues scoring points last year and our defense had too many issues stopping the other team from scoring.  I get that.  I shed tears over that in 2009 like the rest of you.  But every time someone asked who our best player was for the last 3 years, I always said Ronnie Brown and said it with a conviction so strong that suggested I didn't even have to think about it.  Truth is, I didn't.   Brown not only was the cog that kept the offense turning, he was the offense.  

Things went very smoothly on both sides of the ball when Ronnie was the focus of the play-callers.  After he went down to injury or during games where they struggled to get him the ball, we looked inconsistent, panicked, desperate, and tired.  Ricky Williams had a nice 2nd half of the season, but it was hardly good enough to save our season.  We lost something when Ronnie went down.  We lost that threat.  We only ever really had the one.  I would really like to have to think about it harder next time someone asks me who the best player or biggest offensive threat on the team is.


  1. How many times have we seen our RB's get swallowed by the defense in scenarios shown at 1:21 of the top clip?  How many times is our season blown when Ronnie goes down?  CJ is dynamic, and I'm guessing if he's available at 12 we take him.  The only problem is that I doubt he will be available past 10.

  2. You never know what he Raiders will do?? Always the wild card in the top ten. I have a feeling he'll be there at 12. I'm curious to see what direction we go if Dez, spiller, and E thomas are all there? I think in that scenerio we find a trade partner, unless of course they have a real conviction about somebody. The pick will tell the story,

  3. <p><span>That’s a tough one Tin, CJ Spiller is electric no doubt. He has that extra gear and the ability to move unconsciously in space knowing instinctively where the defender is coming from. It’s a hard attribute to describe but is clear when you think of runners like Walter Payton, Barry Sanders or Emmitt Smith. Think of when you can remember anyone ever getting a clear shot at Emmitt Smith. He was able to flow with the defender in a way that left him back on his feet and moving forward.</span>
    </p><p><span> </span><span>Everyone says Spiller is too small, but the guys I just mentioned were not large men and they rarely got hurt, because no one could get them in a compromising position when making a hit. Thinking of it this way it is clear CJ is a rare talent and will be very good in this league. But there are all those buts… We need defense, we need a scoring threat from the receiver position, we need a left guard. And then there’s the other but, a team should select the best player available and the best players who should be available will be Spiller and Bryant.</span>
    </p><p><span>As what happened with Harvin last year, the rich will get richer because they have the defense, they have the receiver, they have the left guard and they can afford to ignore their weaknesses to select a player who will be a game changer. For myself I would have to take Spiller if he was there but I would pass on Bryant. Spiller can return kicks as well and has none of the character issues I would worry about with Bryant. The truth is, most of the defensive guys we have been talking about could be considered a reach in this draft. When a draft is this strong I would take the game changer and fill the gaps later.</span></p>

  4. I couldn't agree more. If you want a playmaker in this draft, CJ has to be the guy. I can't think of a player that would be at 12 that doesn't have a question mark next to him. If he is there, it would make sense.

    Anyone actually think there is anything with Taylor's visit to the Jets, or just a way to make the Phins get more active?

  5. Taylor visiting the Jets HAS to be a way for him to get the dolphins to the table. Didn't he say he would NEVER play for them? or was that New England? Either way I think I would once & for all hate Taylor if he played for either. It was one thing to go to the redskins & leave the team the way he did, it would be a total f*ck you to miami if he went somewhere in the division.

  6. The more I look at our position in the draft, the more I think we will be forced to take the BPA. I may not be what is best for the teams needs but it most likely is the best thing to do.  Now that it appears the Rams will take Bradford it will probably make Clausen availible in the top ten also.  If that happens, then Bryant or Spiller will be at the 12 spot.

    One of these guys Lupati, Spiller, Bryant, or McCain will be waiting for us to say. With the 12th pick of the NFL draft the Miami Dolphins take ?????

    The other players are all reaches IMO.  Plus all those players above will be starters or get plenty of playing time in their first year.

  7. 99 is finished let him go to where ever.  OK 13kv I didn't use his name so leave me alone !!!!  :-P

  8. Well he almost went to the Pats last year, he was in negotiations with them
    - so he was close...yet biding his time til the Dolphins came back to him.
    I don't think he ever said he wouldn't play for the Jets, but several other
    players did, like Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Channing Crowder, etc.

  9. The 'reach' comment is very apt. As much as I like Graham, Williams, etc,
    if it comes down to purely BPA, they are trumped by the offensive guys. The
    Dolphins are spending almost too much time with Earl Thomas for it to be
    serious - why place all your cards on the table like that? Not that I think
    Thomas would go above 12, but still, I don't see what Miami could hope to
    accomplish by talking to Thomas 4 or 5 times publicly like that. Usually
    only the 1st overall has that number of meetings before the draft with the
    team that's picking them.
    Personally I'm more interested in who the later round picks will be than the
    1st round, because I know we'll get someone good regardless of who we pick.

  10. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 9:33 AM

    If JT signs with the Jets then he'll ruin his legacy with the Dolphins for a lot of fans. Especially with all the trash talk from Rex and the rest of the chatter group. To join them now is not a good career move. Hey he can do whatever he wants, it's his life and his career but he'll regret it some day because the Jets aren't winning the Super Bowl.

  11. Why would he do this?  I would think he would rather not play and retire a Dolphin than go play for one the hated rivals.  It would be different if he hadn't had that year with the 'skins to give him an idea of what it would be like elsewhere.   Plus, I want him back here for Slush!

  12. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 9:42 AM

    I'm not sure there is one tactic the trifecta uses. Basically they have met with some players for a short time, a long time and not at all. So they basically cover all approaches and leave it up to everyone to speculate. Then if they do draft Earl Thomas everyone will say well they did meet with him 4 times. LOL

    Then next year they'll draft a guy they only meet with briefly at the combine.  :-E

  13. Because he gets to be in NY, so he can do the showbiz/modeling thing, and he
    gets to play for a contender, and the Dolphins don't want him.

  14. I remember with Sean Smith they visited with him multiple times, and I thought for sure it was a smoke screen...

    Yeah Tim, I think they do a little of everything to keep us off balance....

  15. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 9:53 AM

    Yeah a backdoor contender that was handed a super savings coupon in week 16 and 17. The Jets forget they were 7-7 after losing a game they needed against Atlanta at home. They'll be lucky to go 8-8 this year.

  16. Mel Kiper said today he thinks Thomas will go #11 to the Broncos 'but
    Dolphins will have to look at him at #12'
    Well said Kiper, they've met with him 4 times already, you really think they
    might have him on the radar?
    go grease your hair...

  17. Herd, everything fell into place for the Jets last year, like the Dolphins the previous season... JT will be very disappointed if he goes to the Jets like he was when he went to the Skins. JT seems to have some bad karma going on.

  18. Exactly Tin, showbiz......Hard Knocks this training camp.....Think of all the attention he will get going to a rival.  It's a great move for his hollywood career.  Yeah, we might hate him here, and I'm sure he'll really miss our fickle whiny fanbase when he's a star in NY...................

  19. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 9:57 AM

    That's the best way to disguise what you may or may not do. Don't show any particular formula. A lot of fans keep bringing up Parcells' draft history and the trifecta size criteria in the attempt to explain why we might draft this guy or not that guy. Well where does Pat White fit into that? Nowhere!

    So we really have no clue who we're going to pick. I've recently started to believe it could be Dez Bryant and I thought he was out of the question weeks ago. So who the @#$% knows! LOL

  20. Spiller is more explosive than Dez.  A few months ago, I was reviewing different player's highlight reels and Spiller's was easily the most amazing tape - by far.  This guy is electric and a threat to score every time he has the ball - nobody on our current team can say that and nobody else in the draft can say that (Dez is dynamic but doesn't have breakaway speed).

  21. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    No Bryant isn't a burner but he's a big WR who can pick up yards after the catch and go up and fight for the ball.

  22. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 10:07 AM

    I agree. JT does seems to have some bad karma as far as winning in the NFL.

  23. I have to mirror Tin's sentiment earlier....At this point I don't really care who we take in the 1st, I'm really curious as to what the rest of the draft will yield.  But C.J. wouldn't be such a bad choice.  I take him over Bryant any day.  And the 12th spot in the 1st round isn't back breaking $, although I'm wary of paying small RBs 1st rd $....

  24. Well then, let him go....sorry Slush!  Last season was all his fault.  I'm glad we've got that settled.  ;)

  25. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 10:18 AM

    Spiller's lack of running between the tackles is what makes me think we won't draft him. But that's the only reason. It all depends on how we're looking at our RB position as Tin pointed out. I'm still not convinced we won't trade Ronnie Brown on day one of the draft. Not that I want that to happen but he'd be a great fit in Philly as they change the makeup of their team. They just added a 2nd and a future pick next year and they have 11 draft picks this year including two 2s, two 3s and 2 4s.

  26. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 10:25 AM


    Did you ever notice that Kiper looks like he's on coke? He's always chomping at the bit and grinding his teeth and shaking his head waiting for his moment to talk. He looks like the adult version of Eddie Munster.

  27. LOL!!! JT played pretty good last season, it was all Porter's fault!

  28. Interesting you should point that out Tim... The teams that manage personnel well in the FA era are lining up 2nds, 3rds and 4ths. As Tin wrote, we'll get a good player in the 1st regardless of who it turns out to be. It's those upper middle picks that will be the future core guys. Everyone will be looking to trade down and load up in the 2nd and 3rd maybe somehow Parcells can pull it off.

    Sign JT and add him to some package? If he's considering going to the stinking Jets all bets are off.

  29. <span>I'm still not convinced we won't trade Ronnie Brown on day one of the draft.</span>

    TTE, a blasphemous utterance just a few months ago... ON THIS VERY SITE!!! :-P

  30. They just drafted LeSean McCoy last year, so I doubt they're willing to spend another high pick on Ronnie.

  31. JT? Goodbye! He got 8 sacks last year, half of them against Buffalo!!

  32. Tin,
    Sorry for the soccer alert, but it's just been announced that Rooney is STARTING tonight. Oh my word! Sorry, can't stay to chat - going to watch the game down the pub, but will keep mum on the score as normal. COME ON YOU REDS!

  33. I thought so too.  Maybe I'll just settle this and go find out for myself...I was just reading this on facebook @ CP's 1st and 10 foundation:

    '<span>Joining Chad at this year's event are Jason Taylor, Keith Byars, MarkDuper, Dwight Stephenson and several other Miami Dolphi<span></span><span>ns greats.'</span></span>

    Hmmm, that's not that far from here...and a good cause...what to do, what to do?  LOL  ;) ;) ;)

  34. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 11:00 AM

    LOL, like I said I'm not hoping for it but it would not surprise me at all.

  35. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    McCoy isn't an every down back. I don't think a 2nd round pick is too high for Ronnie. The Eagles run a west coast offense and throw to their RBs a lot. Ronnie is a great receiver who is underutilized in that role in Miami. I'm just sayin!

  36. JT would get one of those no-trade clauses so that wouldn't be an option.
    At this point, I'm not worried about JT going to a divisional opponent
    because I don't see him as a big threat anymore - it's not like he's going
    to turn into the next Welker and become a Dolphin killer at this point. The
    Jets btw, are one of if not the oldest team in the NFL, and if they want to
    'improve' their pass-rushing stats by adding a 36 year old who Jake Long
    will slap in the face, then go for it, they got my blessing - it just means
    they'll still have a hole there in 2011.

  37. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 11:06 AM

    Mike Francessa on WFAN said he isn't all that impressed with the Jets possibly signing JT. He's think he's shot and he thinks LaDanian is too. He's kind of surprised that the Jets are targeting older guys on the downside of their careers.

  38. There IS a God, and he prefers Soccer..... 8-)

  39. Thank Heavens there's some Dolfans out there who can think for themselves - this poll just proves that the majority are still lambs to slaughter:,0,879935,post.poll

  40. JT going to the Jets is actually a good thing - for one - it makes them older, and leaves holes they have to fill in 2011 - they'd better hope they get about 17 draft picks - second, it just about puts a nail in the coffin of Vernon Gholston's career because he'll lose even more snaps/development time.

    Oh and while we're at it, can we get over the whole JT as a mentor thing?  I told everyone this a year ago - JT is no mentor and has no desire to be one - after he shafted Cam Wake a couple of months ago by taking Porter's side and dissing the coaching staff, I really don't see any reason for the Dolphins to re-sign him, and if the Jets think he's going to mentor Gholston, they'd better be ready for the shafting too.

  41. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 11:17 AM

    That's because he's old and tired and every other game is too fast for his weary eyes.  :-P

  42. Soccer is way faster than American Football.
    At least, top level soccer is.

    How come God is old and tired but vampipres are all young and full of energy - you would think God would get in on that action...

  43. Jt got included with the has beens!!!

  44. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 11:28 AM

    I'm not aware of JT shafting Wake and taking Porters side. This shafting business is a bit strange to be discussing.  >:o

  45. Because God has babies without all the fun...

  46. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 11:33 AM

    Soccer is like jogging and playing keep away with the ball. You can't have it, you can't have it. Look now it's between my legs, now it's over there. Now my mom has the ball and she throws it over all your heads. Ha ha! LOL

    LOL @ vampipres

    Based on what we know of vampires, the undead is not all that bad. In fact it seems pretty cool. They never age and they get all the chicks.

  47. We Have PlaymakersApril 7, 2010 at 11:39 AM


    I don't know....If Spiller is the next Percy Harvin then he's not going to be a RB, he's going to be another receiver.  Percy Harvin made sense for the Vikings in Childress' offense b/c they already had Peterson & Chester Taylor.

    BTW--I have to completely disagree with your assessment of Ricky Williams & his lack of commitment to football.  The guy had 1121 yards on the ground which is more than Ronnie ever had in his career & throw in another 264 yards in receiving for a total of 1385 yards & 13 TD's.  That's a pretty good year for a 33 year old RB!!!  I believe that Ricky was BY FAR our best offensive player & who knows how many additional games we would have lost without him last year.

  48. I agree on the JT thing Tin... He really lost my respect a few years ago when he sided with Porter during the Cameron fiasco. I know Cameron was the worst excuse for a head coach in Miami history but the team was better than 1-15 and the actions of those players caused a lot of those loses. Porter should have been kicked off the team immediately and JT should have been fined expelled from the high school he obviously thought he was attending.

  49. Tin - Do you still like JPP (I know what your mock draft says, but that doesn't mean YOU like him)?  How do you rank the OLB prospects?  I still have Graham over everyone.

  50. I thought you spent all day and night trolling all things Dolphins? I'm
    sure someone can back me up on this - when porter was going on radio
    stations everywhere saying how he shouldn't lose snaps to Wake, JT agreed
    with him to the press and said something about how the coach was wrong to
    treat Joey that way.
    I know they're buddies and everything, but you can't expect to be re-signed
    immediately (if at all) after dissing the team and the coaching staff.

  51. WHP, I didn't say he didn't have a good year, I said he was 'inconsistent in
    his commitment' which is true - he goes from one year to the next changing
    his mind about how long he's going to play, or if he's going to play at all.
    I don't know how you can disagree with that - it's all documented and it's
    been an ongoing issue for years.

  52. We Have PlaymakersApril 7, 2010 at 11:48 AM

    As for Jason Taylor possibly signing with the Jets well...that's just sickening to hear.  Unbelievable.  Is he for real???  That truly makes my stomach turn (even worse than Dancing with the Stars) BUT Parcells is not going to re-up on his 35 year old ass & he's got a family to feed???  Right Latrell Sprewell???  LOL!!!

    In the end, Taylor turned out to be a total jackass.  The "Dancing Dolphin" is going sign with the Jets or the Patriots & he's still NEVER going to win a championship.

  53. I'm a huge Taylor fan, but I've heard the murmurs over the years that he isn't a locker room leader.  He's more of a poster boy, and that's not Parcells' style. 

    I'll stick to my guns and say that this is all about post-football acting career.  If Hard Knocks was in the Dolphins locker room this training camp, he'd sign for the league min............

  54. About the Ronnie draft day trade speculation......I think something is in the works, but I wonder what Ricky's hiring a new agent means?  Are we looking to package Smiley/Ricky?  I think anything we should get something for those two (Ronnie/Ricky) while we can.  They aren't the future, and RBs can plug in pretty quickly.....

    Could we see trading away Ronnie and Ricky and drafting Spiller + later rd. RB?

  55. We Have PlaymakersApril 7, 2010 at 11:59 AM


    Say what you want about Ricky but there's just something incredibly likeable about him.  When he puts the pads on he's a beast.  Okay so he's a different kind of cat & he made his fair share of mistakes BUT Ditka, Saban, & Parcells all LOVE this guy.  We're talking about three major hard asses that all love a player that failed four drug tests???  At the very least, that's just fascinating.

  56. We Have PlaymakersApril 7, 2010 at 12:03 PM


    I don't believe that team was better than 1-15.  We truly sucked.  In fact it was one of the worst football teams I ever saw play & the worst team the Dolphins ever had (that team in Wannstadt's last year was the 2nd worst) & if it wasn't for Camarillo that team would've been 0-16.

  57. I think if he's says he wants to play for the Jets he's a damn good actor already! 

  58. We Have PlaymakersApril 7, 2010 at 12:05 PM

    Red Dog,

    Who wants a RB who is coming off a season ending injury & is in the last year of his contract???  Answer--NO ONE.  As for Ricky being traded???  No way.

  59. I still have graham over everyone as well. JPP for now remains a DE in my
    mind. I watched 13 USF games last year and he never once was asked to do
    anything other than play 4-3 end. but he does remind me a bit of a bigger
    Cam Wake, with those long arms and good flexibility.

  60. The Dolphins sucked in the post-Marino era because of the front office's
    inability to tell the difference between a starting QB and a 3rd string QB.
    Now that we finally have the QB situation under control, we can focus on
    getting those other pieces of the puzzle.
    Why any one thought we would ever win games with Cleo Lemon, and John Beck
    is beyond me not to mention the 20 or so others before that.

  61. WHP, I have nothing against Ricky, I like having him as a Dolphin. But I
    don't think of him when planning for the future because I don't know how
    long his body will hold up and I don't know which Ricky is going to show up
    in camp. he is a reluctant football player - not when he's on the field,
    but most of the time when he's off.

  62. You cannot trade an injured player, end of story.

  63. We Have PlaymakersApril 7, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    Or with Feeley or with Griese or with Ray Lucas...Just pathetic.  I'm very pleased with Henne as our starting QB but now it's time to draft or make a trade for a WR.

  64. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 12:26 PM

    I knew you were going to say that. LOL

    It sounds familiar now.

  65. Give me a reason why Ricky cannot be traded.  He still has value, wants to continue playing, has shown durability, and practices hard (multiple regimes have said so).  With the turnover in NFL coaches, there are always a few teams rebuilding, and Ricky is a great commodity for a team like....Seattle, K.C.,Detroit, to name a few, who would love a vet to come in and set the tone, possibly groom a young RB corps.  Also, teams on the brink of a S.B. would love either Ronnie or Ricky.  Injured players get traded, they even get drafted.  There are teams drooling over what they think they can get out of Ronnie.... 

  66. At what point will Ronnie pass a physical?  Before the trade deadline I'm sure......Also, can a team waive a physical if they like the player enough, or is it league policy to not trade injured players?

  67. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    Here's my impression of Gil Brandt. I'm probably going to be wrong but I'm predicting Ndamukong Suh will be the Dolphins 1st round pick.

  68. Idon't think JT is going to sign with the Jets if all they can pay him is1.5mil, what they paid the FA they lost.

  69. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 12:45 PM

    murmur murmur murmur

  70. Brandt said this today:
    "QB, LT, Pass rushing DE are the three most important players to make your
    team successful because they are involved in the most plays."
    Hmm, one could argue that any play the QB and LT are involved in, the rest
    of the o-line is involved in as well. I'd argue just about every player on
    the field is involved too....or do they all stand around while the QB drops
    back and just the LT and DE go at each other? What does the QB then do?
    Run 80 yards untouched for the score?

  71. Hawk, he's in the Jets front office working out the deal. Accept it, he's a
    Jet now.

  72. Ricky costs too much - no one is going to pay him *and* give up a draft pick
    for him.

  73. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 1:16 PM

    LOL, he's right but not the way he worded it. Every team needs a good QB. Protection for the QB's blind side. Someone to pressure the other team's QB.

  74. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 1:19 PM

    We must have told him it's unlikely we'll sign you because we really want to play the young guys and add more young guys. If I was a Jet fan I'd be worried that JT's bad karma with not winning much in the NFL will come with him. I heard they're currently talking to 'Mean' Joe Greene as well.

  75. yes that's true, but to say they're on the field for more plays than say,
    the Center, or the middle linebacker, or the ref....

  76. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 1:33 PM

    LMFAO! The ref.

  77. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 1:34 PM

    LOL, the Jets are meeting with Mark Brunnell now. Who's next, Ray Guy?

  78. TTE, thats funny. Hope they sign him also.

  79. You know I don't often disagree with you, I usually bow down to your knowledge of football, but I disagree with you thinking JT going to the Jets would be a good thing. It probably is my heart disagreeing with you, but what can I say, I am gurl. ;)

  80. it Tin when you put yourself out there following the herd (not you Herd) instead of leading

    1) can't imagine why you think Henne 'stabilizes' our QB position ...he's a yeoman QB at best, not even close to being a franchise QB ...not by anything he's shown on the field so far or by his stats ...just another Feeley filling a slot ...his accuracy is mediocre at best and he's yet to show any touch on the ball ...with almost two years under Penne he couldn't even get on the field until Penne went down ...and then what did he actually do?'re on a bandwagon with this guy and the wheels are likely to come off.

    2) Spiller will be a damn good RB for someone but I think you're way off base when you offer him up as a potential Brown replacement in the wildcat ...Brown makes the wildcat work not just because he's a great RB but because he is a pass threat as well and, much more important than that, has the intelligence to read a defense and option the play ...Spiller is a potentially great RB but he definitely is lacking in the smarts department way he could come close to being as effective as Brown in the wildcat.

    ...imnsho of course ...ymmv and usually does :)

  81. ...really putting yourself out there a bit aren't you? ...I'll believe it when the ink is dry ...he wants to be with his family and his family wants to be here, not in NY ...if they could offer him a decent contract it "might" be tempting, but they can't ...I think he's playing Parcells just as Parcells is playing him ...and in the end, JT will be our starting WOLB when the season opens.

  82. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    Reports now is that JT's agent said he won't be signing a deal today. It sounds like they're just putting feelers out there.

  83. Slush, you're probably not nearly as put off by having to see that photo of
    him with his shirt open everyday as I am. If him signing with another team
    means I never have to see his washboard abs glistening above those pure
    white hemp trousers again, I'm all for it.
    Plus I'd love to see him get booed by the Jets fans on opening night, lol.

  84. lemmus, as usual, you failed to actually read what I wrote before you
    criticized it.
    1) *I never used the word "stabilized"*. My biggest pet peeve in the
    comments is when readers quote things I never said. Regardless of what you
    think of Henne - he didn't get on the field because we had Pennington and
    Pennington was winning. Henne wasn't expected to play early on - we had
    McCown for that and Henne performed so well in training camp he beat out
    McCown - but the trifecta doesn't like putting too much on rookies,
    especially at QB. During the off-season last year, Sparano said he
    regretted not getting Henne in more playing time and said he would work him
    during 2009 anyway and he said this *before* Pennington got injured. Now a
    year later, Henne is the crowned starter and Pennington is the 3rd string.
    I'm not following any herd, I'm stating the obvious. Disagreeing with the
    consensus does not make one right necessarily (except in musical taste of
    course, because mainstream music sucks).
    2) *I never said Spiller was going to take over for Ronnie Brown in the
    wild-cat*. i said he would 'take over a role in the wild-cat'. Ronnie
    Brown was not mentioned and I didn't say Spiller would be running the
    formation. I said he would take over a role, as in the Patrick Cobbs role,
    or the Ricky Williams role, or a whole new role altogether. For the record,
    Percy Harvin had the lowest wonderlic score last year and he won rookie of
    the year and made the pro-bowl. Yes I think Spiller skipped a few hundred
    classes in grade school, but he graduated from college, and is set to be a
    top 15 pick in the NFL draft in 2 weeks - so it looks like he hasn't let his
    lack of basic education hold him back to much.

  85. Isn't that statement more speculation than mine considering JT was in
    Tannenbaum's office negotiating a deal and the Jets reported they thought a
    deal was going to be done over the weekend?
    If you think Parcells is going to play more games with JT, you're kidding
    yourself. They only took him back last year to humble him, and it didn't
    work, so why do it again?

  86. I would guess that most of this public stuff is PR stunts by the Fins to keep everyone guessing.  They are also doing their due diligence on all the possible players but we'll never know what exactly their draft borad looks like.  THey sure do like the games!  I wonder if Big Tuna is sitting at his desk reading all this stuff and laughing his ass off???

  87. I thought JT became the sole D captain and Porter was kicked out?  I also don't see JT not mentoring Wake.  Where did you get this info?

  88. JT visiting the jets is a ploy by his agent.  He wants to leverage his client b/c the Fins know JT wants to stay home.  I would be super pissed if he did go to the jets.  I could see the Pats but not the jets.  I hope this visit lights the fire under the Trifecta's ass so they do something about JT!  Just sign him already for one more year and let him split time with Wake or a rookie.

  89. I don't like the idea of drafting Spiller b/c he's Reggie Bush.  While he is very dynamic and a great play maker, he's not a full time starter - he'll get killed in the NFL.  He could add a dimension to our offense but what we really need from our #12 pick is a full time starter and playmaker who will have a long NFL career.

    Oh yeah, and Tuna doesn't draft RBs that early in the draft.  He knows you can find similar guys later in the draft.  I could see a "reach" for a NT before I can see us drafting Spiller.

  90. I'm just repeating things that have already been said in the past. First of
    all, you can't 'mentor' anyone if you don't attend the off-season program,
    and mini-camps, and JT has often skipped these in the past. He didn't lead
    or mentor anyone when he was sulking through the 2007 season. I remember
    seeing him leave the sidelines before games were even over.
    Per Jeff Darlington:
    "Jason's conversations with the Jets began weeks before Jay Feely signed
    with Cards on April 2. He spoke personally with team reps." ~this would mean
    the agent lied earlier today.
    "For weeks, he sought advice from others close to him about if they�d
    advocate a decision to join rival. Some supported him. Others didn�t. The
    Jets have made it clear from beginning that they want him to simply rush the
    passer. No dropping into coverage. JT loves this aspect. The Jets have also
    been clear with JT about expectations of his offseason workouts. They would
    allow him to work at his own pace. On the Dolphins� end of things, source
    says there's still concern about shoulder rehab while they await the draft
    to see if they need him."

  91. JT does not want to split time with anyone. Rex Ryan told him if he comes
    and plays for them he'll only have to rush the passer and he'll get 15 sacks
    in 2010.

  92. Here !! Here !! To the Tinshaker.  It's about time someone other than me stood up and spoke the truth.  Bringing him back last year has us looking for an OLB this year, that Matt Roth had nailed down until Taylor came back.  Let him go once and for all.  The only person JT cares about is JT.  GOOD BYE...  Sorry 13 couldn't help it.  :)

  93. WHP I see that you never saw the expansion Dolphins play !!!  They did win a couple of games but man they were bad bad bad bad.

  94. Spiller is Reggie Bush?
    Does Reggie Bush know this?

  95. Tin I think Homelunneytoon is mad you banned him he has you on a poll for the worst Phin fans.

  96. Ahh... Poor Tin I'm sure he is all broken up over that.  It's ashame it came to what it did, but Home has no one to blame other than himself.

  97. That team played several close games.  It was nothing like the 0-16 Lions who gave up before midseason and just went from blowout to blowout.  With decent coaching, the 2007 team could have won anyway from 3-5 games.  It may have been the worst Dolphin team since the 60s but this team has had few losing seasons since then.

  98. Tim The EnchanterApril 7, 2010 at 6:59 PM

    I really feel that a lot of moves could happen before or during the draft. The trifecta might have more of an overhaul on their mind than I originally thought.

    In a weird way i could see us trading our best offensive player Ronnie Brown off of an injury at a decent value, a 2nd round pick. Then trading a 4th for Marion Barber and drafting C.J. Spiller at #12. Followed by trading Ted Ginn for a mid round pick. Hilliard's role would decrease as mostly a STs player and Cobbs doesn't make the cut. Ricky, Barber and Spiller would be the main backs with Pat White being more involved. There aren't enough touches to go around.

    This could be Ricky's last year.
    Ronnie is a FA next season in a weird uncapped year.
    The Dolphins are going young.
    We drafted Pat White. Say what you want but he's not going anywhere yet.
    Ginn isn't their type of WR. His speed is great but the intangibles are lacking.

    I always felt this would be the year for big change and the next level. Let's see what happens.

  99. That was my point with the earlier posts, I think there might be more going on than we expect.  I can see this regime wanting to finally rid themselves of holdover players.  What about drafting Iupati and cutting Carey?  Follow that with drafting a ILB (Weatherspoon?) and trading/cutting Crowder?  They don't seem to want JT anymore, maybe its the final phase of the movin' on process........

  100. I'm ONE that think's there's too many holes on the D,(and haven't really considered CJ b/c of that & his size),
    but (THANX to highlight access for the 1st time since Feb),
    SUNNAHHMUMMMMBEEEYOTCHHH that kidd can move!!!!
    He KILLLS PHarvin,IMHO
    he looks like he can run counter-clockwise circles fast enough around PH to send him back in time to PRE-migraines!!!  Does he have a frame for gaining a few NFL lb's???

    I'd take him @ 12(IFF AVAILABLE),he's a deffinate CAN'T MISS PROSPECT,(and we have CLEMSON connections)!!!
    I KNEW he was good, but his size & OUR more obvious defeciancies kept me from realizing he's AMAZING,WOW!!
    @the LEAST,he COULD be what the regime thought PW MIGHT be as far as PLAYMAKER goes,MAYBE he can throw,
    (and he's a CRAZY-GOOD return guy) LUVVV how he hits the hole b/4 it's even there,(NO COMMITAL ISSUES)!!!
    He can be EXPLOSIVE in the base (from the flat or anywhere for that matter) or the WildFIN (from anywhere)!!
    I definately have to edit MY PREFERRED MINI-DRAFT-BOARD!!

    A desirable DT/NT?, WR, and FS can be had much later in the draft (IFF NEED BE),
    but I'd be concerned about missing-out on a shot @ THE TOP SEVERAL OLBHY pass-rushing specialist!!
    DON'T KNOW IFFF those types can be had in the 2nd,let-alone after that??!!
    IFFF WE TOOK CJ @12??
    We'd BETTER GO OLB in the 2nd,and NT(Troupe)in the 3rd followed by (FS/WR,WR/FS),IMHO!!!

    I WISH ONE of those available @12 prospects were the GUARANTEE @ their position,that CJSPILLER is @ his!!!

    IFFF CJ's there,he'd @the LEAST draw several LUCRATIVE trade-down option's for us!!!!   GOFINS!!!

  101. Tin, where did you hear that? Really? JT would be hurt by 7 & 1/2, if he's lucky... I thought for the Phins he would be a great change of pace, run, pass, etc.. He still has value, but he can't contribute like he once could, period.

  102. Big Dawg, I guess I agree with you on a couple points here; the JT thing (see my earlier post - which by the way I really have no problem with JT being in a diff jersey, a div. rival is a slap in the face) & Spiller; while i agree he is good & I wouldn't be pissed about that pick, I would rather have Iupati. He could make a later round back (or R&R, Cobbs, & even Lex) look a hell of alot better. 

    I might be way off base here but couldn't Pat White be a Reggie Bush type player? & why not?

  103. "Now that we finally have the QB situation under control, we can focus on 
    getting those other pieces of the puzzle." tin

    ...I summarized that, accurately imnsho, as "stabilized" disagree, I disagree with your disagreement ...and it wasn't that Henne performed so well as McCown performed so poorly think he is our QB of the future, I think we're still looking ...if the trifecta thought so highly of Henne they'd never have gone after White, Sparano would have endorsed him after the season, and Penne would be playing elsewhere see it differently, I think you've got a bad case of wishful thinking ...I'd like to be wrong about Henne because like everyone else, I'm tired of the Merry-Go-Round at QB but I just don't see him as anything more than a yeoman at this point ...if Penne is healthy, there will be a competition at the position. for Spiller, I grant that I read a bit into your post ...but the idea of Spiller playing a role in the wc is only significant if you're talking about Brown's role ...he's the key ...else I think RW is a better complement for Brown in that package because he can take it inside or outside ...Spiller looks like an outside runner to me, a possibly great one, but I certainly can't see the trifecta using #12 on him ...and puhlese don't insult us by pointing to his degree as evidence of his intelligence ...just listen to him for a few moments.

    ...and don't get so riled up, eh ...its a game :)

  104. "They only took him back last year to humble him" tin THAT is downright ridiculous ...the trifecta may turn out to be the three stooges but no one keeps a player after the final cut just to "humble" him ...much less start him game after game ...go eat your Wheaties, you're in sad need them :)

  105. ...Home was looooooooog overdue ...he made it a royal pita to get through all his garbage to the serious posts ...every once in a while he contributed something of value ...but so does Ginn and he should be gone as well.

  106. ...not as sold on Spiller as you are but that's the fun of pre-draft ...everyone has an opinion the end, almost 50% of the 1st round picks don't turn out ...we're rolling the dice but paying through the nose for the priviledge :)

    ...I still think we'll try to trade up for Berry if he's still there when KC picks ...Berry is both a sure thing AND an immediate need ...a desperate one ...but if not, I'd love to see a trade down a few slots and get two safties in the first three rounds ...or possibly a good corner prospect in anticipation of moving Smith to FS ...I don't think a starting NT can be found below the 2nd round and with Fergie out our run defense sucks as it is.

  107. "alomost, close, biding his time"... thats pretty much my point.

  108. "almost, close, biding his time"... thats pretty much my point.

  109. Don't you love how Armando does this TMZ sensationalizing crap... Maybe he was hiding up in a tree outside the Jets camp snapping pictures of fat boy wooing JT. Folks this is why Parcells does not like Jason Taylor. He's a glamor boy. He doesn't want to build a team with the Dolphins he wants to go find a super bowl trophy so he can show it off on the battle of the network stars. I bet Armando drove his Vet all the to NJ so he could be there with his glamor buddy when they put ink to the paper. Screw JT, let his bad karma sink the Jets. Time to move on. Any Dolphin who would sit and listen to the sinking Jets has lost all respect.

  110. We Have PlaymakersApril 8, 2010 at 7:13 AM


    If I were Spiller I wouldn't mind borrowing Reggie's on & off again girlfriend for a few hours.  LOL!!! 

    BTW--I don't think the Spiller/Bush comparison is accurate but it's impossible to say at this point.  Maybe Spiller can be more like a Percy Harvin or maybe he can be a bigger Darren Sproles.  IMO--I see him as more of a real RB than Harvin or Bush.  If I had to compare Spiller I'd go with Sproles at this point.

  111. That's kind of odd.  Why would JT all of a sudden care about sack #s?  I think he wants to stay in Miami but doesn't want to get screwed or be strung along.  I bet he would also sign with a team if he felt there was a legit chance of a SB ring.

  112. Any of the guys you compare to are good players but not complete players.  They add a dynamic but are not full time starter, do it all players.  With a #12 pick I would expect someone to be on the field the whole time, not situationally.  I would want an OLB who can stop the run, cover and rush the passer (not necesarily their rookie year).  I would be happy taking a dynamic role player in round 2 (even though we might have missed on Pat White).

  113. You actually read what he posted to find the silver lining in that dark cloud?  I bet you wish you had all that wasted time back!

  114. Agree with the fact that Armando is a babaling media no talent ass clown.  Disagree with the rip on JT.  His agent made him do this to show is value and make sure the Fins don't treat him poorly.  If you were negotiating a job offer, wouldn't you let them know they have competition?  That's just good business.  Now if JT does sign with the Jets, I will lose all respect for him. 

  115. How about take Iupati at #12 and trade Carey for a low 1st, early 2nd and

  116. Patrick I'm with you on this.......Isn't it funny how little articles came out a month ago (rather conveniently) saying how we've neglected poor JT, and now he's in NY.  He's just going where the cameras are, and trying to cover his tracks and make the fins look bad.

    At this point, I can't wait to face JT in puke green.  I will never forget the years rooting for him and ZT, but I love what we're building here, and everyone (even the Jets) thinks the Jets are for real......but they will implode this year like a dying sun.......

  117. Dawgg, he already knows what the Jets can offer him. They are under the constraints of the last year of the CBA. Tin probably knows the numbers better than I do, but I can assure JT knows what they can offer. He's up there because he's pissed that no one will talk to him. Are you willing to tell me no team would pick up Taylor if we were to drop him after the draft? He's in New York because he wants to be and he can stay there.

  118. Like I said, I hadn't even seriously considered CJ or any O for that matter,until last night..
    (I'm NOT sold on him b/c of OUR D)!! But after seeing the highlights,I wouldn't mind IFF he's the pk!!
    But I'd STILL prefer D/OLBHY pass-rush specialist's,(unless Suh, McCoy, or BERRY can be had)!!!

    I'm w'ya on BERRY(have been since early-on),and I w'ya on trading-down,
    (thinkin we'll still have a choice of 3-5 desired positions/prospects in the mid-to-late teens)!!

    I think TTroupe COULD be there @ 73,and would be an awesome 3rd rnd pk of a NT!!

    Rather than 2 Safties,(I'd be stoked w'Berry @12,OR Morgan Burnett in the 2nd or 3rd)..
    I'm PERSONALLY hoping for 2 LBs,and 2 DT/NT's,which we're extremly short on bodies @ !!


  119. Can we move him for that?  Not that I would want to trade him but if things worked out right, maybe we could?  Still not real high on taking a OG @ 12.  I wasn't about a NT either but I think demand changes that one. 

  120. If he does actually want to play for the jets than something must be wrong b/t him and this front office.  But I think this is just the business side.  It just depends on how long he wants to wait for the Fins to decide.