Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tin Bits Pre-Draft Edition

  • I'm getting pretty excited about the draft.  If we take a player I covet at the 12th spot, I just might have to have a raucous party to celebrate.  Right now the buzz is starting to develop for Jerry Hughes at the 12-spot.  Personally I don't see it because I haven't seen him ranked in the top 15 at all.  Dallas has been spending a LOT of time with Hughes during the process.  Someone is going to fall for us because it looks like both Oakland and Denver may be making surprise picks and there's a strong chance San Francisco is going to trade up as well.  I still think Brandon Graham is the best choice because he could start from Day 1 and rotate with Cam Wake from SOLB to WOLB, allowing Wake to improve his all-around game on the fly.
  • The Schedule is out - I'm going to do a write-up on this during the doldrums that are the post-draft months, but something to watch out for - Miami hosts the Steelers in the 6th game of the season.  Ben Roethlisberger has been suspended for a conditional 4 to 6 games.  There's an outside possibility that the suspension will still be in effect.  There's a stronger possibility that the helmet-less one will be traded by then anyway.
  • Jason Taylor's exit interview last night showed that he was not happy with the way the Dolphins front office dealt with him and that they made no offer to him since the one they made in November and that they hadn't informed him of their plans all off-season.  Personally I don't believe a word of it, since Ireland said on two separate occasions that they informed JT that they would not make a decision or an offer until after the draft.  Even if they didn't talk to JT directly, this was all over the press, and any agent worth his wage would have made a quick phone call to clarify things with the Dolphins.  Come to think of it, didn't the agent say one week before JTs visit to the Jets that the Dolphins did inform them that they would not make a decision until after the draft?  Then less than 2 weeks later he said they had never talked?  Ultimately, the Dolphins did make an offer in November for $1.5 million.  JT declined.  JT says now he would've played for $1 million in Miami.  The end result is that 1. JT declined an extension offer during the 2009 season, 2. JT sided with Joey Porter during the JP radio debacle, 3. JT dissed both the coaching staff and a team-mate in Cameron Wake whilst doing so, 4. JT refused to wait until after the draft to talk to other teams, 5. JT chose to be wined and dined by the Jets, the most-hated rivals of the Dolphins, 6. JT's agent went on every radio show he could get himself booked on and leaked all kinds of information that was detrimental to the team, including secret meetings and potential draft direction, and 7. despite JT and his agent's insistence that the Dolphins had not reached out to him, after 1 thru 6 occurred, they still made an appointment before the draft to talk to him, thus showing they were interested in communicating with him.  So while the fans will ultimately buy JT's side that this is all the Dolphins fault, keep in mind that players are employees, nothing else, and they don't set the rules.  The second the Trifecta gets soft, the whole thing will start to crumble.  We pay them to make the tough decisions and to keep things under control.  They may come across as the bad guys from time to time, but that is what we want them to be as long as it benefits the TEAM.
  • Back to the draft, I was wondering if I should do a live chat on the site for the draft but I just found out this morning the chances of me even being at home for the first few picks is in jeopardy as I have been sucked into a late afternoon meeting at work.  It's unlikely that I'll be able to sneak out halfway through the meeting.  I will however, still post a live chatbox for those of you who aren't stuck at work and watching from home. 
  •  Last chance folks, who are we taking with our 1st round pick?



  1. Well, from what I've read, a fast safety without the right instincts is worse than a slow safety and the pick carries a high risk. The conversion of a college DE into a pass-rushing OLB is an inexact science. The best DT in the draft (likely available when we are on the clock) doesn't want to be a NT. So maybe O-line isn't such a bad move after all? Not top of the need list, but ..... is taking a guard who will start really worse than taking any one of the above who doesn't make it in the NFL? Just saying.

  2. Tin, I just saw a tweet asking about Pitts bye - it's week 5 like ours. Does that count in a suspension?

  3. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 9:26 AM


    Great piece.  As a fan it's impossible to be impartial when it comes to players like Taylor & Zack.  They played their hearts out during their careers & unfortunately the sad reality is that very few players get to play on the same team for their entire careers.  Taylor & Thomas said that the Dolphins left him dangling but Ireland made it pretty clear in his press conference that "Jason Taylor knows exactly what we think of him" & he also said that Jason was free to do what he needed to do.  After dissecting all of the b#llshit, I'm thinking that Ireland didn't give Taylor & his agent the answer they wanted, Taylor felt disrepected, & now he's a Jet.  The truth is that I hate the Jets with every ounce of my soul so it sickens me that Taylor is now a Jet.

    Contrary to what you & some of your so-called 'experts' may think, I'm sticking with Sergio Kindle from the University of Texas @ 12.

  4. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 9:27 AM

    I just heard Mike Singletary say that. 

  5. It's all about getting a sense of proportion?!? (WARNING - audio not suitable for playing at work!!!)

    (it sounds like there are kids watching this - great way to bring your kids up huh?)

  6. I am thankful I wasn't around for the JT and ZT glory years or I might be upset today.

    I am seriously going to try to attend a game this year...Pittsburgh jumps out as the most desirable to me for a number of reasons(my b-day week among them). 

    Jahndoh or whoever it is can put me down for McClain(other than JPP, he is the only one I really remember seeing play).  So much for all the analysis!  lol

  7. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 9:51 AM


    I can't even watch that.  I've come to expect that behavior from Jet & Eagles' fans but I'm truly embarrassed to be a Dolphins fans when I see people like that.

  8. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 9:51 AM

    About a FS.

  9. no, bye's don't count - it's games only, but as I implied, it's a conditional suspension and he could be back after 4 games - someone else had the same issue last year but I forgot who it was....Pace?

    I agree with your assessment of the 1st round pick - but who is the DT that doesn't want to be a NT?  I have not heard any of that.

  10. <span>"So while the fans will ultimately buy JT's side that this is all the Dolphins fault"  </span>
    <span>Tin, </span>
    <span>not so sure most fans will side with JT. when he first talked to the jets that was his downfall.  i dont care if the fins were offering him something or not, he went to the jets, like i said yesterday, no excuse.</span>
    <span>jahn, nice to see you have given up on the ss too.  i wish more would come over to tins site too. the ss let one clown competely ruin their blog.  </span>

  11. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 9:57 AM

    Now this could really shake up the draft tomorrow night.

    "The Steelers have begun contacting teams to trade Ben Roethlisberger for a top-10 pick, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.
    This takes Tuesday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report a step further. The Steelers are reportedly being proactive, and with at least one team currently in the top ten considering a deal. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, it is not the Rams. A Roethlisberger trade now looks like a real possibility, with the Steelers perhaps targeting Jimmy Clausen at the top of the draft." Apr. 21 - 11:47 am et

    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter

  12. I think the idea is that a fast FS with bad instincts is worse than a slow FS with good instincts (a slow FS with bad instincts is the worst of all).

    The conversion issue for OLB is valid and that's why Brandon Graham is the best option over Derrick Morgan.  They have very different abilities now and Morgan would probably take longer to switch, whereas Graham has already shown some of that ability in College as they moved him around.  Plus the motor on Graham runs circles around Morgan.

  13. "<span> After dissecting all of the b#llshit, I'm thinking that Ireland didn't give Taylor & his agent the answer they wanted, Taylor felt disrepected, & now he's a Jet."</span>

    THE END.

  14. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 9:59 AM


    I don't care as long as we beat them but regardless I believe he will regret becoming a Jet.

  15. LOL I saw that and heard the kid and the camera work is retarded (you're holding the camera sideways, pal!)

    I understand the feeling, but this is why I always tell all my friends and family to wait a day before reacting to any bad news or slights.  Emotions and alcohol are virtually identical in making people do stupid things.

    As far as the kid being exposed to this, it's easy for me to talk because I raise my kid very differently (and I was raised very differently) to what this kid is going through, so I can't say that it's totally irresponsible, although the firestarter should have at least used a long match or lighter and perhaps not worn a polyster jersey at the time of lighting a bonfire in the backyard.  If you're going to teach your kid how to cuss and be over-reactionary, at least teach him some fire-safety as well - it's all about balance.

  16. LOL Roethlisberger for a top 10 pick?  They must sell REALLY good crack in Pittsburgh...

  17. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 10:12 AM


    I have heard a wide range of opinions on Morgan ranging from him being "too stiff" & "ill-suited to play in a 3-4" or "as close to a dominant pass rusher as there is coming out of college."   Since I haven't seen Morgan play that kind of concerns me.  I haven't heard those kinds of major extremes surrounding Graham. 

    Tomorrow just can't come soon enough........

  18. as far as i am concerned he is tainted for life.  trust me, it really isnt a big deal to me, but he is a jet, that puts a tainted smell on you that never washes off. 

  19. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 10:13 AM

    Agreed.  Time to turn the page.

  20. One thing on the Kindle vs Graham debate:  The Falcons and Patriots are going to go after Graham if we don't.  That much is almost certain.  The Falcons could consider DB a bigger need (it is) which means we could be facing Graham twice a year vs the Pats.  Don't you think that would give them a bit of an edge versus Jake long and Chad Henne if the guy who practiced versus them for two years gets to face them twice a year?

    Most teams have put a 2nd round grade on Kindle - so why would the Dolphins reach like that?  Personally I think the odds are:  Morgan, Graham, JPP, Kindle in that order (and I'm hoping it's Graham obviously).  However, there's a small chance that Spiller, Thomas, McClain and Iupati are the picks here too. 

    There's also the question that maybe Parcells gets 'creative' again and picks Tim Tebow.

  21. I absolutely LOATHE Big Ben...always have...this goes back to his days with Miami-OH and they were a perenniel opponent of the Herd when we were in the MAC.  As they say from where I'm from, there's just something not right with that boy.  LOL 

    It was nice to see that Pittsburgh picked up Byron(again). 

  22. I absolutely LOATHE Big Ben...always have...this goes back to his days with Miami-OH and they were a perenniel opponent of the Herd when we were in the MAC.  As they say from where I'm from, there's just something not right with that boy.  LOL 

    It was nice to see that Pittsburgh picked up Byron(again). 

  23. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 10:21 AM

    I'd say the polyester jersey was a bad idea.

  24. I've been all over the map on our 1st rounder.  McClain, Kindle, Bryant, Morgan, Thomas, Spiller, Iupati.  I was never quite sold on Williams (weak, one-year-wonder).  I kept avoiding Graham because I doubted that Parcells would pick a small OLB.  But in the end, he seems the best choice and maybe the Dolphins really believe it, too.

    I'd love to see them trade down but that things have to go just right nowadays for that to work.  Some loved guy sliding and some brash team wanting to trade up.  I think Jacksonville and Denver have much better chances to move.  If they do move down, I'd have no problem with any of the names above being picked (except for Kindle and Williams) or with Hughes.

    Which positions that we need are deep in this year's draft?  I thought I heard that OLB is shallow but DT deep.  How's FS?  How useful are the numerous 6s and 7s that we have?  They aren't much better than signing UDFAs.

  25. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 10:24 AM


    What is 'fair value' for an alleged rapist that won two Super Bowls in 6 years???

  26. ...I still want Berry and whatever it takes to get him including a trade up to#5
    ...but if that's not a possibility then I'd like to see us trade down and pick up at least a 2nd and 3rd
    ...and if we're stuck at 12, then I think Joe Haden is the pick with Smith moving to FS
    ...I just don't think Graham, Earle, Thomas, or Kindle are both sure bets, starters, AND worth the price
    ...Berry or Haden/Smith would be immediate starters and fill what I consider our biggest hole for JT, its a damn shame for his career to end like this ...and there is plenty of fault to go round ...but what I really don't like is the know-nothings who couldn't carry his jock strap laying into him for doing exactly what they'd be doing in the same stuation ...he's gone, its over, enough already ...get back to the draft ...JT is the past ...the draft is our future.

  27. ...they'll package him with another body and at least one pick ...but whale on him all you want, he is a top 10 QB today with a number of years left on him ...and that will attract some offers ...maybe not what they're asking but then you always ask for more than you're willing to take. 

  28. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 10:39 AM

    <span>"Most teams have put a 2nd round grade on Kindle - so why would the Dolphins reach like that?"</span>

    2nd round???  You read just like I do.  Kirwan has Kindle @ 12, Davis has Kindle @ 12, Brooks has  Kindle @ 15, & Mayock has Kindle as the 18th best overall prospect & I quote "He is an explosive edge pass rusher as an edge defensive end/outside linebacker. He is a playmaker."

  29. I think FS and DT are among the deeper units - OLB conversion options are pretty deep also though most of them went to smaller schools and don't have big reps in the media - think your Austen Lanes, Brandon Langs, etc.  WR is very deep as should be RB and CB.  The shallow end are the QBs and OL and of course, ILB being the worst of them all.

  30. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    And Steve Wyche has Kindle @ 12.

  31. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 10:51 AM


    BTW--Like I said I haven't seen Graham play.  If he's that good or even close to the Lamarr Woodley comparisons???  Then it's a great pick.  I'm just going off of what I have seen out of Kindle on the field & based on his size.

  32. Graham and Williams were both praised by the Dolphins' coaching staff at the Senior Bowl. I still believe in building from the lines out, but I do concede that Graham just may be able to start right away. We will soon find out!

  33. I really don't get the smith to FS move.  Smith is not a great tackler, and that's key for a FS.  I agree with the concept he may not be the best cover corner right now, but he should improve this year (last year he looked at times like he was star-struck).  Another intriguing option is that Asomugha is reportedly on the trade block.  I think Vontae, Will Allen, Nnamdi, Sean Smith at CB with Bell, Culver, Clemons and Jason Allen at safety are the way to go.  If the coaches can figure out a way to get everyone lined up without JA having to be the 'QB' of the defense, I think it would be an instant success.

    However, I do agree with the move up to #5 to get Berry.  There's two players I would trade up for - suh and berry - berry being the only attainable move, but it would require our 12th, Justin Smiley, and a couple more picks, including a 3rd (either 2010 or 2011).  At that point it becomes a question of if a FS is worth that kind of trade and the answer is probably not.

    We do have plenty of options to trade down though, including Dallas who reportedly want to get into the top 15.  I would propose a trade of their 27th overall, 90th overall, and their 2011 2nd round pick along with a player.
     That way we recover our 2011 2nd rounder, we get back to having 3 picks in the first 3 rounds, and we would then take Kindle, Odrick, Hughes, Jermaine Gresham, JPP, etc.

  34. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 10:58 AM


    I don't think that Ben is a good QB, I think he's a great QB.  I liked him the first time I saw him play in the NFL.  He's 28 so he's still pretty young BUT there are MAJOR concerns with him.  This guy has shown a pattern of excercising terrible judgement & most likely even criminal behavior.  IMO--He's a mess.

  35. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    Smith???  I'm not sure why we would move one of our starting CB's to FS when he's still learning the position in the NFL.

  36. The only thing that bothers me about drafting the Senior Bowl MVP, Graham, is that we drafted last year's Senior Bowl MVP, Pat White!!!!

  37. I don't disagree with you often (in fact I really don't think I ever have) but I don't like how you are so negative about JT. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I think you have gone out of your way to slam him. I remember being at a game when JT was a rookie--I had not a clue who he was (you know me--the college and draft impaired chick over here) on the sideline there was a guy raising his hands to the crowd trying to get them into it as the defense was trying to make a stand. I looked through my binoculars (yes, I was a poor college student back then in nosebleed seats all the time) and saw his number and thought, I love the passion of that player. Then I realized he was a damn good player (and yes, I find him attractive as well) ;)  and I have been a JT fan ever since. I am a loyal person, IRL and on the internet and while I cannot and will not route (sp) for him while he is on the Jets, I WILL remember all the years he played on this team and gave us something to cheer for!

  38. WHP

    ...would you rather take a risk with either of the top(?) QBs in this draft or trade for a sure franchise QB for the next 6-8 years even if you have to pay 4 bodyguards 24/7 to keep him out of off-field trouble? me, its a gamble either way ...I'd trade for him if the price was at all digestible ...and I don't think a top 10 pick is out of the question if there are other sweeteners involved ...just my opinion, ymmv. 

  39. oh and Herd, lets see if we can set up a game!! :D

  40. First of all, no I don't read, and I have no respect for anything Brooks says and I take Mayock with as much salt as I take crust on my pizza.  Mayock thought Pat White was the shite last year and I disagreed with him from day one and tried my best to stomp out the buzz on White to no avail.  Mayock also thinks JPP is the best DE in the draft and Earl Thomas is better than Eric Berry. 

    One of the websites I do occasionally check out is nfldraftscout and they rate Kindle as the 24th BPA and in the 4 mocks they have posted side by side, Kindle is chosen 22nd, 26th, 26th, and 26th.  In my own mock I have him going 25th to the Ravens.  In the live radio mock I was involved in on Friday, he fell to 25 before the Ravens chose him.

    He's had nothing but negative buzz lately - everything from stiff hips to bad play recognition, etc.

    The best part of all this debate was when they did a media poll this week on who was the best 3-4 OLB prospect in the draft, Kindle won, I think Hughes came in 2nd.  However, Graham wasn't an option to vote for.  So we'll have to wait until the season to see.

    For me it all comes down to game tape - Graham's is strong 90% of the time whereas Kindle is only strong about 50% of the time.

  41. He may be top 10 in terms of talent (questionable IMO) but he is going to be suspended for 6 games and will possibly never sell another jersey again.  I just don't see a top 10 pick being fair value.  A high 2nd rounder, maybe a low 1st at the most.

  42. Pat White was last years MVP of the Senior Bowl???? really-----playing qb???? really???? He is just so small and seems out of place in the huddle.... I would have never guessed that.

  43. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 11:21 AM

    LOL@Tins.  That's really funny.  I just put those guys picks up because I thought you gave credence to their opinions.  IMO--MOST draft "experts" are full of sh#t.  The one guy I do like & respect @ is Gil Brandt.

  44. I said, the Pittsburgh game looks good to's earlier in the season before the Holiday madness gets going, it's my b'day week, so another reason to celebrate!  But really, I don't care....would you want to go to the Jets game or would that be too painful....?

  45. ...and I really don't get your love for Kindle but that's another story :)

    ...Smith is first and foremost a ball hawk and that can't be taught he has the smarts to play general out there ...I don't think he's a bad tackler to begin with but the thing is, tackling can be taught ...ball hawking and smarts can't ...ask your boy JA :-P if Berry is gone and Haden is there at 12 and we don't have an acceptable tradedown offer, we take him ...he starts opposite Davis and Smith starts opposite Bell ...all of a sudden we have one of the best backfields in the NFL and our QB rush gets immensely better even if we don't get a starting OLB in the draft you well know, that extra 2-3 secs of tight coverage would make even Anderson into a sack threat.

    ...btw, kudos to you on the early JT call ...I just didn't think he could sign with the Jets nor would the trifecta let him ...but for once, you were both out front AND right ...damn it >:o

  46. oh no, I do not want to go to the Jets game---but more for the fact that I always seem to get in trouble at Jets and Pats games...something about my loud mouth and passion while the game is going on..... Pitt looks good! I think we (the family) were heading down to FL that month anyway to visit family and see Harry Potter at Universal---sooooo lets start thinking about it!! If I am already down there I could pick you up from the airport :)   :)   :)  

  47. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 11:31 AM


    Come on....Questionable top ten talent???  He won two SB's in 6 years!!!  The guy may be an a$$hole but he's a hell of a football player.  You can not deny the the significance of a team having a franchise QB.  There is MAYBE one QB that might have a chance to be a franchise QB & that's Bradford. However he's going to get killed in St. Louis so we'll probably never know.

    If I'm the Cardinals right now I'm calling the Steelers. 

  48. ...its a legitimate question of course ...but think of it this way ...we desperately need a high caliber FS to START on day one ...imnsho, Berry is the only draft body that can do that, I don't think Thomas is 1st round material if we don't get Berry and there are no cost effective FS's available for trade, what do we do instead?

    ...Haden is a guarantee to start at CB ...and Smith has already proven that he can play, cover, and has the ball hawking skills and smarts to diagnose plays quickly ...and those are the key skills needed to play FS we move him to FS and replace him at CB with Haden.

    ...then we pray like hell that a starting NT can be found in 3/4/5 ...thats the position I expect them to double down on in the draft, maybe even triple down ...unlike most here I think our current OLBs can get to the QB if the DBs give them a couple extra secs of coverage. 

  49. To be fair, Pat White won the Senior Bowl MVP but it wasn't like he was
    dominant. He was 4 for 10 for 95 yards and a TD and ran for 31 yards, so
    his 126 yards and a TD were better than any individual player so he won.
    Robert Ayers and Ellis Lankster had bigger impacts on the game. No other
    offensive player stood out other than the WR Iglesias.
    This year was different, one player from the North managed to stand out
    enough to win an MVP for the defense while a plethora of good offensive
    performances were churned out including 109 yds and a TD from Jeremy
    Williams, 103 yds and a TD from Gilyard, Zach Robinson threw for 176 yards
    and a TD, Dan Lefevour threw for 97 yds and a TD and ran for a TD.
    Still, Graham won with his 5 tackle, 3TFL, 2 sack, 4 QH, 1 FF performance.
    He single-handedly destroyed Ciron Black and Mike Johnson's draft status.

  50. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 11:47 AM


    I totally agree about Berry.  Outside of Suh, he's my favorite prospect.

  51. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 11:50 AM


  52. Slush, no one is bashing JT's play or passion for football, but he is a Jet
    now, and the fans and media are turning against the front office in defense
    of the non-employee of the team, and I don't think that's fair to them - it
    is reactionary behavior, something I never condone.

  53. I really like Graham, but I keep getting pulled back to McClain.  I think this is the Year Of The Linebacker, and what better way to do that than get Dansby 2.0? 

    I can't get too much into predictions, I dive in researching who we actually pick.  No matter how much I pay attention to pre-draft chatter I'm always surprised with most of our picks.....

  54. ...White is 6ft and 200 lbs ...not what I'd call small except when surrounded by 6'6/7 OLs ...he had a dynamic career as QB at WV but played in a spread offense and was as dangerous running as he was passing ...coming to the NFL he had two big strikes against him ...1st he had to play under center which takes away a couple secs or more in the time he has to read the defense and also limits his running options compared to the spread that he had excelled in ...2nd he was a natual sidearm passer which, again, worked well out of the spread but not from an NFL pocket with all those huge DLs batting low passes down right at the line of scrimmage besides having to learn to play under center and having much less time to read ddefenses, he also had to change his natural throwing motion ...a major hurdle for any QB.

    ...and so far, it hasn't worked ...whether it may as he progresses is in substantial doubt but the trifecta isn't going to give up on him just yet ...I think he'll get 2010/11 to show his value, a 2nd rounder with his potential isn't something you just throw away.

  55. ...damn it ...NOT Guest, lemmus!

  56. Agreed, Brandt is the only one I'm interested in because he actually was an
    NFL GM for about a century.
    Brooks is a sensationalist, and Mayock is a great communicator and probably
    should be a coach instead of a scout, because he hits on somethings but
    misses badly on others and he's also a flip-flopper which I don't get - I
    never understood scouts and 'experts' who change their eye-sight from
    January to April?

  57. WHP, your comment is null and void because the Cards have the 26th pick in
    the draft, clearly not top ten, and much closer to my own assessment of late
    first round. BOO-YAH!!

  58. It's gotta be Graham - the clues all point to it.
    1. Senior Bowl extraordinaire - against Dolphins-coached O-line.
    2. Fantastic game-tape.
    3. Got better every year in college.
    4. No official pre-draft visit.
    5. Graham's agent is Chafie Fields, a Miami-based agent who also represents
    Sergio Kindle - a player who the Dolphins *did* have in for visits. Fields'
    partner in crime, famed NFL agent Joel Segal represents Channing Crowder,
    who probably had the easiest contract negotiations last year (one in which
    the agent was allowed in on, btw).
    6. Michigan ties - jake long, Chad Heene, Stephen Ross is an alum and
    donated $100 million in one shot recently, director of football relations is
    son of the Dolphin scout, Ron Labadie (who might actually be the longest
    tenured Dolphin right now). Labadie focuses on Ohio and Michigan nowadays
    but he was also the guy who found all the latest Canadian flock including
    Cam Wake. So basically when it comes to personnel, the Trifecta pays a lot
    of attention to the players that Labadie brings them - think Long, Henne,
    Wake, Brandon Fields, Andrew hartline, Brian hartline, JD Folsom, Dmitri
    Tsoumpas, plus several others who are currently on the roster.
    7. They showed too many cards on Earl Thomas, IMO.
    8. They *should* be much more desperate for an OLB than a FS or NT right
    now - look at the roster. Starks can play NT. Merling can probably play
    NT, Soliai can play something resembling NT. Clemons and Culver and both
    split FS and there's always the chance J Allen gets moved back - plus there
    are plenty of options for FS later in the draft and Atogwe is still a
    possibility. OLB has to be the pick at 12.
    9. I'm going to mention the game-tape one more time. Graham's tape is
    better than Morgans, Kindles, Hughes, etc.

  59. a. White is not 200 lbs now nor was he ever.
    b. He should never have been a 2nd rounder, for any team, not just the

  60. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    The trades are coming fast & furious this year.  Quentin Groves (major disappointment) just got dealt to the Raiders.

    Now dump Smiley already & let's get cracking!!!

  61. Hmmm....if the Jags traded Groves...could that mean they are going to draft Derrick Morgan or JPP?

  62. I gotta imagine Smiley is part of some pre-arranged trade up or trade down option.  They probably have a few teams (I hope) lined depending on how everything shakes out. 

  63. WHoa there nelly, I have never shown Kindle any love on this site or any other. 

  64. ...WoW!!! ...the combine had him listed at 197lbs ...picky, picky, picky :-P
    ...and the trifecta disagreed with you ...but hey, what do THEY know, eh?

  65. be fair, White is the only NCAA QB to ever win 4 consecutive bowl games, the last three of which he was MVP ...its not like his Senior Bowl MVP was a freak bit of luck, eh.

  66. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 1:35 PM


    My guess is Morgan since they play a 4-3 which is what the "experts" say he is a better fit for.

  67. Dallas wants to move up in front of seattle's #14.  Question is, does Miami want to drop that far to #27?

    In other news:  Raiders may offer #8 and Nnamdi Asomugha for Ben Roethlisberger

  68. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    Red Dog,

    I'm really excited for tomorrow.  Don't necessarily love the new format but as long as we get a quality pass rusher then I'll be pleased as punch.  LOL!!! 

  69. ...the way the Smiley bit came down, you almost have to believe they have a draft day deal already in place that includes him ...its about the only logical explanation for what has gone on with him ...which is one reason I keep thinking that the #5 pick is already ours if Berry is there ...Smiley would address a real KC need and still give them a good pick at #12 whatever other sweetener is in the pot., now, tin don't go gettin' all hot n' bothered ...I'm just thinkin', eh ;)

  70. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 1:42 PM


    Now that sounds like the Raiders.  LOL!!!  Trade one of, if not the best CB's in the league & the number 8 pick for a QB.  Considering the contract that Asomugha signed a few years ago I'd be surprised if the Steelers picked up that ridiculous tab.

  71. There becomes a time a person should keep their mouths shut, and when talking about #99 I believe this is one of those times for me. Finally !!!  :)

  72. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 1:49 PM


    I'd love to get Berry but put down the crackpipe for a second.  If we're making a move tomorrow, it's down to make up that 2nd round pick for Marshall.  IMO--With a draft expected to be as deep as this the more picks we get, the better off we'll be.

  73. lemmus, you love to argue with me, I know, but I have been touting the possibility of trading spots with KC for months.  We all know they are our mid-west 'scout' team and we call up the players we want and send down the players we don't want.  As long as our favorite son-in-law is down there he seems to do all his relatives big favours - both NE and MIA will bleed that KC vein into dust.

  74. ...I thought that was soaking in sarcasm

  75. We Have PlaymakersApril 21, 2010 at 2:34 PM

    If you look at that KC roster, it's not that bad. 

  76. Not to beat a dead horse with the business end of a bazooka, but:
    In 2005 Pat White threw for 828 yards and 8 TDs. Steve Slaton ran for 1128
    yards and 17 TDs. Bowl game: PW combined for 197 yards (77 rush/120 pass)
    and 1 TD. Steve Slaton combined for 212 yards and 3 TDs.
    In 2006 Pat White threw for 1655 yards and 13 TDs. Steve Slaton ran for
    1744 yards and 13 TDs. Slaton set a WVU record for yards from scrimmage
    during a season.
    In 2007 Pat White threw for 1724 yards and 14 TDs. Steve Slaton ran for
    1,051 yards and 17 TDs.
    In 2008, after Slaton left for the NFL, White's combined yards from
    scrimmage was 2,816. The year before he had 3,059 yfs. The year before
    that 2,874.
    He then had a good final bowl game where he threw for 300+ yards and 3 TDs.
    I really feel that everyone put so much stock into that game as it was his
    last before the senior bowl and the draft and Mayock went crazy with
    Pat-White-iphilis and everyone forgot that White was not really ever going
    to be a serious option as an NFL QB. He did well in college as a running
    QB, with an excellent o-line (selvish Capers, Greg Isdaner, Jeremy Sheffey
    etc), a nutty FB (Owen 'how does this helmet thing work?' Schmitt) and a
    couple of RBs (Slaton, Devine) and even some good receivers (Jock Sanders,
    Alric Arnett, etc) and a two quarterback system as well, first Bednarik and
    then Jarrett Brown...Pat White may be a lot of things but he's never been a
    guy who's had to to take the whole team, or even playbook on his shoulders.

  77. 27 is awfully steep... maybe if theres some truth to the Jerry Hughes rumor... but even that might be too far to go down and still get him.

  78. It's not *that* bad but it's woefully thin on the OL, and it's lacking
    playmakers on D. Their WRs are nothing to write home about and their 1st
    round pick from a year ago did practically nothing in his rookie
    season..come to think of it, yeah they are *that *bad...

  79. lol... I agree with the sentiment that he's a traitor, but that was quite extreme. I wouldn't wish injury on him, I just hope we get to see Jake Long rock his world every time we play them.

  80. GOODSTUFF, NO ben and come wk 2 Favre will only have  maybe 2 practices under his belt!!!

  81. Kindle's had off-field issues also,(IFFF I remember correctly)???
    JP-Paul(workout warrior/1yr wonder),in that case, couldn't we have drafted VGholston in 08???
    Morgan, I personally don't see as versatile enough for a regime that preaches versatility,
    (though the sentiment seems strong for him in Miami IFFF he's there)!!!

    I LIKE ALL 3 for various reason's/what they CAN DO, but tooo many question's for my taste @12!!
    I'd like to land them PLUS a pk or two, IFFF BG, DW,& McC are gone!!!


  82. Sukks bout JT, but what really bother's me is that NOW the entire league KNOWS we have to go OLB,
    and it DIMINISHES the power that we'll have in trade-down scenario's!!!

    There'll still be possibilities(teams that want to jump teams w'simular needs b/t us & them),
    but as far as teams wanting to trade pks w'us b/c they think we might go CJ etc, etc, etc, 
    aren't as likely to consider the possibility!!

    THOUGH, I STILL think Seat @14 will try to jump SF @13 for CJSpiller,(or @least thats what I'm hopin for)!!
    SF jumps from 17 to 12 for CJ & BACK-TO-BACKS ahead of inner-division rival Seat's second 1st rndpk??
    AND we STILL land a FAVORITE PLUS!!! 

  83. What do Clev, Oak, Jax, and Buff got to lose???  Senile ADAVIS/Jemarcus Russell??

    That would sukkk b/c Pitt would likely take BGraham,LOL!!!

  84. OHHHHH, that sounds GOOOD!!!!  Tins 1:56...

    And JJ's PROBABLY persuing an opportunity to offer an olive branch!!!

  85. gotta feeling we'll be researching a few names we haven't thought of

  86. How's-bout #12 for Philly's #24 & 55??

    (STILL possibly land OLBs JP-P, Kindle, or Hughes @24),
    possibly FS Morgan Burnett @ 55, and NT TTroupe @ 73....

    Though I like TINS attempted recoup of o11s 2nd rndr PLUS from Dallas!!!

  87. Hey Tin and Company! Well my time has come to go to work. I left last night to ultimately end up in Bahrain via Chicago and now in London. In Bahrain I will be boarding the USS FARRAGUT DDG 99 for my first officer tour. (Google it to see a pic). Anyway, time go pirate hunting off the east coast of Africa and keep the sea lanes clear and safe. I will be back sometime late July/early Aug. Hopefully I'll have some time to catch up on Dolphins news in ports. I can't believe I'm traveling during draft day!!! Ugh! That's how it goes I guess.

    It's been a lot of fun on this blog and I look forward to continuing when I return. Take care all and

  88. and...GO Dolphins!

  89. Wow, that's bad timing! Best of Luck over there, and hope you get to enjoy
    London for a day or two.

  90. First, I sick of all the JT talk.  Too much he said/she said BS!  They both screwed up and they both have most likely screwed each other.  Personally, I think JT showed more class than Ireland but what's done is done.  Enough already! 

    As for WAY more important things like the draft, I'm sticking with Graham as our pick.  I loved the guy at Michigan and he can flat out play.  He has all the intangibles and is only lacking in the size criteria.  But the Fins did pick Pat White last year and trade for Marshall and neither of those were typical Big Tuna moves. 

    I was on the McClain and Williams bandwagons for awhile but I think in the end we need an OLB and he would be a great fit for this team.  Forget about FS.  Best way to make your seconary look great is to have a great pass rush.  With Wake and Graham (and possibly Dansby), I think we have that covered!  Clemons or Culver should be ready to compete this year too.