Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tin Bits - Tuesday, April 13th 2010

  • Tin's Fins suffered a brain fart yesterday as I wrote an article for the blog and then forgot to click 'publish' and didn't realize it until this morning.  Since it was only relevant yesterday we'll just have to move on without it.
  • A reminder to everyone that you have until Friday night to get in your entry for the Draft contest.  The reason I'm closing out the deadline a bit early is because while teams with the 1st pick generally sign the #1 choice before the draft, I could see as many as the top 3 signing their players before draft day if the dominoes start falling.  However, I read an article today that suggests Bradford may still not want to sign with the Rams, and that they would draft him anyway (without a signing, the Rams have to wait until draft day to pick him up, and even then they could change their minds completely by then).  This could make the first question in the contest a lot trickier than it seems at first glance. 
  • Reports have come out stating that WR Dez Bryant is 'off the Jaguars board' and may be off several others as well due to character concerns.  We hear these kinds of reports every year at this time in the run up to the Draft.  Last year it was Vontae Davis.  What are the odds that the Dolphins, specifically the Trifecta, are the ones who are starting these character assaults?  Hard to say, because the Dolphins had the 1st overall pick in 2008, so we really only have 2009 to go by for evidence.  Still, I've always suspected the Trifecta of playing these kinds of games, haven't you?  Maybe someone who has more knowledge of previous Parcells' run drafts can look to see if there is a pattern of this kind of thing.
  • Pat White's hilariously ill-timed Twitter post yesterday that he would be better off going back to baseball rather than play wide-receiver got the newspapers in a total orgy of ineptitude.  I printed the 'Tweet' here yesterday about 1 minute after it was posted on Twitter, with a speculation that maybe the Dolphins had brought it up - because I'm sure White wouldn't bring it up to them.  The interesting part of this is that White claimed he was just trying to 'stir the pot'.  Whatever he wants to say, the reality is that he was thinking about it, he did write about it, and it took him a considerable amount of time to retract it.  Also the timing of it - that same day the Dolphins front office was going around getting information from all the players on what their social networking accounts were and presumably reminding them not to leak any information or discuss anything detrimental to the team.  Now, whether or not this tweet happened before or after the Dolphins' Head of Internet-Lockdownedness got to White is unknown.  If it was after, then the only pot that was stirred was that of the Dolphins' F.O.
  • Apparently Jason Taylor and Coach Sparano are meeting this week.  Boooooring.

  • I'm sure most of you already saw the Roethlisberger press conference yesterday but I just have to throw this quote out there, "I understand that the opportunities I have been blessed with are a privilege ... I absolutely want to be the leader this team deserves, valued in the community and a role model to kids." Would you want this motorcycle crashing, misogynistic, overweight, alcoholic, date-rapist to be a role-model to your kid?  Of course you would, he is a Super Bowl champion after all...


  1. Nice way of putting things into perspective Tin, btw what is your take on Dez especially if he were to be the #12 pick (and we keep that pick)?

  2. Alright good to get some bits!

    Although I'm way over my head, I'll jump in the contest anyway, I'll just be stabbing wildly after Rd3 and who knows just might hit something....

    Tin, you were the first by far to have anything about P.White, I think Omar hovers around here to pilfer what he can.  All he (& Arrrmando) seems to be on top of is being a mouthpiece for JTs agent, really disappointed with the show over there but that is my fault.....I keep having expectations.  As for PW, it's all pretty interesting but I'm so paranoid I'm wondering if Tuna had him tweet it.  This time of year reminds me I'd never make it as a covert agent.  Assuming PW typed his true feelings gotta admit it rubs me the wrong way.  I would think you'd want to do whatever you could to be on the team/help the team.  If he's sitting around moping and not coming to terms with his physical limitations being a full time/pass first type QB and not embracing a hybrid role, then I don't know what to say......I've been rooting for the guy.....

    All I will say about JT is that I just don't buy this whole "We dissed JT" business.  For all anyone knows, JT could have completely sprung this on the Fins after agreeing to talk after the draft.  All the "info" about the subject is coming from the SS and the Herald, who get all their "info" from JTs agent.  Even the latest little blurb is coming from JTs agent....about the meeting this week being "leaked" by the Fins after it was agreed to be hush-hush.  Now if you were pulling one over on our FO and jumping ship all the while getting local press to paint you as the victim being driven away.....you really wouldn't want people knowing that Sparano is trying to meet with you!

    Wow, I told myself I wouldn't do it but I'm being pulled into all of this "booooooring" drama.....

  3. Talking about Big Ben.  " <span><span><span>Would you want this motorcycle crashing, misogynistic, overweight, alcoholic, date-rapist to be a role-model to your kid?  Of course you would, he is a Super Bowl champion after all... "  Yea lets all call him Daddy, and we wonder why the Schools are such a mess !!!

  4. Tin - Mike B at SS said yesterday that Pat White's tweet came very shortly after his Ask Mike article was released.  Mike answered 2 questions about Pat White, with of the questions inquiring about Pat being moved to WR.  Mike suggested that Pat's tweet was a response to the question.

  5. I think I've made this clear - I don't care if a player is as dumb as a
    brick as long as he doesn't take his stupidity into the public and disgrace
    the team. That's why I'm fine with the CJ Spiller option but a bit weary of
    the Dez Bryant situation, although I do think the Bryant situation is a bit
    overblown (but I must say I don't like the fact that he's even involved with
    Deion Sanders and company).
    Ultimately I think Bryant is a great WR, but I don't know if he's even worth
    the 12th overall pick. It's really hard to judge the skill players
    transition to the NFL. You're much better off going with a lineman because
    the concepts are easier to carry over. And while I don't think I'd be very
    upset with Bryant as the pick, he was never my favorite WR in this draft
    anyway so I'm not going to be upset if they don't draft him.

  6. If Mike wants to believe that, let him go ahead. I can never even find that
    section of the site, so I'd be surprised if Pat White is going out of his
    way to read that stuff, players are generally told not to read the papers
    too much, it's like going out of your way to be told how much you suck.

  7. I doubt Pat White cares what Mike B says about him....then again he could be an overly sensitive guy....

  8. LOL. I think it was Parcells who leaked it because the F.O. is getting a
    bad rap and being beaten to the punch in the media by JTs agent. I see this
    as just a way of them suggesting they are interesting in resigning JT so
    that the Jets have to move on or get crazy creative with the bonuses and
    overspend. Ultimately I think the best thing to do would be to sign JT then
    trade him to the Jets. Then everyone's happy.

  9. Tin, who would you pick (for the Fins): (1) Bryant or Spiller / (2) Dan Williams or Earl Thomas / (3) McClain or Iupati 

  10. Whooaa UFcane03.....PW probably does care what Mike B has to say....after all Mike B. is a BASEBALL writer and knows Jack Shyte about football. LOL

    Tin, they had the Ask Mike article front and center yesterday......I still don't believe PW tweeted in reaction to it though. 

    All this counter espionage stuff makes my head want to explode.  The stuff flying around is incredible. (by the literal definition of the word) I feel like Eric Cartman waiting for the Wii to come out....too bad there isn't a snow bank to freeze myself into for two weeks.  Just GET HERE ALREADY!

  11. <p><span>I think you are going a little heavy on Roethlisberger. Woman hater? The thing is, these guys are being chased down constantly by opportunists and it's a sign of the world we live in. The guy is young, successful beyond what most people dream and is a target for people looking to cash in.
    </p><p><span>This whole role model concept is warped... Why is it that all of a sudden people need to look at sports stars or actors as "Role Models?" Are you really going to tell me that a person on the idiot box is going to be some kind of surrogate parent for a kid somewhere? The whole concept was thought up to further glorify these overpaid entertainers and has no basis in reality.</span>
    </span><span>The bottom line is this… A woman of her own free will went into a bathroom with a man and she knew damn well what the expected outcome was going to be. Anyone who thinks differently is living in a dream world where their parents are actually role models they see on TV.</span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    <span>“Oh Ben, I really didn’t mean to screw you in this bathroom…” Give me a freaking break!</span></p>

  12. Yeah Patrick thats the ticket. Since they are chasing him down it is perfectly legitimate whatever happens afterwards... Its not like he's ever done this before...hes been a poster child of his team his whole career...its not rape if she says no...

    Oh and since parents arent really good role models anymore(hey lets buy him another Wii game so we dont have to interact with him tongiht) superstars can be looked up to by kids. Not to say its smart or a good decision but Im sure it happens.

  13. That reminds me - did anyone see Family Guy this week? I thought it was
    classic how Peter got the kids an Xbox so they'd love him again and then he
    wouldn't let them have a turn on it...

  14. (1) Spiller
    (2) Williams
    (3) Iupati

  15. Patrick, first of all, Roethlisberger is the one who said he wants to be a
    role model for kids, not me, that is a direct quote.
    Secondly, we don't know all the details but if he got this girl super drunk
    on shots, then according to the law it is assault. You may not agree with
    the law, but that is the bar where the judgment starts.
    And this is not based on one example. Time and time again Big Ben has
    gotten into hot water because of photos, indiscretions, and very public use
    of his star power in a negative way. And the bottom line is he's bringing
    negative media attention on the NFL during pretty much every off-season
    since he's been in the league.

  16. <p><span>I'm not condoning Roethlisberger's actions. I'm saying everyone is responsible for their own actions and the girl is no less culpable then he is… Who is the bigger fool, the fool or the fool who follows the fool? The whole role model concept is a perfect example of the watering down of values in America. Doesn’t the sentence; Ben should have stopped because he owes us something as a role model, present an oxymoron? We’re asking a guy to be a surrogate parent because the very child we are asking him to be a model for has been left with a broken family by the people who should be the real role models.</span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    <span>Instead of fixing the real problem by bringing back values we expect these people to do it for us. It is ridiculous and yet we fall merrily in place with it.</span></p>

  17. I don't think anyone cares what Mike thinks.

  18. That last sentence hurt my brain a little but I think we're all sort of on
    the same page here. Maybe some of the sarcasm was lost in translation - do
    I think women should be throwing themselves at this guy and then sue him or
    press charges - no, I don't. Do I think that as an NFL starting QB with
    multi-million dollar deals and agents and lawyers and press breathing down
    his neck he should be hanging out at dive bars and getting off with drunk
    floozies in the bar toilets - say what you want about the woman here, but
    the reality is she's just a drunk sorority girl looking to have some fun and
    things got out of hand for her. Roethlisberger on the other hand had
    everything to lose here, and doesn't seem to learn from his prior mistakes,
    or even worse, is a seriously bad person and can't control these types or
    urges, knowing very well what it could cost him.
    "Roethlisberger, who was out drinking with friends to celebrate his 28th
    birthday, bumped into the student and her sorority sisters throughout the
    night. They linked up at Capital City, where he invited them to a VIP
    section and bought them a round of shots.
    As the night wore on, the student walked down a dingy hallway to a small
    bathroom, and Roethlisberger soon followed. What happened next remains
    The student told police she had been sexually assaulted, but medical results
    were less clear. A doctor who examined her at a nearby emergency room found
    a cut, bruises and vaginal bleeding but could not say if she was raped. And
    while some DNA was found, there was not enough to determine whom it belonged
    to, Bright said."
    So much for CSI-Milledgeville, eh?

  19. Well it really feels like the draft is starting today.....Just checked in on the usual Fins haunts and heard about Teddy being up for trade, Ronnie being up for trade....What's real? What's just a smokescreen?  We'll see!

  20. I guarantee you Ronnie is not on the trading block right now. he is
    injured, end of story. You can not trade an injured player. All trades are
    subject to the player passing a physical. There's no point discussing it,
    it's complete media laziness.

  21. Hey Red Dog, don't worry about it, I'm going to give a try and I probably know less then you. Fact is I'm taking Mike Lupati @12 good luck.

  22. Don't trade Ted Ginn (unless you'll get something really good in return)!!! It will come back to haunt us. Even though nobody out here seems to like him, he can be a real asset to this team.

  23. <span>Capital City VIP section</span><span>-Milledgeville, eh?
    In my college days, it woulda need barf buckets!!

    PFT reports they might discontinued Big Ben Beef Jerky ..... or is that what Goodell's telling Big Ben to discontinue?

  24. If one of my boys ever gets a girl drunk and rapes her in a unisex bathroom, I'm going to sue Ben Rothlisberger for not being a proper role model.

  25. Tim The EnchanterApril 13, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    Tin, as for making trades, whether we put a package together or trade them separately the chance of that happening is pretty high. The trifecta has made trades in both years they've been here before the draft, in the draft and after the draft.

    The guys I think could be on the block for the right trade are:
    1. Smiley
    2. Thigpen
    3. Ginn
    4. Brown
    5. Merling

    Would you send the #12, Smiley, Merling and Ginn to Detroit for the #2 pick? To get Suh obviously if St. Louis takes Bradford.

  26. Smiley and Ginn, but not Merling for Suh.

  27. Tim The EnchanterApril 13, 2010 at 6:55 PM

    Really? Suh would replace Merling but be even more versatile.

  28. <span><span>"Apparently Jason Taylor and Coach Sparano are meeting this week.  Boooooring."</span></span>

    Please enough about this guy!!! he's the kiss of death look at the before and after records of the two teams that signed him......nuff said!!Let's move .....nah lets talk about bringing back Zach or my man ernest wilford.

  29. Your not alone in your thinking here, and that's about all I'm going to say about it.

  30. Yep, not alone... Not sure why but there is bad juju here with this guy.

  31. Brandon Marshall for this year's 2nd and next year's 2nd!!!

  32. Adam Schefter: Brandon Marshall will be traded to Dolphins later today

  33. Speaking on ESPN radio’s Mike and Mike show, Adam Schefter, citing league sources, said Brandon Marshall is going to be traded to the Dolphins for a second-round pick this year and in 2011.

  34. I'd like to throw Ginn in that trade to Denver and save the 2nd pick in 2011!

  35. Pretty safe bet that Miami's 1st pick will be on D!

  36. Surprise, surprise... I have to admit, I didn't see that one coming. I guess the thinking must be that we know what we are getting with Marshall so why pick a rookie when WRs are crap shoot in the draft anyway.

  37. Tim The EnchanterApril 14, 2010 at 6:43 AM

    The trade for Marshall now changes my mock draft.  >:o

    Our 1st round pick will definitely be defense now.

  38. WOW, I can't believe they got him, I guess there is no way that the Dolphins go with Dez now. I'm still hoping for a trade down and Brandon Graham to the Phins so we get the 2nd back. Crazy day!

  39. Now Henne should get BM to stay at his house for the next 3 months "jelling" throw that ball 500 times a day!

  40. This trade opens the door for so many questions.  Such as :  Which WRs stay with the team ?  Does Miami move in a different direction with Ronnie Brown and all his injuries ? Should the Dolphins now put importance on QB protection and go for a guy like Lupati with it's first pick ?  Does it open the draft to going with all Defensive players ?

    Mostly though what happened to all that talk about character ?  First Incognito and now Marshall.  I'm going to have to use Rubber boots to walk through the sh*t that comes out of mouths of the trifecta....

  41. Gotta admit I'm with you.  NOt as happy as everyone else seems to be.....really don't like surrendering draft picks this year.  Will B.Marshall all of a sudden change and become Andre Johnson off the field.

    Hoping for the best, trying to get excited, but not the biggest fan.

  42. Yes I would do that.

  43. There goes my shot at drafting Dorin Dickerson...

  44. Fang, for the 3rd time...it's 'eye'upati with an i, not an 'L'.

  45. I hate being corrected  :) 'eye'upati will now be called "that guy" by me.  Please make a note of that !!! :-P

  46. Marshall's biggest issue has always been his mouth - that won't be tolerated
    in Harvey Greene's presence or in Parcells. The other stuff last year with
    the practice behavior looked a lot more one sided than it probably was.
    Marshall wants to win and wants a QB that can get him the ball - the sudden
    change in mentality and the trade of Cutler and the murder of one of his
    best friends probably all contributed to the lashing out, but in any case,
    Marshall does have that reputation and he'll need to work at it this season
    to get rid of that perception because he will want an extension on his
    contract. This is also why it's important that Miami not give him a new
    contract until AFTER this season.