Friday, April 16, 2010

Go Mock Yourself!

Today at 4:00pm Eastern, the Fantasy Sports Channel is hosting a live mock draft on their BlogTalkRadio station.  Tin's Fins has been chosen to represent the Miami Dolphins - I'm scheduled to be on air around 4:45pm Eastern.  Since this is my only alternative to crashing the real draft and locking up all the Dolphins' reps in the bathroom, I intend to create some waves.  Of course, I have no idea who will be on the board since it's a bunch of other bloggers choosing for the other teams too.

Some details on the actual show:
The show starts at 4:00 PM Eastern FRIDAY.  Here is the link:

If you have any suggestions, air them out below in the comments.

UPDATE:  Tinshaker, aka Bill Parcells, chose Brandon Graham with the 12th overall pick.  Dan Williams, Earl Thomas, Rolando McClain, Sergio Kindle, and Mike Iupati were all still on the board so get your vengeance in the comments.


  1. Tin - The blog talk radio web site hurt my head.  I didn't see any link to the mock draft.  Any way, if you're trying to make waves, you should select Tim Tebow for us.  Other than that, you should roll with Brandon Graham.

  2. Tin,

    That's 10pm UK time - what use is that? I'll be in a house of ill repute by then.

    Check this out on Rooney!

    PS The reason for this post is - will there be a podcast of you on the clock? Now that I WOULD like to hear. Let me know if there is a link I can listen to tomorrow please.

  3. psuphinphan, there is no link to the LIVE mock draft because it happens at in it doesn't exist yet.

  4. I second that request.

  5. Tin, that's a great promo, "Make Waves With The Miami Dolphins"!

  6. Good for you Tinshaker...don't f*** it up!

    Don't look for an entry from me for your much as I like to 'compete', I have no time.  Good luck to all of you!

  7. yes there will be a podcast and/or recorded stream available on the same
    website. I will of course link to it here.

  8. That's too bad, I though you did really well in the last one...

  9. Now THAT's what I call sevice! Cheers and have a great weekend all.

  10. HEY TIN !!!

    I submitted my contest answers the day it started, B/4  BMarshall which practically changes every answer!!!

    Can I submit MY NEW THOUGHTS,or is it one & done???   THANX,and CONGRATS on the HONOR !!!

    I'll be golfing @ 4, will there be a replay?? I wanna know if you have a limie lisp, LOL!!!

    Make sure you remind all that we had ALLL those STARTERS/LEADERS on IR last yr,IFF the opp arises!! GOFINS!!

  11. We Have PlaymakersApril 16, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    I just read on that Ginn got traded to the Niners for a "late round" pick.  How f#cking late???

  12. Might have to have a back burner #24 in mind if the Eagles become my second favorite team and trade up to our spot!

    Good stuff Tin, I'll be tuning in....trying to recruit a few more heads for the contest...

    Checked out a story on ESPN about Marshall...ouch...was just starting to try to like him, he has quite the (unflattering/disturbing) history to say the least.  I'm seriously going to need video of him being nabbed by aliens and having the woman-beater gene removed from his DNA before I can ever feel like the dude is 'reformed'........Really hope he lays off the sauce and changes his ways.

  13. <span><img></img></span> <span><span><span>edgarthompson</span> <span>   </span><span>An NFL source confirmed Jay Glazer's report: the Dolphins have traded Ginn to the 49ers for a late-round pick.</span> </span><span><span>13 minutes ago</span> <span>via web</span> </span></span>

  14. Bye Bye Ginny....

    Ginn haters might love this but I was hoping to see what he could do.  The only thing that really sucks is now he's only 45 min north of me and I know tons of 49er fans........

    He's either going to rock and they'll give me shit for us dropping him, or he'll suck and I'll feel like he never left the Fins because I'll be surrounded by Ginn haters!

  15. <span><img></img></span> <span><span></span><span>mortreport</span> <span>   </span><span>It's a 5th round pick 49ers gave Dolphins for Ginn. Filed to ESPN after taping special edition of The Mort Report for ESPN Rado <span>#NFLDraft</span></span> </span>

  16. It's one and done, but you have the edge in the tie-breaker....

  17. Hey Tin, now that we have another pick is that in the contest or forget about it for this draft pick?

  18. We Have PlaymakersApril 16, 2010 at 10:46 AM

    The 15th pick in the 5th round & the 145th pick overall.  Hey, I'm just glad we got something for him b/c he was on the way out no matter how you slice it.

  19. We Have PlaymakersApril 16, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    Red Dog,

    You are clearly in a no-win situation.  LOL!!!

    However wouldn't you rather he disappointed another team's fans???

  20. Well when the contest started we had ten picks, now we have ten picks again.
    There's a reason I add weight to how soon you turn in your entry. Those who
    turn in early may miss out on these moves, but they get preference in the
    tie-breaker. It is beneficial to all to try to find a balance between
    early-entry and waiting for the latest news.
    For all we know, the Dolphins could trade 4 or 5 of their picks before the
    end of draft day, so there is some element of that unpredictability even for
    late entrants. That's part of the reason why I'm ending the contest today
    rather than on Wednesday next week, because there will likely be the bulk of
    trades over this weekend and into next week.

  21. A sad commentary about the level of talent of your receiving corps is when your #1 receiver is traded for a 5th round pick!

  22. We Have PlaymakersApril 16, 2010 at 11:40 AM


    He wasn't our Number 1 WR.  Bess had 76 catches & Ginn had 38 so that's just not true. 

    He was clearly outplayed by a rookie that made more big plays with less playing time.  Oddly they both went to Ohio State.  Ginn turned out to be a serious reach & Hartline looks like a serious steal.  Go figure?   And I'm not saying this just to be a jackass (even though I am) but IMO he was more like our 4th WR.  I watched every game last year & as the season went on Hartline continued to improve & make plays & Camarillo got healthy & wound up with 50 catches.

  23. I would rather have traded Camarillo or Bess. I'm sure the Dolphins will regret this trade in less than a year...
    I really hate the Ted Ginn trade. He was the only speedster / deep threat on our roster and by far our best Returner. Now we'll have to draft a Returner (no, neither Bess nor Cobbs are an answer!). Even though his production was down, Ginn was the only WR on the team that commanded double teams last season, simply because nobody could defend his deep speed. Just imagine Marshall and Ginn on the same side of the field - Ginn goes deep and Marshall on a 10yd in route. One of them must be open...

  24. This proves it Tin. No one reads what you post :-D

  25. He's a jerk, and we are going to have to swollow and like it. :)

  26. I already knew that.

  27. Yeah it's a no-win situation when I wanted a no-Ginn situation!

  28. Do you remember the guy we had returning punts/kick offs in the 2009 preseason? He was fast as hell and good at special teams (except the botched punt with the broken hand). He came OFF THE STREET, if we can find him there I think we can get a better talent than Ginn with the 5th. Sad to think what he might have become out of the spot light but now there is no more pressure on our WRs except for Marshall.

  29. Good job, Tin! The Parcells-Ireland-Sparano hat sat very well on your head!

  30. Thanks canam. I can't believe that Seahawks guy thought Spiller would fall
    to 14...

  31. Yeah but then he broke his hand - a draft pick wouldn't break his hand, just
    UDFAs lol

  32. Need the podcast, i missed it!!

  33. We can't just draft a guy as a SPECIAL Kreturner,so the WR roster STILL might not be finished...
    The SPECIAL Kreturning WRs don't come near the regimes size criteria!!!
    (DMcCluster 5-9, 172, 4.53, and the one I like Jacoby Ford 5-9, 186, 4.22),but I don't see us goin for midgets..

    I haven't paid much attention to which other of the WRs are return THREATS,(didn't think I needed to),
    so MAYBE there's others w'the right physical traits???  I don't know !!!
    I'm BUMMED that we now have this dilema,and didn't get a chance to see TG vs single coverage!!
    I'm not concerned about TG's WR replacement, but I'm very concerned about not having a serious return threat!!

    Unless we take a SPECIAL Kreturning RB or DB???

    WTF we gonna do about a SPECIAL KR THREAT???  DAMMITTTTTTTTT !!!!

  34. I just realized that Ted Ginn had more trade value than Santonio Holmes.  Ted Ginn?

  35. Can Grice-Mullin or Pruitt be SERIOUS RETURN THREATS?? ( I don't even remember their size or 40 time)!!!

    OTHERWISE, I guess the regime likes PT as the 5th WR more than most fans!!
    WHEWWW, lucky we didn't send him packin after ONE rookie season ;) !!!

    STILL NEEEEEEEED A KR though, so he might still see the door??
    (I'd think Camarillo'd be gone 1st even though he's a regime fav),
    b/c he has zero upside,and BHartline can do everything GC can do,and (along w'PT) has mega-upside!!

  36. ANYBODY have Grice-Mullin or Pruitt's  40 times ???

  37. NEVERMIND, Looks like a SPECIAL KR/WR will have to come mid-draft,
    IFF that's what the regime cares to have!!!
    HERE'S ONE !!!!

    2nd in practically every career statistical category in that conference to UDFA projected THudgins (go figure)!! 
    THudgins #1 FCS WR Career ALL-TIME has prime NFL/BP type size requirements,
    (but I saw no KRcomments)....

    Andre Roberts Citadel  5-11, 195, 4.40 (4th rnd projection)..
    ""excelled in the 40-yard dash, the three-cone drill, the 20-yard shuttle and the broad jump in front of an audience of general managers and scouts."" 

    ""Roberts' 1,160 yards gained via punt returns topped the old school career-record of 861 yards by Jeff Varnadoe (1970-71), as he became just the seventh player Southern Conference annals to top over 1,000 yards in that category, as he ranks fourth on the league's all-time record list … His average of 13.98 yards per punt return is a school career-record and rank fourth in league history (18th on the FCS record list),""


    JPruitt  6-2, 206, 4.42
    Nothing much @ the collegent level...
    Does this mean he can be an EXPLOSIVE KRtrnr??
    CBS   ("" HSchl Conference champion in the 110 hurdles, 100 meters, long jump and trip jump."")

    TJohnson  6-0, 206, 4.49
    CBS (""Second in USF career books for kickoff returns, third in kickoff return yards (784)"")

    RGrice-Mullen  5-11, 180, ???!!!    ANYBODY GOT ANYTHING???!!!

  38. EmManuel Sanders Sth Methodists 5-11, 186, 4.40 (5-6 rnd projection)

    ""Sanders exploded in 2009, when he racked up 98 receptions for 1,339 yards and seven touchdowns. He also resumed his return duties by averaging 13.8 yards per punt return (with one touchdown), helping SMU reach a bowl game for the first time since 1984. His play during the East-West Shrine Game week and excellent Combine (4.4 40, very quick in agility tests and drills) cemented his status as a mid-to-late round pick.""

    OK I'm done for now,but the TG thing has me desperate for someone w'simular skills PLUS !!!

  39. Why does the return guy have to be a WR? Why couldn't it be a CB/S guy with speed? If he's the guy Akawasi (sorry if I butchered that, I'm not good with names) maybe we don't need another WR and then we have a ST guy as well.

  40. Tin,

    Like the pick for Graham. I think another Ted Ginn sensation will come through my veins if we take JPP, just too shaky for me as 1st rnd pick. The only other guy i like there would be Iupati at 12, and of course EThomas.

    I wonder if we are going to turn into a Michigan alumni team after all.

  41. Tim The EnchanterApril 17, 2010 at 6:42 AM

    I didn't have the time to complete the contest either. The total TDs of the draftees should be scratched from the contest, IMO. It's too much research as opposed to taking a guess here and there. Good luck to everyone though.  :-P

  42. Tim The EnchanterApril 17, 2010 at 6:43 AM

    I think Spiller is more of a possibility now that we traded Ginn. But I still think we could go in a lot of directions.

  43. We Have PlaymakersApril 17, 2010 at 7:32 AM


    Parcells has been trying to trade Ginn for over a year so I don't see how or why we will regret this.  You're talking about a marginal NFL WR (38 catches & at least ten drops) who had two impressive kickoff returns last year against the Jets.  You're making like Ginn is irreplaceable.  Are you serious??? Not only was Ginn small but more improtantly he played small.  In three seasons, he showed absolutely no toughness which I believe is more important than pure speed.

    Speed, speed, speed....As for being our only deep threat I seem to remember it was Hartline who was the one actually making the big plays.   He was a bad pick & now we can just about wipe our hands clean of Cameron's draft.

  44. I said, "" UNLESS we draft a RB or DB guy that can also be an EXPLOSIVE KR""....

    IFFFF we were to somehow get that 2nd rndr back,
    I'd NOWWW be willing to consider CJSpiller/KR/Ronnie's eventual replacement @12...

    But as it is, I'm still hoping we go D !!!

    I did a bunch more research last nght after my last post and came-up w'several more WR/KR THREATS,
    that should/MIGHT still be around in the 5th or 6th!!

    Besides 4th rndr Andre Roberts,& 5th rndr E Sanders,I came-up with some impressive WR/KR gyz
    Jordan Shipley Tex, Mardy Gilliard Cinn, Jeremy Williams Tulane, Freddie Barnes BGrn, Trindon Holliday LSU..

    These are gyz I didn't consider (for various reasons) until TGs EXPLOSIVE KR skills were lost!!
    I'm GONNA MISS those skills!!!

    Still haven't looked @ DB type KRers!!     HENNE on BMarshall !!

  45. ...Spiller has not shown significant inside run ability ...thus its highly unlikely he would be considered as a replacement for Brown ...he's explosive on the outside but also dumb as a rock ...just listen to him.

  46. MY NEW TOP 2 MOCKS (involving BGraham or best available OLB, or DWilliams) in the 1st!!
    I have mocks that include McClain & EThomas but I'll save those (FOR NOW)!!

    With MY BGraham or DWilliams pk in the 1st, ALLL MY PKs after the 3rd rnd involve the same plyrs...
    Just HAD TO GET THE NT & OLB position's filled first ,& outta the way (W'TOP RANKED GYZ) !!

    1st)  OLB - BGraham or the best OLB available                             1st)  NT - DWilliams

    3rd)   NT -  TTroupe or best NT-type available                              3rd) OLB - RSapp or best OLB available

    4th)  FS -  MWright, KChancellor, MLewis, RJohnson                      4th)  FS - MWright, KC, ML, RJ

    5th) DT/NT- ArthurJones, JOwens, MNeal, D'ASmith                       5th)  DT - ArthurJones, JO, MN, D'ASmith

    6th) WR/KR- Jeremy Williams, Emmanuel Sanders                       6th) WR/KR- JWilliams, ES,or ARoberts,Shipley
                                                                                                                                              IFFF they fall
    6B)  RB- LeGarrett Blount, Lonyae Miller, Charles Scott                  6B)  RB- LBlount, LM, CS

    6C) SS- Myron Rolle                                                                  6C)  SS- Myron Rolle

    7)   TE- Fendi Onobun/best TE av)                                                7)   TE- FOnobun/ best TE av

    7B) OLB- Rob Muckleroy, Dexter Davis                                         7B) OLB- RMuckleroy, Dexter Davis

    7C) ILB- Vincent Rey, Jacob Cutrera, Ryan D'Imperio                     7C) ILB- Vin Rey, JCutrera, RD'Imperio

    MY MOCK 5 & 6A positional pks/prospects MAYYY be reversed depending on who's ACTUALLY AVAILABLE?!?!!!
    Same with 6C & 7A!!  NOT THAT ANYONE CARES,(I just do it for my own amusement)!!!      GOFINS!!!

  47. What the hell, get it overwith all in the same space, and I'm done till o11, here's MY Final two scenario hopes!!

    ALL FOUR of MY scenario HOPE'S include 2 OLBs, 2 DT/NTs, 2 Safties(1-1), and one WR/KR, RB, TE, ILB !!
    ALL also include most of the same gyz other than the 1st rnd pks,
    4th rnd OLBs in EBerry/EThomas scenario, & 6C in the McClain scenario!!

    1st)  FS - EBerry, or  EThomas                                                 1st)  ILB - RMcClain

    3rd) NT - TTroupe, or best available NT type                             3rd)  NT -  TTroupe

    4th) OLB - Thadius Gibson, Eric Norwood, AJ Edds                      4th) FS - MWright,KChancellor,MLewis,RJohnson

    5th) WR/KR- ARoberts,ESanders,JWilliams,JShipley                   5th) WR/KR- ARoberts,ESanders,JWilliams,JShip
                                      (5th & 6th reversable depending on whos ACTUALLY available) 

    6th) DT/NT- AJones,JOwens,MNeal,D'ASmith,AWoods                6th) DT/NT-AJones,JOwens,MNeal,DSmith,AWood

    6B)  RB - LeGarrett Blount, Lonyae Miller, Charles Scott             6B) RB- LBlount, LMiller, CScott

                           ( B's & C's reversable in rnds 6-7 depending on whos ACTUALLY available)

    6C)  SS - Jeremy Miles, Myron Rolle                                        6C) OLB - Kelvin Conner

    7)   TE - Fendi Onobun, or best biggest  TE available                 7)  TE - Fendi Onobun, best available TE

    7B) OLB - Rob Muckelroy, Dexter Davis                                    7B) OLB - RMuckelroy, DDavis

    7C) ILB - Vincent Rey, Jacob Vutrera, Ryan D'Imperio        7C) SS-JMiles,MRolle,CodyGrimm,KMcarthy,HColeman

    NOWWWW, IFFFF we don't go NT, OLB, FS, or ILB in the 1st, FORGET EVERYTHING I SAID,LOL!!
    And REMEMBER, I don't have the same regime BENEFIT of KNOWING who's actually available @ each pick!!GOFINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  48. I'm not that big on Graham.  The good thing about him is at a position of need.  I like McClain much more.

  49. The video of Ted Ginn's second TD return against the Jets still makes me chuckle... Here's Ginn trapped in the place he hates worst, righ in the middle of the field with defenders flying all around him. Try as he may, he cannot get to the ground without being pounded so he does this awkward dance trying to avoid contact when suddenly a hole appears. He tries to trip but another guy comes flying by and that won't work so the only option left is to run for his life.

    Run for your life Teddy, run for your life!!!

    As I rejoice the outcome of the play I can't help but think how lucky could one man get? This talk about losing Ginn as a return man strikes me funny. The guy was terrible, he was a scared man running for his life. As I have stated before, there is no cure for a guy who doesn't like contact. As they say, you can't teach speed but you also can't teach toughness.

    I know Parcells was up there in his office afraid to breath while SF negotiated this deal... Ted Ginn will never be anything more than a 3rd or 4th receiver and only then as a guy a team brings in to run go routes. Fear and football do not mix and Teddy is afraid of contact. No matter what he ever does to improve his game he will never lose that fear and I'm glad we were able to get a 5th for him because honestly I though we would end up cutting him during training camp.