Saturday, April 24, 2010

The New Guys

Upon completion of the 2010 NFL Draft, I feel like Miami did well but probably could've done better.  Ultimately we won't know how good a draft it was until a year or two have passed, but to me, none of the players really scream 'Pro-Bowler' to me.  But with that said, there should be improvement to the team overall, and thus I guess you would have to consider it a successful draft at this stage.  

The addition of the undrafted free agents shows that Miami did cover all their needs between Free Agency, Trade, Draft and subsequent free agent signings.  As we sit on April 25th, Miami can head straight to camp with 'all the bases covered'.













  1. <span>MANN,I was bummed after the Odrick pk, 
    but I'm very HAPPY NOW that it's all done!! 
    I BELIEVE WE LANDED 3 STARTERS w'our 1st 3 pks, and AJEDDS may be a 4th starter!! 
    REALLY GLAD we went after ALL those LBs,(figure we had to replace JT & JP somehow), 
    thought we'd take TWO LBs and hope @LEAST ONE worked-out, 
    but since we needed to replace our TWO TOP sack artist,(we nabbed 4 LBs hoping that @LEAST TWO work-out)!! 
    BRILLIANT!!!  I'm STOKED and I NOW FEEL GOOOD about the ODRICK pk tooooo!!! 
    After not getting the 1st rnd OLB, I asked for MISI in the 2nd, and I like AJ ALOT(wherever he ends-up)!! 

  2. Kudos to Bungle/Knight/Tim who annointed 2010 the year of the linebacker. 50% of our picks went there. Whoda thunk that?
    Did anyone score ANY points in your comp Tin? lol
    I read that Ireland said we are a better team now than we were 3 months ago. We needed to be but let's see how all the pieces fit together now and how Nolan uses all his new toys before we annoint them anything else. I'm going with 13's sign-off tho.


  3. A.J. Edds- The more I watch this dude the more I like him. Ireland said he saw him getting immediate playing time in the Nickle. Watching this guy brings a 3-4 version of Zach Thomas to mind, not that he’ll be that but he just seems like a guy that could surprise you. He always seems right near the action, whether he's the guy making the tackle or not he has a nose for the ball and always seems to be right there. His highest rated attributes are Instincts/Recognition and his Tackling, not a heavy hitter but just excellent form tackling, great dropping back into zone coverage leading guys into the safety. Also often calling things and lining up his teammates.

    I would like to see him bulk up a bit especially in his base. Get stronger. That'll help him out in the run. At Iowa he was the best coverage lb they had, so that was his number 1 priority for them. I think if we bulk him up and work on some of his run technique he'll surprise some people when you combine that with his strengths.

  4. I love Big Uglies .. smash 'em in the mouth & knock 'em back 5 yards.  Tuna ball!!
    If these Fuglies can play football, it will be a fun season.  Be a good while before we know, can't wait!!

    Couple things I noticed for you draftnicks (I'm a only spectator on predictions stuff) .... mock has Odrick going to SD at #28 ... we slid right in there & made ourselves at home!!

    The sporting news draft guide had us mocked taking ...
    - Didn't find it online, think this was the hard copy magazine.  Posted on
    pick 43: Jared Odrik
    pick 73: John Jerry ... these 2 got everyone excited Thur/Fri ... but of course whiffed on the others Sat.

    4th Round: S-Stuckey
    5th Round: RB-James Starks
    6th Round: TE-Jameson Konz and WR-Mike Williams
    7th Round: LB-Mike McLaughlin, LB-Keaton Kristick and RB Lonyae Miller

  5. NICE, Roberto Wallace (look-out PT,or bye-bye)!!!  Bigger,Faster,NIIIICCCCCEEEEEE!!!

    AJ Wallace doesn't seem an EXPLOSIVE KR, does Marlon Monroe return kicks???
    How-bout speed-demon IVEY (in comparison to Oghobasse),LOL!!  YEAAAAAAA an NT!!!!!

    STEALING 7th rnd prospects in FA , GOFINS!!!

  6. <span><span>'all the bases covered'</span></span>

    IMHO ... I believe we've got to do something major at Safety ... or we'll get gutted like a fsih. Especially in the AFC East.  Losing Joey & Jason will make it worse ... and our 2nd year CBs are already asked to do alot & can't be left alone.

    A couple other positions are thin, but can be covered over with a little chewing gum & scotch tape.

  7. So far... in UDFA I only like Travis Ivey, maybe A.J. Wallace. The rest seem awfully random.

    Roberto Wallace... What? This guy will NOT push Patrick Turner. He wasn't even the best receiver on the San Diego State Aztecs.... Seyi Ajirotutu, Danario Alexander, or even Tin's Small school boy Terrell Hudgins are wr's that make a lot more sense than this dude.

    Of the UDFA's remaining... I like the wr's I talked about above, Ekom Udofia NT, Jay Ross NT, Jeff Byers OG, Tony Washington OT, Nathan Overbay TE, Rafael Priest CB, Van Eskridge S, Joique Bell Rb... are guys i'm interested to see where they go, if anywhere.

  8. culver, clemons, jones, ness, perhaps J allen, amaya, probably this weaver kid - whether there's a starter in there remains to be seen, but the odds are much better than they were a week ago.

  9. Kory Sheets is our best KR, and it might be a need that allows taurus johnson to make the roster.  some of the DBs can compete too.

  10. uk, with all this draft stuff i haven't had time to watch man utd but i will tonight - and in glorious 1080p!

  11. Mum's the word! Chelsea game in progress now (30 mins in as of my post) - again, no comments on status of game. ;)

  12. PS - I didn't see it and missed most of second half on the radio due to a local emergency - be interested in your match report.

  13. Tim The EnchanterApril 25, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    Tin, we already signed all those rookie FAs? Hey we finally added a NT, LOL. Ivey is a big boy. Maybe he can make the PS and develop in a couple of years.

    Wasn't Ohgobasse supposed to be drafted or am I mixing him up with someone else?

    This was a good draft. Thanks uk, it wasn't that hard to think we'd go LB this offseason being that we really hadn't addressed the position all that much since the trifecta got here. Outside of signing Anderson, Torbor, trading for Ayodele and drafting only one in Folsom last year, these were mostly stopgap guys. Dansby and this draft class shows the trifecta saw the issues on defense last year and that was a lack of speed at LB and in coverage.

    This Edds guy is a coverage specialist and we needed a nickel LB. Misi is a good edge guy and McCoy and Spitler may be long shots but they'll get a chance to compete.

    Jones adds depth and talent at S and this Carroll kid could be a solid nickel back if he can stay healthy. It sounds like Clemons and Culver will get a chance to win the FS spot with Jones being possibly in the mix too. If not we have depth at SS behind Bell.

    Odrick is a beast and I think he'll become a fan favorite. Jerry adds more size and depth to the OL. I'm very happy with this draft.

    I'd like to thank Tin for his chatroll and this blog. That was a lot of fun chatting live with everyone. Go Phins!

  14. Tim, agreed it wasn't rocket science to work out that we'd draft at least one LB even after the Dansby acquisition, but we doubled up on our double-up strategy and I distinctly remember you saying this would be the year of the LB - you nailed that one big time (isn't it supposed to be the year of the rat anyway? lol)
    Also, I second your thanks to Tin. This site is the dogs b***ocks! Speaking of which, I always use as my news-wire ( and there are links to fan blogs on there now. Do you want your loyal readers to lobby Curt to try to get your links on their Tin? Quid pro quo and all that?

  15. What I like best about this draft has nothing to do with the players drafted.  This draft signaled to me the Dolphins moving into a new era, FINALLY.  Our Antiques have been moved out and we have some nice new shiny toys.

  16. """At Iowa he was the best coverage lb they had, so that was his number 1 priority for them."""

    I was thinkin, that will be his early responsibilities for us,
    guy KNOWS how to run routes(TE EXP),and seems to play from inside the receiver/QBs mind!!

    VERY INSTINCTIVE,ALA 54 !!!  Think CC's job's in jeapordy,due to SEVERAL of the acquisition's(DOBBINS etc)!!

  17. """Roberto Wallace... What?"""

    I didn't say he would, (I was just suggesting that being being pratically as tall and heavier yet faster),
    how much does he really have to show to make-up ground on yet developed PT(who I happen to like)??

    MAYBEEEEE the light suddenly comes on for one or the other, LETS HOPE SO !!!!!   GOFINS!!!!

  18. NONE are a SERIOUS THREAT to EVER take it to the house!! I'm GONNA MISSS the TG THREAT on EVERY KICK!

  19. son of a son of a shulaApril 25, 2010 at 12:55 PM

    With the similarity between Iowa's uniform to the Steelers watching Edds was like watching Jack Ham "from back in the day". I think he'll be a good one.
    Although I didn't get one pick right or even close they drafted as I felt they needed to. I think Knight and I were the only ones expecting a heavy dose of linebackers it seems. They have a good group of guys to work with now. This could be the linebacker equivelant of when Walsh brought in his secondary at San Fran with Ronnie Lott. However Dansby will be the big hitter for this group. They'll be able to use Wake as a hand in the ground pass rusher with this group. Starks is a three down NT who can play DT with four man fronts.
    To me this seems like one of those drafts were gonna look back on and say "Oh that's when it happened" meaning when we are a perrenial playoff team.
    Another way to look at this draft now is to liken it to us potentially getting our Seymour, Vrable and Bruschi. With Dansby already there. This could be good.

  20. We Have PlaymakersApril 25, 2010 at 12:55 PM


    Watching the film on Edds, I see some Zack Thomas, I see some John Offerdahl, & I see some A.J. Duhe.  When I saw him play this year, I noticed that he was a good tackler but if you watch that video he is an extremely versatlie LB that can drop back & really cover players which we need.  He has great hands & looks like a he could have been a TE based on that clip.

  21. We Have PlaymakersApril 25, 2010 at 12:58 PM

    Ivey may be our backup NT is Soliai doesn't impress. 

  22. 13 - think we are at cross-purposes. Tin downloads the games to watch and I didn't want to play spoiler.
    If he's downloaded the Chelsea game, let's hope he doean't read this first? lol

  23. son of a son of a shulaApril 25, 2010 at 1:01 PM

    <span> Oghobasse could be the NT find equivalent to Bess. I was surprised he didn't get drafted I saw mocks with him going in the 4th and 5th.</span>

  24. Fang - exciting huh? You should never wish your life away, but wouldn't it would be nice to fast forward to September for a quick peek how we look then come back again? :-D

  25. NO DOUBT, I WISH he were THudgins, or DAlexander !!!   Did they get swooped yet???

  26. I had IVEY on MY BOARD in ORANGE (a goood thing),in the 7th!! STEALING 7th rnd projected prospects,LOL!!

    Sooooo REALLY we get 10PLUS 7th rndrs EVERY YEAR, we need to turn the actual pks into 5th/6th rndrs!!!

    Looks like the regime want's ALL failures & successes to be of their own doing ASAP!!!

  27. We Have PlaymakersApril 25, 2010 at 1:21 PM

    I believe the best playmaker we got is Reshad Jones.  He's a big hitter with very good size.  Why this kid dropped to the 5th round is truly a mystery to me.  I think he is a FS & I think he will eventually be the starter this season. 

    Odrick might be a playmaker @ DE but is he quick enough to be great @ the NFL level???  We'll see.  He still is going to have to beat out Langford & Merling to start & I'm not so sure that's going to be the case.  Nonetheless, I think he'll be a solid player for us.

    Who knows on Misi???  The truth is that I know very little about him & that footage was one series in a game against Oregon so that didn't give me any help. 

    We've added difference makers on both sides of the ball in FA with Marshall & Dansby.  We've improved the depth of our O-line & our running game should be excellent.  And with all of these draft picks & trading for Dobbins, our LB's are younger & deeper than last year.  The biggest conerns I have is that someone other than Wake will need to emerge as a pass rusher on the weakside & we stil need a pass catching TE that can be a security blanket for Henne.  I hope that the Jets & the Patriots continue to get all of the attention as the front runners in this division but at the end of the day I think we're going to win the AFC East. 

  28. Tim The EnchanterApril 25, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    son, I agree. I thought Oghobasse was a mid round prospect.

    We are now targeting specific roles at positions and getting bigger, faster and more athletic. I always felt the 2010 offseason would be huge to this team making a run in the next few years. Dansby, Marshall, Incognito (yes him too) and Dobbins were need positions. Younger, faster and better. Top playmakers and experience at their positions.

    WOLB Anderson, Misi, McCoy
    SOLB Moses, Walden, Johnston
    WILB Dansby, Torbor, Folsom
    SILB Crowder, Dobbins, Edds

    Pass rush specialist: Wake
    Nickel LBs: Dansby, Crowder and Edds

  29. I figured we'd focus on Linebacker, what surprised me was that we went 2 ILB's with A.J. Edds and Austin Spitler(probably just a special teams guy though), plus trading for Tim Dobbins... I expected us to focus heavily on OLB though with probably getting 1 new ILB. I don't care what Ireland says... Torbor is DONE.

  30. son of a son of a shulaApril 25, 2010 at 2:02 PM

    Spitler is special teams guy who I guess goes on the practice squad. You do have to figure Torbor is gone (i do like him) he costs too much, Crowder and Anderson must be sweating though. Edds will take over the (phantom) role of back-up long snapper since JT is gone.
    The Tri-guys had said they wanted to build the ST around the size, speed and athleticism of the linebackers, they sure did that.

  31. UK this is why Parcells was brought here.  The Miami Dolphins are back in the NFL.  They may not be a great team or even that good next year, I don't know..  I will say this, I have more faith now than I did just a few days ago.  There is a new Sheriff in town and he's cleaning up the town. :)

  32. Yea Babyyyyyyy.  I my, I sound like 13kv !!!!

  33. <span>I think Odrick will beat Merling... I like Merling.. but Odrick is gonna outwork him and take that spot imo. That's what he was brought here to do. Not that it's a big deal, Merling did and will still be a heavy part of the rotation... The trifecta does their best to keep all the lineman fresh.  
    I see Misi taking the Solb spot, really like this kid, I had a list of players I would be real happy for us to take. Misi was one of the higher ones even though I thought we did reach a little. Still like the pick and love his play. The fact that he worked out of a two point stance, dropped back, and did more stunting than most these end's that translate to 3-4 olb's... is a big bonus, I think it'll be a smooth transition.  
    Interestingly enough Kindle the other OLB prospect who moved around a lot in college has never put up more than 55 tackles in 4 years at college. Koa Misi did 60+ 3 out of 3 years.(redshirted as a freshman due to neck injury). Last year Misi had 5 sacks 2 FF's. Kindle had 6 sacks and 0 FF's. Heck Misi had more FF's last year than Kindle had in his entire 4 years of college. Misi is a football player, and we will bulk him up and he'll be an even better football player.</span>

  34. Here I was thinking I declared YearOfTheLB but I've already lost the race for the credit!  I probably just heard Knight say it and then started claiming it as my own lol!  What I can say is that we foresaw a few things.  We had debated forever the possibility of conversions on the DL (some w/Merling going to SOLB  or NT).  We all knew SOMETHING was up....

    My newest theory is we are at the final housecleaning phase.  Even though we resigned Carey and Crowder last year, I'm wondering if they're going to make it past camp.  Ireland stated he expects Edds to transisition quickly.  With Spitler too I'm thinking Torbor and/or Crowder gone.  Green Bay had a very young LB corps last year but did well.  A few rookie LBs did very well last year so I don't see why our rooks won't be expected to hit the ground running.  I'm thinking we might a big wave of cuts (or trades), maybe as deep as Carey, Will Allen, Crowder, Torbor......Each of those guys has a lot of youngsters piled up behind them and they are expensive, and not as productive!

  35. ...we're going to get 5 or more starters out of this draft, maybe 4 this year or more in the 5-ufa range will surprise and also win a spot look at the picks, top 4 senior bowlers who the tri have 1st hand knowledge of, team captains/leaders right down the line, and physical profiles that fit the trifecta's mold of big, fast, and bad ass footballers ...and though we didn't nab any media darlings, we did get a number of players that were highly ranked in their positions ...I kid you not, I think we did at least as well as any other team in meeting OUR needs for building a very competitive team that will go to the playoffs THIS year.

    ...I think Crowder is safe now that Dansby takes a lot of the pressure off him ...he is damn good against the run ...Torbor is the out man at ILB, not Crowder ...and if Carroll stands out and Jones doesn't, we may yet see Smith playing FS ...remember that Carroll fell at least 3 rounds due to a seious injury history ...the guy can play CB opinion of course, ymmv :)

  36. That crossed my mind after I shut-down,but figured an email goes directly to him and didn't bother to delete!

    I deleted NOW that I realize I misinterperated your initial, HOPEFULLY I didn't ruin-it for him,
    IFFF SO, MY BADDD SORRY TIN!! DON'T go to your E-MAIL !!!!

    UK, I thought you were being superstitious when I initially posted and I could relate, AGAIN MY BADD,SORRY!!

    I'll stick to US time zoned sports, ANYONE see the Aldo/Uriah Faber fight from Sacto???
    I missed the fight but saw the result, was ALDO really that dominant?? I Like the CA KID URIAH !!!

  37. ...NFL Draft had Oghobasse as a 6th round prospect, 20th ranked DT ...Odrick was graded as a low 1st rounder, 5th ranked DT

  38. Tim The EnchanterApril 25, 2010 at 6:05 PM

    Jared Odrick is a mix of Aaron Smith (Steelers) and Keith Millard (Vikings). 6-5 300 range. This guy plays with a non-stop motor, fights his way through blocks and pursues the play. Excellent pick at #28.

    Misi is gonna be good. I like this kid. Have for months. His hustle and overall athletic ability will win us over. If he was our 3rd round pick he'd be praised. Was there a big difference between 40-75? Not really. Preference ruled the day. Yet the order distorts perception. 

    You can hear it in Ireland's voice. He's legitimately satisfied. That made me feel good as a fan.

  39. ...we signed Kyle Harrington as a UFA DT ...the guy did 43 bench presses ...that's NT strength!


    It's a job but somebodies gotta do it!!

    I'm the guy that runs around the bar HIGH-FIVE & HUGGIN EVERY STRANGER there,
    w'his DOLPHIN CAPE flying in the wind after a MIAMI DOLPHIN W!!!  YEEEEHAAAA FINS >:o !!

  41. <span>Actually, I like that Oghobasse pickup, move him to end.. guy was really highly rated last year coming off a 51 tackle 6 sack season as a DT, he was rated a 1st day guy if he had declared for the draft. Had a down year last year plagued by injuries. These guys who fall because of injuries always are interesting, Could be a real steal as an undrafted guy. 

  42. Edds was a high school tight end and at Iowa, moved from tight end to linebacker during pre-season practice in 2006.

  43. The more I see about Dobbins and Edds, the more I think that the combo of Dobbins on running downs and Edds on passing might even force Crowder off the team.

  44. The Starks misdirection threw me the entire draft... I love Odrick but I was thinking, "why do we need another DE when NT is such a need position." I had mixed feeling about the trade down simply because I thought Earl Thomas had the potential to be special at safety, I don't see Jones having that kind of immediate impact and to me the FS position is still lacking a definite starter. I have to think JT signing with the Jets had an impact on the direction of the draft, both starting OLBs being gone opened up a gaping hole that had to be filled. I can see the local media loading up if the OLB position becomes a sore spot this season, but we needed to get younger and honestly no matter what words come out of their mouths, I think Parcells and company simply do not like JT. I personally agree with them, for all the leadership talk, all I can remember is losing teams with JT in the leadership role.

    As in any draft, there is really no way of knowing how good the class is until a couple years down the line so I won't even bother to make any kind of assessment. What I did like was drafting guys who were voted captains on their college teams. What this team lacked last year was leaders on the field. I know some folks think that is overblown but having played football for many years I can remember games where guys just fired us up. There are no coaches on that field and at certain times in a game a leader can make a difference.

    I'm not going to go back and list the injuries suffered by the Dolphins last year but taken into consideration it is clear the teams is potentially much better than their record showed. With the addition of Marshall and the axing Ginn, we will see a completely different dynamic. Those drops by Ginn have a lasting impact on the players around him. When everything is done right and a guy just muffs it, the entire unit has to go back and regroup to overcome what they had all done right, mentally it is a downer that can be hard to overcome. In contrast, when a guy makes a great play in a situation where perhaps everything was not done right than the entire mentality is lifted. This the dynamic I can see changing. My gut feel is that we will have a very competitive football team this year and I'm looking forward to watching.

  45. "<span>Ultimately we won't know how good a draft it was until a year or two have passed, but to me, none of the players really scream 'Pro-Bowler' to me.</span>"

    Tin, Not knocking your observation, just giving it some context - as Sparano frequently says, "We don't want the best 53, but the right 53." When you look at Utd teams in the past, they were rarely full of "pro-bowler" types. Team chemistry and "the right 53" is something that the media tends to shy away from when they put (skill) players on their pedestals and knock them off again around this time of year, but when you take all the hyperbole away "the right 53" is what wins championships imho. Furthemore, giving this regime credit where credit is due, they bring players in who they think can be part of that 53, but when a player has had a chance and has been proven to not fit, he is replaced real quick with (usually) an upgrade. Sure they have had big misses and in some cases the process seems like trial and error, but whatever view you take, it's difficult to argue against the fact that this team has been refined each year since 1-15 and version 3.0 looks like it should be the best one to take the field since that debacle season. As the talent level of the team improves year-on-year, each FA/draft becomes less vital to next seasons success, there are fewer holes in the 53 and we get closer to the right 53. What gets us all pumped is finding out whether we have the right 53 yet and we won't know that til next year, but I'm liking what I see in terms of progression and I feel that a winning season is the bare minimum we should expect this year. If the 53 gels quickly and gets off to a good start on a tough early schedule, we may even make the play-offs. Go Fins.

  46. Sup Super Phans,

    It is so interesting the feeling of uncertainty going into the this year. Yet it seems we all got what we wanted. A more aggressive play caller on Defense in Nolan. Stronger/Faster/Team player at LB. Porter and Taylor did show heavy signs of wear and tear. Though I think Taylor definitely made it for up with his leadership, but not complete value for us on the field. FO signed Dansby which I think more than makes for it. I think there is an infusion of energy that we lacked here. But I do remember our D, struggling under injuries.

    We got a beast of a WR. All season long the Ginn, belly aching was handled the moment Marshall signed his tender. I think we have seen Camarillo, Hartline, and Bess keep the Offense steam going forward. While the whole unit was progressing forward, Ginn dropped so many 3rd down passes that hit him in the hands, it destroyed moral. I truly believe that he actually let the team down. Putting our Defense right back on the field and exhausting them. While Camarillo was catching balls with his butt crack. Clutch = Morale. I personally believe, that Ginn eventually affected Henne's confidence. Hesitating to throw to someone who can't catch when needed.

    The fans practically begged the Triad to go all defense in this draft. With the choices they had, the position in the rounds they had, they drafted people, that fit their schemes. All the while, addressing Nolan's needs. Which means I think FO is tuned into a commitment to a "change in culture". So screw what Dave Hyde has to say, Trifecta hired Nolan, then provided him with the tools that he desires. Tools for success. Especially with his constant shifting of Defensesive schemes that could have as many 4-5 LBs on the field at a time. And Nolan will be changing his personnel packages to fit the scheme. I like that kind of unity from Coach to GM and Tuna.

    I feel we lost those close games due to not having the "Right 53" people (as UkFinFan pointed out). I think last year we had "Best 53" we could afford to have. This year we seem to be pushing towards that Team Chemistry while not mortgage the future. I for one, enjoy this strengthening process. I like a team that takes its licks on the nose, whips the blood of its face, and fights back. To me, that is what makes football the new arena of the gladiator. So we got what we wished for and the FO has given us the best warriors possible. Let the battle begin...

  47. Tim The EnchanterApril 26, 2010 at 7:25 AM

    Ireland said Misi and McCoy will work at WOLB and Edds at ILB.

  48. Oghobasse is a guy I've had on the radar for a couple of years. Last year I
    had him rated as a 1st day pick (before they changed the format obviously).
    If he can show more consistency he could make the squad - at the very least
    he should be a PS player when all is said and done.

  49. Edds will probably be a special teamer and nickel linebacker only his first
    season. Nothing wrong with that though. He's as good a lock for the 45 as
    any of the other LBs not named Dansby.

  50. You could argue that this year the undrafted FAs are of high quality due to the depth of the draft.  That'd be great if he turns it on!

  51. I agree that the dynamic is very different and all the divas are gone (sure
    we added Marshall, but he can't afford to be a diva this season).
    I also believe the consistency and play-making ability brings confidence not
    just in the locker room but during the game especially in the 4th quarter
    when you're down by 8 points. Last year it looked like the coaches gave up
    a few times or played it safe with a lead. Possibly because they didn't
    want the defense to be on the field at all so they'd play vanilla offense.

  52. I really think Crowder is a goner.  Just caught some of Irelands post draft interview and when discussing Gibril Wilson he stated that he won't ever speak poorly of a guy on his team.  I think Crowder's average play and the fact that he went public (with Porter on air) with his frustrations pretty much pushed him out the door. 

  53. McCoy seems like more of a SOLB to me.....I guess I've gotten to thinking that you want more meat on the strong side and isn't McCoy 260-270 lbs? 

    Ireland also 'projected' Jerry at LG, but we have a lot of bodies already, and his natural position is on the right.  I'm wondering if his 'projections' are just another misdirection.  Jerry to me seems like a Carey clone.  And Anderson IMO was going to see more playing time this season (SOLB).  But we did get enough bodies to replace him......

    Maybe with Nolan and Dansby arriving they're cleaning the slate.  If you were implementing a new scheme, would you want to start fresh with talented (and smart) rooks, or experienced vets?

  54. I don't know UK, I think Man Utd has several players who could make the
    pro-bowl relatively speaking - I think Rooney is a lock, Vidic could be in,
    Van Der Sar could be in, Evra could get in for 'best vomiter', Scholes could
    be in for 'best tackler, etc.
    But to add some more 'context' to the pro-bowl thing, in 2008 we picked up
    Jake Long (2 time pro-bowler in 2 seasons), in 2009 we got Vontae Davis who
    narrowly missed the pro-bowl but looks like he has the potential to get
    there by his 3rd season. I like Odrick, but think of it - neither Odrick,
    Misi, Edds, Carroll, McCoy, Spitler or Jones are locks to start or even play
    3-down football. John Jerry is the only one who would play every down if he
    was named starter , although despite everyone's confidence in him, I don't
    see him beating out Nate Garner for the LG spot and he also has to compete
    with Donald Thomas, Andrew Hartline, Ray Feinga, Dmitri Tsoumpas, Lydon
    Murtha, and dare I say it, Justin Smiley? I'm also not entirely convinced
    that Incognito moves to RG.

  55. Edds and Odrick are my 2 favorite picks of the draft.  I'm still holding out hope on Reshad Jones.  I know they really liked him going into the draft so I'm glad they reeled him. 

    Not so sure about the Jerry pick when we made it, but I am happy about having another Guard in the mix.  Plus, they got a really good look at him.  I can only assume that they really liked what they saw throughout that week and think this guy can play.

  56. Krillian = DBZ?

    Carrol had a 40 time of 4.39 at one point. Could he be moved to FS and ball hawk?

  57. We Have PlaymakersApril 26, 2010 at 8:58 AM

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter expects the Dolphins to pursue free agent OLB Adalius Thomas.
    “Thomas is younger with less wear on his tires than Jason Taylor, though Taylor’s been far more productive in recent seasons. The Fins did pick up Koa Misi, a possible rookie starter, and small-school pass rusher Chris McCoy in the draft. Thomas could serve as a mentor to Miami’s young OLB corps. He’s also a favorite of new Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.”

  58. Right now we definitely have DEPTH and and lot more OPTIONS, but we also
    have 75+ players that need to be brought down to 53, then only 45 can
    dress. So as great it is in theory that we'll switch out LBs on every
    situation, the reality is we have to manage the game with no more than 8
    Right now we have:
    Wake, Anderson, Misi, McCoy, Walden, Moses, Johnston, Spitler, Edds, Dansby,
    Crowder, Folsom, Torbor, Dobbins.
    That's 14. I figure 1 makes the PS - Spitler, McCoy or Folsom. We will
    keep one undressed (9th body) and the rest have to go.
    Our LB corps *could *look like this:
    WLB: Wake, Anderson
    TLB: Dansby, Edds
    MLB: Crowder, Dobbins
    SLB: Misi, Moses
    9th guy - Walden or McCoy
    Truth is I'd expect Torbor and/or Crowder to be on the outs.

  59. Anderson is a pass-rusher, not good vs run, so I don't think he'll play
    I think they will try McCoy at SOLB along with Moses, Misi and maybe even
    Dansby, but we could also still bring in someone else.

  60. You don't put a 4.3 guy at FS usually especially when you only have 5 or 6
    bodies at CB. We've got 6 bodies at Safety now - I think we're done there.

  61. The Dolphins could be interested further down the road, but I think they'll
    want to kick the tires on their rookies first - by then someone else may
    pick up Thomas.

  62. The door was kind of closed for the young OLBs last year. With JT and JP gone I expect we will see some heated competition and out of it, the cream will rise.  The new regime has brought in a culture of competition that will bring out the best in these young players. Without any real super stars every position is wide open.  Ever notice how as soon as a team starts winning all of a sudden they have all these pro bowlers? As was mentioned earlier it's team game and team chemistry is what creates a winning atmosphere... Build the field and they will come.

  63. True that, Tin. But is Jones, Clemons, or Culver the answer?

  64. Scholes best tackler - LMAO! Are you up to speed with weekend results?
    I know what you're saying about maybe none of these players make the pro-bowl (although Odrick looks like he has all the intangibles to really play at a high level). I also agree about none of these players being locks, but that competition they create will make the whole team better. Also, good players learn off other good players and they push each other harder. The upshot of what I meant was that we can't always expect to draft a pro-bowler every year (it helps if we have the #1 pick!) but a lot of very good players who are just solid, consistent and don't make mistakes can transform a 7-9 team into a play-off team. Who knows how much upside they have? Who knows how much upside any draftees have? I just like this draft from a "type" of player point of view and think if you add in Dansby and Marshall, this off-season has the potential to be what tips us over the edge into a consistent play-off team now.

  65. Definitely, Tin. I hear what you are saying. But its nice to see we have options beyond Folsom and Torbor, and Walden going into TC. That gets me excited. If anyone moves beyond them in the depth chart, it is because they deserve it and are actually better than those 3.

    I think its going to be exciting to watch it all unfold.

  66. It would be fun to farm talent off the Patriots for once though. Have them play like a pro bowler against the Pats. Instead of the other way around.

  67. The Joey - deffo prefer "The triad" to the trifecta! Also, Dave Hyde is a pseudonym - his real name is Wayne Kerr.

    Tin - I listened in to O on 790 this am and I think he said the Fins could go with as many as 4 ILBs, 6 OLBs and try to stash 2 on the PS. It seems we may be trying to bulk ST up with some bigger bodies too? It seems a lot to me.

  68. I read the Tri had Jerry as a 2nd round grade so they snapped him up in the 3rd.

  69. Remember when the Pats had the luxury of turning down our discards? lol

  70. The only safety/positional lock is Y. Bell at SS. Clemons, Culver, Nate
    Ness, Jones, Amaya and possibly a converted corner or old flip-flopper jason
    Allen could all compete for the FS spot. All I'm saying is that we have the
    bodies and the competition and the Trifecta is going to have confidence in
    all of them because Bell is the only one they didn't hand-pick.
    In any event, the LBs are going to be better, the corners are going to be
    better, the defensive scheme is going to be different (no more of that
    Pass-the-baloney 'do whatever you feel like' scheme) so ultimately someone
    like Chris Clemons could look like a superstar this year - we don't know -
    what we do know is that the Dolphins have now drafted 2 safeties and signed
    3 more in the last 2 years (that are still on the roster) so there's good
    odds the starter is on the team already.

  71. We did that once back in the 90s

  72. I did not see a chelsea score - I watched MOTD for Saturday - I thought they
    were playing then?

  73. ...keep in mind that Sean Smith was projected as a FS by a lot of draftniks last year ...he has the size and the instincts ...if a starting FS doesn't leap out of the ones on the roster, Smith would be a far more likely move to FS than Carroll imnsho

  74. ...good point on the defensive scheme tin ...with Nolan's blitzing proclivities, a number of those on the roster last year might look quite a bit different in camp this year than what we saw from them last year ...I'm really looking forward to what Nolan does with Wake.

  75. I think:
    7 DL, 9 LB, 4 S, 5 CBs. = 24 players
    3 QB, 9 OL, 5 WR, 4 RB, 3 TE = 24 players
    K, P, LS, specialist = 4 players
    Total = 52 players
    Room for one more LB, WR, TE, RB - I think it will be running back/kick
    returner - Ronnie, Ricky, Polite, Cobbs/Hilliard, Sheets/Davis.
    ST = 4 LBs, 2 TE, 1 K, 1 LS, 1 S, 1 CB, 1 RB = 11.
    I don't think we need 10 LBs on the roster.

  76. Patrick please remove yourself from my brain. :)   Not that there is anything up there that you may want.  You have stolen my thoughts and placed them on this page much better than I could have ever possible done.

    As tin has said, and others also noticed "herdfan most notibly during the season last year".  Something didn't seem right with the coaching staff last year.  I don't know what it was about.  I can explain it like this.  It seemed like Sparano was invited to a party that he didn't want to attend, he was there but he didn't like it.  I'm hoping this draft class and the change of coachs has fixed it.

    One thing for sure the team is younger, it still has some veterans mixed in here and there, and it will be hungry.  "Now if the dogs can hunt we should see plenty of food on the plate. :) "

  77. Played Stoke and beat them 7-0! Ouch. Had they slipped it could have all been so different. We need L'pool to do the business against Chelsea (at Anfield but w/out Torres) on Sunday now. That's a 1:30pm (local time) k.o., followed by Utd away at Sunderland at 4pm.

  78. 7-0? wtf! i was just thinking we were closing in on them in goal diff as
    well. not anymore!

  79. Edds could possibly serve as our LS.

  80. Quite! Their GD is +8 better then ours now. Only more points will do at this stage. Rumour is Rooney won't play again this season with a groin.

  81. Hope we don't cut Crowder... he's young and a pretty good player. If we do cut him it's because of his mouth.

  82. And the handbag (US = purse?) duel he had with Matt Light. Parcells must have squirmed watching that.

  83. LOL, poor wording there, uk - it sounds like Rooney's being castrated in
    order to play the next match...

  84. He's changed career and is singing falsetto with the local choir ;)  lol

  85. They showed him with Colleen and the baby up in the box and all I can say,
    thank heavens the baby looks like the mother....Although, shouldn't he be
    sitting down with the team? I noticed every time they showed him he was
    standing up and nervously pacing around and bouncing around and biting his
    fingernails off. You could tell he wanted to be on the pitch badly.

  86. Really? Crowder? I think he has been consistent, but I kind have my feelings he is traded or drifts back on the depth chart to become a back up. If not at the season opener, atleast by mid season. Just a feeling I had.

  87. I actually like Culver a lot. I am just not quite sure I see the complete domination we would come to expect. But after Gerbil Wilson, I think anyone who can wrap up a tight end is gonna look beastly.