Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Dolphin - Brandon Marshall, WR

I knew a Brandon Marshall trade was imminent once he signed his RFA tender, and I knew if it came down to Miami vs Seattle, that Miami would win out, but I was still a bit shocked when I heard the news.

The Dolphins have traded their 2010 and 2011 2nd round draft picks for the services of the star Broncos wide receiver.

The truth is, this trade just about screwed up all the mock drafts out there, and also proves once and for all that the Trifecta a) never believed they had that #1 WR on the roster or that they didn't need to get one, b) weren't going to go between the Dansby signing and the Draft without another big move, and c) can never, ever, ever again say with a straight face that their number one concern is bringing in high character guys.

They've brought in some misfits in their time, but this move proves that in the end, talent wins out over good character, and on the field at least we should have a much improved team already with a now experienced rocket arm QB, a true #1 WR, a healthy and experienced o-line, a much improved interior linebacking group, and any secondary that doesn't include Gibril Wilson.  The Dolphins would do very well to wait out an extension on Marshall's contract to see if a new mature Marshall shows up or the same old locker room diva.  At least 'popcorn muscles' won't be in the locker room with him.

There is one thing this trade brings into focus.  It implies that the Dolphins are going to try to recover a 2nd or early 3rd round pick to sort of make-up for the one they lost.  It implies that WR is out of the running for the 1st and 3rd round picks they currently have.  It implies that OL, FS, DT, and LB are the only likely choices with those picks.  I'd go a little further than even that to suggest that the Dolphins will now most likely go with FS at the top of the draft.  I still think Brandon Graham is the safer choice, but someone like Eric Berry or Earl Thomas are rated higher as far as BPA goes.

I also think the Dolphins should hang on to Ted Ginn Jr now.  A combination of Marshall, Hartline, Bess and Ginn is the complete game-day foursome that covers any play-calling options you need.  Ginn could go back to returning kicks and punts full-time (he's more likely to score TDs that way anyway).

UPDATE:  Per Adam Shefter, "Brandon Marshall reaches agreement with Dolphins on four-year, $47.5 million extension, including $24 million guaranteed."  Personally I think that's a bad move by the Dolphins.  They should've either waited to see what version of Marshall shows up to camp or cut the guaranteed money.  This 5 year/$50M or $10M per year deal is insane.  How did the bank ok this?  Was it Washington Mutual?


  1. Are the Jets still in the lead for off season champions?

  2. Why does this make you think that FS is their top priority?

  3. <span><span>There is one thing this trade brings into focus. It implies that the Dolphins are going to try to recover a 2nd or early 3rd round pick to sort of make-up for the one they lost.</span></span>

    Tin, correct me if I'm off the mark, so are you saying that another trade is imminent? Like Ronnie Brown? Who else has that kind of value?

  4. I think we've got a much better receiver in Marshall than Holmes, but the
    money was absolutely ridiculous (see update).

  5. Tim The EnchanterApril 14, 2010 at 8:37 AM

    Not that I love getting Marshall who has been a problem child, but my hope was this offseason we target more impact players, not more depth/developmental players. I think we have a solid core of young developmental players and quality depth. We need special talents and so far we got two impact players in Dansby and Marshall. If we can get another two in the draft and get some guys who were already here to step up their game, we're right in the thick of it all.





    Been wanting him for yrs,YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  D  O  L  P  H  I  N  S  !!!!   ( OLB,NT/NT/OLB)!!!!

  7. what about NT Tin? is there not one at the top of the draft that would be good for our first round? and yes, I suck, I have not read all of your posts---sigh---but I have told you I am draft impaired before...right?? ;)

  8. oh and what about Camirillo? Has he never completely recovered from his injury of 08? Would he not better than Bess across the middle or no??

  9. AND it doesn't mess-up my draft,(other than pushing my 2nd rnd choice of NT or OLB to the 3rd)....

    I think a LEGIT NT can be had in the 3rd,but not sure about a LEGIT OLB!!!  (@12 BGraham or DWilliams)???


  10. Tin - I agree that Miami will be trying real hard to get back another pick.  I know he's told Ireland that before (I believe when we traded for McDaniel, Parcells told Ireland to get the pick back... I don't remember if we did or how we did).  Any way, you better believe we're trying to package or trade Smiley & Ginn and listen to offers on Ronnie & Fasano and possibly Penny and/or Thigpen.

  11. canam, they could trade their 12th for a late 1st and a 2nd or 3rd. They
    could throw in Smiley or Ginn and that could be the difference between
    choosing 25th and choosing 20th.

  12. Camarillo is not better than Bess, IMO. Bess has proven more than Camarillo
    has - Camarillo is still sort of getting by on the famous TD in 2007.
    Obviously it all comes down to who performs in training camp but at this
    point Bess' stats way outrank Camarillos.

  13. I'm thinking keeping Ginn would only make our offense that much better, but if we recoup our 2nd somehow with him and Smiley, I'll live.  I'm thinking Cam might be the odd guy out if they plan on nursing P. Turner along. 

    Still can't get over draft picks + monster contract.  All in all I wanted MORE picks.  Hope we can acquire more and I hope BM is a changed man off the field. 

    When I think purely game day offense I love having BM, but I'm not completely giddy overall.  Keeping my fingers crossed on this one!

  14. Well I wouldn't say it's definitely their top priority, but before getting
    Marshall their top priorities in no particular order were WR, FS, NT, and LB
    (both inside and outside). Now that they got an ILB and a WR that will
    start from day 1, the priorities are now FS, NT, and OLB. If you look at
    the draft board, the most likely candidate at pick #12 is FS because of Earl
    Thomas. The most likely trade up is to #5 with KC for Eric Berry. Other
    than Iupati, I don't see the best value based on consensus rankings. CJ
    Spiller is still the darkhorse and Kindle/Graham are possible targets but
    maybe not the best value at 12. Considering how many visits Thomas had with
    the Dolphins he could be the pick.

  15. Dan Williams is the only real option at NT in the first round and he may not
    be the best value at #12. Still, the Dolphins coached hom at the Senior
    Bowl and he was impressive their by all accounts.

  16. I'm not sure I like any of the 3rd round NT prospects that much - I'd rather
    reach for Williams, but I still like Graham and I think a consistent
    pass-rush is key to our defensive backfield turning things around from last
    season. If they like Williams, or Iupati or Earl Thomas in the 1st, they
    may be focused on bring back JT.
    Can you imagine JT's first game in 2010? either he'll be booed by Jets fans
    or he'll be booed by Dolphins fans....maybe he *should* go to the Pats?

  17. TGs going to be a scary #2 or 3  w'single coverage!!!

    BM now has his $$$, I see no more need to worry about his issues!!!


  18. Can someone explain why in the world we should trade Thigpen? If he's gone who do we have as a back up, Pat White? Pennington is gone in 1 year. Pat White, I really hope, can develop into that QB but right now I can't see a single logical reason unless they think they can get a better rookie QB next year in the draft or just someone in later rounds that is as good as Thigpen. Any thoughts?

  19. There's no Clubs, Women, or McDonald's in Miami right?

  20. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 9:41 AM

    OMG!!!  OMG!!!  I can't f#cking believe this!!!!  Finally..............................A Number 1 WR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love it!!!!!  This is the best move I can possibly imagine.  HA!!!!!!!

  21. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 9:48 AM


    I think that's really unfair.  He was having a very good season in 2008 before he got hurt & then it took him about 10 games to be 100% last season.  Obviously you are entitled to your opinion but the guy didn't drop a pass last year & you need dependable, reliable guys like him.  Now with Marshall commanding double teams, Bess, Camarillo, & Hartline have all become better. 

    I actually think if Ginn didn't completely suck last year (he definitely regressed from 2008) it would be interesting how he would do playing opposite Marshall.  I don't think we're going to see that & I wouldn't be surprised if we trade Patrick Turner to Seattle for something.

  22. "This is the best move I can possibly imagine. HA!!!!!!!"
    Queen to rook 4....checkmate!

  23. Yeah right, in Miami they serve Women at the McDonald's that is *inside* the

  24. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 9:51 AM


    Ginn will most likely be gone & Marshall's issues are FAR from being solved.  I still love the move over drafting Bryant since Marshall has proven to be one of the best WR's in the NFL.  Unbelievable move by Parcells & Co. 

    Is this surprising???  Extremely but I'm in heaven.

  25. There's no reason for Pennington to be gone in a year if he rehabs well.
    White is never going to be above Penny and Thigpen on the depth chart.
    However, White has zero trade value, Pennington has a no trade clause, and
    Henne is the starter. So Thigpen is the only trade-worthy QB on the roster,
    and his value is probably higher than what we traded to get him - he's
    probably worth a 4th right now.
    The question then becomes what's more important to the team, having a
    reliable backup QB alongside another reliable backup QB and a potential
    backup QB, or having the draft picks to draft potential impact players
    elsewhere on the roster, i.e. FS, NT, LB, OL, etc.
    If they trade Thigpen they won't need to draft another QB. There are plenty
    of unemployed QBs out there that would make acceptable backups.

  26. WHP,
    It's not unfair, it's realistic. Bess has made a bigger contribution than
    Camarillo in the last 2 years. Injuries are a part of the game and you
    don't get a free pass because you didn't play. Justin Smiley didn't get a
    free pass.
    I do agree the other receivers and the QB will all benefit from Marshall's
    presence on the field, and it's exactly because of this we need someone like
    Ginn back on the squad.
    And for the record, Camarillo *did *drop passes last year. Everyone did.
    It was contagious.
    And I think suggesting that Seattle would trade a draft pick for Patrick
    Turner is one of the most ludicrous things I've ever seen in these comments.

  27. Plus Marshall is much better than Bryant anyway because he's got good speed
    and a bevy of moves as well and runs excellent routes. He's just a complete
    article on the field.

  28. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    LOL@Tins!!!  The Patrick Turner "trade" was wishful thinking since Pete Carroll may be the only person who likes him.  

    BTW--I wasn't criticizing that you said Bess was better than Camarillo b/c he is, I just don't think it's fair to say he's still living off the TD catch of 2007. 

    Seriously though I don't think Camarillo dropped a pass last year & if he did it wasn't more than 1 or 2.

  29. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 10:25 AM

    Totally agree.  Marshall is a stud.

  30. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 10:28 AM

    Is anyone else completely SHOCKED that Parcells made this trade & then signed him to a monster contract????  Christmas DEFINITELY came early this year.

    I don't think it will really sink in until Week 1 when Marshall is out on the field.  This is RIDICULOUS!!!

  31. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 10:42 AM

    Did anyone see that video of Jerry Jones???

    I knew the guy was a complete a$$hole but what the f#ck was he talking about in terms of Parcells???  All Parcells did was build him a legitimate team that was a disaster before Parcells came in. 

    BTW--It wasn't a "miracle" that they got Romo.  Parcells found him. Parcells found Austin Miles.  Parcells found DeMarcus Ware.  Parcells found Jay Ratliff.  Parcells found Jason Witten.  Parcells found Marion Barber.  Parcells found Terence Newman, & on & on............I think the real miracle was that Parcells left & came to Miami.  This was a gift from the football Gods b/c this franchise was LOST!!!

  32. Tin, Penne DOES NOT have a no trade clause.  He gets a raise if he is traded.

  33. Dolphins re-signed QB Chad Pennington to a one-year, $2.5 million contract.
    The deal includes a "trade bonus" that would add $1.515M to Pennington's 2010 pay should he be dealt away before October's trade deadline.

  34. My prediction is that PW WILL be a Baseball player next year LOL ROTFLMAO!

  35. I mean there is NO room at WR or QB for him now! what a wasted pick.

  36. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 11:06 AM


    Next move--OLB.  I'm sticking with Kindle but I can also see us taking Morgan or Graham.

    Do you think Spiller could still be the pick???

  37. <p><span>Tin, I'm thinking the Dolphins were down to Earl Thomas or Dez Bryant and decided why pick a guy who needs to have a personal life trainer with a 1<sup>st</sup> round pick when they can give up a couple 2nds for a proven play maker. WRs are the biggest bust position in the draft as Patrick Turner demonstrated. It seems to indicate Earl Thomas will be selected with the 12<sup>th</sup> pick or they will trade down and select Dan Williams around 20.</span></p>

  38. I can see a big stir coming to the roster again.  Not such a huge turn over in players as we saw the first couple of years under BP, but a slow stir, that by the end of preseason will have a BUNCH of new players starting at new positions.

    If they can't move PW to WR then what do we do with him?
    Which of the 4 QB's on the roster won't be here?
    Will Devon Bess give up #15?.......................................
    what do we do with the 7 RB & 9 WR on the team? 
    Will Pat Turner get put back on PS? or wouldn't it be AWSOME if Marshall can teach him some pointers and we had TWO 6'4"-5" 220lb bookends?
    Can PT bulk up and be that deep threat TE we need?  He is rumored to have problems getting loose from CB's would he do better against LB's & S?
    This move is going to effect A LOT of players on the team.

  39. Rock, it's really sad but I'm thinking Pat White has no real value to us or to another team as trade bait. With that in mind Tyler Thigpen probably could be packaged with Ginn or Smiley for at least a third. The Pennington signing is a clear indication one of the QBs will be traded and logic would dictate it is Thigpen, which is unfortunate because I like him as the number 2.

    Players like Turner and White have to be kept with the hope that the light goes on otherwise they are wasted picks. It happens to ever team every year, I don't know what the average success rate is with draft picks but I would guess it's around 50%.

  40. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 11:46 AM


    I believe that we will still draft a WR not named Bryant, trade or cut Ginn, & Turner better show something in this pre-season or he might not make the team.   Based on what went on with Wilford, Crocker, Eric Green, & G. Wilson Parcells is not going to keep dead wood laying around.

    I'd be very surprised if we took Earl Thomas since he's undersized & a safety.

  41. I think they like Thomas because he can cover... In our division a cover safety is a necessary evil.

  42. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 11:56 AM

    <span>"This move is going to effect A LOT of players on the team."</span>


    I think that's a great point.  I also think that this move by Parcells (following the signing of Dansby & even a lunatic like Incognito) is a bold statement to the team that he wants to win NOW.  I'm very, very surprised since it appeared like we were just going to sit back & slowly rebuild through the draft & then BAM!!!  We got one of the best WR in the NFL & we're going to pay him $50 Million.

    Parcells is like a rattlesnake who is sneaking around in the grass & no one even realizes & out of nowhere he  attacks.   'When Parcells Attacks....."  LOL!!!  What a phenomenal day!!!

  43. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 11:59 AM


    If a team can consistently achieve a 50% success rate that is very good.  The average success rate of draft picks is much lower than that.

  44. Tim, i'm suprised you don't love this deal... The on thing i've heard you say all offseason is how we have players, we need more Impact Players, Difference makers. Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall are huge difference makers. I gotta be honest, for two 2nd rounders, I love this deal. If it had been the original where you're talking a 1st rounder, i'd have been pissed... but as it is, I think the one thing we're lacking, Impact superstars, is what we've added. I mean you know Nolan feed them every dirty detail, I think they have plenty of inside information to have seen this deal and known exactly what they were getting.

  45. WOW, the NYG have 66.7%!

  46. lol... I love that last visual WHP... Awesome.

  47. Patrick:

    I guess PW should start exploring his options in the miner leagues then.  Tyler is clearly a better, bigger vs of the scramble QB.  PW's too short and his delivery is too low to be a good pocket passer.  What position did he play in Baseball anyway?

  48. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 12:30 PM


    WOW!!!  That is a surprisingly high number.

  49. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 12:30 PM


    They've had great drafts since Reese took over for Ernie Acorsi.

  50. Now we need to trade down to like 22 - 27 and pick up Kindle or Pierre-paul

  51. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 12:42 PM


    As you know I'm in complete agreement with you.  I can't even fathom that we were able to get a player as good as Brandon Marshall.  I honestly can not comprehend why any Dolphins fan would not LOVE this move.  The only other alternative to getting a Number 1 WR was to roll the dice on Bryant who might turn out to be a complete bust. 

    Henne desperately needed a WR who is a true playmaker & we got one!!!  Marshall is a big, strong, physical WR that is the total package & he's only 26.  What more can anyone ask for???  Peyton Manning???

  52. With the way the football world seems to gravitating towards a pass first offense I would almost say FS is just as important as OLB. If you get the pressure but the ball is out you still have to have someone back there to try to stop it/pick it off. I like Earl Thomas but I'm just scared of another Jason Allen repeat. If he fails at FS where does Thomas go?

  53. We Have PlaymakersApril 14, 2010 at 12:57 PM


    If we found someone willing to trade up then I think even if we had a pick in the 20's we can still find a very good pass rushing OLB.  Outside of the top 5 (Bradford, Suh, McCoy, Okung, & Berry), I find it very difficult to gauge from all of these mock drafts who is going to go where.  I've seen Kindle going as high as 11 & going as low to the Patriots @ 22????  Same goes with Graham.  I've also seen Dan Williams, Dez Bryant, Spiller, &  Earl Thomas all over the place.

  54. It give's me a warm and fuzzy feeling that we are going to pick up a good starter on D.

    Also, I will bet Miami picks up a 2nd rounder some how......Can't see them NOT being envolved at all prime time Friday night......

  55. I saw somewhere that Camarillo caught every pass that was a catchable ball last year.  He had no drops.  I can't remember where I read it.

  56. 17 Ryan Grice-Mullen WR 5-11 180 23 1 Hawaii 11 Julius Pruitt WR 6-2 206 24 1 Ouchita 89 Taurus Johnson WR 6-1 205 24 1 South Florida 19 Ted Ginn Jr. WR 5-11 180 25 3 Ohio State 15 Davone Bess WR 5-10 190 24 2 Hawaii 84 Patrick Turner WR 6-5 220 22 [...]

  57. Who will be the first to go?  Will it be via trade or a training camp cut?

  58. Rock what makes you think Miami wouldn't take Pierre-Paul at #12 ?  He has all the intangibles Parcells likes.

  59. A Defense that doesn't give up touchdowns every time the opposing team touches the ball !!!!  If you can't play defense in this league you won't get many wins in the playoffs if you make it past the regular season.

    Ask Dan Marino.

  60. because we can have him or someone like him lower and pick up a 3rd or 2nd

  61. First to go will be trade, just by default because the required cuts are so far off...

    Ted Ginn, Greg Camarillo, or even Patrick Turner will be shipped. Now that we have Brandon Marshall for the next 5 years, you look at him 6-4 230... you look at Patrick Turner 6-5 220, you gotta just wonder how he fits... maybe in a redzone big reciever set, i'm not sure.

  62. Probably not - ultimately if they were going 'shopping for groceries' they'd
    take either OL, OLB or DL based on Parcells and Sparano's fetishes. I can't
    see them staying at #12 now really. They have to recoup that 2nd or an
    extra 3rd now, or they're going to have to hit with laser precision on the 2
    picks they have left in the first 3 rounds. Those 6th and 7th round picks
    need to packaged also.

  63. Rockphin, that *is *the no-trade clause. If they trade him his salary bumps
    up by about 2.5 million i believe. No one is going to trade for him if they
    have to pay him starter money.

  64. Ok, so the question is would you trade for an injured QB coming off his 3rd
    shoulder surgery if you had to pay him starting QB money i.e. over $4

  65. Ultimately we got a 1st round talent for a 2nd in 2010 and a 2nd in 2011.
    After 2011 it will look like we had 3 1st round picks. There's no way not
    to like the deal on paper.
    In the last two years we got Philip Merling, Pat White, and Sean Smith in
    the 2nd. Can we really say you wouldn't trade two of those players for
    Brandon Marshall?

  66. You couldn't trade Patrick Turner for a bagel, he didn't play a single down
    last year after only being active for one game and he wasn't a high pick or
    a super-productive player in college. Teams don't give up draft picks for
    the Patrick Turners of the world. The Jets got Santonio Holmes for a 5th -
    what would Turner get? They still have 12 rounds in the draft?

  67. LOL @ Tryp & Tin

    Of course it will be by trade first Tryp.  and no I don't think it will be Turner.  I put my prediction in now Tin 4/14/10 PT will still be on the roster come Sept. (maybe practice squad)  I think Cam or Bess will be gone by the end of next weekend and johnson, pruitt & mullin by preseason.

  68. Tin I'm missing your point in the first paragraph.  Explain it to me like I'm in kindergarden, if you would.

    I'm not saying Marshall doesn't make us better, he most certainly does that.  WHP asked, what more can anyone ask for ?  I said a Defense.  I hope there is nothing wrong with that idea ?  :)

    After all the talk about character, this move doesn't make sense.  Unless of course you were a liar.  As the trifecta have proven to be with this trade.  Man what does it take to be honest with people ?

  69. I like Bess better than Cam but if they need #15 for BM, I guess we'll see.

  70. Wait so does this mean Homelooneytune was right?*Faints*

  71. has he been blocked from all the sites? I haven't seen ONE post from him!  (that's a good thing)

  72. Good point... I was thinking maybe trade him to Seattle and see if Pete Carroll really believes what he was saying. Either way, even when I was saying it I was considering him the longer shot of the 3.

  73. Tim The EnchanterApril 14, 2010 at 3:39 PM

    Not for a 1st round pick he wasn't. He was willing to do whatever it took to get Marshall including a 1st round pick. We didn't do that so he was only partially right. *DONT_KNOW*

  74. He's on Ethan Skolnick's Blog, go there if you ever want to find him. He's praising himself on there right now.

  75. Well we gave up two 2nd rounders which would equal to a 1st right?Still Home isn't going to stop praising himself anytime soon.

  76. I finally got to watch the video. BM really likes the spin move. Does he fumble alot? or is pretty good on hanging on to the ball. Also noticed he doesn't palm the ball & hold it out (hate when players do that-unless its the other team).

  77. Fang - JPP has all the tangibles Parcells wants... He has NONE of the intangible's Parcells wants.

  78. he has had some fumbles, 4 in 2008, 3 in 2007... but last year he had none, the way he fights I wouldn't expect him to have none again, but it's a good sign that he did so well holding on to it last year.

  79. AGREE, (NT in the 3rd???)

    I'd LUVVV DWilliams or BGraham @12,and agree that the pass rusher is a HUGE necessity,as well as NT!!!

    What I was saying is that,(I THINK) a NT type will be more likely available in the 3rd than the type of OLB that we NEED!!! 

    We absolutely need that DISRUPTIVE SPECIAL OLB,whereas the NT doesn't necessairly have to be special,
    just an un-movable force!!!
    BUT a SPECIAL NT would be nice too,just not sure how special DW(whom I'd luvv)is!!!
    I think that IFFF he's only an un-movable force that those types CAN be had in the 3rd,
    and the type of OLB that BGraham is CAN'T!!!

    REALLY THINKIN NOW that we WILL try hard to trade-down to get said prospects(BG,DW,ET)@ a better valued pk,while also attempting to re-coup that 2nd rnd pk!!
    (MAYBE we move all the way down into the 20s now)to get that 2nd back??? 
    I was only willing to move down to the mid-late teens(plus a 3rd),but now I'd be willing to move down to where-ever it takes to get that early Fri pk back!!! 

    BGraham, JP-Paul, SKindle, among other OLB pass rush specialist MIGHT still be there around 20??? DW???
    I think there ALLL equally questionable,and damn near of equal need,
    & believe we trade-down as farrr as possible to re-coup that 2nd while STILL landing one of the obvious preferred prospects!!!   GOFINS!!!

    JT's ALWAY's been booed by the nyets,he BELONGS HERE,
    (PRESENTLY)he'd be @LEAST the 2nd best LB on our team!!!
    IFF he come's back PRE-DRAFT,I going DWilliams(as @least an un-movable force type NT)!!!
    FERGIE sure threw this draft/yr into disarray!!!

    I like EB & ET,BUT IFF we go EBerry,or ET,(THEN WTF we gonna do about OLB & NT W'out a 2nd!?!?!?
    IFFF that's the plan,we better GET JT BACK TODAYYYYYYYYYYYYY,
    and HOPE that TROUPE,WOODS,or Thomas IS THE SHEITE and available @73!!!

  80. Tim The EnchanterApril 14, 2010 at 6:16 PM

    Not really, our first round pick at #12 is worth 1,200 points. Our 2nd round pick #43 is worth 480 x 2 = 960.

    Jahndoh, McClain is my pick!  :)

  81. I'd like to think the Dolphins wouldn't go after Cam Thomas because he seems
    to be a real disaster of a personality, but it's impossible to believe
    wholeheartedly that they even care about that.

  82. Tim The EnchanterApril 14, 2010 at 7:19 PM

    I'm not a big fan of Brandon Marshall. i was a few years ago but his nonsense continued and he turned me off. But now that he's a Dolphin, move the chains, make big time catches, score some TDs and open it up for everyone else and I'll be a fan. 

    His skill set is elite as a possession WR. He might make 3 to 4 long plays  this season but with his 100 catches come a lot of 7-12 yard gains. He is relentless though in that role. His target size will make Henne better. He now has a go-to-guy.

    Marshall will help our offense no doubt, now we need to focus on defense.

  83. NOT a CThomas fan myself either,but IFFF he's all that's left whatayado???
    D'A Smith, AJones in the 4th, reach for MNeal/JOwens in the 4th or hope they fall to the 6th(unlikely)

    B/4 today,in MY BGraham 1st rnd scenario,I had TROUPE in the 2nd,w'WR @73,
    now w'the OLB in the 1st possibility,have no choice but to hope TROUPE or WOODS fall to 73!!!

    And in MY DW in the 1st option,I had Hughes, Misa, or Sapp in the 2nd,w'WR @73!! (MAYBE Sapp's @73)???
    Not too sure about TGibson or ENorwood @73,
    (though that's where they are on my board),in case we don't get the 1st rnd OLB!!

    As it PRESENTLY stands, I'd be HAPPY w'DWilliams & RSapp, or BGraham & Troupe/Woods!!!

    Whataya think about AZ DT Earl Mitchell 6-2 , 296, 4.75 as an all around TE/NT possibility in the 6th/7th???
    I know he's a LIL-short,but he has TE experience,GREAT SPEED for his size and I'd imagine he can bowl-over any LB & S or two on every reception,or running-play....
    Or MAYBE his height's an asset @NT(low center of gravity),and he can become a SPECIAL un-movable force while w'his speed also being a serious threat to the QB up the middle??
    Just ONE of MY WHY-NOT thought's of the final 6 pks!!

    I'm sure they ""wholeheartedly" care about personality, UNLESS the gyz a GUARANTEED SUPERSTAR!!!!
    YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA   B   R   A   N   D   O   N      M   A   R   S   H   A   L   L !!!!!!!!!!!

  84. On Apr 15 (tax relief special) you get the 2nd one for a penny !!!

  85. They CAN'T be honest w'us, w'out letting the other teams know ""OUR"" plan!!!
    The media gives away some of the secret codes on pure speculation as it is!!!
    We might as well not even show-up on draft day or any day for that matter,
    iff we're gonna be honest w'the fans while allowing every other team know what our next move is!!!


    FUNNY,yesterday alll the impatient fans were demanding BPs head in a noose b/c he didn't go after SHolmes!

    NOW WE KNOW WHY,(jus waiting for the 1st rnd tag to be taken off BM)!!!
    I've wanted him for a 1st 4ever, but not for an o10 1st & 3rd!!!  
    Once the tender was signed,I was thinkin o10 2nd & o11 2nd & 4th!!! 
    o10,o11 2nds ROCKS!!!

    CAN'T wait till SEPT!!!!

    SCHEDULE RELEASE  APR 20 ( 5 days )!!!

  86. IMHO Camarillo's gone ,
    Hartline does the same stuff,is just as smart,more of an athlete,younger and wayyyy faster!!!
    IFFF NOT GC, it's PT unless he goes-off @ TC!!!

    NO-OTHER FIN WR does what TG can do!!
    (I think he'll explode minus double coverage on every play as a 2 or 3),
    and now he can return kicks w'out the possibility of losing our top WR threat!!!
    He's GONNA be a SCARY-GOOD # 2 or 3 threat somewhere!!!  IMHO!!!

  87. BM ,DB ,TG ,BH and  ( HOPEFUL RZ THREAT PTurner, w'JPruitt, TJohnson, & GC outside lookin in ), IMHO !!!

  88.  """only partially right""",  as well as THOUSANDS of other fans!!!

    SHOOT, IFFFF you predict EVERY SINGLE POSSIBILITY that every single player is gonna land in MIAMI,
    your bound to be right once in a while!!!
    I guess page filling multiple post is the way to go,(IFFF you want your thought's to be remembered)!!!
    Quite forgetfull of his own thought's if you ask me!!! PLEASE,let's alll forget,never again to be mentioned!! 

  89. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  FRICKEN KOOOK!!!

  90. We Have PlaymakersApril 15, 2010 at 6:21 AM

    This is from an article written by Andy Cohen that I just read on"As I write this column, I keep thinking of more reasons to like this move. The signing of Dansby and the acquisition of Marshall leaves no doubt that Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano are in this to win right away. Sure, they are trying to paint a nice brush over long-term stability. But the truth of the matter is this: You don't pay Dansby the money he received and you don't give up a pair of second round picks for Marshall if you aren't looking for immediate results."

    I totally agree with Andy.  By going out & trading & breaking the bank for Marshall, Tuna has just said "I want to win NOW!"

  91. We Have PlaymakersApril 15, 2010 at 6:23 AM


    Marshall acted like a child last year & there's really no excuse for that.

  92. I'm sorry I didn't clarify myself enough.  I wasn't talking about what they do in the draft with player moves, and the smoke screens.  I understand that. 

    I'm talking about what they have been saying since they came here about not briniging in troubled players.  I've defended them when they went out and brought in Incognito this year.  Based on a one year contract and if he messes up he is gone.  I won't make that mistake again. This was the ultimate Bait and Switch.  Just tell the fans what they want to hear and go about your business as usual.

    I don't think Ginn is thru with the fins.  I think we will see him on both kickoff, and punt returns now that he is no longer viewed as the #1 WR.  Plus he still has that speed and the speed alone will scare the begeebers out of the other teams.  He doesn't need to have great hands to be a threat.  I can see Miami lining up in a 4 wideout set with Marshall, Ginn, and Hartline in a stack with Bess on the other side.  Plus how many teams are going to be willing to put 8 guys in the box to stop the run now !!!

    We needed Marshall I just don't like the trifecta lying to us about bringing in stand up guys...

  93. Tim The EnchanterApril 15, 2010 at 8:32 AM

    Lot's of weird stuff going on today online. My name disappeared above.

  94. Tim The EnchanterApril 15, 2010 at 8:33 AM

    Carroll knows Turner better than anyone but we wouldn't get a 3rd for him.

  95. I think Troupe could be there at 73, but no way on Neal/Owens falling to the
    6th (then again, strange things keep happening).
    As surprising as the front office is, Sparano is not really into too much
    experimentation and I think the odds of them playing a player two ways, i.e
    TE/NT, are almost non-existent. I know I wouldn't do it, not at those
    positions anyway.

  96. We Have PlaymakersApril 15, 2010 at 8:35 AM


    What would you do with Ginn at this point???  I'm not so sure he has any trade value.  Maybe we wind up keeping him.

  97. We Have PlaymakersApril 15, 2010 at 8:44 AM

    Apparently the Sun is now done for the day......Oh how I'll miss all of the intellectual banter.

  98. Yes you are correct.

    Although I not sure about all the intangable's any longer.  I guessing you're talking about he only started in what 7 games.  He isn't a 3 or 4 year starter, plus he was a transfer from a Jr. College.  Right ?

    If so then lets not forget the trifecta hasn't been truthful to us, and I don't beleive any of their bull shit, and neither should any of us.  That trust is gone and this is exactly what I meant from my comments above.

    So JPP IS ON THE RADAR.  No matter what we think.

  99. Tim The EnchanterApril 15, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    WHP, I've been trying to reply to you on the SS but that site is phucked right now.

    At 25 years old with his speed Ginn still has plenty of value. I think he could be worth a 3rd or 4th but it might be conditional which would make it a 2011 pick. He had a bad year last year and was really struggling during a 5-6 game stretch. But he did play better down the stretch. I think it's 50-50 whether we stick with him one more year or trade him.

  100. Tim The EnchanterApril 15, 2010 at 8:48 AM

    Of course we do and we can still build for the future so we can be a regular playoff team and compete now. We're building a young core to make a good 4-5 year run.

  101. Basically everything any front office says has to be taken with a grain of
    salt or maybe a pound of salt....but I think we all bought in to the spin
    about who's a Parcells' guy and what kind of individuals they want on the
    team. Ultimately I knew something was up when we traded for Tony McDaniel
    last year and then signed that crazy drunk o-lineman as a UDFA last year (I
    forget the name, but he was the one taking mad money for a fake job from a
    car dealership while he was in college - remember him?). The fact that they
    let Vonnie Holliday go in favour of McDaniel pretty much put the kibosh on
    me ever believing the whole high character template.
    They re-signed SirVincent Rogers again despite the fact he quit the team
    because he (allegedly) couldn't handle the heat/practices. And whatever you
    want to say about JT, he's never once broken the law or been in trouble
    outside of his marriage once or twice, and they've never shown him the kind
    of respect his legacy deserves. Then there's the whole Brandon Marshall
    Ultimately it comes down to younger, bigger, faster, longterm investment,
    talent - that is the Trifecta mold. All the other 'intangibles' are just
    rubbish and smokescreen.

  102. Carroll said Turner is a slow learner and will take time to develop - this
    is not high praise or indication that a trade could be possible - it's
    actually the opposite. If Carroll loved Turner so much he would've thrown
    the ball to him more.

  103. I think taking Ginn out of the spotlight and the pressure of being the
    go-to-guy will completely change his career for the better. His value on
    the team actually just went up with the Marshall trade. The Dolphins should
    take him off the trade table for now.

  104. I don't know where all the talk of JPP playing in only 7 games comes from -
    USF played 13 games last year and I'm pretty sure he played/started in all
    of them. I know it's not a lot of games, but it's twice as much as he's
    getting credit for. Where did the number 7 come from?

  105. We Have PlaymakersApril 15, 2010 at 9:11 AM


    Someone has to go.  Now that we have Marshall, Bess & Hartline are also locks.  Then there's Camarillo, Ginn, & Turner.  We're only going to keep 5 WR's so this is going to get interesting.  I also don't think it's that crazy if we drafted another big WR like Decker. 

    I keep seeing that Ronnie is on the trading block too which seems strange considering he's coming off an injury & he's going to make a lot of money this year.  Don't know what his value is either.

  106. In the 6th or 7th,(w'one of 6 pks),whataya got to lose?? 
    MAYBE he can be a stud @ one or the other,or an emergency PS guy @ one or the other???

    I'd be ECSTATIC IFFF TROUPE were there @ 73,should we not take DWilliams in the 1st !!
    I don't believe Neal/Owens fall to the 6th either!!  

    Ya think AWOODS is @ 73???  I don't do other team mocks beyond the 1st,so I'm not sure!!

  107. GUARANTEE ME JT w'TROUPE @ 73,and I'd be willing to go w'EThomas in the 1st!!!

  108. We Have PlaymakersApril 15, 2010 at 9:20 AM


    By getting Marshall, it SHOULD help him but I think that's wishful thinking.  If he had good hands then I'd be inclined to agree with you but that's just not the case.  Regardless of how high he was drafted & how much money he makes he's a marginal NFL WR with great speed.

    BTW--We're not keeping 6 WR's so between Bess, Hartline, Ginn, Camarillo & Turner one of them has to go.  Since Turner has absolutely no value who is going to be the odd man out????

  109. Yeah I don't think Woods will be picked until the 4th or 5th

  110. We might keep 6, who knows. Personally I think we're being unfair to Taurus
    Johnson, Grice Mullen, and Pruitt here. And we're all assuming that the
    Dolphins won't draft another WR. I think someone like Carlton Mitchell
    could still be on the radar as a deep threat and I also think McCluster and
    Holliday will be on the Dolphins' board.
    But if we're sticking with what we have then I'd have to think Ginn would
    survive the cut because he's the only deep threat. Camarillo would be the
    likely cut. Turner would be the potential big body replacement for Marshall
    if he went down, Hartline is the best option at #2 and Bess is the best
    option in the slot.
    This just tweeted by Ricky Williams: "OK, one more message before class
    starts in 5 mins: I'm impressed w/Brandon Marshall. My 1st impression was
    'damn he's tall'!"

  111. You could be right.

  112. WHP, Turner better show improvement at WR because he doesn't play special teams. Camarillo used to play special teams not sure if he'll go back there now that's he's a year removed from knee surgery. Ginn does return kicks and can return punts.

  113. I think we'll trade down and try to get a 2nd round pick back, if not another 3rd. We could save some money trading down as well. We've spent quite a bit the last two years.

  114. Everyone keeps saying Turner is toast but I think this move is great for him.  He gets to learn from one of the best and if he keeps improving you know this regime will look to have him replace Marshall when he declines.  Also, I'm sure there could be a red zone package or two for him and Marshall.  I think that there is enough rebuilding teams to be interested in Cam, Smiley, but I hope we keep Ginn.  We need MULTIPLE weapons, and unless we draft a speedster or Sheets has some return ability we haven't seen, Ginn will be useful.

  115. Maybe we could trade Bess and Ginn for a 4th round pick and draft McCluster
    or Holliday, put them in the slot and on returns. Then we could keep
    Marshall, Hartline, Camarillo, (Rookie), and Turner.

  116. Tim The EnchanterApril 15, 2010 at 1:21 PM

    My issue with Camarillo is his upside is limited. So is Bess for that matter. Turner will be given a lot of opportunities to prove himself. If he doesn't make the team he's just not that good.

  117. It hurts to mention Bess as being traded, but he was undrafted....if we can get anything for him (even in a package) we'd be generating value through our player development, which isn't such a bad thing!

    Oh yeah, I heard Marshall doesn't care about Bess' #15....all he cares about is no. of wins!  Nice!!

    Saying all the right things.....I like it......

  118. We Have PlaymakersApril 15, 2010 at 3:31 PM


    We've spent quite a bit in the last two MONTHS!!!

  119. We Have PlaymakersApril 15, 2010 at 3:45 PM


    I agree with you about the possibility of us drafting another WR.  I had actually mentioned that in an earlier post to Tim.  The more I have read about Decker, the more I like him.  If he is not taken in the first three rounds, we might be able to steal a pretty good football player.   It's not like we need to force him into action right away so we can let him heal & then see what we got. 

    As for the other WR's you mentioned on our roster--Taurus Johnson, Grice Mullen, & Pruitt....I have no visual knowledge of their skills so I can't comment.

  120. We Have PlaymakersApril 15, 2010 at 3:52 PM


    Could you imagine if we wound up drafting Spiller & had him returning kicks & punts???  Plus incorporating him into the offense???   Not going to happen but I can still dream. 

  121. We Have PlaymakersApril 15, 2010 at 3:56 PM


    If we took McCluster he could be a very valuable weapon on special teams & in our offense.

  122. Tim The EnchanterApril 15, 2010 at 5:47 PM

    Potential 2010 starting lineups. I'm going to throw it out there and see what happens.  8-)

    C - Grove 6-4 300
    RG - Incognito 6-3 325
    LG - Tsoumpas 6-4 315 (my sleeper - he was the 2nd overall pick in the CFL Draft in 08 and one of the top OL in that league)
    RT - Carey 6-5 340
    LT - Long 6-7 320
    TE - Fasano 6-4 255/Haynos 6-8 270
    QB - Henne 6-3 230
    RB - Ronnie 6-0 230/Ricky 5-10 230
    FB - Polite 6-0 245
    WR - Marshall 6-4 230
    WR - Hartline 6-2 195

    NT - Soliai 6-4 335
    RDE - Starks 6-3 305
    LDE - Langford 6-6 295
    WOLB - Anderson 6-4 250/Wake 6-3 250 (used more as a pass rusher)
    SOLB - Moses 6-5 260/McClain 6-3 255 (he will also backup at ILB)
    WILB - Dansby 6-4 250
    SILB - Crowder 6-2 250
    CB - Davis 5-11 200
    CB - Smith 6-3 210
    FS - W. Allen 5-10 195 (nickel and dime corner on 3rd down and long distance with Culver and Clemons playing deep safety)
    SS - Bell 6-0 205

    That's a pretty big and athletic team. A little blend of vets and emerging youth.

    Before the draft even starts we have Dansby and Marshall on our team. Wow! A couple more impact players from the draft and we're set and ready to rock and roll. Yeah baby!

    We are a better team today then the one that finished against Pittsburgh to end the season.

  123. I see why you are so good with this blog site.  I'm not able to put my thoughts into print like you do.  You have said what I only wish that I could without ticking off everyone on this site.  Good Job.

    For the record I like JT and I also think he is a great player, but some times a team is better off without certain players and he is one of them, in my mind.

  124. I can't tell you where it came from.  I only repeated what I had heard.  I didn't verify it, I trusted my memory of what I heard.  Not only can I not trust the trifecta, but I can't even trust myself I guess.  :'(

  125. It's not my money I don't care.. There's no cap this year so spend away.

  126. What's with the love for Turner ?  If he were any good he would have been on the field last year.  It's not like we had great WRs he was trying to beat out of a job.  If he couldn't break into the lineup for any more plays than what he did last year, they should send him packing. 

    Sorry man I'm not trying to put you on the spot.  I just don't understand why fans want him around.  That's like having a girl freind with  large tatas there nice to look at, but not of much use....

  127. AND DON'T FORGET, in that game vs Pitt as well as a majority of our games,
    we had 8 STARTERS/LEADERS of the TEAM from their respected PRIME position's on IR!!!

    EVERYTIME I watch the ""EXPERTS"" doing their early evaluation's of this yrs AFCEAST,they say

    ""well Miami was 7-9 in 09 and they've improved their weaknesses 100%,
     but not enough to surpass the nyets or pats"" !!!  

    nyets were GIVEN TWO reg season W's (indy/cinn),
    & TWO postseason W's (6 close game missed FGs by the opponent's)!!!

    They've gotten very slightly more talented (IFF @ ALL) @ their evident position's of strength,
    while we've upgraded our most evident weaknesses to the maxxx!!
    And we were able to stay w'them the entire season while SWEEPING them w'out a #1 WR or a REAL ILB,
    let-alone ALLL the starters on IR!!!

    The ""EXPERTS"" don't seem to realize that we're ALREADY a better TEAM than them,
    IFFFF ALLL OUR STARTERS are on the field!!

    8 STARTERS/TEAM LEADERS on IR for a majority of the season has to have cost us @LEAST 3 games!!!
    NOT to mention the negative 30 or so turnover ratio in comparison b/t 08/09 costing us a few,
    (which will NEVER happen again),
    or the W's that the refs stole from us!! AND WE WERE STILL IN EVERY GAME/PLAYOFF CHASE TO THE END!!! 

    Revis w'help couldn't stop TG,NO-WAYYYY ACromartie can stop him alone,LOL!!! ;) :-D  GOFINS!!!   

  128. but so many uses.....

  129. Missionary only in the Fang household??
    Tata's make great doggie-style 10speed type handlebars!!

    I'll give those large tata's @LEAST a few yrs of play,
    I'll tug and tug and tug until they threaten the red-zone!!!

    Going from college to the NFL is like jumping from Pop-Werner spring practice to High school playoffs!!
    MOST gyz are going to sit the JV bench for 2-3 yrs,until their able to grow enough physically/mentally
    to have a shot @ the Varsity, EXTREMLY FEWWWW 9th graders crack the Varsity squad!!
    Rich Gannon ""couldn't break into the lineup"" until his 10th season or so,& went on to be a SB Champ/MVP!!
    Simular to Steve Young,and many,many,many others @ every position!!

    Hartline excelled b/c of his superior intelligence!!
    DBess excelled b/c we were in dire need of a slot receiver,and our QB(CP) preferred the short passing game!!
    PT didn't play b/c our 1st yr starting QB(CH) couldn't afford mistakes from a WR that wasn't yet up to speed w'the playbook/his responsibilities!!

    OUR 09 WR's weren't great,but they were pretty damn good (inspite of all the drops),
    considering we had a 1st yr starting QB w'out a true #1 WR!!
    And apparently PT just wasn't enough up to speed w'the playbook to unseat any of the others,
    it doesn't necessarily suggest he'll forever be a nobody!!

    Not saying that PT ever will be up to the NFL game,but @LEAST give him a minute to grow into his uniform!!
    He MIGHT PRESENTLY have the talent, and just needs to study hard enough to get his NFL G.E.D.???
    Though NOW w'last yrs starters & BMarshall,it's even less likely that PT gets on the field,
    but we still need to let the process go full circle b/4 ""sending him packing"" in case someone gets traded or injured !!

    luvya MANNNN,but Jimminy Crickets your an impatient SOB :-D !!!
    What's it gonna take to grant us an inspiring post from you,
    53 pro-bowlers,and a list w'reasoning of the regimes next 20 acquisition's,all starters(cuz who needs bkup's)?
    The teams aren't designed for all 53 to be intricate/succesful parts,ESP when it comes to MOST rookies!!


  130. MANNN,I submitted my contest answers last Fri B/4 BMarshall which changes practically every answer!!
    So I guess I'm screwed b/c I had us taking 2 WRS,and we no longer have a 2nd(so that pk will be wrong)!!

    OHHHWELLL,alls I really care about anyways is that whoever "OUR" FINS pk works out for the team,
    even if my vision's are completly different!!
    I LOVE being wrong IFFFF it works-out for the best of  THE  M  I  A  M  I     D  O  L  P  H  I  N  S!!!


  131. Do you think W. Allen will go to FS if he is told the young guys will be the starters? Any one think we'll be keeping J. Allen this year or is he gone?

  132. I was talking with FFR yesterday (God forsaken taxes) and we agreed that Ginn could likely become what Alvin Harper was to Michael Erving or even what Duper was to Clayton... Once teams have to start paying attention to Marshall there will be situations where Ginn is going to be left man to man with a safety and all of a sudden he's going to look like a new man.

    We should also see a steady progression from Brian Hartline and Devon Bess... Now we have a situation where the weakest position on the team has become one of the deepest with addition of one guy. A team looking for a possession receiver could come knocking as the Patriots did with Welker. Sometimes we, as fan, take a short term look at roster building. Stud receivers are very hard to find, while many teams roll the dice in search of one probably the correct way to address the position is to build from the possession guys first and then trade for a sure thing instead of wasting draft picks in a crap shoot. Think New England on this one. The other thing is that most WRs take 3 or 4 years to learn the position. Why not let another team spend the development time and choose from a sure thing? It's a very good strategy.

    The Dolphins will be looking to make a lot of trades during the draft. I expect teams in need of talent such as KC, with those connections, could be willing to part with some picks for multiple players. Tyler Thigpen and Greg Camarillo have the most value, while Ginn and Smiley are available but have some but-her face issues. They would love to move Pat White and Patrick Turner but there is no value there at this point. I'll be surprised if either makes it through training camp.

  133. Another thing on Pat White, though I believe this was probably a wasted draft pick, there are reasons why White was drafted in the second round. He has outstanding leadership skills and his decision making process in college was very accute. The thing to remember is the QB position in the NFL typically has a very long learning curve and like WRs these guys that look like lemons can become effect players once they begin to understand nuances of the pro game. White will need to have made some serious strides from where he was last year but the guy is a competitor and I would be willing to bet he has been at Dolphin camp this entire off-season working on his game. If we do indeed see the Dolphins move Thigpen it will be a clear indication that White has been making strides.

  134. Here's hoping you're right about that. All I hope for is that come April 22nd we pick at least 1 or 2 immediate starters, only six more days....

  135. LOL  Even a broken clock is right twice a day!!!

  136. You know who else didn't have much "Upside"......Wes Welker......

  137. OMG!!!! Player development?  What is that!? LOL  This is exactly what I have been screaming for years. Every time a new regime came in they would cut 40-60% of the last regimes young guys because they didn't fit the new regime's mold.  The Miami Dolphins haven't developed talent for years.  Just being able to talk about getting something for an undrafted guy or getting a higher pick for a low round guy means we are FINALLY on the right track!

  138. ufcane... Is that like UF and Cane added together? I'm a Cane and that is highly illegal! I'm not a Gator hater but any self respecting Cane fan cannot also be a Gator fan!

    I agree, we need to come out of this off-season with a starting FS and a big body NT. Look at it this way, we had 4 pressing needs this off-season (I use off-season because I don't care how we acquire talent, draft, FA, trade, etc.) WR, NT, FS, MLB, notice OLB is not listed. I don't think OLB is as pressing as some Miami Herald writers would like you to believe. We have filled two of those needs with very capable starters. It means we can use our draft liberally to acquire multiple picks at the other two spots and come out with a starter. I think the trifecta has done a nice job so far and I expect they will follow up with an outstanding draft.

  139. I was thinking this morning while reading people on the blogs saying "So and so is re-building" that EVERY TEAM in the NFL is rebuilding.  If they aren't then thier teams will get older and slower.  Every year EVERY team has needs to fill.

    The thing about the Dolphins now is we are starting to get a YOUNG core  group of players that has the potential to stay (for the most part) together for years and grow together.  When we start trading OUR players that WE developed away for picks (which I think we are starting to see the beginings of) you will know we have arrived. This is when you see "Maintainence" building. 

    If you look at most good teams their draft picks seldom become starters right away unless it's at a position of need. (injury, suspension, retirement, etc.)

  140. And if you do see the starters replaced by rookies, then it builds great depth and opens these trade scenarios.

  141. Hey Tin,

    Did all the Dolphins sign their tenders yesterday? Wasn't yesterday the league mandated deadline?  What happens to a player who doesn't sign?

  142. A Cane fan and a UF alumni, I enjoy both since neither really compete with one another (SEC ACC) except in recruiting. Hard to watch either though on my side of the Pond, unfortunately they don't play College football here on local tv. If I want to watch a game I have to find a Canadian bar or a good website.

    I'm really wondering if FS is as big a deal as people might think, and I agree with you on OLB. I would love Graham however, and I would really like to think W. Allen can shift to FS, that would be a pretty good secondary.

  143. Marshall's press conference was just about perfect on his side of things.
    Mike B said he made the extra effort to learn who all the reporters were,
    etc. He still has a long way to go to repair his reputation but it was
    about as good a start as an athlete can hope for, IMO.

  144. WHP, I did an article on Taurus before last year's draft:

  145. no comment on the tatas thing because I like big tatas and always find a use
    for them, lol.
    However, the Seahawks just signed former USC star cum failed NFL WR, Mike
    Williams. So any thoughts of Patrick Turner are out the window.

  146. <p><span>Rock, one of my favorite Parcells-isms is, “The NFL is a talent acquisition league.” Nothing could be truer in the free agency era. Free agency puts such a premium on the draft because of what I like to call the second (money) contract. Once the rookie contract is played out, NFL players must say, “show me the money,” because expected career tenure is so short. In general the second contract has to be the one where they make the windfall or most likely they never will.</span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span>Teams will look at 3 or 4 of their own players to sign the second contract and then will allow the others to move on. For a team to stay competitive they must be able to replenish the roster every 5 years. With 22 starters that requires 4 to 5 viable players from each draft who must contribute and at least 2 starters supplemented with older FAs (3<sup>rd</sup> contract guys). Teams like NE, Philly and P-Burgh understand this better than others but they also have some of the best talent evaluators in the NFL. These teams can trade premium players prior to the second contract and acquire drafts picks. You think McDaniel wasn’t thinking along these lines with Brandon Marshall?</span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span>Notice how these are solid franchises with entrenched coaching staffs. The key is to have a clear system and a clear plan. The problem teams like Miami run into is instability in the coaching staff, with multiple rapid system changes. While one player may be great in a certain system he may not fit in the next and after a couple of churnings teams end up with a hodgepodge of players that don’t match any system. There will be a couple of splashy trades in there but the general rules need to be followed, quality drafts and trades before the second contract.</span></p>

  147. EXACTLY!  Hodepodege of players that don't match ANY system as a whole.  That's exactly what happed to us the last decade.  Hopefully Sparano & Irland are here for many years to come.  (As long as they work out of course! LOL)

  148. The deadline is June 1st.

  149. OK 13 who asked you to chime in ?  :-D What's the deal with an inspiring Post ?  I'm not Obama !!!

    Is there a chance the Dolphins screwed up with the PT pick ?  If he doesn't Progress, there is not room on the roster for him with the addition of Marshall.  Unless he is a born again Christain in TC, he is a goner.  It most likely will take an of God to keep him on the team.

    Have a nice day. :)   Plus I'm not going to waste my time on tatas when there are so many other parts to investigate.

  150. I haven't seen FFR comment in awhile how is he doing ?  I see you like "Taxes".  Don't we all :) ?  I suggest you take a look at this site.  It looks viable to me.

    I'm not a tea bagger actually they make me sick, and I'm sure they support this although I really don't know.  But this plan I think has some merit.  Ok enough of that...

  151. TIN, I just read your "" ABOUT TINSHAKER"" entry, LMAO, VERY FUNNY !!

    I'm GRATEFUL to you for starting this site, and think it's the SHEITE!!!

    THANKFUL that I don't have to deal w'the SS's comment section anymore!!( Though I STILL read O's stuff!!)

    THANX for ALLLL YOU DO, and more POWER-TO-YA !!!  GO MIAMI  DOLPHINS :-P >:o !!!

  152. you're very welcome. Thanks for reading/supporting/contributing.