Thursday, April 29, 2010

That's Right - The Schedule! - Let's Pack Our Bags...

I told you I'd get to this topic after the draft and now seems like the perfect time (if you know what I mean). The 2010 Miami Dolphins schedule has not garnered any of the attention that the 2009 version did. We heard ad infinitum how difficult it was going to be. Personally I thought we played our best ball against the best competition, such as the Colts, Saints, and Jets. We shut down the Patriots once and challenged the Titans, Chargers, and Steelers. In the end, our final record had very little to do with the schedule. We could have easily had a completely different outcome - say 11-5, 12-4, even 13-3 against the same competition, but we made mistakes, had loads of injuries, and didn't come through in the clutch.

So now that we have a 'softer' schedule per the media pundits, shouldn't we expect a winning season?

Well, yes, if you're only considering win-loss-ratio. But what if you're a displaced fan. Someone who can't make it to the games but would really like to attend at least one. If you don't live in an NFL city, you're going to have to travel. That makes for a very expensive 'day out'. So you think to yourself, as long as I combine this game with either a business trip or a vacation, it won't impact my wallet that much more. What if you work a job that has no travel involved?

Then you're in my situation. You're going to have to convince your family to go to one of the cities that is hosting the Dolphins. Miami is over 3,000 miles away and to be honest, I don't have any desire to 'visit' my least favorite former-hometown.  So it's an away game then.  Surely there's somewhere on the schedule my family or myself have been dying to go to where I can take a half-day off of tourist attractions and go to a Dolphins game.

Buffalo?  yeah, right.
Minneapolis?  Has anything good come out of there since Tom Waits wrote Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis?
Green Bay?  I know we're not playing these guys in December but that's 3 cold weather cities in a row and I'm sure I'd end up in the ER with a cheese overdose.
Cincinnati?  As a responsible, loving father and husband, I wouldn't take my family to vacation in Cincinnati.  Would you?  Also, another cold city.
Baltimore?  Same comment as Cincinnati.
Oakland?  Considering that we live in Sacramento, this 1 hour drive to an even bigger dump would not really classify as a vacation.  Also, I wouldn't take my son to a Raiders game and I fear my wife would be kidnapped and savaged by the local ghouls.  That would be a huge waste of money for her ticket...
New Jersey?  LOL.  Garden State, my ass.
Boston? Don't get me wrong, I'd bet Boston is the best option, although it's just as far away as Miami as the crow flies, it at least has some nice attractions for the family, and I hear they make clam chowder the proper way, not that effed up tomato BS.  But on January 2nd, the temperature will likely be freezing or below.

So, you can see that the schedule was developed specifically to keep me from attending a game.  The closest I came last year was thinking of going to the San Diego game, where I would've witnessed Chad Pennington being snapped in half, the Dolphins lose, and potentially picked up an STD from Tila Tequila. 

This year I was hoping for something a bit more favorable.  I'd love for the Dolphins to travel to Seattle in September, or perhaps Arizona.  An early season jaunt to Chicago could be welcome, and a trip to Denver would provide the perfect excuse for a road trip through the Rockies.  I would even go with the nearby 49ers - it would be a nice 3 day weekend trip.  As for the East coast, Washington has enough vacation backdrop to make the trip more purposeful than just attending a football game.  But they snowed in every winter and the airports shut down as do the roads so it would have to be an early season thing.

The truth is, I must have some sort of self-torturing gene in me that makes me follow teams from places I don't want to live in - Miami, Manchester, etc.  Though I hear Manchester United are coming on a US tour - I'm thinking the likelihood is better that I'll attend a Man United game this year than a Dolphins one.

Oh well, one thing is for certain, this year I'm forking out for NFL Sunday Ticket!!

Ok folks, I know I'm not the only out-of-town Dolfan out there.  Of the away games, which are you most likely to attend? 


  1. Tin, I'm with you on probably not attending a game (which I was really wanting to this year). Seattle or Denver is the closest nfl teams. I remember as a kid we went to a lot of Dolphins/Seahawks games & it sucked because the score was always a lot of field goals, touchdowns seemed very few & far between. My favorite game ever attending we whooped buffalo @ home on MNF! I think it was 96 or 97....

  2. lol Tin!! I read that from Carroll on twitter as well, I was like umm... that's interesting, started checking a bunch of sites see if there were any rumors lol.

  3. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 4:03 PM

    Hey, don't diss Jersey. The Giants and Jets just happen to play in the middle of the meadowlands in a very busy tri-state hub with a massive industrial area and one of the worlds largest ports. What do you expect.

    Take your family to the South part of Jersey like in Cape May and you'll have a different perspective of the state. Half the state is suburban and rural, not the urban clusterfuck most of you fly into. LOL

  4. Don't diss Jersey WTF?Where am I?

  5. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 4:08 PM

    Your on a universal blog. Welcome to cyber space.  :-E

  6. Cincy is the closest to me, but I don't think I could pull off going to that one since I've already mentioned that I'm going to try for a meet up with Slush for the game against the Steelers in Miami the week before.  My birthday falls in between those games...the last birthday before I reach a milestone in my life I can't really contemplate, so who knows? 

  7. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 5:12 PM

    Wow the SS is totally infested with trolls and gutter talk. Why don't they just do a sign-in type of format?

  8. TTE, I clicked on there earlier today for the first time in at least a week and was amazed.  I'm not convinced the two new 'girls' are girls...don't ask me why...and it doesn't matter one way or another...but you're right...they're all from under the bridge. 

  9. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 6:34 PM

    “There is an adjustment just like any time you change to a new system,” Edds said. “At the end of the day, defense is defense. It is all about desire and tenacity and how much you want to make it happen. You can draw up all the schemes and coverages you want, but when it is all said and done you have to line up, get off blocks and make tackles. That is what it boils down to.” 

    Lovin it! Our draft picks were all football players first. It just so happens that they have good size and speed for the position. This could be a special draft. If it's not, it will slow down the process of us winning big anytime soon.

    This offseason was huge. I've been saying it for the last two years. This is the core that adds to Jake Long, Chad Henne, Kendall Langford, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith and Brian Hartline. Not to demean other players, but these guys are the 08 and 09 draft core in my opinion.

    We know who the handful of core veterans are. Add Dansby, Incognito, Marshall and Dobbins to this mix and watch this team take on yet another look. This is a team on the rise that is being ignored. I like it like that, so I can watch the gloom and doom crowd look stupid. LOL

  10. Living in PSU's neighborhood, Buffalo, Baltimore & NY are close.  I've seen them play Cincy before, back in the Jay Fiedler era (side note: Our hotel was in Kentucky - about 1 mile from the stadium... very odd to be in a different state but right the Cincy stadium).  I would love to the home game against the Steelers this year, but my choice will come down to cost & proximity primarily.  So, NFL Sunday Ticket is always a great way to go.  I can't imagine not having it. 

  11. I wish I could add something but IMO you nailed it TTE!  I am excited and I hope all this media fueled BS just gets our guys to hunker down even further.  I too believe this last draft was special.  I'm thinking we dump all the guys we inherited this year....possibly Carey, Crowder, Torbor, Soliai, J.Allen, W.Allen, maybe even Y.Bell? 

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I have a new (for me) angle on Ireland/Dez-gate..........With the looming strike  coming, do you guys think Ireland might have been the victim of overzealous players union political tactics?  It would seem to me that the players union (whom I have no beef with) might find it advantageous to jump on the first perceived team management F-up to ratchet up anti-establishment sentiments among the populace (us).


    Also, I'm in the Santa Cruz Mtns which puts me close to Oakland, and even though I have Oakland fans who have sworn to protect me (trust me, they could,tats and all), I won't be risking it!  I might just try to hook up with herdfan and co. because current plans have me in town at the same time.  But of course, the situation is fluid......

  12. I wouldn't dump half the inherited guys you put down... I think we should keep Carey, Bell, and Crowder for sure. Torbor is all but gone already though we didn't inherit him the tri brought him in. We should keep the Allen's simply because our corner back depth is nothing behind them. Soliai and Torbor could be possible, though hard to see Soliai going anywhere given the nt situation.

  13. I live within 100 miles of the stadium, but live on a limited budget.  So I don't see many games.  We got every game last year without the NFL package.  So we won't get it this year either.  If I want to watch a game that is not on, I'll find it on the net.  It takes some effort but they are all on somewhere across the www.

  14. DAMN TIN that story resembeled one of MY POST, answering a yes or no question...

    <span>TIN, So what'dya see, (MTSU bowl game/ CMCoy)???  WOLB???</span>

  15. I'm lookin forward to seeing a 54 makin play's again!!
    (EDDS is who I'm most lookin forward to watching progress),
    b/c our LB coverage unit's were so disgraceful,
    and he seems to have an advantage in that scenario of the game...
    (Think he's likely to unseat MY long-time diamond in the ruff favorite Walden as the 53rd player)???

    OF COURSE, Odrick & Misi as gm 1 starters is THE PRIORITY,
    but I'm lookin forward to ALLL the new LBs especially!!

    MCoy is said to be very rawww, but is quite the speciman and has a potentially unlimited ceiling..
    I've heard it said that we MAY have landed a few steals of the draft @said pks,(RJones,NCarrol,CMCoy)??

    So according to the camp schedule,
    as of MID-MAY our team basically practices a few days a week EVERY WK until MID-JUNE,

  16. I only managed to watch two-thirds of the game - I have very mixed reviews.  McCoy looked really not into the game at times, especially in the 1st quarter, looked like he was running drills in practice at half-speed.  When he was trying he was really fast, and forget reports of him being 245lbs, he's clearly playing around 260 but he can get sideline to sideline in a hurry.  MTSU played both 3-4 and 4-3 and McCoy lined up at DE in the 3-4 (their NT was fantastic btw - guy by the name of Brandon Perry who just got inked by the Rams - they also had an amazing cornerback named Suber) as well as stand up LB in certain packages.  He dropped back into coverage a few times and didn't look smooth but he blocked off the passing lanes a couple of times.

    Pass rush he showed a speed rush, a bull rush and an inside move or two.  He had a couple of hurries but surprisingly he didn't rush very often.  Personally I see him competing at SOLB - he is a good tackler and seemed good at setting the edge.

  17. THANX for the insight and I trust your opinion's!!!

    I have no idea where he'll play for us, I haven't watched anything on him,
    but like I said in his interview he said the FINS told him he'd compete @ WOLB!!

  18. I'll be at the Oakland game and probably be wearing neutral colors.  San Francisco always makes for a good weekend trip with the wife.

    The other game I might make it to is Baltimore.  Not a vacation destination, but Haloti Ngata has a home 3 doors down from my dad and offered tickets if we ever visit.  He was probably just being gracious and never thought I'd actually take him up on it.  We'll see...

  19. And Tin,

    If you're looking for a nice city to go to a game in, I hear that South Beach is pretty good.  

  20. Tin, you are clearly a hardcore Dolphin fan (I mean you have a Dolphin Blog for gods sake), how do you NOT go to the Fins/Raiders game?? As a Miami native living in San Francisco, i feel really lucky to have a game in our backyard. And, yes, Oakland is in your backyard too.

    That said, i have to admit to being a little hesitant about going into Oakland wearing my aqua and orange. I have proudly worn my colors in a bunch of stadiums across the country but I will admit it, Oakland scares me (and at 6'5, I am not a small guy). I don't want to spend the game coverd in beer and insults.

    Hmmm....on second thought, maybe i will stay at home and watch the Sunday ticket too.

  21. Hey Tin, at least you live in the US, so you can watch most games on TV. I live in Europe, which makes it impossible to visit a game and the NFL is not even televised over here. So I have to rely on Live-Streams as I did for the last 3 Years... Well, I could easily attend a Man Utd game if only I liked them more. But as a Liverpool fan, Old Trafford is the last place I want to be on earth...

  22. Burnum, commiserations for last night - couldn't believe Forlan got that late goal. That's football. I just hope Liverpool bounce back and beat Chelsea 19-0 on Sunday now. That's the only chance Utd have of the title now.

  23. Btw - which country do you live in? Presumably one which doesn't have Sky or do you refuse to pay Murdoch like I am thinking of doing? ESPN (ex-Setanta) has MNF this season, so the Sky offering is diluted again (just like with the Premiership)

  24. It would be a blast to get the whole group together for a game somewhere... Too bad this is the off year for the Tampa pre-season game.

  25. I am heading down to Miami with Herd! :)  and since they are going to be so close to me, here in hell (yes, I still hate living in DC) I will probably try to go to the Balitimore game!

    --side note--I seriously flipping LOVE your sense of humor---TMZ moment?? Garden State my ass? LMAO at all of them but those two especially got me!

  26. Oh boy... Slush and Herd romping on South Beach!!! I haven't been down to Miami for a game in couple years, it's only 4 hours or so, but like Tin, it is one of my least favorite former home towns.  This could be the year though, I just can't decide which game to go to.

  27. kula,

    Have you been to a game at Oakland?  If there's a somewhat safe section to sit in, suggestions would be appreciated.  I'd prefer to avoid the urine bags.

  28. Patrick,

    Four hours and you're not going to drive down for the yets or patsies game?  

  29. Koa Misi said the same thing. I think it makes sense that every OLB gets a
    shot at playing both sides during OTAs and training camp. LBs in our D will
    have to be able to rush the passer, stop the run and cover down field so
    there's no 'penciling in' the rookies to a definite spot.
    I will however, speculate, based on what I've seen on film, *expect* Misi to
    play strong side come opening day. I read an article somewhere that Misi
    would challenge Charlie Anderson for the starting spot at SOLB. Whoever
    wrote that obviously knows nothing about Charlie Anderson. He hasn't shown
    anything in a Dolphins uniform other than the ability to rush the passer and
    to commit penalties on special teams. He may have more playing time, but I
    still consider Quentin Moses a 'better fit' on the strong side than
    Anderson, and I suspect Misi could probably beat him in a competition, but
    the truth is, we have never seen Moses play with the 1st team with some
    confidence and for all we know he could be THAT guy who looks real good in
    pre-season when he's actually getting some snaps, so let's not appoint Misi
    as a starter just yet - competition in camp is the key. I don't think any
    rookie is guaranteed to start - including Odrick. Only our FA acquisitions,
    Marshall and Dansby, have that certainty.

  30. Yeah, I'm going to take my family to south beach...

  31. Don't the Raiders fans suss you out when they notice you're not drooling on
    yourself, and/or killing a baby and eating it?

  32. kula, that comment is hilarious! lol
    Ultimately I'd like to take my family with me, and sit in good seats, and
    wear my colors, and I really don't think Oakland is the best place to do
    that - it's one of those things where you have to figure the amount of risk
    involved, and I would definitely have a better time watching it on the big
    screen with the live chat going.
    If the SF game last year was in SF, I definitely would've gone. I would
    also love a Seattle game because I'd do a road trip up to Portland (my
    adopted hometown) and then drive a little more to Seattle on game day. My
    wife would approve of that trip. Like I said before, I'd go to a Denver
    game as well and probably an Arizona game. I plan on attending the next
    game we play in Dallas - I have a thing for big TV screens and other big

  33. Burnum,
    I didn't realize you were across the pond. Are in you in Northern England?
    At least you have lots of opportunity to see Liverpool if you are. Do they
    televise the ESPN games over there? I think Miami is playing one this year.
    Since you're a Liverpool fan, can you tell me how tall Arshavin (sp?) is?
    Early in the season I thought he was normal sized but after they started
    playing that tall bloke (starts with a 'B' I think...Bentner?), and Arshavin
    came back he looks like he's 4 feet tall!
    That Torres guy looks like a white clone of a young Renaldo.

  34. I've watch EPL games on both Sky and ESPN this season and, in my opinion,
    ESPN is all bells and whistles - loads of high-techery, but not much to
    say. Plus I think Andy Gray and Martin Tyler are on Sky (I could be wrong)
    and I like listening to them the most.

  35. I remember I was seriously considering going to the pre season game in Tampa last year and was thankful that I didn' I recall there was a seriously bad storm...and didn't the game get delayed for lightning or something? 

  36. I lived in Tampa for four years and didn't drive back to Miami once. Miami
    is one of those places if you get out of you never go back, lol.

  37. It was worse than just a delay, it was stopped in the middle as well I
    believe. Hey, but there's worse stadiums to be stuck in a lightning storm
    at - TB has a pirate village and ship! And of course on that same street
    there's about 40 strip clubs so it's easy to kill an hour while you're

  38. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 7:58 AM


    You know as well as I do that that the Jets play in the swamps thus giving credence to 'foreginers' that NJ is a sh#t hole. Hell, I live in NYC & I can't stand going to the Meadowlands for a game or a concert.

    There are many beautiful parts of NJ that you don't have to travel down to South Jersey like Alpine & Englewood unfortunately the Jets don't play in one of them.  Not to mention the idiocy & the lack of social graces from their fans.....

  39. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 7:59 AM


  40. Not seen a game on ESPN yet, byt Tyler and Grey are indeed the comms on Sky. I like Gray. He usually provides good analysis but can be guilty of stating the bleeding obvious (but aren't we all occasionally?)
    The GREAT news I heard on the radio at lunchtime is that Rooney and Ferdinand are training with the first team today. There is a real chance both could be fit for Sunderland on Sunday - that extra day could be a Godsend?

  41. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 8:04 AM

    <span>"The Dolphins have apparently rescinded</span><span><span><span><span></span> all new player jersey numbers, including the 54 previously given to AJ Edds. For the moment, all rookies and Brandon Marshall are listed as #0."</span></span></span>

    Now that's hilarious!!!  LMAO.  No more PR mistakes on Ireland's watch.

    Wait a second... Does that means that Ireland thinks that all of the rookies & Brandon Marshall are a bunch of zeros???  Shhhhhhhhhh....Don't tell Omar!!!

  42. Vegas is another great spot for the whole family.  My kids like to collect the hooker cards.

  43. Tin,
    I'm guessing Barnum is on continental Europe and not this hallowed isle if he can't see NFL games? But if he drops by again later he can confirm.

    Arshavin is 1.72m = 5' 7.5" - here's his Wiki entry.
    If you've seen him you'll know that whilst he isn't huge, he's strong and quick with a good nose for goal - everything Tevez was (lol) but they play a slightly different style of game.
    Not sure who the B striker is but not Bendtner - he's Arsenal.
    Torres is a beast. He and Rooney are the best strikers in the EPL, but I'd give Roon the edge - sure Barnum would disagree though!?

  44. Tin, I agree about Miami... I grew up in Fort Lauderdale (Plantation) and watched it change from a very nice town to a freaking madhouse. The population seemed to double every year until it turned into complete grid-lock. Going down to Miami was always an adventure because if you took the wrong turn you could end up in some really bad parts of town. Back then Miami Beach was dead, no one went there except older people before the art deco thing happened and revitalized it, but even today if you stray too far off the beach drag you'll end up in places you don't want to be.

    I was at the preseason game last year and it was a deluge! But I've sat through worse games in Miami. One game against Pittsburgh I thought JRS was going to turn into a swimming pool. The water was coming down the steps like waterfalls. The worst part was we were kicking P-burgh's butt like 31 to 7 when it started and ended up losing. Danny and company were fumble F-ing around while Pittsburgh ran it down our throats.

  45. Collecting hooker cards is an expensive hobby, isn't it? I didn't get that
    kind of allowance when I was a kid...
    Maybe soon the NFL will get a team back into LA so I can take my family to
    the La Brea Tar Pits....

  46. maybe i got them mixed up but someone replaced arshavin after he got
    injured...I don't know, I try not to watch any Liverpool games if I can help
    it. I'm not a fan of the London clubs either, though I don't mind watching

  47. Sunday? wtf. I tell you one thing about trying to follow Man Utd from over
    here - it's impossible to know when the games are. They have moved at least
    10 of them (probably more) and I have to keep re-printing the schedule.

  48. Yeah I spent my teenage years in Miami and it was not fun - it's not like I
    could go to any clubs on South Beach. It was basically unsafe to go
    anywhere outside of my nice suburban neighborhood, and there really wasn't
    much to do there. I know the crime rate got even worse after I left and if
    you're living in the TB area, you really have no reason to go to Miami
    (other than Dolphins games).
    My wife has never been there and she sees it on TV and always begs me to
    take her and all I ever say is "why on Earth would you want to go to that
    I have practically traveled the globe, and it's one of my least favorite
    places. They do have good food there and my beloved Dolphins, but otherwise
    it's got nothing special (although the occasional latina hottie sighting
    could change my mind).
    But now I feel like I'm beating up on the place - I just didn't enjoy living
    there, or visiting it several times before I moved there. For the record I
    don't enjoy living in Sacramento either.
    I've lived in Tampa, Atlanta, Portland, and London - all better for me than
    Sacto and MIA.

  49. It's all about tv tin. Think of it like the Thursday and Saturday games at the end of the season in the NFL. L'pool k.o. @ 1:30pm local and Utd k.o. @ 4pm local.

  50. Who says Ireland made that decision... does number assignment fall under a gm's responsibility.... >.>

  51. Did you see Fulham made the final of the "Champions League teams who got knocked-out = runners up" cup? WOW. That was amazing. Hodgson being touted for Mgr of the year. With the players, revenues and situation they are in it is truly amazing.

  52. <span>"Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis?"  so dez's mom is sending christmas cards from minneapolis now.</span>
    <span>patrick, even if we dont make a game, at least walker, you and me need to find a central watering hole to take in a game</span>

  53. Patrick - small world - I went to a Steelers-Dolphins game @ JRS and the Fins went up 21-0 then the tropical rainstorm hit and there was no more scoring.  I prefer my ending to yours. lol

  54. Yep, we talked about it last year but this year it's a done deal...

  55. I don't like to beat up Miami too much but I have never gone back except for a couple games since I moved to St. Pete. We didn't even get into the damn New Yorkers there. Ex-New Yorkers are the most obnoxious people on the planet. I don't know how many times I told those people, "if New York is so great, GO BACK!!!" That's one of the great differences between TB and Miami, very few New Yorkers.

    I don't mean to stereotype th people from NY because I'm sure like anywhere there are good people, but I think they all stayed there.

  56. Number assignment would fall under the equipment managers responsibility

  57. [the final of the "Champions League teams who got knocked-out = runners up"

  58. I heard NJ was more like Uranus. Sorry TTE! :-D

  59. I ran into plenty of ex-New yorkers all the time in Tampa. They do tend to
    bring up how great NY is all the time and how much every where else sucks.
    I find the same is true of NY ex pats here in Cali as well. I think there's
    nothing wrong with being proud of your hometown or whatever, but you're
    right, if it was so great why did they move to FL?

  60. It is way to complicated to explain, so here's a link (how did people get by before the net?)

  61. PS L'pool were knocked out of it last night, so they will either play with the stuffing knocked out of them against Chelsea or be looking for revenge. W/out Torres though, beating Chelsea is a big ask.
    PPS "Rafa watch" has started. If they don't qualify for the CL next year (finish 4th), the smart money is on the axe falling.

  62. So Tin, based on what you saw of McCoy, do you think he has what it takes to make it in the NFL? I always wonder why some guys who seem to have the size and speed and the game, fall to the 7th round.

  63. He looks akin to Walden - if Walden can make it, why not McCoy? I think
    McCoy's entire future rests on his drive and work ethic.

  64. He's bigger than Walden though, right? I thought Walden was 6-2 245 where McCoy is reported to be 6-3 260.

  65. well the official roster has him listed at 6'2", 245lbs. The player I
    watched last night looked to me like he was 6'4" 260 lbs. So maybe he was
    wearing heels and bloated when I saw him play?

  66. Tim The EnchanterApril 30, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    I saw some highlights on Aquavision from minicamp, very short footage. But I believe McCoy and Misi were working together and Chris looks a little bigger than Koa. I love that name Koa Misi.

  67. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 2:14 PM

    I was being sarcastic.  The way the media has been acting they seem to be looking for any excuse to pile on Ireland.

  68. Dammit I was going to post this same thought in a couple of minutes!
    McCoy looks to be 1/2 inch to an inch taller than Misi who is a proven 6'3"
    guy right?

  69. pahaha you sound like me and living here in DC! When I grew up in New Smyrna, I would head down to the Orange Bowl (now that was scary--parking in someones front lawn--yikes) but since the new stadium I go down 95--turnpike it and then get the hell out after the game. In fact Herd, we should probably head back to Otown after the game. LOL

  70. I've been there tens of times w'tens of my Raider buddies,
    and those gyz w'the spiked shoulder pads were @ the gate every time ordering me to take off my colors!!
    We'd go back and forth as I was deep in the line,
    I'd tell'em I'm from Miami and been a fan since 65 and won't remove my colors,
    and every time when I finally get to the turnstile they'd shake my hand tell me I was alright,
    and wave me through..

    Now once they get some beer in'em the civility disipates!!
    One time a bunch of Raider fans cornered me in the bathroom and were moving forward,
    luckily my Raider buddies were behind them and squashed my emminent ass whipping!!

    I WOULDN'T take my family there,I wouldn't go there w'out backup,
    and I wouldn't go there if I weren't able to wear my colors or openly cheer for my team!!

    I've had gangs of'em chase me out of the stadium after MY FINS issued an ass kickin!!
    I love their fans, those dudes got heart, FUNNN TIMES !!!

  71. I suggested b/4 the draft, IFFF the FINS don't draft @least 2 OLBS then apparently they've witnessed Moses walkin on water during the offseason,(apparently that never happened)!!!

    I pretty much penciled-in Koa-Misi @ SOLB upon his acquisition,
    as well as AJEDDS in passing situation's,
    (he's ALREADY head-&-shoulders better than any other LB on the squad in pass coverage),IMHO!!!

  72. Passing situation LBs Koa-Misi, Dansby, Edds, w'Wake being the primary pass rusher
    while KD & Misi take turns blitzing, JMHO!!

  73. Okay, so I'm super late to this party (been busy) and not sure if anyone will read this but I am hoping to get to a game in Green Bay.  I wished they played the Bears in Chicago so perhaps a road trip with friends to Miami might work?  Why Green Bay?  Because my dad is a season ticket holder (wait list is like 40 years - yeah, I don't get it either) and I hope he can switch games with another holder.  Been there before and it's all good in the land of Cheese (as long as it's early in the season).