Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tin Bits - Contest Results

  • Well, it took me long enough, but I've finally managed to finish grading the papers of the Tin's Fins 2010 Draft ContestFrom the 1st entry to about the 26th entry, not a single person had correctly guessed a single Dolphins' draftee.  Out of about 50 entries, only about 6 even got one right - so I don't feel so bad about getting none right myself.  Results are at the bottom of this blog post.
  • A couple of lagging news items following the Draft.  Former Elon star WR, Terrell Hudgins, a player I described in the live chat as being a sort of 'poor man's Dez Bryant', has signed a rookie free agent contract with the same team that drafted Bryant - the Dallas Cowboys.  As if they didn't have enough receivers already, the Cowboys also got 'retired-before-hired' rookie free agent TE, Scott Sicko to sign on the dotted line.  As of now, the Cowboys have at WR - Roy Williams, Miles Austin, Patrick Crayton, Sam Hurd, Dez Bryant, Terrell Hudgins, along with a slew of young unproven no-names.
  • Speaking of the Cowboys and Dez Bryant - news has surfaced that Dolphins' GM Jeff Ireland asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute.  This yahoo reporter took it very personally. I thought it was hilarious.  It really trumps any of the other weird combine interview questions we've heard this year.  Ultimately, it sounds as if Dez passed the test, though whether or not he was ever a Dolphins' target is unknown.  If my theory is correct that certain NFL teams work together in the pre-draft evaluations, as I have suggested goes on between Dallas and Miami, then it makes sense that a team that wasn't going to draft Bryant would ask the question on behalf of the team that was.  Whatever you want to think of Dez Bryant and his future, he has, in my opinion, handled himself really well as a 20 year old in the spotlight and with all the criticism he's faced the past few months.  As for the question - yes it's class-less and brutish - it was meant to be - so that yahoo reporter should lay off the Yoo-hoo and stop comparing a 1st round NFL draft pick with someone who works in an office for $40k a year.  Those people also don't have to strip to their underwear, get prodded and medically investigated, interviewed four or five times, have their families and backgrounds checked, their internet history investigated, their twitter followed, and be in 'evaluation mode' for 4 months straight.  Then after they are drafted they are still under evaluation every minute they are at work.  There's really no comparison between an NFL player and a regular person when it comes to what is an appropriate question.  They obviously want to know how he reacts to confrontation, what his temper is like, etc.  This is a physical game, people are hitting each other, adrenalin is pumping.  So, Michael Silver, YOU need a reality check.
  • Hooked up with new Miami Dolphin CB, Nolan Carroll, via the internet and verified that Dolphins rookie camp runs from Thursday morning through Sunday evening.  It will be interesting to see who the Dolphins call-in to fill in the missing holes (they essentially need enough players to run a 7-on-7 drill.
And now, drumroll please, the WINNERS of the 2010 TIN's FINS DRAFT CONTEST:
  1. Dahlia305 - 52 points
  2. 13kvFINS - 51 points
  3. NcDolfan  - 44 points
NcDolfan managed to join us in the live chat from Bahrain (if memory serves) as he was deployed by the US Navy to fight pirates aboard the USS Farragut.  He was the only entrant to guess we would draft Austin Spitler and he even got the number pick right.  NcDolfan, as if you couldn't find any better motivation to be safe over there, there is a $15 Gift Certificate waiting for you when you get back!  

13kvFINS had the hardest to read entry, with the most additional narrative added - imagine a contestant on Wheel of Fortune asking if there are any 'R's and then while the Rs are being turned over, that contestant then stating his reasoning behind why he chose R and what other letters he thought of choosing, and you'll get the picture.  He was the only contestant to pick Koa Misi with our 2nd pick - but it didn't count as it was in his 'alternate answer', not the official one. which had zero correct.  Had he submitted the alternate instead, he would have edged out Dahlia305  for the win. 13kvFINS' entry was the only one out of over 50 entries that picked DE as the answer to #10, though his reason for picking that position was wrong, he did type out 'DE' s he gets the points and the $25.

Dahlia305 had some key scores on her entry.  First, she somehow knew/guessed that we would draft John Jerry.  She knew we would trade down.  She was the ONLY entrant to get full points for #1 (maybe she was smart enough to copy from my mock draft - as I also had Trent Williams going 4th overall).  And thus, she's the only one walking away with the $50 first prize.

Congratulations to all the winners.  Prizes will be sent out to Dahlia305 and 13kvFINS on Thursday.  NcDolfan - I will hold yours until you return unless you tell me otherwise.  A couple of honorable mentions:  Elias P. got 43 points and had the best score on #8 (WRs);  Fin_Fan_in_Japan scored 39;  Rob H. scored 38.  Twenty-four contestants scored a 37.  The lowest score was a 24.  There were a total of 112 possible points. 


  1. I did horribly... at least I predicted we'd trade down, that's one of the few things I got right. I completely whiffed on the Dolphins pick... and the only one's we took that i'd say were even close to getting on my predictions were Koa Misi and Reshad Jones. I would have never seen the others coming... and I certainly would have never seen Reshad Jones falling that late into the 5th round.

  2. "<span>13kvFINS had the hardest to read entry, with the most additional narrative added - imagine a contestant on Wheel of Fortune asking if there are any 'R's and then while the Rs are being turned over, that contestant then stating his reasoning behind why he chose R and what other letters he thought of choosing, and you'll get the picture. "</span>
    <span>...rotflmao! ...that's 13kv all right :-P </span>
    <span>...and as for Silver, he needs to change his pampers now and then.</span>

  3. <span>If Michael Silver's job depended on choosing the right 20 year old kid to invest 10 million dollars in, I'm sure he'd have a completely different perspective on the questions he'd ask...</span>

  4. Yea 13kv writes in code. I can assure you having talked with him, that he dosen't talk in code.  :)

    Anyway congrats to all the winners.  I didn't enter the contest I had no idea what the Dolphins would do. and didn't have enough information about the baby boys (college players) coming out.  I don't watch much college ball and the clips I see from youtube and the like, do little for me in trying access a players ablility or talent level.  I don't know how anyone learns anything from those clips.

  5. you don't - the GMs get game film, which is great from the bigger schools
    that have loads of money, but terrible from the smaller schools. Ultimately
    the scouts hear about a guy or get invited by a coach and if they like the
    player they'll attend as many games as they can - that's why they have the
    scouting department divided up into region or states - otherwise the
    traveling would be ridiculous.
    I do occasionally think when I see how many small school players we scout,
    that maybe the scouts are attending the cheaper ticket games only and
    pocketing the difference!
    Ultimately, for the 'big uglies', regular game tape is almost as good as the
    scouting tape - but you really need that to see the full field and it makes
    it a lot easier to see if a LB is taking a right angle, if the QB chose the
    right target, etc. These days the big networks use those cameras during
    broadcasts too for certain 'analysis' plays.
    The youtube videos are completely at the mercy of who edited them together
    as to whether or not its a realistic representation of the player.

  6. My comp. entry was entirely copied and pasted as I've never seen any of the players play! I didn't get the trade down as I heard a lot of teams before us wanted to trade down so thought we might run out of partners. Not so. Well done Dahlia - 52 points was very respectable.

    Peria Jerry was the #24 pick in 09 (where Dezzie went this year). His contract was: 7/30/2009: Signed a five-year, $10.35 million contract. The deal includes $7.55 million guaranteed. Another $2.9 million is available through incentives

    If I was Dezzie and thought I'd land that kind of money, they could prod me, poke me and say anything they like about my family. I'd be thinking this is only my FIRST contract. I wonder if hi-ho (pun intended) Silver would take a similar stance under the circs?

    I see Ireland has issued an apology acording to Mando?

  7. This made me smile:

    "Bill Belichick loves him some tight ends. Since becoming the Patriots' coach, Belichick has invested 11 choices in tight ends, including two last week. And Belichick loves draft-day trades, this year making six, involving a total of 18 choices at various points. Example: Through a sequence of transactions New England swapped the 47th choice, midway through the second round, for a late-second-round choice, a fifth-round pick and Carolina's second selection in 2011. This is skilled trading -- but when is New England actually going to use all its banked choices?

    In 2009, New England banked a lot of choices via trades, going into 2010 holding three second-round picks. Since 2010 was viewed as a strong draft, it seemed Belichick's strategy would be to transfer picks into a strong year. Now the strong year has arrived and rather than fire all his ammo, Belichick traded down several times then concluded the draft having banked two first-round and two second-round choices for 2011. Even the squirrel who hides nuts for the winter eventually digs them up and eats them. When is Belichick going to use all these extra picks? Is he exhibiting some hoarding syndrome that should get him on Oprah?"

  8. "maybe the scouts are attending the cheaper ticket games only and 
    pocketing the difference!" tin

    ...lol ...you don't really think a pro scout has tp pay to attend a college game, eh ...more likely the coach is paying them :)

  9. according to Mando

  10. ...speaking of mock draft grading, how did tin do compared to the "experts'

    ...I compared your posted mock draft to these "experts" and you actually beat one of them! 
    ...your numbers by their columns were: 6|3|0|7|4|11|8|364 
    ...not bad at all for a working stiff fan

  11. Hope I'm not overstepping the "decency" rules on this site Tin, but 2 posts made me laugh about this story - 1 poster on the SS said "next time ask her how much she charges for a golden shower" and on PFT, a poster said "what did his mom get on the wonderlick?"

  12. lemmus, take the $40 USC ticket, sell it, then go attend a SDSU game for

  13. Man... that Jeff Ireland question is getting so blown out of proportion by fans. They just will look for any reason to dog Ireland cause he's not "fan friendly". Big deal he asked the kid a question maybe it wasn't the best question to ask, he apologized to him, dez accepted the apology. People are too sensitive sometimes.

  14. It's just conservative spending - as long as he gets the players he needs,
    then it's a really good strategy because one day they will want to pull a
    Brandon Marshall-esque move and they will have the picks to do it. In the
    mean-time, see if the rookies fill that need so you don't have to pull the
    This is how the rich get richer. I would do the same thing if I were him.

  15. Fully agree. They always seem to be on top of the draft when we weren't but I get the feeling that's changing (for us).

  16. ...you're a born cynic ...you really think a pro scout with a $85-150K dream job is going to risk it by scalping a ticket for a few bucks? ...maybe, there are plum fools born every minute, eh.

  17. Lemmus, I am not a born cynic, I'm a born-sarcastic.

  18. For the record, I have no decency, not in that way anyway. LOL

  19. I know the feeling :)

  20. Tim The EnchanterApril 27, 2010 at 3:37 PM

    I was lame and couldn't finish in time. Though I spend my life doing this. LOL

    The phucken Marshall trade messed me all up in many ways.

    A GM is not a diplomat. He's a hardcore football guy. Sorry most good GMs are not media favorites for obvious reasons. LOL

  21. The only time I'll get mad about someones number being used is if they assign the #39 to someone.

  22. Zach Thomas is my favorite player of all time... but i'm kinda excited about having a new #54... when watching A.J. Edds he reminded me a bit of a 3-4 version of Zach. We'll see, i'm not saying he'll be that... but if not a new #54 now, when? If we weren't gonna give the number out it should have been retired before now.

  23. I just went to the SS sports and noticed that ZT bought some property on the beach in Broward County.  It appears that it is a residence for who I don't know of course.  What is strange is that SS idiot that wrote the story gave the address of the property.  My God how stupid can she be ???

    When I logged on to tell them about their stupidity they wouldn't post my comment.  It had no profanity in it.  I simply called them out for their stupidity.  Shame on them..

    Isn't it funny when someone points a finger at the media when they do something wrong we get censored ?  Yet they make all types of allegations with no consquences.

  24. I agree. I do understand how some fans will feel though, and at this time with all the negitive press the Dolphins are swimming in their timing could have been a little better.

  25. Tim The EnchanterApril 27, 2010 at 9:04 PM

    Edds reminds me of Gary Reasons. Both 4th round picks, tall and rangy and good in space. Good hands!

    We can't retire Zach's number. That whole thing is getting old. It should be an honor to wear a number.

  26. <p><span>Come on man... The liberal media has turned this entire country into a bunch of punchless politically correct idiots.</span>
    </p><p><span>"Was your mother a prostitute?"</span>
    </p><p><span>How do you judge a man's character? By reaching out point blank and touching his sore spot then watching how he reacts. Twenty questions could be asked to tip toe around the point, which I'm sure many folks did, but one person had the gumption to ask the real question. I respect the man who does not feed me a line of BS much more than some guy trying to say something without saying it. Get to the point man, was your mother a prostitute? If Dez Bryant can look me in the eye and say yes she was, but I overcame what was a horrible beginning to my life and put myself in this position. Now I know something about this man. I don't look at him and say he is going to revert to some bad habit because he is avoiding his past. If Bryant were to say, "how dare you ask me that question!" Then I know he is not looking at himself honestly and the red flags go off.</span>
    </p><p><span>Turn on the TV, pull up the web, open in the newspaper, what do you see? Sensationalists each trying to trump the other in the smear campaign</span><span>. The kids today have grown up with this stuff and it has become the norm. It's an animal that feeds on itself and creates people like "Home" who view the world as a perpetual disaster waiting to happen.</span>
    </p><p><span></span><span>Bob Marley said it the best…</span>
    </p><p><span>Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
    None but ourselves can free our minds.
    Have no fear for atomic energy,
    'Cause none of them can stop the time.
    How long shall they kill our prophets,
    While we stand aside and look?
    Some say it's just a part of it:
    We've got to fulfill the book.</span>
    </p><p><span>Sorry for going off on a rant. I’ll step off my soap box now…</span></p>

  27. We Have PlaymakersApril 28, 2010 at 7:52 AM

    Happy belated birthday.

  28. We Have PlaymakersApril 28, 2010 at 8:07 AM


    I have no idea what that Bob Marley' quote had anything to do with the question that was asked by Jeff Ireland or anything that was the result of that question but that's neither here nor there.

    I think that Ireland asked an inappropriate question & it sounds ridiculous when taken out of context however we are not privy to everything that goes on in these settings. After every single detail of their body & performance are broken down it would stand to reason that a GM would like to know as much information as he can before drafting a player.

    This is not always a bad thing. In fact this should make teams that draft players with checkered or difficult backgrounds look for ways to help the players before they destroy their adult lives. After watching “Run Ricky Run,” I believe that it would have been beneficial to Ricky’s career & life if GM’s had known (if hadn’t already known) more about his father & his childhood before he was drafted. We’ll never know now but perhaps the Saints could have provided him with a therapist right out of the gate to help him work through some of the baggage he was carrying.

  29. Tim The EnchanterApril 28, 2010 at 8:44 AM

    I always feel bad for players who don't get traditional position numbers. Like the LBs getting numbers in the 40s. LOL

  30. We Have PlaymakersApril 28, 2010 at 9:02 AM


    I believe the Dolphins have a total of 14 LB's on their team.  What can you do???  LOL!!!

  31. It's stretching it quite a bit but the meaning in relation to the Yahoo story is about the media sensationalizing everything to the point where we have become mental slaves and cannot say anything without it being taken as some slight against someone.

    The more the media tells us Ireland is a jackass the more we will begin to believe them and then that is the eventual perception we have of him. Like Bob saying, if we preach the bible enough people will eventually make it come true.

    Loose connection, but it sounded good at the time...

  32. Tim The EnchanterApril 28, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    Oh I know why they do it, it just makes them look like long shots from the beginning. LOL

  33. I follow about 5 Dolphins journalists on twitter and every single one of
    them plus every other mainstream media guy has blasted Ireland for the
    Bryant question - yet 95% of the fan comments I've read have taken the
    opposite view.
    Either the Miami fans just 'get it' or the media as usual is trying to force
    a story. Personally I have a more balanced view, that most Miami Dolphins
    fans are more logical than the average NFL fan (even the dumbest, most
    illiterate Dolphin fan that makes it onto TV or radio, etc, seems to be able
    to express something logical, even if barely coherent, whereas there are
    Raiders fans who don't know anything about football and honestly believe
    that speed is everything) and that the media actually believes what it
    writes most of the time. They spend so many years using that sensational
    'voice' that eventually it becomes their own.
    It's why Mike B. thinks everything is related to baseball, why Omar K.
    thinks everything is related to UM, why Florio thinks everyone cares about
    every minutae of professional sports law, why Armando thinks everything is
    related to him, and why Harvey Fialkov thinks it's the 1940s (when he
    started out).

  34. We Have PlaymakersApril 28, 2010 at 10:34 AM


    Not true at the Sun.  This is not to offend anyone who posts comments on there but there is an awful amount of idiocy going on over there.  That is why I consider this site a safe haven.

  35. We Have PlaymakersApril 28, 2010 at 10:35 AM


    That is why this site is a safe haven from the other sites.

  36. We Have PlaymakersApril 28, 2010 at 10:36 AM

    Did I already say that???  LOL!!!

  37. We Have PlaymakersApril 28, 2010 at 10:38 AM


    It makes them look like "scab" players during a strike but let's face it, they are long shots.

  38. That's true.

  39. The Ireland comments are being overblown by the media which is typical. This allows them to sit on their high horses and pretend to be for the common man when Dez Bryant is no longer a common man. What I find funny about all this media backlash is that they rake people over the coals on a daily basis and much worse than what Ireland asked Bryant. It's not like Ireland asked him if his mother did everything including gang bangs.

    So what was the answer to the question? Was his mother a prostitute?

  40. WHP, that is the reason I will only post on this site...

    Think about what how the real conversation probably went.

    Ireland, "so Dez from everything I have heard you had a pretty tough time growing up."

    Bryant, "right, you know, debinably."

    Ireland, "is it true your mother was actually a prostitute?"

    Bryant, "right, you know, debinably."

    Ireland, "well you seem to have done a great job of overcoming it."

    Bryant, "right, you know, debinably."

    Then some writer traps Byrant after the draft and Dez makes the fatal mistake of saying off the cuff someone even asked him if his mother was a prostitute. Bryant got his first lesson in dealing with the media.

  41. I don't see how the answer is anyone's business, but the media harping on it
    over and over does more damage to Bryant's mom's reputation than a private
    question during a dinner meeting. In fact, I'll bet there's a load of
    people investigating to find out the answer now despite the fact no one even
    thought about it before hand.
    The media took something that was meant to be a pin-prick on the arm of
    Bryant in a private conversation and turned it into "well, is she or isn't

  42. Debinably! LOL

    So was Bryant's mother ever a prostitute?

  43. Bingo! Tin, you're right on. Now inquiry minds want to know the answer to the question.

  44. Right, you know, debinably...

  45. We Have PlaymakersApril 28, 2010 at 1:27 PM

    "Bryant's mother, Angela, had Bryant as a 15 year-old, has publicly admitted to selling drugs in order to provide for her children, and came out as a lesbian a few years ago."


    Based on this, it doesn't sound like her being a prostitute would be that much of a stretch however I need to ask myself why Ireland would even ask him that question.  I mean isn't this information damning enough to suggest that there Dez may have some major issues stemming from his childhood???

  46. We Have PlaymakersApril 28, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    Now every CB who covers him has the amunintion to make these comments to Dez for the rest of his career.

  47. Tim The EnchanterApril 28, 2010 at 3:37 PM

    WHP, do we know how Ireland asked Dez about his mother? Did he say "was your mom a prostitute" or did he say something like "there are a lot of reports that your mother was involved with drugs and prostitution and went to jail, is that true about your mom, was she involved in drugs and was she a prostitute? I don't think it's a big deal. It's no different than asking was your dad a loan shark?

    I doubt it was an arbitrary question, it was based on reports and information.

  48. I would say Chris McCoy has a pretty good chance to make the team... but Jared Odrick took his number, #1 overall pick got dibs.

  49. What I love is reading PFT say "we're surprised this story has gone this far" when they're the ones making this non-story go this far.  Parcells sure has made himself a lot of enemies.  I mean we're using Turley and Ditka as sources of quotes condemning Ireland?

    How this little life cycle of S.FL NFL football?  Team sucks driving fans insane and reporters lazy and cynical.  Team rebuilds and still cynical and insane reporters/fans drive out effective FO.  Team sucks again and insane/cynical reporters/fans wonder why.......

  50. Mel Kiper has completely abandoned his initial grade of the Dolphin's Draft... In an article yesterday he said that just a few days after he graded the teams drafts there is one grade he already didn't like. The Dolphin's, in retrospect he likes our draft a lot more.

    Now, this afternoon. In a list of top 5 impact players from rounds 2-3. He put Koa Misi #2 out of 66 players taken in those rounds. He thinks Koa Misi will have an easy transition to 3-4 outside linebacker and wouldn't be surprised if he was starting day 1.

  51. TIN, I'd like to donate my winning's to the cause!!!
    I'm sure this site cost you a few bucks to keep us entertained,(IFF NOT ONLY YOUR TIME)!!

    I'd like to buy you a few drink's,
    or contribute my winning's toward what-ever enhancing your looking to add to your site!!

    I APPRECIATE MY TEAM, and those that make the journey funn, THANX CHEERS!!!   GODOLPHINS >:o !!! 

  52. ...class move 13kv

  53. LMAO @ ya'll, UKNOWULUVME :* !!

    IFFF only I waited till after the Bmarshall & TG exchange!!
    As for us ALL being wrong we can blame that on trading down 16 spots,and gaining a 2nd rndr,
    eliminating the persued 5 @ 12, while throwing 2nd rnd prospects back into the frey as possibilities we couldn't feesibly include as 3rd rndrs for us, effectivily disolving any of the legit @12 mock PROBABILITIES!?!?
    MIGHT have still worked IFFF DWilliams fell 2 more spots,but then again we still had an extra 2nd???

    So we ALLL should get some credit,(though none considered SD),
    and none did a mock w'our pk being @ 28!!
    I'm sure we'd of all been back in the ballpark had we known the pk was @ 28 w'a #40!!
    We'd of all likely had a whole nother bunch of gyz in our thought's(perhaps including the actual draftees :-P )? 

    Next yr,I'm simply going to eliminate all the prospect's I think fit, and mock the rest in reverse order ;) !!
    I WAS VERY SURPRISED that I can't recall much mention of any of the actual draftee's(negatively or positively) from any of us???
    That's PROBABLY a good thing b/c the rest of the league was probably as surprised about our pks as we were!

    THANX for the funnn, and I'm working on not defeating my own purposes,(though I probably failed above)!!  GO DOLPHINS!!! :-P >:o :-D

  54. Don't know iff it's been mentioned, but I heard a CMcCoy interview on the radio yesterday,
    and he said the FINS told him he'd be competing @ the WOLB position!!!

  55. Really classy 13kvFINS!!!

    I really miss that chat box!


  57. Sharper to meet with Phins??????


  58. All that the article is saying is He is For sure meeting with the Jaguars... after that it turns to speculation that maybe he could meet with the Cowboys or Dolphins which is just based on the belief that Fins/Cowboys have a need at FS.

  59. Didn't Dahlia win one of the other contest too??? DAMNN she's good!!

    How'd I come so close IFF Dahlia had the actual JJerry pk??
    You tryin to tell me I know the rest of the nfl better than my own team, :-P >:o ???

    In my defense, MY reasoning for DE was @ 12 NOT 28, LOL ;) ,
    BGraham was over 265 therefore a DE,so huh LOL!!!

  60. <span>Tryptich, I think Brandon Marshall needs to be added to our draft list... Once he's placed on the list, the draft looks a whole lot better!</span>

  61. Thanks 13kvFins! That's might honorable of you! Go Fins!

  62. A little insight - more people though we'd trade down than stick at 12 - by
    a large margin.

  63. I am actually going to watch a MTSU bowl game tonight - I'll give
    impressions tomorrow.

  64. Chatbox will return from time to time - I generally have it up for live
    events including games.

  65. I think Graham weighed in at 266 - and technically he was drafted by the
    Eagles to be a DE, so you were right, but the Dolphins would have used him
    as a OLB so you were wrong also, lol.

  66. We Have PlaymakersApril 29, 2010 at 8:07 AM


    You know what?  That's a very classy move.  There definitely are some decent people in the world.  Seriously.

    Maybe you should be the one asking the questions to potential first rounders.  LOL!!!  Were we even going to draft him anyway???

  67. We Have PlaymakersApril 29, 2010 at 8:11 AM

    OMG...This story is just not going away.  I think we need to sign a player like Adalius Thomas or Darren Sharper just to stop the Jeff Ireland insanity. :) :-$ O:-)

  68. Technically, you can only add half of him - the other half needs to go on next years darft. lol

  69. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 8:26 AM

    When you push political correctness on a society you get a very sensitive society.

  70. Tin,

    You can add this to your site:

    Miami Dolphins

    Rookie minicamp: April 30-May 2. OTAs: May 18-19, May 24, May 26, June 1, June 3, June 7, June 9-10, June 14, June 16. Mandatory minicamp: May 28-30.


  71. WHP, this is what I was trying to say yesterday. The damn media just cannot let things go... They preach it enough and people will start to believe it. I thought Omar was a little better than Armando at the sensationalism, but he is literally showing his colors with his last post. If a guy can't handle a few tough questions during an interview to play professional football then what's going to happen when he's on the field in a tough situation? Parcells and company just weeded out Dez Bryant and that is probably why they decided giving up the draft picks for Marshall was a better option.

    I'm glad the front office is finally bringing in some players with gumption. They could ask him how much his mother charged for a BJ as far as I'm concerned. At least it's not Cameron drafting Teddy Ginn and his family.

  72. LOL UK! We drafted a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!

  73. We Have PlaymakersApril 29, 2010 at 9:18 AM


    Sad but true. This has gone way too far.  The guy made a mistake, he admitted he made a mistake, he apologized to the person he made the mistake to so what do people want from him???  Blood???  Clearly the public beating has not gone out of style but I guess that's okay since that's the way people can feel better about themselves & justify the awful things that they do on a daily basis....Unbelievable.

  74. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 9:30 AM

    We still don't even know how the question came up or how it was phrased and in what context. Right now it's all speculation.

  75. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 9:44 AM

    We invited TE Dan Beaudin from Montana to camp. He's 6-5 252, he caught 65 passes for 678 yards and 6 TDs in his career. He'll be the only TE at the rookie camp.

  76. lemmus, WHP, Tin, and 13k.  Why did you guys say anything to 13 ?  Don't you know that he lives in the same City as I do !!!  Now I'm never going to hear the end of how nice he is, when we talk with each other. :)   He is probably walking around as I write this with a head as large as a Macy's Day float...

    Anyway nice move K talk at you later...

  77. Yea, they need someone to hold the tackling dummy..

  78. The Ireland thing has gone over the top.

    It's funny really.  The media bashes the former FO and lobby for something new.  So the team reacts and brings in the trifecta.  They bring with them a no nonesense NFL mentality, something the fans have wanted for years.  When the trifecta begin to act like a NFL team the Media nor the fans want to see it.

    Winning solves all these problems.  Shula made quite a few blunders in his time, but because the team won about 70 % of the time.  The media and hound dogs kept there mouths shut.  So to solve this I will quote Al Davis.

                                                                    !!!! JUST WIN BABY !!!!

  79. Thanks UK - I'll add it somewhere but take these dates with a grain of salt
    - they are subject to change - in fact last year I think they changed half
    of them as they went along.

  80. What's funny is we didn't draft Dez possibly because of the trouble he might bring to the franchise!  If this is what not drafting him caused, imagine if we added him to the roster?!  Tim I hear you on the whole PC madness but you can't invoke (well, you can, just wouldn't be accurate) liberals or a liberal philosophy to blame for this.  If anything this has the makings of your classic FoxNews hit job.  No facts, tons of slander, then beat it to DEATH.  Let's put the onus on the media where it belongs, the corporate media.  Each time I think I can't lose any more respect for Omar and Armando they prove me wrong....Omar's starting to flip the race card now???

  81. Yeah Fang I can't get to the season fast enough so that we can start winning and Dez can start sucking and being irrelevant.  But how much you wanna bet that if by some crazy alignment of the stars we actually can battle our way into the SB, that all the media will talk about will be Dez's momma.....

  82. oops, meant Patrick, not Tim! 

  83. John Nalbone will be there too - he didn't dress for any games

  84. Apparently I'm being monitored on the SS. All of my comments are awaiting moderation. I guess the troll used my name and similar pic enough to confuse them. I blogged there last night no problem. I'm being moderated yet there is a troll by the name of Julie with no avatar who calls Omar a douche posting there. That's okay. LOL

  85. Tin, the TE they signed said he was told he's the only TE at the rookie camp.

  86. He may be the only one invited, but all the PS guys and non-active players
    are also 'eligible' to attend and I would suspect it is mandatory for them
    in the eyes of the coaching staff. Jeff Ireland spoke about it in his
    post-draft presser. Nalbone couldn't even get on the roster after Fasano
    got injured - it would 'behoove' him to be there.

  87. Red Dog all it will take is to start winning, if that happens they will forget about this BS story.  Look no further than NE and you can see that.  All the media across the Country has lockjaw when it comes to them.  I think Robert Craft has Roger Goodell's gonads in his hand.

  88. So the new big story is A.J. Edds being given Zach's #54. Who the phuck cares, I mean geez, are these reporters retarded?

  89. I recommend listening to the AJ Edds interview - he talks about the number
    and how he had the choice between 49 and 54 and had he chose 49 he would
    have to switch to 54 after pre-season (I don't think that's accurate, but
    that's what he believes) and he thought it would be a bigger slight to
    switch after pre-season than to start out with the number - of course he
    obviously didn't follow So Fla media before this week so he was blissfully
    unaware of the poor timing - but ultimately the number is not retired so
    it's moot.

  90. I've never been about retiring numbers. It's not the number that's important it's the player. It should be an honor to wear a great player's number.

  91. Tim they sure are doing their part to taint any progress our team has made under this FO!  What's funny to me is that I could give you a three year history of Parcells & Co coming to S.FL and it would be the complete opposite of what Omar/Armand would say.  Their rendition would come off like a description of the 3 stooges secretly plotting against their own team and it's fan base.  I wonder how the scene would change if somehow these clowns and all their buddies on the radio were fired tomorrow....We'd get actual news, and without all this completely BS muckraking garbage, we could boost the fan base thus boosting our franchise.  How about a some articles on something REAL??? 

    Alas that would take work and research and integrity, we'll be waiting awhile. 

  92. The Florida media has been racking their brain trying to figure out the trifecta. I can help them.

    1. Parcells despises you because you're the media and you don't know what you're talking about.
    2. Ireland and Sparano have the same mentality and they're not concerned with what your opinion is or what you're concerns are.
    3. Parcells despises you because you're the media and you don't know what you're talking about.

  93. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 1:03 PM

    New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum said he talked with QB Mark Sanchez before selecting RB Joe McKnight in the 2010 NFL Draft because the two were teammates in college, reports The Star-Ledger's Manish Mehta.

    Sanchez said he's likes hot dogs like me and Rex. Tannenbaum knew right there he was their man.

  94. 4. Never believe anything any source "close to the team" tells you...EVER!

  95. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 1:18 PM

    Putz personified. LOL


  96. Wow, Hyde has really got it in for Ireland and Parcells.
    Why is he taking it so personally?

  97. *[6. "... the lack of information available during the offseason and from
    May-July is inexcusable. There are fans out here that have been fans of this
    franchise for 40+ years who are left to fend for themselves like in a
    desert, dying for anything that they can read to pin their hopes for the
    coming season. My family plus other friends used to have 8 season tickets.
    We even drove in caravan to the Dallas-Miami Superbowl loss in New Orleans
    as well as the one in Houston when we beat Minnesota. I think the Trifecta
    need to work at this and if I was the owner I would sit them down and
    address the lack of respect they have for the fans. - Carlos*
    I have to admit, I'm surprised this isn't a bigger fan issue regarding the
    closed-door pollicy. Forget about the media getting shut out. It's tough
    work to be a fan sometimes with the lack of information. Sure, the most
    important thing is winning. But part of it is having fun in following your
    team. And some morsels of information are important for that. Tony Sparano
    is a good interview and good dispenser of information when he talks. But
    it's unfair he has to face the brunt of questions and be the voice of the
    franchise all year.]
    Nothing happens during that time - there are a few OTAs and then an entire
    month off - there is no news - what does Hyde think the Dolphins are hiding
    from him in the month of July? And it's 'unfair' that the head coach has to
    be the voice of the team? Huh? Should we talk to the janitor instead?

  98. LOL - this is a joke right?

  99. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    LMFAO! All of this whiny crap is hilarious and sad.

    Tin, during press conferences there is a reporter who has a voice that sounds like a feminine man on quaaludes. He usually asks dumb questions and has a hard time getting the question out. Do you know who that is? 

  100. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 1:49 PM

    Maybe. LOL

  101. Yes, it is Edgar Thompson. It took me a year to figure it out.

  102. We Have PlaymakersApril 29, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    I'm hoping our DE's & OLB's want to hit Sanchez as badly as I do. 

  103. We Have PlaymakersApril 29, 2010 at 2:03 PM

    Just came from Mando's blog about the #54. That does it.  I'm done reading any of South Florida's websites.  I'll just stick to Rotoworld for rumors.

  104. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    Really? LOL

  105. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 2:07 PM

    It's ridiculous isn't it? is there a policy in Florida when accepting a job as a reporter for a newspaper that you must sniff glue and gasoline before reporting for work?

  106. I wouldn't hit that....wait....what?

  107. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 2:08 PM

    That can be taken a few different ways. LOL

  108. We Have PlaymakersApril 29, 2010 at 2:09 PM

    We need to sign Sharper, Adalius, or just cut someone to give these idiots something else to worry about.

  109. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 2:17 PM

    Nah, they'll just ask our rookies what kind of weird questions they were asked by teams and Ireland specifically, and keep this story alive right into training camp. Then we'll have that and Brett Favre news. Yay!

  110. Chowder Feed! Chowder Feed!

  111. I caught that one also this is just stupid

  112. Yeah... I can't stand it anymore, anytime I turn on local sports radio/national just about the same. Every new article/blog some new form of b.s. about it. I wish they'd just give it a rest, you'd think Ireland killed somebody the way it's being talked about and he's getting slammed left and right. I guess when you're not media friendly the second you give them a chance to blow up a controvesy, you better be ready.

  113. Tim The EnchanterApril 29, 2010 at 5:27 PM

    It's unreal and I'm sure the trifecta will be real open with the media from here on out. LOL

  114. Same thing is happening to me,  I'm not going to bother with an avitar over there. I don't post much.

  115. AJEDDS could pretend @ TE when not @ the LB position!!  (MAYBE a secret weapon ie;Bruschi)??
    Kid runs nice routes in reverse,and seems smart enough(ie;Hartline) to make a splash on D @the least... 

  116. MY PLEASURE!!!

    I'll just write it off as a charitable donation toward my own personal sanity!!!

    Don't worry TIN, above is only half true!!
    I won't be claiming the donation, but it is an investment toward my own personal sanity!!!

    TINSFINS is affordable therapy!!!   THANX TO ALLL & your unsolicited props!!!  TWAS A NO-BRAINER!!!


  117. Hey look on the bright side this how did your mom pay the bills stuff? knocked the "jason taylor saga part lll" from the top spot that can't be all bad right?