Monday, April 5, 2010

Tin Bits Again! (Monday April 5th, 2010)

I have a lot of quick hit items, so I'm going to do a back to back Tin Bits to clear the slate because things are going to get hectic in the next 2 weeks before the draft.

  • To start, yes, I had to use the ban-hammer this morning.  I don't like doing it, especially on someone who was very helpful to the blog in the past, but being disruptive will only be tolerated for so long before actions are taken.  General internet etiquette formed in the mid 1990s is that no one should 'spam' or 'flood' a chat, forum, blog, etc.  I don't think this person necessarily intended to do this, but perhaps was blissfully unaware of the basic rules.  Either way, he upset the blog gods, thus for now he reaps the punishment. 
  • I know I'm not the only football fan out there that wants a closer look at completely off-the-radar WR Terrell Hudgins, of Elon.  I just can't figure out why this kid isn't selling himself.  It's hard to google anybody these days without getting any hits, but Hudgins has really kept out of sight (and out of mind) since the end of the 2009 football season.  However, he did come out of his dorm room to take these pictures with former 49er great, Steve Young, and though it's hard to tell from the angle he looks clearly taller than Young.  Young is listed everywhere I could find as being 6'2".  From my judgment I'd say that puts Hudgins at over 6'3".  He is listed on several websites at 6'1" or 6'2".  Now the question - shouldn't a 6'3" 225lb WR that reportedly ran a 4.52 at his pro-day, (also had a 9'6" borad jump, 33" vertical) and put up the numbers he put up on the field, be all over the radar? 
  • Speaking of wide receivers, former Syracuse bad-boy, Mike Williams held a personal Pro Day in NY that some scouts touted as 'amazing'.  The numbers were pretty decent - what you'd expect, but hardly amazing.  What was however was that he ran 100 routes during the workout and supposedly did really well in talks off the field as well.  The Dolphins were not in attendance but they worked him out privately last week.  I don't think they'd take him with the 43rd pick, or at least I wouldn't, but I have to believe he'd be either choice #1 or #2 with that 3rd round pick on the Trifecta's board.  Either way, don't be surprised if one of the following WRs is a Dolphin in less than 3 weeks:  Dez Bryant, Arrellious Benn, Mike Williams.
  • Now when it comes to predicting the Dolphins' draft, no one knows exactly how it will play out, especially with that 1st round pick.  The Dolphins are clearly focusing on staying at 12 - based on the players' they've been working out privately (or maybe that's just what they want you to think) and I still think it'll come down to either Brandon Graham, Dan Williams or a potential faller.  The bad news - the recent Donovan McNabb trade may have a negative impact on the Dolphins, however, I don't think it will.  Before the McNabb trade, there were 3 teams ahead of the Dolphins that needed a QB, but only 2 QBs worth a top 12 consideration.  As it stands, nothing has changed, two QBs will still be drafted before the Dolphins pick, so we shouldn't miss out.  The wildcard is of course Oakland, but they really have no option but to take an offensive lineman.  The only possible wildcard is if they decide to take Rolando McClain or CJ Spiller instead which would be shocking.  I actually think Oakland may be the team that could most benefit by trading down out of the top 10.  The question is, if Miami and Oakland were to strike a deal....then who would you draft at the 8th spot?
  • Since the draft is upon us, I thought it would be a good time to announce the first Tin's Fins contest of the year 2010.  Those of you who took part last year will remember that the overall draft order played a big part in the outcome, as several surprises (Tyson Jackson anyone?) threw a wrench or two in most of the entries.  Don't get screwed out of winning this year - go to a psychic - with pen and paper and write down the names.  As usual the prizes are supplied by in the form of gift certificates.  The contest will launch on Friday, April 9th and will be locked down on the following Friday, April 16th.  Full details will be posted on Friday.


  1. Tim The EnchanterApril 5, 2010 at 2:40 PM

    Tin, I told you that was going to start. The day myself and even ffr agreed to go to your sight more often, which I think more people should do, but they don't, clown parked himself here and started with the multiple posts. Then the constant mentioning of the blog that isn't mine. WTF?

    I wish 90% of the SS community also blogged here. The conversation would be great. The SS gets too fouled up and nobody does anything about trolls whose sole purpose is to disrupt the blog and cause trouble. But sometimes your blog slows down and we don't get that flow. There are about a dozen or so good bloggers (mob members, LOL) at the SS that should come here.

    Not ready with my mock for the contest. Our we doing the big 32 and/or Miami's draft?

  2. No we won't do the full 32 - I think too many people would give up b4 even

  3. Hey Knight, what is that a picture of ? Can't make it out with those small pictures.

  4. Tin - Who is your top OLB prospect (Graham, Hughes, Kindle, etc.)?

  5. <span><span>"""Either way, don't be surprised if one of the following WRs is a Dolphin in less than 3 weeks:  Dez Bryant, Arrellious Benn, Mike Williams."""</span></span>

    IFFF he's falls to 43 (due to inj)!!
    Needs to work on routes,but EXTREMLY PRODUCTIVE on a powerhouse running team that we've drafted thru previously (GeoTech) Andrew Gardner...

    courtesy CBSDS"""Thomas was a first-team All-ACC selection, a third-team Associated Press All-American and a semifinalist for the Biletnikoff Award in 2009. On an offense known more for its rushing attack, Thomas emerged as one of the nation's top receivers this season: Thomas had 46 of Georgia Tech's 78 receptions. His 1,154 receiving yards this season were the second-most in Georgia Tech history, trailing only Calvin Johnson (1,202 yards in 2006). Thomas had eight of Tech's 11 touchdown receptions. He averaged a remarkable 25.1 yards per reception. Thomas produced four games of 100-plus yards receiving in '09. He had 18 receptions of 20 yards or longer, nine receptions of 50 yards or longer and four catches of 70-plus yards this season.
    Thomas concludes his career with 120 receptions (7th-most in Tech history) for 2,339 yards (4th-most in Tech history) and 15 receiving touchdowns (4th-most in Tech history). He caught a pass in 29 consecutive games before seeing that streak end in the 2009 FedEx Orange Bowl"""

  6. TINs MOCK @ TOP of page SUGGEST Pierre-Paul OR (Graham)!!

  7. Tim The EnchanterApril 5, 2010 at 7:37 PM

    Tim the Enchanter from the Holy Grail.

  8. Tin, i would like to know what is Terrell suppose to do.  I cannot believe that scout are not interested in him. How is he suppose to sell his self anymore when what he's done has not.  To all that read this trust me once he gets into the league everyone will know about him.

  9. I don't know what else he could do, truth is, I don't know what he has done up to this point.  It just seems odd that not even his alma mater school paper is writing about him.  You hear about Taylor Price, Armanti Edwards, etc all the time, so why not Hudgins?  Does he have an agent?  Is he still attending classes and focusing on that?  If I were an underdog trying to make it to the NFL I'd be doing my best to make as much noise as possible right now.

  10. He is getting some private workouts. He has an agent and he seems to be working for him.  He is finishing up his internship and will graduate in May.  Which is a priority of his.  If he knew what else to do...then believe me he would.  Thanks!

  11. Thanks for the info - are you a relative? friend?

  12. Yes I do think Graham is the top guy, and I don't know if I'll ever get off the fence on JPP over whether he's a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 OLB.  Sometimes I look at him and I see a raw version of Mario Williams - and he's been pretty successful as a 4-3 DE.  But I wouldn't mind having him on the Dolphins, so I want to believe he could play in a 3-4.  I think if I take all personal bias and emotion out of it he's going to stay in a 4-3.

  13. A relative...that is upset that he's not getting the attention that he deserve.

  14. LOL, we're giving him loads of attention here - I've been hyping him up since about October.  If you have any good video of him, I'll gladly host it here.

    Also I'd love to know who he's worked out for.


  16. yes, I saw that and sent it to all of my friends.  Workout for the Panther, Giants, Broncos, Colts, and Falcons.

  17. Yeah, that's why I only browse the SS and hardly bother with the comments any more

  18. He's really raw in his route running, although his collegiate resume is impressive.  I wonder how he will truly transition...

  19. 1) Super glad that Tin banned that ass clown troll!  He was a few fries short of a happy meal...
    2) I do frequent this site but don't always have the time to blog like I used to on the SS.  My timing also seems off to when others are posting.  Can ya'll get on my schedule please??
    3) I rarely ever blog on the SS now because it went from cool, to bad to worse.  The Herald sucks even more and Armando is an ass hat.
    4) Graham is my personal favorite (I'm also a Michigan fan) and I would also take a shot on Bryant but I just don't see the Trifecta selecting either one.
    5) I will be happy to fill out a draft card even though I'm clueless.  At the least I will help build the confidence of those who think they know what's up! 

  20. The # of QBs taken b/4 12 isn't what I thought about (W'the DMc/Washington move)!!
    It was that NOW that Washinton is LIKELY to take the TOP OLineman,
    MAYBE a team or two b/t Wash and us had that OLineman targeted
    and like the TOP guy @ their next position of need more than the next available OLman..
    (POSSIBLY a few of our targets by a few teams)??

    I AGREE though "" WE SHOULDN'T MISS-OUT"" !!!
    The OLman b/4 12 all seem worth the price,(but there is that fit the scheme deal)..
    Most of the gyz we fans have targeted are mere #12s @best,
    so unless someone reaches,I believe that @LEAST 5 FAN FAVORITES
    that WILL START in o10 @ some position of need SHOULD be there @ 12..

    DWilliams, BGraham, DBryant, McClain, EThomas,and (Flagged JP-Paul,SKindle,SWeatherspoon,DMorgan)...

    We SHOULD be able to have a choice of a few even if we're able to drop down a few spots,
    and we SHOULD DEFINATELY BE ABLE to get who the organization really wants @ 12,
    (other than SUH,McCoy,Berry)!!
    I think I'll be ecstatic w'whoever we're able to land b/t 12-17,ESPECIALLY W'an extra 3rd or so rndr,

    HOPEFULLY that 2nd QB doesn't get taken b/4 12,
    (inner division foes SF & SEAT could both use a francise QB's) and pk just behind us and eachother!!!