Friday, April 30, 2010

Tin Bits - Rookie Camp Edition

I wasn't planning on doing a Tin Bits today, but some of the one-liners coming out today are too good to pass on, so here goes:
  • There are 37 rookies attending the Dolphins rookie camp today.
  • John Jerry is working at LG.
  • The Primitive Tool with the initials BF, is now a BBF, as in a 'Broken' BF. He apparently needs surgery to repair an ankle that got damaged whilst trying to put on a too-tight pair of Wrangler jeans. This could well spell the end of the Primitive Tool, though obviously not the end of the media coverage wank-off.
  • I never pass up an opportunity to belittle the Jets, and it seems their rookie, RB, Joe McKnight is having a rough time getting acclimated to the NFL and the lovely New Jersey air! (J/K Jersey folks!)
  • The Dolphins have removed the rookie jersey numbers from their website, resetting everyone back to 0. This comes in the wake of mild controversy of giving the number 54 to rookie LB Aj Edds. UPDATE: Edds has been switched to #49 - all other numbers remain the same.
  • PFT's Mike Florio has waged an all-out war on the character of Dolphins, GM, Jeff Ireland. Florio has penned no less than 6 articles plus several more twitter posts full of negative spin in the last 24 hours directed at Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins front office. This latest one shows the context of the question asked of Dez Bryant, and includes an over the top Ireland bashing that seems personal in nature.
  • Dolphins LB, Channing Crowder is recovering from surgery on his broken foot from the end of the 2009 season. Tim Dobbins or AJ Edds could start on Day 1 if Crowder isn't ready to go.
  • It's getting comical now - Florio has written 5 blogs today on the subject, and over 20 since the story broke. Meanwhile, he missed this story altogether.


  1. tin,

    that is too funny.  the idiot says we shouldnt believe the fins cause, well, it upsets him, yet we should beleive him cause, well, he is upset. 

  2. Tin - I read all of the PFT articles too and this non-story has gotten me so enraged... I just want to throw my computer out the window and move to Mexico.  :)    Seriously though, Florio is beating, humping and eating a dead horse. 

  3. OMG!! Florio is such a putz! what a jackass.  It's obvious to him that the dolphins' front office is leaking misinformation to their "favorite" reporters. DO THE F.O. HAVE ANY FAVORITE REPORTERS? I am pretty sure they keep them ALL at arms length.  

    The idea of them "leaking" their side of it, ecpecially a FALSE version of it is rediculous. It has been a none story blown out of preportion from the biginning.  

  4. I have a question about rookie minicamp.

    What do the rookies do during "practice" in minicamp?

    I mean do they actually run plays and put people up against oneanother?

    If so, how are they going to pull that off this year? I mean our rookies are almost exclusively on D. who's gonna throw the ball?  Who're the LB's going to try to cover?  How does it work in Rookie Minicamp?

  5. I find something disturbingly satisfying about the idea of Florio eating a
    dead horse he just humped....

  6. Rockphin - they do run full drills.  I think they only run 7 on 7 unless they have enough bodies to do 11 on 11.  They take the 8 drafted rookies, add the 7 or 8 UDFAs, plus all the eleigible players from last year's practice squad, and inactive players (as long as you didn't dress for a game, you're still eligible).  They then fill in the rest of the holes by inviting other undrafted players.  So there will probably be two QBs, amongst other players brought in just to have a look and fill in the squad to run these drills.

    Occasionally they find a diamond in the rough this way and sign the player.

  7. The best thing about that new PFT post is... the guy talking to him says there's nothing else to say, Ireland apologized, Dez accepted. Time to move on... Yet Florio certainly ignored that part of what he was saying since he's been harping and looks to want to continue harping on this story as long as possible. What a clown... everyone in the world is sick of this story, and i have to assume the only people who still want to hear or push this story do so out of hate for Ireland or are overtly sensitive, not realizing many questions from many teams wouldn't be appropriate in a normal job interview.

  8. wow, he just won't stop:

  9. oh, so you mean grothie may get signed after all.  dont know if you know or not, the bucs invited him to rookie camp

  10. I clicked the link and this is what stood out to me in the Florio article I read:

    'Since then, however, the rest of us have received no official explanation from the team regarding the reason for asking the question, or the specific context in which it arose.'

    This is what bothers me.  The media, in this case Florio, see themselves as a part of this and they aren't.   If the Dolphins had issued a statement about the 'context', it would be seen as self serving 'spin', and they would become a target for another round.   Why do the Dolphins owe Florio an explanation?

    On another topic, I thought BF or BBF was a 'primitive weapon' not a 'primitive tool'.  Not that he isn't a tool, he probably is...nevermind!

  11. Where is all the hate from the media coming from?  This story feels like the political press rushing to bury some politician that they've hated for years.  This is football, not Watergate!  The worst crap is all the anonymous sources.  Not A said this about B but a source close to A said this about B which an unnamed friend of B denies.  Reader can't determine the veracity of these sources or even be sure the reporter isn't making shit up.  Shut up and talk about the game.

  12. <span>I think the Dolphins should just ignore it, from this point on, Ireland/ross released a statement and that's enough... I keep hearing media people saying this story won't go away until the Ireland/Parcells come out and talk... But I call B.S., the media has a short attention span, they aren't gonna keep rehashing a story if nothing new comes out. I mean they will, but by next week it'll be all but dead if nothing new gets put out.

  13. I watched the NFLN last night and this morning, I'm home today not feeling to great. Could be allergies or something else. They didn't bring up the Ireland stuff once to their credit. They're still talking draft and the primitive tool. LOL

  14. yeah i read that this morning - they always have several Bulls come in - I think they signed one after last years rookie camp

  15. Oh you're right, but he's only a weapon when he's gunslinging.  During the off-season, he's a tool.

  16. Normal ESPN shows haven't been pushing it that hard either... It is a LOT of radio and articles... Radio has gone absolutely nuts with it. The various espn shows that I DVR and watch have brought it up basically once when it broke and then again with official statements but besides that ignored it completely.

  17. Parcells probably planted the pimp story as a joke... He's high fiving Ireland saying, "we could've traded for Holmes and now that idiot is going to the Jets, we could've drafted Bryant and he's no better than his pimp dad and prostitute mom, but we got the guy who has been an angel this off-season (knock on wood)."

    Oh and did I mention 21 catches is one game? Hey Santonio and Dez, give us a call after you break that record.

  18. I once had 22 catches in one game on Madden 2010 with Ted Ginn.....does that count?

  19. Wow Ted's whole season in one game!  Very impressive Tin!!!

  20. Is it possible Jerry Jones was told by Dez about the question & he thought damn here's a way for them to forget what i just said about parcells & bash the dolphins for a while?

  21. Tin I was wondering if the West Coast media is playing this up that much ?  It seems to me most of the media coverage on this none story generates from the New York and surrounding areas of the NE.  Gee I wonder why ?

    If so, I think it may be a good idea for those like Tim The Enchanter and all the followers of the Dolphins in that area to clear out for a few days.  Something tells me that Tim is showing the first signs of a sickness that is stems from those "CHEMTRAILS" Home keeps refuring to.  :)

  22. There is no local media.  We just have computers that spin mp3s and the national talk radio.  Even if there was any local option they wouldn't even mention the Dolphins.

    For the record, I believe PFt is actually based in Pennsylvania. 

    but look at this - Stephen Ross has issued a statement, the matter is closed, and dez wants to move on and not talk about it - so if Florio is still talking about this in an hour I'm calling the institution to go pick him up.

  23. No, because Jones and Parcells are good buddies.

  24. Stephen Ross just stepped up a notch in my book with the release of his statement. I was worried he would do something to appease the public based on the severe overreaction and public criticism. To see him not let that play into his decision and have him defend Ireland's character. Makes me happy.

  25. You know what has happened here is the Media is now defending themselves with all this.  They are no longer writting about the subject matter.  They ARE the subject matter.

  26. Tim The EnchanterApril 30, 2010 at 1:27 PM

    Based on the reports on how the question came up I don't think Ireland's comments were insensitive at all. If you say your dad was a pimp and your mom worked for him, uh... LOL

    I have Madden for Wii and I returned 5 punts and 1 kick for TDs with Ted Ginn in my first game beating the Bills 63-3. That was on beginner level but the game seems pretty hard if you were to go to higher levels. Passing is not easy.

    Dolphins news:
    The Miami Dolphins have announced they have signed undrafted free-agent WR Marlon Moore (Fresno State), WR Roberto Wallace (San Diego State) and DB Ross Weaver (Michigan State). Terms of the contracts were not disclosed.

  27. I think its a combo of different scenarios coming together in a perfect storm kinda way.  Local media has beef with the FO because they're whiny little B's who think they've been shut out.  Ex players feel slighted because they can't accept we need to move on.  Dez was passed up in the draft, so him and his agent probably feel slighted.  I also think with the looming labor negotiations there is motivation for some out there to drive a wedge between the players and the franchises.  Silver's ridiculous piece and Florios obsession makes me wonder if there aren't folks with an agenda behind the scenes.....Almost seems like its propoganda at this point!

  28. Tim The EnchanterApril 30, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    Most sports reporters are whiny little B's who weren't good enough to play sports. A lot of them are like film and music critics. Again people who can't act or play an instrument deciding what's good and what's not. Never paid attention to critics in my life. Never understood the concept. I would always say and you are... who?

  29. Tim, I need a new Wii game is Maden worth getting?

  30. I don't think Dez should feel slighted, he got chosen at #25 and we picked
    at #28.

  31. Tim The EnchanterApril 30, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    You might like it. I only played it twice but I'm sure once football season rolls around I'll play it again. It's pretty cool and the graphics are good but there are some weird things. I think Ginn's name was Morgan or something. It's not too expensive so it's worth a shot.

  32. Tim The EnchanterApril 30, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    Agreed. I'm sure playing for the Cowboys was a team he would want to play for.

  33. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 2:11 PM

    Okay...Who is ready to laugh...

    "WPXI in Pittsburgh reports Santonio Holmes had to be escorted off a plane Thursday night at Pittsburgh International Airport.
    Holmes was not arrested, but he had to be pulled off the plane for what investigators termed being a "disruptive passenger." NFL commissioner Roger Goodell isn't going to look kindly on the incident after the offseason that Holmes has had. We were skeptical that Holmes was going to keep his nose clean earlier this month when he issued an apology with a marijuana symbol still present on his official website. "Apr. 30 - 11:32 am et

  34. Tin... make that 6 blogs today by Florio.... This guy cannot get enough of this story...

  35. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 2:25 PM

    These are the AFC East pre-season power rankings by ESPN.  They actually have us worse off right now then we were at the end of last season.  22??? Are you kidding????

    New York Jets

    2009 preseason ranking: No. 20

    2009 final rank (Week 18): No. 12

    2010 preseason ranking: No. 8

    <img></img>New England Patriots

    2009 preseason ranking: No. 2

    2009 final rank (Week 18): No. 10

    2010 preseason ranking: No. 9

    <img></img>Miami Dolphins

    2009 preseason ranking: No. 15

    2009 final rank (Week 18): No. 21

    2010 preseason ranking: No. 22

    <img></img>Buffalo Bills

    2009 preseason ranking: No. 21

    2009 final rank (Week 18): No. 24

    2010 preseason ranking: No. 28

  36. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    <span>"I would always say and you are... who?"</span>


    A blowhard.

  37. Yeah... it's nuts. They basically went very close to the standings and how the playoffs went. They didn't change anything based on offseason moves, they act like they did... but it's pretty clear they didn't by going through all the teams. Arizona Cardinals at 12!?!?! Kurt Warner, Anquan Boldin, Karlos Dansby, Antrel Rolle GONE... Cardinals at 12...

  38. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 2:30 PM


    Check out ESPN's pre-season ranking for us.  What is with those guys???  They honestly think there are only 10 teams that are going to be worse than us???

  39. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 2:35 PM


    Whenever I think we're going to have a good season, we don't & whenever I think we're going to be terrible we have a  pretty good season.  Therefore I'm going to say that we're going to be terrible & I'm not going to get upset that the so-called 'gurus' have us as the third best team in the AFC East.

  40. Tim The EnchanterApril 30, 2010 at 2:38 PM

    Stuff like this doesn't bother me. SI predicted Dolphins and Panthers in the SB back in 2006 and we went 6-10 and they went 7-9. LOL

  41. It's not even third best that is annoying... It's Jets 8... Patriots 9... Dolphins 22!?!?!? Almost everyone agrees this division is a 3 team race, which basically any team could win. Almost everybody agrees we've gotten better based on our moves. How can they be that much higher than us... it's not that they think they're better, i've long since accepted the media wants to dry hump the Jets, and Patriots won the division last year have been very competitive for a long time. But 22nd... doesn't even seem right when I try and look at it completely unbiastly.

  42. Tim The EnchanterApril 30, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    The thing that I look at is in the trifecta's 3rd year they have more of what they want at key positions then when they started.

    C - Grove
    LT - Long
    QB - Henne
    DL - Starks, Langford, Merling and Odrick
    OLB - Wake and Misi
    CB - Davis and Smith

    These guys are all their guys at core positions they believe in. Obviosuly other players at other positions are important, they all are, but these are the building blocks. There is a young core in place in season 3 that will be the key to making championship runs for years to come. The 2010 season is the one I targeted as being the phase to getting to the next level. This is an important season for the young players to get better and the vets in their prime to play their best football. We can get everyone on the same page with our systems so in 2011 they all know what they're doing.

    There may be some bumps in the road this year and how we handle the 4th quarter will be huge. One thing we all know, we will be even more competitive this year and we were pretty competitive most of the time last year.

    Good stuff in on the horizon. It's been a long time since I watched the Dolphins build from the ground up like this. Not since 1996 with Jimmy Johnson.

  43. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 2:58 PM


    I would like to just laugh it off but to be perfectly honest, I just find it insulting.  I guess we'll find out in about 4 & a half months.

  44. There are only 17 weeks in the season....

  45. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 3:05 PM


    Well articulated.  The foundation is beginning to look solid.  I don't see how Henne & our offense will not be better than last & I feel the same way about our defense.

  46. They put Final Rank(week 18)... Would assume that is what he is refering to.

  47. We Have PlaymakersApril 30, 2010 at 3:07 PM


    We're ranked 22nd in the NFL.

  48. Tim The EnchanterApril 30, 2010 at 3:20 PM

    Thanks, man. I'm excited to watch this draft class and this team this season. I am psyched!

  49. Tin any news on how Misis been performing?

  50. It all makes sense nowApril 30, 2010 at 6:18 PM

    I don't think NJ likes you Tin look at NJs avatar he posted this back when avatars weren't connected with emails.

  51. HEY TIN, you gonna live chat w' Odrick @ Sat 5-1 , 12:15 est ???


    Jimminy Crickets, TE Troy Drayton's a BIGGGG MF'er ,(he could grind Skolnicks bones to make his bread)!!
    SCHISSSSH, no wonder CC likes to tackle TE's from behind!!!     >:o  RUN-AWAYYY, RUN-AWAYYY >:o !!!

  53. From the interviews,
    Odrick & Edds come across as intelligent, confident eventual leaders/captain's @ their position's, IMHO!!  

    Misi seems like the shy follower type that just want's to tackle the funny shaped ball,(take's alll kinds)!!!

    Mcoy's radio interview was kinda DERRRRR, but that was Big O's badd(he alway's ends-up interviewing himself),
    so I didn't get a good read on Mcoy but he wasn't able to shut Big O up, so that's one strike against him, FMPOV!!

    Spitler (seems to have his head screwed-on straight), couldn't unseat Laurinitis,
    but who's to say in the NFL he doesn't eventually again become the next best thing to a Laurinitis(a good thing)! 

    I'm liken'em allll for one reason or another !!!  GOFINS!!

  54. ...I'm twixt and tween on this tin ...I really don't give a shit what Florio says but I have to admit its funny and on a slow news day, funny cuts it ...otoh, every time you link to his stories, you give him another click through which is how a large part of any web based sports writer pay gets calculated these days we're actually rewarding him for being such an ass ...time for everyone to move on ...and start by ignoring anything Florio posts hereafter, eh.

  55. Misi was a leader on his team though and he talked about Ray Lewis being his favorite player, when asked about pumping up his team before the game or whatever he said oh yeah. Now I dunno if that's true or not, but being around teammates who you're with day in and day out can bring out a much different person than sitting in front of a ton of people asking you questions. He does seem shy and reserved, but a lot of that could do with how new all of this is and having all these people asking him tough questions.

    I'm pretty sure he was literally sweating bullets whenever the media brought up Taylor/Porter, started wiping his face profusely. lol

  56. Do all teams have rookie mini camps or is it required?  The reason I ask is I have seen posts here that if you dressed for a game last year you aren't eligible for rookie camp, etc.   I was reading my local news this morning about Byron Leftwich being back with the Steelers, I click through to read the story and it is talking about the Steelers mini camp this weekend....all the players basically are there except Big Ben.  So is a separate rookie camp something some teams do and some don't?  If they don't all have them or if they're not required, why does it matter who the Dolphins have there?   

  57. Well Tin, if his agent had him pumped up for #12 before we traded for BM, he might feel slighted.  This dude is best friends with Deion, who knows who delusions his head been filled with....

  58. I 'm with you Tim.  I'm very optimistic this year.  Barring injuries, we should see a complete package this year, definitely by 2011.  I remember how our offense was really clicking late last year, and of course adding Marshall........I like that we're being overlooked, and I think we might start seeing some games here where we  really stomp all over the opponents.  Last year, lots of close games, win or lose.  I think we start coming into our own this year...

  59. Good question, I was about to give it a try and I realized 'what the heck am I doing?'.  Between Tin and Tim and everyone I don't stand a chance, and I haven't even had my coffee yet.....severely overmatched.....

  60. It's required. Steelers are running their rookie and a mandatory minicamp at the same time... I'm not sure, since you're only allowed a certain amount of "mandatory" minicamps if by putting them on the same dates they can practice together. I do however know that the Steeler's have less mandatory offseason camps because of how they're running the two at the same time.

  61. Tim The EnchanterMay 1, 2010 at 9:54 AM

    So someone used NJ's avatar. Big deal! Why would you go all the way back to 2009 to bring up such nonsense?

  62. Trype,

    I'm sure your correct about Misi being intimidated in an unfamiliar setting,and being a leader,
    he was afterall a team captain,and my alternate in the 2nd rnd so I have faith in him!!!

    I was just sayin what caught my eye upon initial interviews!!!
    I KNEW last year after hearing Hartline's 1st interview that he'd make the team,and be reasonably productive,
    and Odrick & Edds struck me in the same wayyy!!! 

    I KNOW Misi WILL settle down and do the same,
    he was however ""literally sweating bullets"",
    he's got quite the task ahead of him (replacing an eventual HOF'er JT)!!

    I believe they took 54 from Edds,and issued 99 to nobody b/c they finally came to their senses about FINS history, the place those players/numbers hold in the fan's hearts, and plan on retiring those numbers once their name's & numbers are entered into the ring of HONOR of FIN fame!!!
    (Though, I personally was looking forward to seeing a 54 in on every play again),but can't have cake & eat-it!

    Ireland's starting to piss me off, w'his disrespectful treatment toward ZT,JT, etc,etc!!!
    Who does he think he is, BParcells???
    I think IFFF BP leaves, FA's have one more question to ask themselves b/4 convincing themselves whether or not they want to play for an ingracious Ireland type!!!
    I'd LOVE to play for the FINS,but not for a guy that think's he can conduct business in the same manner as the legend BP!!
    NO-ONES gonna want to come to the FINS, IFFF they think they'll be disrespected by a wannabee flunkie,
    BP's intimidation factor is huge, and as it is, I think we're in BIGGG TROUBLE IFFF BP leaves any-time soon!!

    And IFFF the media keeps it up, BP's gonna say F U ALLL, I don't need this, I'm outta here!!!  :'( >:o !!!

  63. I disagree on Ireland... Let me put it this way, when the draft rolls around everyone wants to start talking about "Parcells Draft History" and acting like he's the only one involved. Yet when it comes to Zach, JT, etc... Suddenly it's 100% Ireland to blame. Like you said You "can't have cake & eat-it!"

    Who do you really think created the rule for no player press conferences? Do you really think that was Ireland... That sounds a heck of a lot more like something Parcells would do and something the President of Football Operations would decide over the Gm. This is what annoyed Zach and I check that off next to Parcells if i'm playing the guessing game on whose to blame while keeping score.

    Jason Taylor, they offered him a contract near the end of the season, he declined, they decided to wait until after the draft. Whether that was Ireland or Parcells, is inconsquential to me... because that was a business decision they made at the time. I don't view it as disrespectful. It makes sense to wait until after the draft when a player(gonna be 36 at season start) declined a cheaper contract and is gonna want something better, yet you don't even know yet which role you want to use them in until after the draft.

    If I had to throw out a wild guess... i'd bet if Ireland/Sparano were the only guys running the show, the whole press conference thing. Small things like that, wouldn't matter at all to them.

  64. it all makes sense nowMay 1, 2010 at 4:06 PM

    Tim it wasn't someone it was NJ which is not cool

  65. it all makes sense nowMay 1, 2010 at 4:06 PM

    Tim it wasn't someone it was NJ which is not cool

  66. NJ does that to play around. I don't have a avatar but he starting post in my name awhile back.I guess he wanted to see if he could post under the same name, he told me that night no big deal

  67. Looks like the FO gets a pass on all the bullshit, thanks to old BP protege Sean Payton making the latest headlines!

  68. Tim The EnchanterMay 2, 2010 at 3:32 PM

    I personally don't think NJ Phin Fan has anything personal against Tin. Maybe he was just joking. We do bust on each other.

  69. I have no idea what any of you are talking about, just for the record...

  70. TRYPE,

    TOTALLY AGREE, just wish Ireland could be a little more tactful whether it's BPs orders or not!!(IKNOWITIS!!)

    We lost any possible value on JP b/c of the dated blunder!!
    (Not that there was any value ,but something MIGHT have happened in our favor)??

    Allowing JT to ungodly go where he went just prior to the draft, devalued our #12 pk, and perhaps others!!
    Our premiere needs became even more obvious to the rest of the league!!

    (LIE TO JT IF U HAVE TO), it's a he said she said thing that we'll never know the truth to either way anyways!!
    Though (in the case of lying to JT it's disrespectful to him which argues my point) ,but @LEAST JT's the only one that KNOWS whether or not he was disrespected while we the fans @LEAST think the regime made some effort to retain JT,and maintain our bargaining power w'pk 12 and the others!!

    With EVERY pk we had coming, the teams pking behind us that needed something other than an OLB weren't much concerned with whether or not we MIGHT take their guy,therefore didn't bother negotiating w'us, IMHO!!
    I'm not pissed that JT's gone, just @ where he went and the lack of tact of keeping him from there until after the draft!!!

    The DBryant thing has been a serious blow to the integrity of historically one of the classiest teams of all time!!!

    When we lost Shula though I believed the game had passed him by, I'd of been bummed iff any one other than JJ took over the reigns!!
    Then he disrespected the history of OUR TEAM, pissed me off, didn't win nuttin,& quit!!

    I didn't even want BP b/c of who he was, his yewnork attitude and ties!!
    But once it was done and I researched his history,rather than hating him b/c he wore green
    I came to the conclusion that he's just what we needed!! Had the same thought's w'CP!!

    has the entire league laughing @ us, are starting to piss me off,
    and sending an alter boy to deliver the message!!! 

    Had I known how they dissed ZT from day one (I just recently learned this),
    I'd of been rebelious from the get-go!!
    They better stop being ignorant, start winning championship's, and NEVER QUIT,
    b/c it's REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HARD to get me to speak offensively against ANY MIAMI DOLPHIN!!! 

    ONLY b/c he's BP did I shoot the messenger, b/c I believe even BP could be more tactful!!
    Ireland needs to dip his toes to be sure of the temperature b/4 recklessy diving into a submerged boulder,


  71. I don't know, I guess i'm being an apologist for the mistakes they've made... and clearly they have made some mistakes, but, the mistakes don't bother me THAT much to be honest.

    The cutting Porter thing didn't affect anything, he had absolutely no value everyone knew we were gonna cut him anyway.

    I agree with you about lying to Taylor, I think we could have... I probably would have... but that's probably not a good way to do business and that makes us both guilty of wanting something worse than what they did. Though, Ultimately I don't think it affected anything in the draft, all the olb's that went before us in round 1 still would have... I mean nobody jumped us for Jerry Hughes, I think the Jets predicted we'd take him and they were gonna take Odrick, so it may have even helped us. In round 2 Kindle and Koa dropped and ultimately I think we got the best guy for us. The More I look at Koa the more he seems like he's gonna be a great lb all around. I think he could end up the best player from this entire draft.

    The only thing I would have done differently is the Zach Thomas thing... I'd sign him and let him retire a Fin and i'd have let him have a press conference. Besides that I think they've done everything pretty well.

  72. Tim The EnchanterMay 3, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    Tin, 'It all makes sense now' posted this link earlier in this blog. I have no idea why he decided to bring this up.


  73. KV I'm not picking on you, well yes I am I guess. :(   But I feel the trifecta are exactly what the team and the fans needed.  There is a business end in pro sports as much as we would like to forget about it as fans.  The business side does come into play when they look at the team and where it is going and that effects the players plain and simple.  ZT and JT were sent packing for 2 reasons.  First off they were used up like a older car, and most importantly the value of their play for the amount of cap space they took up for the team was way out of line when the trifecta took over.  When BP took the job I knew it was over for them before the ink dried where he signed his contract.

    We also forget that Shula had a ruthless side to him also, particually when the team was really good.  We don't need to look very far to see it either, we just need to have it brought up to remember it.  2 names come up real quick, Jake Scott and Bob Baumauer "spelling off" Both of those guys were treated porely by Shula and porely is being a kind word.
    Shula in the first 10 years here would have fired his Mother in order to win.

    It comes down to be either you're a players fan, or a team fan.  I'm a team fan, if the team improves and we let some favorites go I'm good with that, they were paid well for what they did.  If you're a players fan, and (I can't speak for you or them) I guess you can be upset.

    As far as being disrespected goes look no futher than their bank account, and then go tell a single Mom how disrespectfull the Trifecta have been...  I don't feel sorry for these guys.

  74. 13kv 3:05 AM , Tryptich  4:59 AM as in the morning ???   You guys are sick... :)

  75. We Have PlaymakersMay 3, 2010 at 9:23 AM


    There are a few bloggers on the Sun that were very impressed with Taurus Johnson this weekend.  As a USF alum can you offer some thoughts & insight???

  76. LOL... I woke up and tried my best to fall back to sleep but I couldn't so I checked some sites, then went back to trying my best to sleep >.< damn sleep.

  77. LOL, I'm ALWAY'S the apologist !!!

    I LOVE what their doing to the team, (I realize that some moves don't work-out)!!

    I have NO PROBLEM w'the acquisitional mistakes, it's gonna happen w'all teams,
    especially w'one that's desperate for starters and bodies after a 1-15 season!!

    I've been on board w'every move they've made,(even the ZT/JT/JP moves),
    except for the fact that the King's treated the TOP laborers like phesant's!!   GO BPHINS!!

  78. I said a few months ago with a 'touch' of homerism that Taurus Johnson would
    make the 53 man roster (this was pre-Brandon Marshall) because of his
    toughness and upside. I still think he's better than a couple of WRs who
    are on the roster, and I stand by my belief he was better whilst at USF than
    this draft-season's heralded carlton mitchell (though obviously they are
    different sizes and speeds.)
    Johnson has great hands and is tough as nails, goes over the middle with no
    fear. The talking heads on were 'blown away' by Johnson
    during rookie camp, but Coach Sparano didn't mention him once in his 3 press
    conferences, though he did say he was most impressed by the receiving group
    than any other. If you see the practice highlights, though very brief,
    Johnson #89 looks really buff and catches only with his hands and looked
    good working to blocks - this was his best trait at USF - he's a terrific
    run-blocker - and getting off the line. Is he better than Bess or Camarillo
    - probably not right now - is he better than Pruitt, Grice-Mullen, and the
    UDFAs - definitely.

  79. Reply above !!

    I'm a passionate TEAM/PLAYER fan, and you know that!!

    I don't have to ask a single Mom, I'm livin the dream and only need to look in the mirror!!

    Yes, SHULA would have fired his Mom, but he would have walked her to her car!!

    I'm not upset, I just want the regime to display a little class as has been the MOTO for 45 yrs!! GOFINS!!

  80. '<span>I said a few months ago.....'</span>

    But you know no one reads your posts!  j/k...I remembered you had written one about him, not anything about what it said, just that you had!  :)

  81. Tinshaker,

    Thanks for the knowledge.  I'm sure I saw your past post on this kid but never paid any attention to it thinking that the kid was a 'long shot.'

    There are three WR's that are locks--Marshall, Hartline, & Bess.  After that based on NFL experience I'd have to go with Camarillo as the 4th guy.  But then what?  I have no clue if Patrick Turner can play in the NFL, this kid Grice-Mullen is supposed to be a clone of Bess (do we need another one?), then there's this kid Roberto Wallace who has the ideal size to replace Turner (if he can actually play), & Pruitt who I know nothing about, & Taurus Johnson.  

    I don't think that I'm going out on a limb here to say that if Patrick Turner does not bring everything he has, one of these guys is going to beat him out.   If he thinks that he is a lock to make this team then he is sorely mistaken.  I always like to root for the underdog (which is why I love Camarillo) so maybe one of these guys can kick the 3rd round pick to the curb.  Should be an interesting battle.

  82. We Have PlaymakersMay 3, 2010 at 11:25 AM

    That was me.  I was temporarily erased.

  83. Does that hurt? ;)

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