Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back to the Grind

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Holiday Weekend.

The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson once again pulled a rabbit out of his hat and claimed that Ernest Wilford was NOT working exclusively at tight-end and the only way he was going to make the roster was if he played the role of BOTH the 3rd TE and the 6th WR.

I have to be honest, if I were Wilford, I would be undeniably depressed by this classification. This would also likely eliminate someone like Brandon London, Brian Hartline, and Anthony Armstrong from the roster not to mention Joey Haynos or John Nalbone.

It sounds utterly ridiculous if you ask me. Why would the coaches eliminate two players who are BETTER than Wilford at each position in order to keep him just so they could save one roster spot. In 2008, having Wilford on the roster meant that we wasted a roster spot. But now keeping him would save us one? That's a two roster spot swing. What are the odds of that happening? What do you guys think?

p.s. how is it that Wilford ran with the WRs during mini-camp which was open to the media, and no one noticed it until two weeks later when he mentioned it to a reporter?


  1. Tin,
    I think you meant to say Barry pulled this story from  a certain part of his body instead of a hat.....the story has zero sources for Barrys speculation and he use quotes about Wilfords weight gain yet they
    are attributed to ????Piss poor writing/journalism......aren't the
    dumb guys supposed to be ON THE FIELD!!!

  2. I agree completely with your comment on Barry.  He NEVER mentions a source and he always drops a bombshell that no other reporter has even mentioned as a rumour.  Where does he get this stuff and why does he only report once a week?

    In any case, his own co-Heralder, Armando is now disagreeing with the report.  I feel a bit queasy being on the same side of an argument with Armando, but I'll get past it.

    BTW, I'd rather the guys on the field not be dumb either, lol.

  3. Tin as you said if any of Barry's story is correct, why didn't mike and Omar report it ?  Well that's because it didn't happen.

    With that said the talk about Willford does bring up a point.  The Trifecta totally missed on Willford and are trying to save face, that's the reason he is still around.  I believe in the Trifecta and in particualar Sparano and his staff.  On a hole they have done a great job, but they blew it on this one.

    That's going to happen time to time, it just so happened on one of their first moves they made when they got here.  There are some things we must remember when talking about Willford he can't catch and he doesn't play on special teams.  If he stays it will show the trifecta are still trying to CYA.  Some times it's better to take your meds and move on big body or not.

  4. Why is the Herald consistantly the only paper/media outlet to pull shit like this?  Last year Mr. Tabloid Salguero prints that Joey Porter's career is over due to a back injury 4 months before the season starts only to look even more foolish than usual when Joey goes out and sets a career high in sacks.  Now Barry Jackson.  Part of me wants to think they receive pressure from the higher ups to break a story in dead time and the more rational part of me thinks they are just idiots with ZERO journalistic responsibility.  Kinda coincidental that they never directly quote anyone affiliated with the organization in any piece thats not shared content.  Burned brigdes????

  5. IMHO,Eventual STAR TE Fasano(25!!),6-4,255,AND Haynos(25!!),6-8,270,(IF for no other reason than short yrdg running plays!!), WILL make this team!!  6-EIGHT,TWO-SEVENTY!!
     (Haynos w'his size difference in comparison to the common build of the rest is likely to be the most obvious REDZONE threat,and offers a much different look!!

    Nalbone(25!!),6-5,255,and/or Bronson(25!!),6-4,255,IMHO WILL @ the least make the PS!!

    I believe the two 30 yr olds,Martin/Wilford will be(ONE)of the 53..
    I'd give the edge to Martin,6-4,265(cuz of his SIZE/SKILLS),but then again,he's an o10 FA.. I'd give the edge to Wilford,6-4,(225!!),cuz of his versatility,and the matchup advantages he should have as a TE in passing situations.. I'd probably lean toward Wilford,b/c he could offer a different look than all the rest,(simular to Haynos,though @ the opposite end of the spectrum),and DM's o10 status..

    I hope,though I realize it's unlikely,that Martin,and Wilford(6th WR/4th TE) make the 53,and Armstrong @least stay's on the PS through 09..

    I think the $$,and admittance of a mistake make it hard for TriTuna to let Wilford go(esp w'the uncertainty of the rookies,and DM's future's)!!

    IF DM weren't a o10 FA,I'd take him over EW!!

    GO D O L P H I N S!!!!

  6. Of course,IF Bronson and/or Nalbone prove to be legit,then DM,and EW both may be history!! But,I'd doubt we'd get that lucky!!

    I had Bronson on MY draft board in the 7th..
    Four of"OUR"draft pks were on MY draftboard,along w'3 of the undrafted FA's(Gardner,OMartin,Bronson)..

    MY board reluctantly didn't include PT,BH,or JN.. I had WRs on MY board,but didn't thoroughly go through the WRs cuz I figured we'd wait till o10 where a plethora of BP size type WRs could be had..

    Upon further review,I Luv the PT/BH choices,and they give us a head start in comparison to MY 09/o10 draft plans!! 
    Thank Heavens BP's more thorough than I !!  GO BP!!!

  7. I do see some validity to if Wilford was kept as the 4th TE/6th WR or 3rd TE/7th WR, but still, it's a bit of a stretch.  these other WRs can run circles around him and the TE battle for the third spot comes down to special teams play.  Wilford can NOT play special teams.

  8. Is DM just as fast,and does he run routes as well as EW??
    IF so,I'd keep DM over EW,cuz I don't particulary like the idea of a 225# TE!!
     I think a 250#+ LB will put EW on his ass @ the LOS!!
    But IF EW's much faster/quicker(able to elude press coverage/physical LBs @ the LOS)than DM,it COULD lead to match-up advantages..

    Does DM play ST's?? I realize that's a HUGE priority w'this regime!!

  9. Martin is no speedster but I'd bet he gets off the line in half the time of
    Wilford. I don't know about the ST part, because Martin didn't need to play
    ST to get on the field.

  10. First of all, WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING THE HERALD?  Even being as new as I am, I know better!

    The whole thing with Wilford is trying to get something out of a bad investment.  You end up spending more to try to make it work, or worse, it costs you more elsewhere.  Bad business, IMO, no matter what you are talking about.

    I for one, had a lovely, if somewhat damp weekend.