Friday, July 24, 2009

Final Round-Up

Well I finally got to the bottom of the Sean Smith contract. According to David Canter, Smith's agent, the numbers were based on the 29th player taken in the 2008 draft, not the 61st overall. That's what led to the confusion. Half the reports were based on Martellus Bennett whilst the other half were based on Pat Lee, who was the 29th player chosen last year.

So here are the final numbers: 4 years, $2.71 million with a $945,000 signing bonus and a total guarantee of $1.363 million.

Also, our latest poll revealed that few fans have much confidence in Will Billingsley or Jared Bronson making it to training camp. I suspect these cuts will likely come in the next 3 days so we'll find out how accurate our predictions were:

Will Billingsley.........46%
Jared Bronson..........39%
SirVincent Rogers....36%
Mark Lewis..............30%
Ryan Baker..............30%
Brennan Marion......27%
Ernest Wilford.........23%
David Martin.............6%


  1. The football world begins to spin in just a few short days.  The Dolphins speculation will be renewed, but this time the answers will come from the turk.  My only hope is we put forth a team that can compete from week to week.  If we do, we can look forward to a great year.  So lets get on !!!!

  2. son of a son of a shulaJuly 25, 2009 at 5:29 AM

    "My only hope is we put forth a team that can compete from week to week."

    Don't sweat it Fang, Joey Porter dude. Joey Freakin' Porter. OK!

  3. Thank God you didn't say JT. :)
    I have a hang up about him for some reason, and I don't seem to able to put it behind me.