Friday, July 10, 2009

I Wish I Had More Free Time... (!UPDATED!)

...or do I? While I wish I had enough time to get the posts that I want up (yes, believe it or not, I have loads more stuff than what I've been posting), but due to work and the time-intensive nature of these postponed posts, I've been unable to. But the Dolphins veterans have loads of free time right now, and it's starting to show, as the video below could only be posted by someone (Brandon London) with too much time on their hands.

Warning: There is some loud music at the beginning and a couple of F-bombs, so be careful at work.

You know, I consider myself the ultimate multi-tasker, with the ability to blog while my boss is giving me instructions, or the ability to eat a Krispy Creme Burger while changing my clothes in my car doing 75 down the freeway and rocking out to Boston's 'More Than A Feeling' (which, btw, is exactly what I get from the K.C. burger - more than a feeling). But the one thing I can't multi-task efficiently is editing video.

And that's exactly what I need to do to get this next wave of blog posts up. That's the bad news. The good news is that NO ONE ELSE is editing video for their blogs right now, so even if I'm behind, I'm still ahead (twisted logic, I know, but what do you expect from a guy who lives on a steady diet of Donut Burgers and Stadium Rock?).

In a surprising twist, after I wrote the blog about the rookie contract rumblings, the Palm Beach Post's, Edgar Thompson wrote this blog about, well, the rookie contracts, and gave actual updates on the status of each player. This is the most in-depth report we've gotten so far from the 'big 3' but since it comes from the mouth of Jeff Ireland at a charity event, it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Still, it's something, and it's important to note that the fact that Chris Clemons is getting negotiated this far after Patrick Turner and John Nalbone
could suggest he has more incentive bonuses in his contract which could suggest that they expect him to have more playing time. All speculation, I know, but generally the most important and the longest contracts take the most time and most attention to detail.

In any event, I will break it down here when it happens, and I will also do a blog topic suggested by lemmus, the breakdown of projected special teams contributors (for the sake of brevity, I will limit it to 11 players, but they will be from all crews of the S/T unit, i.e. kick return, coverage, field goal, etc.), but before all that I will do my best to get that first video up on the weekend.

Until then, I've got to get some work done! ;) Ciao!

UPDATE - Since I'm getting all these questions about it, I thought I'd address it here in the blog. No, Krispy Kreme doesn't serve burgers and I have never eaten such a thing. However, there does exist many places around the country where you can order one. It is a Bacon Cheeseburger, but instead of being on a traditional bun, it is served inside a krispy kreme donut that has been cut in half. It has become a sort of Tinshaker-running joke but to be honest, I have been known to try anything once when it comes to food, so while I'm not seeking out the KK BCB, I would try a sample (don't think it would taste good)


  1. And to think at one point I was a Brandon London fan......

  2. dounut burger?  wow.  my arteries are hardening just thinking about it......

  3. Krispy Creme serves Burgers in CA??  I have built several here in S. Florida (most of which are now closed) but they did not have a lunch menu or make ANYTHING close to a burger.  They don't even have the equipment to make a burger in there stores here. hmmmm, may be that's part of why they've gone out of business here. I don't think I would eat a burger from one of those oily places. It would ruin the perfect little but of my avatar.

  4. Damn! **their stores here

  5. see the update above.

  6. see the update above.

  7. They just look gross! Heart attack waiting to happen.  I hope Paul Soliai isn't reading your blog today! We just might lose him for the season after he overdoses at the nearest KC berger joint!!

  8. Ralph In MichiganJuly 10, 2009 at 12:25 PM


    You are in tune with the Dolphins and seem to have so much access to information. I have been trying to find out how many players from each position the dolphins carried on their 53 man roster last year.



  9. The Knight who says Ni!July 10, 2009 at 12:27 PM

    Krispy Kreme doesn't make the burgers, other establishments use their donuts to make these disgusting things. I always thought Krispy Kremes were overrated and overpriced. I'll pass!

  10. It's amusing to see how the threads of these blogs go.  Tin writes a 6 paragraph entry and we all talk about the KK bergers! LOL

  11. It is very interesting that Clemons isn't signed yet as he is the lowest draft pick left.  You are probably right. There has to be some insentive stuff in there that they are working on.

  12. Those burger photos are by far the most disgusting photos you have had on here to date. 

    And Krispy Kreme donuts, like a lot of things, aren't as good as they used to be.  I can remember when I was a child, we would be at the beach in SC, and there was a shop down the street from our hotel.  We would get them and they were still warm and oh so delicious.  It was the only time of year we got them.  Now there is a store where I live with a drive thru lane, and they are in the grocery stores and 7-11, but they are not the same.  Tragic!

    OK, enough of that little stroll down memory lane.

  13. "burger photos are by far the most disgusting photos you have had on here to date"

    Worse than Brian Cushing's tits?

  14. uh-hummm, I believe the politally corect term is "man boobs"  LOL

  15. Uh-hmmmm, I believe the politically corect term is "man boobs" lol

  16. ralph, I have this info but I'm going to post it as a blog article in a little bit because it's not as straightforward as it looks at first glance and I think everyone else might be interested by it as well, so please check back later on the front page.


    CB DButler signed w'redcoats for basically 1MILL per..

    TIN,is that about half-way b/t Vontae @25,and SS @61??
    Or will Vontae get wayyy more,and SS be relatively in a simular nieghborhood??
    I can see Vontae gettin 1.5,but SS will surely get more than .5  ..
    Don'tya think??
    You seem to be on top of the CAP(what do they call that little button atop a cap)??

    I posted this @ the CB breakdown,but it went to PG 2(is that a record),and I figured it might get missed..

  18. ""New England finished 12th against the pass in 2008, but surrendered 27 touchdown passes, the second most in the league. The club has made revamping the cornerback position a priority in the offseason. During the draft, the Patriots traded starter <span style="color: #225fb2;">Ellis Hobbs</span> to the Eagles. The year before, starter <span style="color: #225fb2;">Asante Samuel</span> departed to the Eagles as a free agent.
    The Patriots signed veterans <span style="color: #225fb2;">Shawn Springs</span> and <span style="color: #225fb2;">Leigh Bodden</span> as free agents in the offseason, and that pair is likely to start. The club is also counting on young veterans such as <span style="color: #225fb2;">Terrence Wheatley</span>, <span style="color: #225fb2;">Jonathan Wilhite</span>, and <span style="color: #225fb2;">Mike Richardson</span>. Butler should fit well with that group.""

    Looks like they'll be able to be passed upon..
    Their starter's could have been"OURS"!!
    I'm sooo glad that we took the approach we did,(hindsight being 20/20)!!