Monday, July 6, 2009

Tuesday's Early Bird Special

Well it's Tuesday again, and later today we're going to continue our breakdown of the training camp roster. I will try not to get too long-winded in discussing the defensive backfield. But before we get to that here are some of the best 'bits' from around the league.

  • Saints long-snapper scams team-mates, gets kicked off team, is wanted by the FBI, oh yeah, and he lost a lot of money on a bad investment too. It really makes me feel like I'm not trying hard enough...
  • In what could become a tradition here at Tin's Fins, I'm offering up this link to help connect Dolphin fans from the Maryland/Washington D.C. area. I was at an amusement park the other day, wearing a dolphins jersey when a complete stranger (hot chick) came up to me and told me 'great jersey, I have the same one!' then wiggled her butt in my face and disappeared into the bleachers. It made me realize how isolated we displaced fans can be and how good it feels to 'connect' with each other once in a while. So thanks to reader/commenter WOOD for starting this group and I will gladly post any 'connection' info for Dolfans everywhere.
  •'s, Jason La Canfora, a guy who has somehow managed to get a job where he works from home, and writes about absolutely nothing, has crowned the AFC East as the best division in the NFL, beating out the NFC East. Still, Miami is represented as "slipping up" yet Parcells is once again labeled as a great mind. If Parcells is such a football god to everyone in the media, why do they have so little faith in the team that he runs?
  • It seems like all the NFL beat writers are on vacation at the moment, so we have to find alternate sources of information. Here a blogger writes the case for Ernest Wilford making the Dolphins roster.
  • And, finally, I got a lot of flak when the schedule was released for not being willing to drive to San Diego in September to watch the Dolphins play the Chargers. Well, it turns out that the ticket prices in San Diego are absolutely insane, and the entire trip would cost me well over a thousand dollars. Not to mention I will be preparing to move at that time of the year. So I think I will watch it for free on TV instead. However, I will try to plan my next trip to NY or Boston around the games up there and there's still an outlying possibility that the Dolphins will have to play at Oakland in the playoffs. ;)


  1. I'll be reporting from the Charger game! You will be missing the beautiful San Diego weather Tin!

  2. Yeah I know but it's really bad timing and just too far away.  Plus I've already been to THREE miami vs. san diego games, lol

  3. Maybe you should consider going to a different game than San Diego.  The closest geographically may not be the most economical game to go to.  For example, with very inexpensive airline tickets available and lower game ticket prices, I can go to a game in Miami for less than a game closer to me.  I have checked.

  4. it's only inexpensive if you're flying up and down the coasts, once you start going east-west it's no longer cheap.  I suppose it really comes down to I could have NFL Sunday Ticket, a new jersey or two, and unlimited salsa for 16 games, or I could go to ONE game in person....

  5. btw FinsFTW, after the game, come here and post a link to your write-up.  Actually, you always feel free to post links here.  Eventually I will get a Links section up on the sidebar, but probably not for a month or so.

  6. Dances_With_BoozeJuly 7, 2009 at 11:28 AM

    If I can con someone into buying me tickets I will go, lol.

    Maybe I will tag along with some Charger fan friends..

  7. I just found out I got the day off for the Aug 4th practice at 9am. I got rained out of two practices last year after driving for over an hour to get there, so I'll be calling the hotline before I go. Plus in Miami it usually rains in the afternoon this time of year, so I picked a morning practice

    I'm not much of a scout considering I don't know what fast twitch muscles are, and I'm not sure how your supposed to evaluate people's feet. But I'll let you guy's know what I see

    Miami's tickets were kinda cheap this year. My season tickets came down in price by 50% this year, so with parking pass and everything only $45 a game, although an additional $50 for food and beer, but it's worth it. Granted not 50 yardline, but I got a great view of the field. I heard something about some teams prices being atrocious

  8. The Knight who says Ni!July 7, 2009 at 12:02 PM

    I'm so tired of sportswriters making ranking lists and predictions. It's so boring and usually wrong.  :-P

  9. I will be getting to a practice also, and I know that 13kv is planning on going down.  So as time gets closer I'll post right here and see if anyone is looking to go down there. I have room for 1 or 2 people according to if my Wife or Daughter comes along.  The 4th is a Tuesday and maybe good we shall see.  I will put the invite out if anyone wants to go, bring your smelling salts it's going to be HOT.

    I'm with you Phinatic.  I went to a practice last year and the guys all looked good to me, man they can move for there size.  TV does not give the full measure of how big
    and fast the players really are.  You can only see that live in person.

  10. The Knight who says Ni!July 7, 2009 at 12:31 PM

    Any chance you'll update your pic without a top on?  :-D

  11. Dances_With_BoozeJuly 7, 2009 at 12:37 PM

    for a ticket?

  12. Dances_With_BoozeJuly 7, 2009 at 12:39 PM

    I went to a Chargers game last year and it was $220 for the ticket. At least that's what it said on the ticket, I didn't have to pay for it.

  13. Whats reallly funny is the fact that I (being local) can spend 375 bucks for 2 lower bowl 50 yd line tickets here (no parking pass) or I can spend 500 bucks for a weekend in Charlotte (airline, hotel, parking pass and GOOD tickets to the game on prime time no less).  Go figure.  Cali prices have got to be out of control.

  14. Lucky you.  Women can get away with anything.   Correction attractive women can get away with anything.... ;)

  15. The Knight who says Ni!July 7, 2009 at 5:46 PM


  16. Two-a-days(hope to get my $$ worth), 
    Thurs Aug 6,or Mon Aug 10th works best for me!!

    I wanna make sure I don't go to a potential rain-out!!
    W'two pactices on one day,I'd pretty much be guaranteed to catch @least one good practice...

    When I was a kid,pops rented a house for a couple yrs directly across the street from the entrance to Nova U!! DAMNNNN,I wish he'd a bought that house,I'd a forced Shula to make me a ball boy,and eventually an assistant..
    I coulda been a contenda,but mom lived in NMB!!

    Where'd you grow-up Fang,what HS did you attend??

  17. I'm In Knight!  I'll pay for one of a pair.  (of tickets that is) LOL

  18. Hey Tin, what's up with the D-back Roster Breakdown?  YOU DONE YET? You are turning into my #1 spot for all things Dolphins now that all the sports guys seem to be on perminant vacation.  I recall before the holliday that O and Ethan said they had a bunch of stuff saved up to drib and drop to us over the next couple of weeks but they are dropping the ball more than Derek Hagen!!!! YOU DA MAN!

  19. Can you tell it's slow at my work?  I've been trolling all morning looking for SOMETHING Dolphins related to read / talk about!! As the plant in Little Shop of Horrors says "FEED ME!"

  20. rockphin, just posted part 1
    thank you kindly!

  21. LOL, I hear ya. I will try my best to get the cornerbacks up today as well,
    but there sure are a lot of them....

  22. Dances_With_BoozeJuly 8, 2009 at 8:16 AM

    wow, looks like you don't need me anymore, hotter chick just walked in the room!

  23. DWB,not true,ROCKs lady has a valve-stem..

  24. Dances_With_BoozeJuly 8, 2009 at 8:37 AM

    a wha?

  25. I just saw your post I went to Hollywood Hill High School.  Hated those McAuthur  kids
    :) .  I used to go watch the Dolphins practice near Miami Lakes back in the day, I think it was at Biscayne College.  Had Season tickets in the top Row of the OB end zone closed end,from 71 - 75.  Moved up here in 74 and the drive was killing me on late Sunday and Monday night games.  If I lived down there I would still have Season tickets.

    Which brings me to this I get a kick "well not really" when someone tells me I'm not fan because I disagree about something.  Saying that I am not a true fan is stupid just ask my Wife and Daughter if I'm not true a fan. :( .  Any way we have to get in touch with each other maybe we can use Tin to pass our emails addresses to each other I know he has mine.

    If you are monitoring this Tin go ahead and pass that address along to 13kvFINS if you would.  That's ok with me if he agrees.

  26. I've never e-mailed Tin,does he know my e-mail just via the site,or do I need to mail him??

    I never said you weren't a true fan FANG!!!!
    I've never said that to anyone here,where'd that come from??

    I'm guessing your reply to me included a reply to someone else,but why was it b/t two replies to me in the same post..

    I remember biscayne college,they were @ Nova by the 70s though,IF I recall correctly..

    Seems like I was around 10(69) when pops lived opposite Nova's football field entrance,and we walked over to watch the FINS,or maybe he lived opposite biscayne college(Miami lakes seems like the neighborhood I remember)pops living in..Sooo long ago!!

  27. I remember going to the OB when they had a tank for flipper..
    I was in the same endzone opposite corner front row ground level.

    I like the affordable 420's section's(corner upper level) @JRS these days... 

  28. Small tits w'a "valve-stem" nipple for inflation...

    Guest,tooo funnyyy!!!

  29. Ralph In MichiganJuly 9, 2009 at 12:47 PM

    $250 a ticket for the mud bowl against the stealers on Monday night.