Friday, July 31, 2009

Signed Again!

Rookie cornerback, Sean Smith, has signed a multi-year endorsement deal with Nike. Terms are yet to be disclosed, but I'd bet he just doubled his annual income, at least. Updates to follow...


  1. NIKE doesn't just sign anybody,(31's a good jersey choice)and the world will soon be made aware!!!
    He's gonna be a STUD,and we'll soon be sayin SAMMY/PATRICK whoooo!!! 
    SHUT-DOWN DBackfield to be SS,VONTAE,CClemons,o10 opposition better be able to run...

    TIN,those VONTAE numbers seem very affordable for a 1st rndr..
    How'd they match-up w'your early projections,that have been thus-far impressive!!??
    Or can you give me the date of your early draft pk $$$ projections??

  2. you would think after doing this for every other pick I would remember my own projections...check the previous blog entry, I'll update it with the comparison.


    I see that sandwich tv commercial,you know(mia HAMM,SWISS sledders,and samari ROLLE),
    and the one w'this that and the TUNA(where BP say's"that's all we're gonna pay him")...
    Sooo, I'm lead to believe that BP's a hardballing under compensator!!!

    (IF!!!) you have ANY info @hand??
     Seeing that I believe we landed VONTAE @ a very affordable rate!! In order to draw some type of comparison,I was wondering what the #23,24,26,and 27 pks agreed to?? (though @ diff positions)!!

    And Safties #33(LDelmas)Lion's, 34(PChung)redcoats ??

    While also wondering what CB's @#14(MJenkins)Saints, 37(ASmith)Broncos, 41(DButler)redcoats, and 42(JByrd)the williams, agreed to???  AGAIN,IF U have ANY info @hand!!??

    Probably could have looked it up myself in the time it took to post this,but figured a CAP conisure like yourself might have ALL the #s in a special easy access spot... 

    THANX AGAIN for the VONTAE update,and your MAY projections!!
    Do U believe we got VONTAE @ a very acceptable rate?? I'd guess so,according to projections/actualities..

    GO   D    O    L    P    H    I    N    S    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jenkins hasn't signed yet....the others I can't find any details on right
    now. I think Butler got 4 years 4.1 million.
    I think we got Vontae at the GOING rate. There's really no way to
    shortchange these guys anymore. The contracts are based almost exclusively
    on a combination of the previous year's signings and the current year's
    signings. Vontae's deal got closed up after those picks around him were,
    which is good business sense by his agent.
    As for Pat White, don't believe any of the holdout rumours. They will
    announce before practice. Keep in mind, the Dolphins cancelled the morning
    practice over aweek ago, which means they have all day today and half of
    tomorrow to close the deal.