Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tin's Fins Bits - Thursday Edition

  • Where to start...why, in Kansas City, of course: Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star, in a piece about underrated Chiefs players, suggests "The Chiefs also need some players to step up and play better than outsiders might expect. Zach Thomas entered offseason practice as an underrated player, but after he galvanized the defense and established himself as a clear leader, he's not underrated anymore." Okay, Babb, WTF are you talking about?
  • Brandon London's fighting words posted this morning:
    "Can we play some Football already? No Patience when it comes to eating...Ayy Collier, they say they hungry! HUNGRY?!?! I was hungry in POP WARNER...IM BEYOND RAVENOUS(look it up)!!! (on a side note-ya'll haters made it easy for a lot of ppl to get up outta bed this morning and go GRIND so they can SHINE...How about a round of applause for the HATERS!!!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP...IM OUT)"
  • The NFL Network will air all 65 pre-season games this year. Three of the Dolphins games are being shown the day after they are played, but the first game is being shown that same night, albeit not live. Click here for the schedule. Thanks to Kent for bringing this to my attention.
  • The Just End The Season are going to find out pretty soon if special teams ace/running back, Leon Washington, is going to stage a holdout. Washington implied that was the route he was going to take earlier this week. Ironically, Washington was filming a TV commercial that highlights the lighter side of training camp at the time of the remark.
  • Tin's Fins has been in interview mode lately, with WR Anthony Armstrong's exclusive here, WR Davone Bess here, and OL Donald Thomas here. Tomorrow I have another exclusive lined up but I don't know when I will be able to post it, so we're going to take a step away from the interview mode and I will post my final pre-training camp analysis - the special teams.
  • The Washington Redskins used a 2010 3rd round draft pick in the supplemental draft today to select DE Jeremy Jarmon out of Kentucky.
  • Proof that the hype extends far wider than just the TV and print media, the Madden 2010 team power ratings have the AFC East ranked as so: Patriots (93), Jets (78), Dolphins (77), Buffalo (76). What does this mean? It means if you're a gamer, you're gonna have a hell of a hard time beating New England...unless you're using New England...
And finally...


  1. The Knight who says Ni!July 16, 2009 at 12:02 PM

    New England is so overrated. I'm interested to see where they get their pass rush from this year.

  2. They really have none. They were rumoured to go after Julius Peppers and
    then Jason Taylor....they must be looking for a trade at this point.

  3. The Knight who says Ni!July 16, 2009 at 12:42 PM

    The Pats are going to have to outscore a lot of teams this year which they're probably capable of doing but I see a big drop-off with their defense and I'm not sold on their running game either.

  4. Tin,

    Thanks for the tip on the preseason games all being aired.
    You are the man getting all these interviews with the players.

  5. The Knight who says Ni!July 16, 2009 at 1:15 PM

    Tom Archdeacon, of the Dayton Daily News, reports Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco said he will still use Twitter during games even though the NFL said they would not allow players to Tweet during games.
    <div>I wish Roger Goodell would just suspend this jerkoff so we don't have to hear about him anymore. I'm so sick of his act. He thinks he's bigger than the league and he doesn't realize the league will be here long after he's gone and was here long before he was born.</div>

  6. while i think tweeting during the game is ridiculous, I do wish they would
    relax the celebration rules a little.

  7. I used to think it was Owens, but Ochonada has become the poster child for all the 'me first/look at me, look at me' people that our society has been spawning for the last decade or so. Things like Twitter just exacerbate the problem by giving these people a forum which allows them to express that negative (in my opinion) side of thier nature.

    **here is what i'm doing now**
    **now I'm doing this**
    **look at me, yada,yada,yada**

    NFL network doesn't help any with their stupid 'Tweet of the day' crap

  8. The Knight who says Ni!July 16, 2009 at 1:24 PM


    The NFL should just instruct the camera crews to stay away from Chad Johnson (I refuse to call him by his new name) so he gets no video time. Then maybe he'll just play football instead of focusing on everything else but playing football. 

  9. OMG, I have tears in my eyes laughing so much from that video! My secretary could hear the German screaming but had no idea what I was watching or why I was laughing so hard. Good one. I needed a laugh thanks Tin. That Fucking Tony Romo! ROFLMAO

  10. Man, that really sucks that Madden has so much man on man love (like the rest of the media) for N.E. I hate playing on line because EVERYONE plays N.E., 'Boys, Philly or NYG. I did hear that this year they will be updating the rosters (and overall team rankings) every two weeks or so based upon how the teams actually play which they didn't do in 09. So hopefully when the Dolphins do well during the season I can play people online without being at SUCH a disadvantage.

  11. Doesn't mean I won't buy it and play suckers on line anyway. I will just lose more than I would care to. Right now I can be playing the Dolphins on line and be up 21 pts in the beginning of the 4th and still lose 1/3rd the time :-( But I WILL NOT play as another team.

  12. Ironically I know absolutely nothing about that Chad other than he plays for
    the Bengals and wears # 85. In his desire to be 'on' all the time, most
    people have just turned him 'off'.

  13. could have been worse, rockphin. you could have '08 like me and no matter
    how many times you update, Chad Henne never exists. (But I did manage to get
    Pat White)

  14. The Dolphins tried that outscoring route when Marino was here.  Sooner or later you have to be able to run the ball and play defense or you are finished.

    They will win many games with gaudy numbers, but when it comes playoff time as they found out in there great 18 - 1 year.  They couldn't stop the Giants when they needed to, and lost the big one when it counted.  ( Man you gotta love that )  :-D   Couldn't happen to bigger bunch of A-holes unless it's the Jizz.

  15. The Knight who says Ni!July 16, 2009 at 2:11 PM

    I'm glad no one got on me for saying the Pats will have to outscore their opponents to win games. Actually all teams have to do that. LOL

    I think we all know what I meant. Win shootouts is what I should have said.  :-D

  16. Oh, I thought you were being literal...that's why I nodded my head...

  17. The Knight who says Ni!July 16, 2009 at 3:31 PM

    Tin, I see your blog has a new look. Pretty nice! It caught me off guard though.  :-E

  18. Yes I got all those complaints about the sidebar being hard to read but I'm
    one of those people who once they start something can't stop tinkering. It
    might look completely different tomorrow..

  19. The Knight who says Ni!July 16, 2009 at 3:49 PM

    Your boy Beckham is in my state tonight. I read there is a fan base that gives him a lot of shit. What's that all about?

  20. um, I never said Beckham was my boy. Have I ever even mentioned him?

  21. The Knight who says Ni!July 16, 2009 at 3:58 PM

    Yes, when I compared soccer to being as exciting as Parcheesi you and uk went off talking soccer and at one point you talked up Beckham a little bit. I asked is he really all that or is it just his looks and you said both.  :-D

  22. Thanx for the applause BL,and glad to help motivate!!

    I'm not really a"hater"though,I WANT him to make the 53!!
    I just think that he should be focused on the playbook(rather than twitter),and out-side working on his moves(vs whoever),rather than making video's of his illusiveness(vs robo-vac).. And as far as the modeling stuff,don't get me started,(but CChambers is much prettier),and has seperation skills..

    C'Mon BL,get outta the mirror,and make yourself attractive to BP,and your football fans,or end-up walking the run-way 12 mnths a yr..

    Yes,he's entitled to a life out-side of football for a couple mnths a yr..
    But(from BP's throne)look @ what that type of activity accomplised for an established 11 yr(All-Pro/MVP)veteran superstar player @ a position of need just last yr..

    Believe-it,or not,I'm rootin for him!!
    (We NEED his size @ WR),otherwise the ONLY serious RED-ZONE threat ADVANTAGES we'll have will come from a rookie WR(PT),or the TE position..

    So let's see that"ravenous"appetite,"GRIND,and SHINE"!! GO BL!!
    "Can we play some football already"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOFINS!!

  23. LMFAO,Hitler/Romo!! NOW I have to see that movie..
    It's all TMZ's fault..When did a size 6 become fat?? GREAT line's throughout!!
    THANX for the LAUGH,whoever did the editing is"pure genius"!! LMFAOFFFFFF!!

  24. The redcoats DBfield is also porous!!

  25. I like the new lay-out!!

    Not that it matter's,but IMHO (TIN Here,TIN Hear,or TINs EAR)eliminate's the pastense(was)..
    Personally,I like TINs EAR(cuz we all enjoy coming to"OUR"own conclusion's,while interpreting what TIN thought he heard)...(NOT a face-slap,just HUMOR)!!

    What happened to the smileys?? I was going to combine 3 to make my new avitar..

  26. =-X they are still there...

  27. OH,I guess they are,they weren't when I last posted... 8-)

  28. Rockphin, your avatar's a** really 'pops' in the ney layout...

  29. Rockphin, your avatar's a** really 'pops' in the new layout...

  30. Lindsey Lohan took a shit......classic.  That video made my day.  Like the new format Tin.  Looks almost professional.  Keep it up.

  31. Sweet. I think I was in middle school when this came out!  Ironically it loads fine in the comment section, but when I tried to load it in youtube itself, it wouldn't even start up.

  32. Never heard that song b4 Rockphin
    Like it

    Also like to remodel bathroom like that crowded with a lot of moving  koochie parts

    Hitler Video is work of Art and
    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****

  33. STARKS' 7-14-09 arraingment????  Didn't hear anything anywhere... OR did I miss-it??