Monday, July 6, 2009

I Love You I Hate You I Love You I Hate You!

There really aren't too many ex-Dolphins that most fans wish had never left. Usually when they're cut/traded its for good reason.

I can't think of a good reason why we discarded Wes Welker and Larry Izzo, but they both ended up playing for AFC East rival, the New England Patriots. And while Welker is now starting to display his diva wide-receiver side, and Izzo's off the field antics are downright embarassing, not to mention his constant efforts to look like a cartoon magician, their on the field contributions to the Dolphins made their departures very noticeable to Dolfans.

But what's it like to go from one division team to another in the same division? Larry Izzo has now done it twice, as he will join the NY Jets for the 2009 season. Do you think the transition is more difficult or easier than coming from a team from another division?

I can only think of one other example of this situation off the top of my head when a beloved Dolphin linebacker flew the coop to play for the Jets and Patriots after a brief stint in Chicago. The truth is he was a superstar player for us and steadily declined once he left here. And he and Joey Porter don't get along one bit. I speak of course of former Dolphin bad-ass, and former Jets position coach, Bryan Cox. Despite the Jets having a noticeable power-corp at LB during his tenure there, new head coach, Sex Sighing, made no hesitation in replacing him.

Most people won't remember this but there was a time when there were indications that Dolphins all-time supreme being, Dan Marino would leave the Dolphins for another team. If memory serves, this actually happened TWICE in his career. I believe both times it was rumoured he wanted to play for the Steelers, but still, it would've changed the Dolphins history beyond recognition.

So I guess my question today to the readers is, what current Dolphin 'bubble' player are you most worried could end up playing for an AFC East team and ruining a couple of Sundays a year for us, a la Welker and Izzo?

I'm going to say I'm most worried about Wilford ending up on the Jets and becoming a perennial all-pro.

Yeah, right!


  1. Kent, how come you can comment today? I'm sure I used the word 'ass' at
    least twice in the article!

  2. oh, for the record, I would sh** myself if they let Ronnie go to another AFC
    East team...

  3. son of a son of a shulaJuly 6, 2009 at 12:22 PM

    Yeah, Ronnie would be bad. What about Chad P. in Buffalo?

  4. Once a player leaves Miami, I don't give a (^%* about them.  They are gone and do us no good.  Take Wesley.  What did he do when he was with us he averaged less than 10 yards a catch, as the third WR.  Blame the then Coaching staff for not using him.  Miami did pretty good in trading him.  Does anyone think the Dolphins would have thrown him the ball 12 or 15 times in a game down here ?  I don't think so !!

    No one likes to see a player leave there team and go on and star for a division rival, but it does happen time to time.  Lets remember the Dolphins sent Chambers packing also, and they haven't been hurt with that move.

    How do you think the Jets feel about Chad ?

  5. tin, I'll comment while I can so when I disappear, you know the reason. 90% of the time from work I can only read the articles, commenting not accessible.
    Ronnie would fit into the Patriots system. He can run, catch, block, and blend in w/out being a distraction. Excellent team player. I don't see it happening but it's a scary what if???

  6. I agree with Brown, if we're talking an established player/starter.  But if it's a bubble player, then I say Haynos.

  7. I would say Anthony Armstrong... I liked his body of work with the desperados and see real potential there. he may be starting to come into his prime as a 'football player' overall hence the vast improvement being seen lately at OTAs

  8. IF he were a"bubble" guy,(I don't think he is)..
    I'd say JAllen...
     I could see EW purposely playin for a rival,IF we were to cut him!!
    Those gyz that wear grn could really use him!!

  9. <div class="js-singleCommentText">Did you gyz see the NFLN Dolphin moment,I posted yesterday??</div>
    <div class="js-singleCommentText">DOUBLE J,coming @ya TBrady!!!</div>
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  10. 13KV, why do your posts sometimes show up with all the code? 

    Switching back to my standard avatar.  That guy just didn't get the negative response I was hoping for.  I'll have to try harder with the next one!

  11. HERD,cut/paste sometimes does that here,no matter how I go about it... First time in awhile though..

    Herd,were you a fan of"OUR"most hated rivals since 2000,until last yr,and did you participate in their blogs??
    IF so,were you accepted there,as you've been here??
    Juswondering !!
    Glad you trusted the force(CP's gluts/pecs/locs)according to you,and left the darkside!!

    GO  CP + 52, GO D  O  L  P  H  I  N  S !!!

  12. PS,Your present avitar is FARRRR MORE fitting,IF you wish continued luv!!

    GO FINS!!

  13. I followed CP then; went to one game in NY, I was 5 mo pegnant and it was like a blizzard. But no, I wasnt a fan like this. There was something magical about last season IMO. Can't really explain it.

  14. son of a son of a shulaJuly 7, 2009 at 5:32 AM

    Herdfan, what about the now nomadic Leftwich, you a big fan of his?
    Hey when I first began seeing your name appear I thought you were "Herdfan" because of Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio what a relief to find that not to be the case. He should call himself CowTerd, he's terrible.

  15. I like Byron too, but I suppose to a lesser degree.  I did watch a few Jag games back when he played there, and I was glad to see him play some last year with the Steelers and get a ring in the process.  I thought he did a great job when he got a chance to play.

    If I had known when I first posted something that I was going to continue this thing, I probably would have chosen a different name.  Maybe I'll be like the Knight and change one day.

  16. son of a son of a shulaJuly 7, 2009 at 6:44 AM

    No don't change now you've become quite recognizable, plus that was just one dopey moron(me) who didn't get it, but now I do.
    Byron is down in Tampa now and a lot of their fans think he'll start, but if I were them I think I would play the rookie draft pick Freeman.

  17. You aren't the only one. There have been a number of erroneous interpretations. I don't know if being recognizable is a good thing. I prefer to fly under the radar. :)
    Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 06:45:22 -0700
    Subject: Reply to your comment...

  18. I heard somewhere that the McCown kid is blowing everyone out of the water down there but Freeman is doing well for a rookie.  I know it's early days but they've got 5 QBs on the roster, I fail to see how they've changed anything since firing Gruden.

  19. Herdfan, I am late on this but I totally am offended by your avatar! LOL (is that the reaction you were looking for?) You should keep your name the way it is.  The Bungle / Knight thing threw me off for weeks. 

    My list of "Bubble" players who I would hate to see switch teams inside our division and have "Breakout" careers would be; Haynos, Armstrong, Tearrius George & Quentin Moses.  I have had high hopes for each when we acquired them but for one reason or another they haven't cracked into the lineup.  It totally sucks to see ex-Dolphins who couldn't cut it (according to our previous front offices) become stars / solid contributors on other teams.  I think there were like 7-8 ex-Dolphins in the Superbowl two years ago!

    With our new front office hopefully we start keeping "Our" guys. It call comes down to stability in the front office. Each new regime has had their own "vision" of how the team should be made up and the constant re-shuffling put us where we were in 07.  Now we can acquire, coach up and develop players that will be on the team for years instead of throwing out the baby with the bath water every two years.  I can't wait for the season to start.  GO DOLPHINS!

  20. What's up with the cut and paste 13kvFins? Gotta spell check before you post?  LOL yeah I know the drill I used to do the same thing
    but now I don't care if you guys know that I can't spell. 

  21. Yikes!  I had to delete the comment that I had here before.  I responded via the email thing, rather than as a reply to the comment, and it had my email address on here.  What is up with that?  *DONT_KNOW*

  22. you need to delete the quoted text when you reply via e-mail.

  23. I'll say J. Allen, who isn't really a bubble player, because he'll make the 53 (I'm still holding out hope he starts on the outside). But it is his last year on contract, and he's the best ball-hawk on the team. If he could have been just a corner or just a saftey his whole career I think he would be farther along and be more consistent. Plus with his athleticism he could make it somewhere else.

    I gotta agree with Rockphin about Armstrong. If they send him to the practice squad for another year I could see him getting picked up and scorching us for a long bomb down the sideline in the future

    looking back, last year I had a bunch of 'bubble' players I was rooting for such as Bess, Camarillio(at one point), Wright, and Mosses. This year I feel like other than 1 or 2 spots the roster is pretty much set. The only thing left is the depth chart, which isn't nearly as mysterious as last year