Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clearing The Air - the things that aren't bothering your subconscious

You may have forgotten about these issues because you're so excited for training camp battles to commence. You're ready to see how Pat White gains control of his passes, and you're ready to see Cam Wake hit the sh** out of someone. You're ready to hear Sparano's words of brutal honesty again, and you're ready to touch up the 'C.H.U.R.N.' tattoo you got on your left buttock this time last year. It's time to add a touch of aqua to it. But let's not forget that the following issues will have an impact, and for the most part it's a positive one, and we should go into camp on a wave of positivity.

All felony charges dropped against Randy Starks. First the court date was pushed back several months, and now, according to Edgar Thompson/PBP, the felony charges have been completely dropped. It wasn't that long ago, when hearing of the 'run-in' on South Beach, that speculation surfaced over whether Starks would get released by the team. Within a week or two we had moved on from that speculation and penciled Starks in as pushing Philip Merling for playing time/starts. Well, this latest news means that the story is over, and will no longer be a distraction to Starks, or to the team. Most importantly, it means that the newspapers will not be writing about it in the middle of the season, when the court date was to be.

Greg Camarillo, Donald Thomas, David Martin, Andy Alleman, Brennan Marion. With the exception of Camarillo and Marion in limited drills, we went through OTAs without these guys, and at some point during the auditions for the 53-man roster, they should all be back in the fold. If Marion survives the next 2 or 3 days, he could end up showing enough to get onto the practice squad, or he could blow everyone away enough to start pushing Armstrong and London for a roster spot. Camarillo's health doesn't just affect himself. If he isn't ready to go and is relegated to the PUP list, that leaves the door wide open for Armstrong/London/Marion, etc. After Jahndoh explained the severity of Thomas' injury to me yesterday, I think Thomas will be ready to start doing limited drills earlier than previously thought, and will be ready for Game 1. That doesn't mean he will start, but will be ready to play. Martin's health is HUGE. Ernest Wilford doesn't stand a chance if Martin recovers to full form. John Nalbone, Jared Bronson, and Joey Haynos all would benefit by having Martin out of the picture. With Martin back, the picture at TE becomes almost too clear - Fasano, Martin and Haynos - would seem like locks. A lot of people question why I have Haynos as a lock, it's because of his blocking, he's essentially an extra o-lineman.

The Dolphins said no to Vick. While the media is so in love with the Vick story, the reality is that most NFL fans don't really care. Let's not forget that Vick was never exactly Warren Moon or that there are several Vick-like players out there who are younger, faster, smarter, tougher, and have squeaky clean rap sheets. Pat White, anyone? Tim Tebow? Also Vick has been in prison for 2 years. Do you think he's been practicing against NFL-caliber talent while he was in there? Do you think hanging around with other crooks and low-lifes has made him a nicer person? Do you really think adding Vick to a team would produce instant sell-outs? In my opinion, FEWER people would show up to games, not more. By saying 'NO THANKS' to Vick, the Dolphins have taken this question off the table. Sure, some dickwad will still ask it at the next press conference (I will post a poll on this later, just for fun), but the first time will be the last time.

Boomer Grigsby. I know, I know, what does Grigsby have to do with the Dolphins? Well, it's more of what effect he doesn't have on the Dolphins. At least not anymore. You see, Grigsby is one of 5 players being featured on's 'On the Fringe' series which follows players fighting for a roster spot on 5 different teams. Basically it's like 'Hard Knocks' but only following one player on the team. Grigsby has been featured in spots, dressed as either a gay cowboy or a Chippendale's dancer, talking about his efforts to make the Houston Texans. We all know that Miami cut both Reagan Mauia and Grigsby last year and replaced them with Casey Cramer and then Lousaka Polite. The difference is obvious, looking back on it. Mauia and Grigsby are lime-lighters. They both like to be on TV, and they both dress themselves as if they're going to be on Star Search at any minute. Cramer, on the other hand, was a pretty decent blocker and pass target out of the backfield, but very quiet, team-first kind of guy. Polite is also one of the more humble guys to come out of 2008. Don't get me wrong, the Trifecta will allow a Joey Porter some lee-way, but for the most part they want guys who are humble, and think as a team. Even Porter sounds like a homer these days. You would think he grew up a dolfan and is living his childhood dream right now, of playing for the Dolphins. So, Grigsby can fight all he wants for that Houston spot, and maybe at some point he'll realize his NFL chances will get better if he stops fighting and starts contributing.

Heading into training camp, take a look at all the 'locks' on the team. You'd have to be an obsessive fan (as most of us here are) to know this, but those guys are all committed to being a TEAM. When you listen to them talk in interviews, they sound so passionate about helping each other out, rather than being stars. You know Joey Porter, who had his career year in 2008, yet gave all the team's success-credit to other players, would rather take the team to the Super-Bowl, than himself to the Pro-Bowl.

And then you look at the guys who aren't locks, who are 'bubble' players, and there are only 2 or 3 guys that don't come across the same way. They know who they are. The guys who stand around thinking they want to be stars, and the Dolphins are just a step on the red carpet. These guys will not be here come September.


  1. The Knight who says Ni!July 29, 2009 at 8:45 AM

    I'm not sure Haynos is a lock. If Martin gets healthy the two locks will be Fasano and Martin but I still think Haynos is going to have to compete and fight for that 3rd spot if that's all we keep at TE. Who knows we might keep 4. Nalbone is a trifecta draft pick so he'll be given every opportunity to prove himself.

  2. "Nalbone is a trifecta draft pick so he'll be given every opportunity to
    prove himself" worthy of the practice squad... ;)

  3. Only 3 days 21  hours until camp starts.  When will the TURK come acalling?  Who will the two who get cut be?  stay tuned......

  4. The Knight who says Ni!July 29, 2009 at 8:59 AM

    You know what I'm saying.  :-P

  5. <span style="">"it means that the newspapers will not be writing about it in the middle of the season"</span>

    <span style="">of course they wont be writing about it, it isnt negative news.  No way the newspapers would write about how the charges never should of happened in the first place.</span>

    <span style="">as always, good blog tin.  </span>

  6. The Knight who says Ni!July 29, 2009 at 9:11 AM

    <span style="">"Sure, some dickwad will still ask it at the next press conference"</span>

    <span style="">Some reporters can't help themselves. I get amused sometimes about how little some reporters know about the team they cover. </span>

  7. i got cheerleaders for you a bit later, FFR. ;)

  8. will they look like these two

  9. <span>"Sure, some dickwad will still ask it at the next press conference"</span>

    That's why I voted for Armando. 


    And you guys seem to have found your favorite avatars again, so I don't have to feel bad about interfering with your freedom of expression.  Damn constitution!  Who made up these rules anyway?

  10. If there was a way to vote for the entire Miami Enquirer staff I would have, but since I'm limited to a single selection it had to be Mr. Know-it-all Armando.  How that man has a job in journalism and a part time radio show I have no clue.  Completely flabergasted.  Darlington is such a Gator Homer tool, but I think he would have enough sense NOT to ask.  I know that might be too much credit for such a maroon but hey....

    Gotta love those forefathers!!  Pretty sure you're alone in your fight.

  11. Ralph In MichiganJuly 29, 2009 at 10:37 AM

    Great post as always Tin. OBTW i misread the poll and voted for Omar. So we can just drop that vote. I revoted now that I haver reread the poll.

    The TE position battle could be one of the more interesting of camp. To me Fasano is the only lock. As already discussed Martin's health will determine his fate. One of these young guys could make some really good steps in the right direction and be viewed as a cheaper Martin.

    I do not think I am alone with my concern over who is going to play RG. The entire team is banking on Thomas being healthy and actually being good. There are so many ifs that could happen.

    I was taking a look at the Madden ratings and we did not get any respect. Go figure. I will still take my Fins to the promise land. Any of you guys play on the PS3?

  12. this better, gggggeeeeezzzeeee the things men do to please women

  13. ...Starks charges were changed to culpable negligence ...not dismissed ...he could still do 60 days ...and if the story was as one sided as his press and attorney has led us to believe, they'd have been dismissed a judge feels there was enough evidence to proceed with lesser charges, 

    ...why the sudden conviction that Martin is a lock at TE? ...he certainly didn't earn a lock based on game performance last year ...he's a capable receiver but a mediocre blocker at best ...until we've seen Wilford in pads as a TE throwing blocks, he's still in the game is Haynos who is a better blocker and ST'r as well iirc ...imnsho Fasano is the only "lock" at TE and we've not got any idea yet how Nalbone or even Wilford will do ...and forget all the negativity re Wilford as a WR ...he's not competing there and Sparano has put a lot of effort into his converrsion ...iirc Omar was pretty high on the conversion out of otas but waiting to see if it continues when the pads go on and people start hitting for real ...suggest thats probably a good idea, eh. 

    ...and the Vick story isn't over by a long shot ...until he's under contract. the fins can say anything they like ...but if one of our QBs gets injured or they find the spread working better than they expected in closed practices, Vick remains an option at bu ...chances are he's going to wind up in Minnesota but until he's signed, he remains a viable option for almost any team.

    ...rockfin ...wild tumultuous applause for putting the cheeks back up.

    ...tin ...ok, you got rid of those kk burgers ...and gave us snails instead?, do you buy Maalox by the quart ...or the gallon?

  14. Speaking of 'pleasing you', someone sent my husband a video, and it made me think of you.  You may have already seen it, I have no idea how old it might be.  Anyway, it is Rodney Carrington song, and starts with your favorite Phoebe Cates clip with the red bikini.  I had never heard of Rodney Carrington before.  Definitely NSFW!  If you haven't seen it, I'll try to post you a link.

  15. ...not if Harvey gets a chance first :-D

  16. nope havent seen that one, but who hasnt seen her walking out of the pool in the red binki in one video or another.   i do appreciate the effort on your part. 

  17. lemmus, my conviction is not sudden. I have said that Martin is a lock all
    along (if healthy). he is the best pass-target TE on the team. Starks - no
    one is going to do time for a 'second-degree misdemeanor'. By the time the
    court date comes around, the lawyers should have this taken care of. Even
    if he got convicted and sentenced to the maximum 60 days and $500 fine, he
    could probably get the sentence pushed back till after the season and end up
    not missing any football.
    I've decided I'll change the profile image every week or so. I will try to
    keep it to unorthodox food.

  18. Well, it's not just that one thing.  It gets BETTER!! and the song is hilarious!  I'll email to tinshaker, he has all my info anyway.  If he has your email he can forward, or post it.  Just remember, NSFW!

  19. Hey Ralph! I play PS3. My tag on Playstation network is Gambit-D.  I'm not pre-ordering it or standing in line for it but I will have '10 within a couple of weeks of it coming out.  I have heard that EA is going to update their ratings throughout the season so HOPEFULLY we can get some much earned respect as we beat some of these other teams early on.  It REALLY tweeked me that not one of our D-linemen are rated over 79 and that's JT who isn't even a D-linemen! They have starks as an O-linemen!! they are just totally clueless.

  20. Damn! my avatar is static! I need to find one of her moving so I can keep up with the Jones (or the Robs in this case)

  21. The Knight who says Ni!July 29, 2009 at 5:16 PM

    lemmus, Martin made some big plays last year. No he's not a great blocker, never has been but he did make strides last year and he did produce. I'm not sure we have a whole lot at TE after Fasano and Martin so it should be interesting to see how that position shakes out. I'm still not convinced Wilford makes the team as a WR/TE so that leaves the door open for Haynos, Nalbone and Bronson.

  22. Rockphin:

    Your girl better watch out.  If my avatar loses her grip....... =-O

  23. OK Tin and I thought you were one of those Cali Liberals.  Boy am I wrong. :)

    I haven't figured out why Miami drafted Nalbone, but since the trifecta brought him in here there must be something they didn't like about the 3 TEs last year.  I thought they played well, although there blocking probably could have been better.  One thing for sure for all the years I've watched the dolphins I learned I can't judge talent.  At the end of a game I look at the scoreboard and if we have bigger numbers than the other team,,, things are good.

  24. CHEEKS Now that's priceless !!!  :-D

  25. ...Martin did make some plays a defacto receiver ...avg 2 catches a game ...mostly short yardage check-offs from Penne ...but so what? ...ANY TE in a Parcels offense is going to get those ...what he didn't do was provide consistent ball catching skillss OR solid offensive blocking when it was needed ...defenses didn't have to really scheme for him in their run blocking and pass rushing ...and we need that factor in any TE we put on the field this year ...the TE SHOULD be the 6th OL in the run, it can make a significant difference in how effectively we can run the ball ...and in nine years, Martin has never been that man.

    ...last year was last year ...this year there is real competition at TE with Haynos and Nalbone ...and then there is the time they've invested in Wilford ...if Martin wins that competition, great! ...but I think the claim that he's somehow a "lock" is way over doing it ...imnsho of course.

  26. ...the real question re the TEs is how many they keep on the 53 ...last year it was 3 ...but this year there are a couple of off-the-wall factors in play ...first is PW and do they keep him on the field rather than on the sidelines ...second is Wilford and whatever Sparano/Henning are scheming with him ...does he compete directly as a TE or are they going to slash him in as an H-back? ...and third is the OL and the injury record among our starters so do they keep an extra on the 53 ...all those questionsadd up pretty fast and it looks to me like they might keep only two TEs this year ...and if they only keep two, I think they keep the young guy ...if Martin is healthy, he could prove to be low round trade bait to some team with injuries. 

  27. that's an avatar ...just don't bruise those cheeks too much, eh :)

  28. fang:
    'One thing for sure for all the years I've watched the dolphins I learned I can't judge talent.  At the end of a game I look at the scoreboard and if we have bigger numbers than the other team,,, things are good.'

    You have just described my football existence.   It's OK.  Everyone can't be good at everything.  I'm betting the trifecta can't make cakes or brownies! 

  29. The Knight who says Ni!July 30, 2009 at 7:13 AM

    lemmus, Martin averaged 14.5 yards per catch which is quite high for a TE. He really wasn't a check-off guy so I have to disagree with you on that. He caught a bunch of balls down the field including a 61 yard TD. He caught at least 7 passes for 20 yards or more. He was our most consistent deep threat including Ginn.

  30. I don't subscribe to any political affiliation or ideals. I have my own
    system and it works for me. I will say I am probably a lot more "liberal"
    than your average Californian though. My parents are ultra-conservative as
    are 100% of my coworkers.
    As for the TE situation, the Dolphins were always going to head into camp
    with at least 5 tight-ends. That's standard practice for a team that runs a
    lot of 2 TE sets. The fact that Martin was injured allowed them to add one
    more. Whether it was Wilford or Bronson, they needed the body. Last year
    they had Martin, Fasano, Peele, Ryan, and some other schmuck....Heerspink?
    Truth is, most of the blocking issues last year were with backs out of the
    backfield. Both Ricky and Cobbs were pretty lousy at it. I didn't notice a
    lot of blown blocks by Martin as he primarily in on passing downs, and he
    did really well at stretching the field last year. I have to stick with my
    feeling that he's a lock based on what we know he CAN do, as opposed to what
    someone else MIGHT be able to do.

  31. lemmus are you watching the same games I am? Martin had a 14.5 ypc avg in
    2008, as opposed to 8.9 ypc in 2007. He led the team in YPC! He was our
    deep threat. Also, I didn't see him dropping a lot of passes, in fact he
    made some spectacular grabs. He had very consistent ball skills IMO.

  32. LOL, I had the same reply.

  33. The Knight who says Ni!July 30, 2009 at 8:14 AM

    Hey how did my name show up as guest?  *DONT_KNOW*

  34. The Knight who says Ni!July 30, 2009 at 8:15 AM

    Tin, what system is that? I go by the "don't tread on me" motto. Don't bother me and I won't bother you.  8-)

  35. I suppose I'm similar to that but those guys tend to be more conservative,
    whereas I'm more liberal. I don't want to blow anyone's mind in here by
    explaining my politics. The last time I explained it to someone, we both
    ended up staring at each other in awkward silence.
    In the end, people are always going to go with whatever they think is best
    for them and their family so there's no reason to argue over politics.
    Everyone should be allowed to follow whatever they want. There's so much
    more important things we could be doing than arguing each other's politics
    because what works for you ain't what works for me ain't what works for the
    next guy.

  36. The Knight who says Ni!July 30, 2009 at 8:56 AM

    I agree 100%. But "don't tread on me" really shouldn't be conservative or liberal. It means what it says. If I want to smoke pot and have orgies in my house "don't tread on me", it's my property and my choice as long as I don't disturb anyone. If someone else wants to have biblical meetings at their house where they have milk and cookies and worship their lord "don't tread on me", that's their right as long as they don't disturb anyone.

    To me "don't tread on me" isn't either a left or right political affiliation.

  37. I'd rather not tread on you while you're having the orgy. Maybe after
    you've had a shower....

  38. The Knight who says Ni!July 30, 2009 at 9:12 AM

    LMFAO!  :-D

  39. The Knight who says Ni!July 30, 2009 at 9:15 AM

    That's like when Randy said to you that time, Tin you should have been there when and I was telling Knight about being on my knees and yanking on tubers. LOL

  40. Herdfan how did that girly party go we didn't hear anything about it.   Did you try that special brownie recipe ? :)

  41. Well aren't you ?  :)

  42. The 'chick trip' is this weekend, Saturday-Wednesday, so the brownies and other recipes I have gathered have yet to be tested.  We are all looking forward to trying them though.  I'll be sure to let you know how they turn out.  There are 5 of us going, meeting up @ a somewhat central location to all of us.

  43. Home SuperBowl 2010July 30, 2009 at 1:50 PM

    Feel I have been short changed
    All these years of milk, cookies and biblical meetings
    Is there somrthing else?

  44. ooooooooooooo! whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks! Snap! I'm kind of diggin your S&M girl there! LOL

  45. Herdfan, the kitten tamer! LOL