Monday, July 13, 2009

Tin Bits for Monday, July 13th.

  • Back in early April, when I put together my Mock Draft for 2009, I toyed with the idea of Baltimore selecting Hakeem Nicks with their first pick as I saw WR as a major need, but ultimately had them select Juaquin Iglesias in the late 2nd round as I felt LB was a bigger need. In reality, Iglesias went to Chicago in the 3rd, and Baltimore did not draft any WRs and chose an offensive lineman and a defensive end (who is being converted to LB). I chose Iglesias because I saw comparisons between him and the Ravens best wideout, Derrick Mason and I predicted Mason wouldn't play in 2009. Well, finally one of my predictions came true, because today Mason abruptly retired from the NFL. And Baltimore now finds itself with a lackluster wide receiver corp heading into training camp. Can you say 'Start the Plaxico Rumour machine' now??
  • Meanwhile the Oakland Raiders have made just as abrupt a move by waiving 6th round draft pick Stryker Sulak. Sulak was a solid player at Missouri, and at 6'5", 255 lbs with a top speed of 4.63 in the 40, will likely be snapped up immediately by another team. Also coming out of Raiders camp is former Cowboy and former Dolphin, Keith Davis. Remember him? He was brought in in 2008 to lead our special teams to greatness. Then once it was obvious he wasn't very good, the Dolphin cut him early on at his request in order to get a chance elsewhere. He ended up back in Dallas and played in all 16 games with 9 starts. He famously distanced himself from Al Davis by stating to the media that Jeff Garcia should be starting over JaMarcus Russell (which is true, but not the wise thing to say out loud).
  • And finally today... one of the greatest moments in Dolphins history...nay, NFL history...


  1. Tin you have touched on every position on the team and I'm waiting.  On what ? you may ask.  Well I'm waiting for the most important position on this team to be addressed.  A position that was responsable for most of the wins and one great turn around last year. 

    No, it's not Bill Parcells.  It's not Jeff Ireland.  It is Tony Sparano and his Coaching staff.  Come on Tin give us the chance to Blog about them.  if you do, there will be no need to worry about what to fill your site with until the start of camp.  Give it to us Tin we are waiting !!!

  2. Fang, I feel like I may have already done the coaching staff...maybe I
    imagined it...if not I will post something soon. Maybe I should wait to see
    if Sparano makes it through training camp? LOL.

  3. ...I'm with Fang re the coaching staff ...right down to the trainers're turning this into by far the most authoritative fins blog around ...right or wrong, you get more information in front of your audience re the fins than anyone else ...and the comments tend to flesh it out even more ...obtuse or not, you get it done.

  4. LOL, thanks lemmus.

    Can you show us the BIGGEST play in FINS history(via Techmo)??
    Larry Seiple's result changing PLAYOFF fake punt/40+yrd scramble vs Pitt,(71,72,73??)... Tooo long ago to be exact.. 

    JUSKIDN!!! Quite innovative TIN,GREAT JOB!!

    Didn't Ingram have 3 TD's that day,following an 0-21 deficit??
    I remember watching in bed,thinkin I might just go back to sleep till the following Sunday..